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Well it's cool that ACE worked on your game at all ! Now we know the problem can only be in either your items or the code.

Unfortunately french versions of the game have a way to get Birth and Faraway Islands without ACE, so i only used ACE for Navel Rock. Maybe you should ask Metarkrai about it, since he's the one who wrote the codes ?
Generation IV Glitch Discussion / Re: Glitchbattles caused by Partners
« on: August 29, 2018, 12:14:45 pm »
Well they do show up in battle and fight alongside you like partners do, so it would make sense for their battle data to be stored at the same place in battle... and since you said data in gen 4 almost never gets wiped, wouldn't it be possible to make the game use their in-battle data anywhere using this glitch ?
Generation IV Glitch Discussion / Re: Glitchbattles caused by Partners
« on: August 29, 2018, 11:28:29 am »
But isn't their data saved into the partner battle data ?
Generation IV Glitch Discussion / Re: Glitchbattles caused by Partners
« on: August 29, 2018, 06:42:43 am »
Is it possible to take Battle Tower partners outside of the BT using this ?
Then your problem doesn't come from the criteria.

Again, my bet would be bad luck. But if it really isn't, then try to get another set of eggs with a different ball and / or a different "is it close to hatching ?" state. I'm almost 100% sure watching a pokemon's summary doesn't heal it, so you should be able to check its summary (even if it does heal it, all 4 others will be successfully double corrupted if you do get the right corruption).
The Unknown value is, as its name implies, unknown. Ignore it, as there's no way to change it without double corruption.

You can find a list of moves here: (then you just have to translate their id into hexadecimal). But honestly, there's no way you're going to obtain values that would set any of these two bytes at 1, at least not as long as your pokemon doesn't have glitch moves.

Most of the time, the only byte that is set is the Speed EV's being between 64 and 127 or between 192 and 255. If that's the case, you should make it so another byte is set, what i often do is give them 3 Pokéblocks made out of Aspear Berries with the old man (each with 10 - 12 Tough and 23 Feel), which increases its Feel by 69, thus setting this byte if it was at 0.

Make sure you don't already have an even number of these bytes set though. I doubt Metarkrai wouldn't mention this in his tutorial, so it's kind of surprising that you got this problem. If your pokemon's Speed EV's aren't between 64 and 127 or between 192 and 255, make sure you didn't set another byte by accident.

EDIT: I just noticed that if you had a problem with the bytes, you wouldn't get past the first part of the corruption (as Metarkrai showed at the end of his video). So this is probably not your issue.
Well sometimes i noticed i got eggs with which it was impossible to finish the double corruption for some reason. If you're really sure your issue isn't just bad luck, you can try to check one of the eggs' profile and redo the first part of the corruption to obtain a set of different eggs (the messages telling you how the game thinks you got it and when it will hatch as well as the ball should be different). I'm not sure if checking their profile resets PP's, but just to be sure you can save, check the profiles and then reset whenever you get a new set of eggs.

Also make sure you meet these criteria : . And, of course, if you're trying to get items, your pokemon should have HP EV's, or else they will turn into empty slots.
So you can basically teleport anywhere, that's cool !

Would there be a way to setup the RETIRE trick faster using this ? Like, teleporting directly from Safari Park to anywhere ? Also screw up with flags to, for example, have the whole Elite 4 already defeated when entering the League and only fight Cynthia
Are you sure you meet all the criteria ? Though if you followed Metarkrai's tutorial you probably do... it could just be bad luck, or maybe you got wrong eggs, it happened to me quite a few times.

I can't really help without knowing the specifics sorry :/
Unsure. Pokemon with an invalid checksum are turned into Bad Eggs in gen 3 as well, and you cant' transfer eggs.
That's amazing. Too bad we can't keep it though.

Also sadly i don't think we'll ever be able to transfer glitch pokemon other than 0x0000. The game checks if the pokemon are valid when you select them via the transfer option prior to loading your save file. So unless there's a way to trigger this script while bypassing the check... we're stuck.
The answer probably requires knowledge of ARM9 assembly to understand. As Bert said, though, I'm betting there isn't one. Strangely, the move behavior table only seems to have 276 entries, so the guide's direction to point Fire Fang to the 278th entry just makes me more lost. Maybe you could ask on Project Pokémon?

Well i'd say there have to be an answer, but if the move behavior pointer points to an out of bound value, it probably interprets garbage data as behavior data, which could explain that... though i'm not sure which part of a move exactly is modified by the behavior.
I'll try to ask on Project Pokémon if i have time.

Maybe it was some kind of weird curiosity Game Freak added regarding Fire Fang to secure it works properly (maybe there's something in the code of the move that unintentionally made it not work against Wonder Guard even if super-effective) because all Shedinja are meant to be weak to Fire-type moves (type Bug/Ghost).

But like Tabbender said, if Trace can copy Wonder Guard it introduces unintended behaviour.

I don't think so, since the tutorial on the post i linked apparently solved the issue entirely and made it so Fire Fang works normally (so it should still work on Shedinja). And i don't get why Fire Fang specifically would have this problem when other Fang moves don't...
- Rebattle codes (Most notably Mesprit because that seemed to disappear from my game as well)

My bet is on this one. This code very obviously works by unsetting flags, and the issue you're describing is basically this, flags not being set correctly. So you probably did something wrong with this code, or the code itself might be bugged.
Well it IS possible to legitimately obtain a non-weak to fire Wonder Guard pokemon, via Trace. So i don't think it was intentional.
So there's this glitch in gen 4 that allows the move Fire Fang to hit any pokemon with Wonder Guard, even if they're not weak to fire. This affect any pokemon that eventually gets Wonder Guard via Trace (or via hacking) without being weak to fire.

I noticed it as a kid when i had hacked a Wondertomb into my game and was using it in the Battle Tower.  Then 9 years later i got curious and searched to see if anyone else had noticed it. As it turns out, people did.

However, i can't find an explanation to how this glitch works. The closest i got is this , which explains how to patch the game to fix the glitch (apparently the first two bytes of the move's data are 11 01 and should be 16 01), but it doesn't explain what is causing this glitch to occur or why the data is wrong in the first place.

Does anyone here have an idea of what causes this glitch to occur ?
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