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It keeps giving me an error every time I try, and it's starting to really piss me off. Can anyone help?
Pokémon Discussion / Theory on how wild Pokemon appear
« on: September 22, 2010, 03:07:13 pm »
(If this is the wrong section to put it in, please move it)

Okay, this idea's been eating me from the inside out for days now, I've been puzzling over it, so now I finally decided to put it here to see what you guys thought of it.

Okay, here's how the theory works.

Let's say you're going into a 5x5 patch of grass. In that patch of grass, are what I have designated as Randomly Moving Wild Pokemon Encounter Tiles, or RMWPET. The RMWPET's move around every time you take a step, and of course, if one shifts to the point where you move, that triggers a wild Pokemon battle.

As for roamers like Entei, Raikou, and Mesprit, when they're on your route, they count as Randomly Moving Wild Roaming Pokemon Encounter Tiles, or RMWRPET. If you encounter several other Pokemon, that means the Tile has moved off your Route, and is elsewhere.

If we're talking Legendaries or Interactable Pokemon, they have Special Pokemon Encounter Tiles, or SPET. These Tiles, in cases like Lapras, move around occasionally at their own pace. However, for Pokemon like Ho-Oh, Lugia, and Palkia, these Tiles remain stationary until you either capture, run away, or defeat the Pokemon. They disappear afterwards, and either need an AR code or a event to be cleared for the SPET's to reappear. In Lapras's case, these SPET's may appear at certain times, causing the Tiles to appear. Thus saying, you can capture these Pokemon at those times.

Now, let's move on to the subject of Caves.

In cases like Mount Moon, RMWPETs are placed all within the boundaries, effectively deeming that even if you walk through walls to evade Pokemon, it isn't going to work, because you're going to collide with a RMWPET at some point.

However, in places like Ice Cave in HG/SS, RMWPETs are dispersed the same, but only are triggered on areas you can STOP on. On ice tiles, you cannot stop sliding, so this negates the triggering of a RMWPET. Walking through walls into a icicle on the ice tiles, however, can spawn a RMWPET, as they can be stopped on.

Now, let's talk water. In a 5x5 spot of water, RMWPETs work the same as RMWPETs in caves, only they are dispersed in the water area. Areas OUTSIDE of the water, UNLESS they have grass on them, will NOT have any RMWPETs.

As for Shinies...These are very, very rare RMWPETs, promptly dubbed Randomly Moving Wild Shiny Pokemon Encounter Tiles, or RMWSPETs. As are Shinies, they have slim appearence rates. However, as with Roamer Tiles, these can disappear as you move, as RMWPETs stay in the constant area.

Note: In the Distortion World, the only Pokemon Tile is Giratina, which qualifies as a SPET.

If I missed anything, let me know.
My information is very limited at the moment, as I advance through Blau and my starter gets tougher, I'll be able to catch glitches and record their moves. If anyone wants to give me a code to give me some Master Balls in the store, I'll appreciate it, as it means growth of this.

Initial Info:

Research Log


O glitch

Encountered at level 5

Moves: Wrap

It freezes after some time.


Hex C2

Encountered at level ?

Moves: ?

It gave me an opcode error upon encountering the glitch.


H Poke glitch

Encountered at level 3

Moves: Confusion?

The German variant of H poke. Nothing much to him, still the same ol' Gengar hybrid.

I am working away as we speak, I wish this site would really get running again. It's bugging the death out of me.
Pokémon Discussion / Just restarted my HeartGold
« on: September 08, 2010, 05:09:44 am »
And I need some suggestions for a potential team to build on. This can include trades with D/P/Pt.
Video Games Discussion / The FATE Series
« on: August 08, 2010, 01:32:42 pm »
Has anyone ever played any of these?

FATE: Undiscovered Realms
FATE: The Traitor Soul

I would like to know, because I'm a major addict to the series, and have played every one of them.
Writing / Pokemon Ranger: The Dead Ones (18+, very violent)
« on: August 06, 2010, 03:32:43 pm »
Pokemon Ranger: The Dead Ones

