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Pretty sure that's now how rubber banding works anymore. AFAI was aware, rubber banding now is mainly based off the item system giving the people in the back vastly superior items. I don't believe they do AI cheats anymore, hence why it is possible (and sometimes easy) to lap the people in last. I don't think they have done that kind of cheat since pre-gamecube.
Pokémon Discussion / Who's got Pokerus?
« on: May 30, 2014, 02:42:06 pm »
So, I just got Pokerus for the second time in my pokemon playing career. This time was in a replay of emerald, before I even got to the first gym!

I just wanted to check out who else got Pokerus, where they got it from, and in what game. So, just share your stories involving this rare virus!
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