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True. Thanks for the help!
I got everyone (fully evolved or never evolved) except:

Pinsir / Scyther / Kabutops / Omastar / Arcanine / Victreebel / Venusaur / Blastoise / Vileplume / Ninetails / Primeape / Beedrill / Butterfree / Venomoth / Pidgeot / Weezing / Wigglytuff / Raticate / Dewgong / Seaking / Rapidash / Electabuzz / Magmar.

Don't really give a s**t about these in GEN. 1.

Thanks for the detective work.

You're a genius with this glitch s**t.

I'm just trying to follow directions.

I'm grateful my f**k-up last night didn't drown my game. It's still intact!
I don't remember dude.

Are you saying my Fresh Water and Pokeball are in reverse order? Maybe that is the problem.

Thanks if it is. Thanks if it isn't, looks like your technical superiority shown me the light.


Edit: Damn, you're right! I had the Water and Pokeball in reverse order. Usually I'm more alert than that. WTF. Thanks :D You glitch-masters are geniuses!

It's working again!

Just went psycho and did like 10-12 Pokemon.

I have damn near everyone max'd now...


Khangaskhan / Nidoking /Nidoqueen / Pinsir / Scyther / Wigglytuff / Primeape / Arbok / Weezing / Aerodactyl / Charizard / Venusaur / Blastoise / Seaking / Arcanine / Rapidash / Sandslash / Fearow / Pidgeot and Raticate...

'Cause I DGAF about 'em!

Yo, what does it say about me that I like certain Pokemon in RED/BLUE more than YELLOW and vice-versa depending on their sprites?

For instance, I love Raichu in YELLOW 'cause of his sprite (and he's the STAR of the game, f**k Pikachu!) and he can learn Surf which is odd for an Electric (at the time of the game). ETC.

Nidoking and Arcanine were cool when Gary raped Giovanni with them (until Mewtwo came). But, in the game they're kind of lame. Nidoking's YELLOW sprite is cool, but he just sucks :D If he had Lovely Kiss like in GSC, it'd be different, but he doesn't!

Thanks for the clarity!!

EDIT #2: I just did Seadra / Aerodactyl and a few others.

I forgot I was in box 3. My glitch box is #1. I used the MS s**t to duplicate X Accuracy and it fucked up my game and then it said it was saving. I shut that s**t off quick. Came back and my Clefable had the TM's I taught it AFTER I max'd its stats out, but its stats weren't max'd (lol). I saved my game though. It still works!! :D I shouldn't do this s**t when it's late and I lack attention.





P.S. Just tried the glitch again on Moltres to no avail. Also, under "Coin Case" is the "Cancel."
Well, the video is working, your setup isn't. So I'm asking for screens of your setup.
Make sure to take the pictures while in a Pokémon Center, it'll simplify item counting.

Will do boss.

I'll have the report on your desk by Sunday!
It's in the video.

I could screen shot mean in my game?

Or in the video that instructs how to operate the glitch?

I don't get why it isn't working anymore!!

I don't want to risk deleting the required items, the other times I did that my item list became fucked up and I couldn't even use it or move through the list (though, I heard after the anecdote is to buy three items from the market again).

Hope someone can help me.

I've used this video to get 20-25 max'd out Pokemon:

I tried this three times. First time I fucked up and fucked my game up. Second time, I got further; but, did the same.

This is my third trial and I've been the most successful: Dragonite/Exeggutor/Mew/Mewtwo/Raichu/Articunos/Zapdos/Mr. Mime/Jynx/Snorlax/Persian/Gengar and a few others are at 100/max'd stats. I'm trying to get almost all fully evolved or non-evolved (ever) Pokemon to this status.

For some reason, this method is not working anymore. It doens't freeze my game or anything (yet); but, when I do it and deposit the Pokemon into the box, it does not change its stats.

I caught Moltres/Staryu/Lapras (via given by Saffron employee) today. I tried it first with Moltres and it looked as though it boosted its stats. It went into the box with a special of about 138-140-ish...then after the glitch it had 168 or so etc. and the HP was boosted (via having a break in max HP). I used Rare Candies the same way as the previous Pokemon to boost it to level 100. I looked at the stats and noticed they were off. They weren't max'd out. The Special got to around 330 or 328 (ish). So, I tried to do the glitch again with Lapras and Staryu. Their stats didn't change at all. I tried it again with Moltres, no movement in stats.

I did feel I might've hit the MS item once without meaning it (don't know the order of my items at the time, it wasn't to duplicate or anything).

My game never froze, never crashed. I have ALL of the items ordered as they should, along with the AMOUNT being as they should.

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