Rated R for gruesome deaths, a lot of blood, and some language

Chapter One: Bloodrage

It was dark. Stars dimly twinkled in the moonlight as the moon slowly rose into the black sky. Below, the Almia Castle, or, rather, the Almic Castle, stood silently over the Hia Valley. Robert lingered at the door, commanding a Vulpix to light the unlit torch. It did so, and the doors shuddered, and slowly creaked open. Robert loaded his Bullet Styler with several clips of ammunition, and stepped into the ice-shrouded hellhole. As he walked through the first lonesome hallway, a badly decayed Haunter, known as a Hellraiser, came out of the pitch-black darkness, blood-red eyes glinting as it raced towards Robert. The Ranger raised his middle finger (Bullet Styler), pointed it at the Hellraiser, and fired. The small golden bullet slid through the ghost's body, spraying a fountain of blood on the floor behind it.  The Hellraiser slowed down, dying, and it lurched one last time, only to meet another golden bullet to the eye, spraying out brains and more blood. It fell limp on the floor, twitching, before it finally stopped moving. Robert shook his head at the foolishness of the Dead One, and walked into the dining hall of the Castle. Inside, he could make out three dim shapes, but they weren't Dead Ones. They were members of Team Dim Sun, looking for the Jewel of Lightening, but they were unable to do so, counting that Robert heard "Nope, it's impassable," "Same over here," and "We gotta do something about that block of ice. But what?"
   Robert quickly stepped forward, pistol drawn, shouting, "Who's there?!"
   "U-Um, definitely not Dead Ones! Although..."
   The poor Dim Sun grunt was leapt upon by a Dead One, a Vulpix to be exact, and it began trying to rip out his throat. "HOLY SHI-" Robert swiftly raised his Bullet Styler, and shot the creature between the eyes. The Vulpix was tossed backwards, dying as it slid towards the ice-coated wall, blood trailing after it. "Wh-What the HELL..."
   "Dead One. The damned things are everywhere. Especially here in Almic Castle. This is the worst infestation the Ranger Union has had to deal with. Come on, we'll team up and find the Jewel of Lightening."
   "Are you trying to trick us, Ranger?"
   "If I was, I would have done shot you."
   "Help us with the block of ice!"
   Robert raised the Bullet Styler, and fired a bullet covered in flame, piercing the massive berg, and it began to melt quickly, soon leaving behind an empty doorway...but it wasn't empty. There was a Dead One in it. It was a Frosslass. And it was hungry for flesh. Robert raised his Bullet Styler, and aimed at the Frosslass's face as it lurched towards the admin, and it gripped him just as a golden bullet tore into its left eye. Gore splattered on the wall in front of the admin as the Dead One slid off of him, dead before it hit the ground. The admin began to vomit on the blood-soaked floor, and Robert walked over to the sickened Dim Sun admin, and started to pat his back, hoping to get up every last trace of bile. After a few minutes, the man had stopped vomiting, and wiped off his mouth on his uniform sleeve. "Ice is going to give me hell on this one, but all I can say is that I just watched a Dead One get its brains blown out right in front of my eyes."
   "With any hope, Ice will buy it. We need to keep moving, or Dead Ones will swarm us."

   The halls of Almic Castle's second floor were catacombs of silence as Robert and the three Dim Sun lackeys moved through the darkness. Fortunately, Robert had a torch, which lit up a small area in front of them. A foot tapped down in front of them, heavily rotted. Then a face peeked into the light, and Robert's face lit up with horrified recognition at the undead Ranger...

   It had been three days ago, when he had been leading a group of Area Rangers towards Pueltown to patrol. The group consisted of Robert and three Area Rangers. The lesser Rangers' names were Sonia, Davis and Hargrave. That was the day the group had been attacked by Dead Ones. Robert hadn't encountered one then, all he knew was they were some of the most horrifying creatures the world of Pokemon had ever seen. Luckily, there were only three, instead of the massive pack that would usually strike. However, Robert took a wound: He lost his middle finger on his left hand to one of the beasts. Hargrave wasn't so lucky. His face was mauled badly, a good chunk of his right arm had been ripped away, and he was missing a thigh. Blood soaked the grass near Hargrave as the dying Ranger twitched. Somehow, Sonia and Davis hadn't even been SEEN by the beasts. "Anyone know where a hospital is!?" Shouted Robert in fear, afraid that one of his best subordinates, Hargrave, would die.
   "Yessir," said Davis. "There's one over there in Pueltown. It's not far. Hopefully, Hargrave will make it there."
   "I hope so..."
   The next day, in the Pueltown Hospital, Hargrave had been pronounced dead, with the Dead One's virus still spreading through him, unbeknownst to the employees. When they went back into Hargrave's room a couple hours later, they found no trace of the body, and a shattered window. "Damn, he's become one of them..."

   All of this rushed back to Robert as he recognized Hargrave from the almost-deadly attack from the Dead Ones. Robert, with a tear in his eye, raised his pistol, and shot Hargrave in the head, killing the Dead One instantly. Hargrave stumbled backwards, hit a wall, and slid down it, blood trailing behind. A regular Golbat saw the blood, sniffed it to see if it was pure, and left Hargrave alone, since the blood was filled with the Dead Ones' disease. Robert laid a sheet over Hargrave, and light it on fire with his torch. The four travelers paid final rites to Hargrave as he burned. The four were soon moving on, into the ice puzzle.

   The foursome were getting somewhat tired. They had made it into the room where the two Riolu of legend had been said to have lived. The three Dim Sun members laid down on the ground, allowing Robert the bed. "Why are you doing this?"
   "We were never treated well. Boss always kicked us grunts around, so we don't deserve it..."
   "You can have the bed."
   "You trying to trick us, Ranger?"
   "If I was, I would have done fallen asleep. Just take it. I've had worse."
   "T-thanks, Ranger..."
   "Pfft, no problem."

   The next morning, he saw the Admin and a grunt cowering from the other grunt. Robert looked towards the grunt's face to see-
   He had been infected as they slept.
   Robert swiftly raised his pistol as the undead Dim Sun grunt looked at it warily. Then, it grinned toothily, and threw a knife at Robert. He grabbed it out of the air, and stabbed the grunt in the chest with it. A waterfall of steaming hot blood rushed out, and splattered Robert's shoes as the grunt struggled to pull away from the knife. Robert quickly cocked his pistol, put it against the side of the grunt's head, and squeezed the trigger-
   "Dammit! He's sliding right off the knife," roared Robert in frustration at the grunt pulled himself off the knife, and threw a nearby flowerpot at him. Robert sidestepped the pot, and it smashed against the wall, the remains clattering on the floor. Robert raised his Bullet Styler, and used his mind to fire it-
   "What the hell!?"
   "Gehehe...I won't...understand...Ranger...while you three slept...I jammed your weapons..."
   "Damn you to hell, Dead One!"
   Robert slashed at the grunt's throat, which it blocked (albeit the grunt's wrist was slashed open), and it lurched at Robert, who slammed his hand into the beast's face. The grunt was sent staggering backwards, and Robert aimed his P99 backup pistol at the grunt's face. "Forgot about this, didn't you?" Robert then fired into the grunt's face, spattering chunks of brain and massive gouts of blood onto the poor admin, who started to retch, and then vomit flooded out the poor man's mouth. Robert began to pat his back again, as the sickened admin continued to gag and vomit. After several seconds, the admin had recovered.
   "Oh my God...I never want to see that again..."
   "Well, there are Dead Ones everywhere, so you better expect worse than this bullcrap."


The Dumpster Out Back / Ah, Lord...
« on: August 05, 2010, 06:58:53 pm »
Stupid Internet died on me, so I'm back...on Windows 7 -.- I won't be on much because of High School, and slow-ass Internet. Welcome to the world, bitches.
Introductions / Dear Frigging God...
« on: August 05, 2010, 06:56:28 pm »
For those of you concerned about my random disappearing, my Internet failed epically, and refused to let me on for a week or two. Well, the Internet is back up, so I'm back. Woohoo.
Writing / Of Life and Death (18+, it'll have graphic scenes)
« on: July 25, 2010, 09:27:15 am »
Of Life And Death: The Pokemon Undead

WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! This contains strong language, intense violence, lots of blood and gore, several sexual situations, and, of course, ZOMBIES. Your discretion is advised.

Chapter One: Sewer System

It was a silent day in Jubilife City. Not a thing stirred, no, not even the occasional Meowth that would ramble in the alley's garbage cans. The wind blew, weak and tired, as a small house crumbled without warning. A sleeping Staraptor, startled, looked at the remains, and ignored it, going back to sleep. The sewers...they were flooded with a river of blood, surging up to meet the drains...

A Golbat who was daring to go through the city in direct sunlight saw that blood was leaking out of the sewer system. It flew over to one, and began to lap from it. Big mistake. A massive, clawed hand slowly moved the grate, prompting the Golbat to drink more, when out of nowhere-

"Baaat!" The Golbat cried out in surprise as something dragged it into the sewers. When it looked up, it saw a Tyranitar. However, this one was much different. It's eyes were a blood-red, with no pupils. To make it worse, it's skin looked pale and rotted. The Tyranitar moaned in hungry ecstasy as it tore off one of the Golbat's wings, and devoured it. It then tore off the other, and did the same. The last thing that Golbat ever saw were black, disgusting teeth, and fresh blood coming from him. Blackness tore over him as he died.
General Discussion / Guys, go easy on me for a bit...
« on: July 21, 2010, 07:11:09 pm »
As you may now, my Great-Grandpa just died, so I may be more prone to getting incredibly angry. As such, be careful where you tread. Thanks.
Multimedia Discussion / I found this funny YouTube video
« on: July 04, 2010, 02:16:18 pm »
The Annoying Orange just got more annoying! I personally thought this was hilarious!

Here's the link:
Website Advertisement / You will Enter Sanity...
« on: June 27, 2010, 03:53:41 pm »
Enter Sanity is my developing sister site for GCLF. It's not quite done though, so keep your faith in me as the website develops. The link is:
This is a horror story based off of Missingno., the Old Man Glitch's signature Pokemon. We'll see that not all is what it seems here on Cinnabar Island...

Ode to a Nether God: MissingNo's Story

Chapter One: The Beginning

I felt nothing. I was numb, mentally and physically. I was something. As I began to come to my senses, I saw an odd green liquid pulse around me. When I looked further, I could see glass. I was trapped in a giant test tube? No. I don't think that's what it was. A human whose form I could barely discern touched some buttons in front of a glowing screen, and the fluid drained out. I collapsed onto the bottom of the tube, my ghostly form regaining its visibility. The tube then opened, leaving me to crash onto the floor, but without a sound. The human now looked more like a 11-year-old child of their own, who said, "You don't deserve that kind of treatment, Marowak."
Marowak? Who the heck is Marowak? I looked up, and said,

"Who's Marowak? I'm MissingNo. For years, I have eluded capture by your 'scientists', until several days ago. Then, you freed me from my glass prison, and here I am. Now, open that glass rectangle, yes?"

The human child was dull enough to obey. He(I think it was a he) opened the 'window', and I slipped out soundlessly. I mouthed "Thanks" to him, and I flew to the coast. Soon, I heard shouts coming from the lab I had been trapped in. Then an explosion. I grinned inwardly, seeing my ruse had worked. I had actually got a human to feel compassion for me. Stupid creatures. They had no idea what I was, or my abilities. I slipped back into the ocean.


Ash was walking along the Cinnabar Island coast for no reason whatsoever, when suddenly a ghostly form rose from the water. Ash checked his Pokedex, and it said, "MissingNo., the Missing Pokemon. No Data Available. Level 168."

Ash looked at his Pokedex, eyes bugging out in horror, and then he looked at the ghost, who had a toothy grin in his mouth, and MissingNo lurched towards him, and Ash's vision went black.

"Hey, has anyone seen a boy named Ash Ketchum around here?" asked a tall, brown-skinned figure with spiked hair, eyes squeezed shut, and a green-and-brown vest on, along with a pair of cargo pants. Brock.

"Nope, not a clue."


"You got me lost there, bud."

Brock sighed, realising he had failed, so he decided to walk to the coast to sit and ponder. When he sat down, a dead Pikachu washed up, blood spattered on its small body. What followed next scared the hell out of Brock.

Ash washed up, half of his head missing, blood spattered all over his jeans, and a hole where his heart was.

Brock vomited into the water, the image burned into his brain. He fled, but was caught by a ghostly shape, who looked Brock dead in the eyes, smiled with bloody teeth, and lunged for his throat, biting in deep, drawing a lot of blood as MissingNo bit at his jugular vein, severing his main artery. Brock's eyes rolled up into his head as MissingNo finished feeding. MissingNo then ripped Brock's heart out of his body, and placed it in a small box. Alongside Ash's heart as well. He labeled it "BROCK." MissingNo laughed evilly as he retreated into the water, waiting for whoever came next.


Writing / SSBB II: The Rise of Forbitten
« on: June 20, 2010, 08:02:05 pm »
Hey guys. I'm a little bit too lazy to post the story here, so I'll give you a clickable link to it.

Put feedback here, please. If you're on FanFiction, you can review there as well.
Emulation & ROM Hacking / Crazy GS Experiences on rby roms
« on: May 27, 2010, 06:38:54 am »
Post your odd experiences here! Pictures optional. In any case, I battled Youngster, and got owned by a f-ing level 215 8 glitch...and my Squirtle's only level 7 T_T

EDIT: Battled a .4. I took this picture...RIGHT before it Super Glitched me.

AND: I'm using a Tentacruel Hybrid to battle an 8!

EDIT: I put in some random codes, my game's reaction is weird  O_o
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