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Just found this and felt like sharing, even though I barely post here anymore. This is somewhat similar to Dokokashira Door Glitch from Pokémon Green. It beats the 18 minutes TAS video I've seen on niconico in which the player abuses countless in-game bugs.

First, you shouldn't have any savefile (if you do, rename your save folder so the game won't find it). Once you start doing the instructions below, DO NOT close the game meanwhile the processes.

1. At the title screen, press B to enter Boss Rush. Fight The Guy, and defeat him.
2. Wait the credits (dodge the giant chery at the end).
3. Create a savefile in any difficult besides Impossible.
4. Make it past the Tetris room (assuming you know how to get there).
5. Once you reach the world after it, suicide pressing Q, and then R to respawn.
6. You'll respawn at Boss Rush room. Press F2 to go back to the title screen (if you go directly to The Guy, upon defeating him the animation will glitch and you'll be stuck having no choice but pressing F2).
7. Load your savefile, and you should be at Boss Rush room. Fight The Guy, and defeat him again.
8. Wait the credits (you must dodge the giant cherry at the end).
9. You now should have a beaten savefile, with all bosses, a low time and low amount of deaths.

I'd like to record myself doing this, but I don't have good software to do this (as both Fraps and Dxtory need 3D stuff to record). If I ever find a good one I'll do.

Also, my time can be obviously bested, as I died 5 times before beating The Guy the second time (not counting the suicide that's part of the glitch). If I record it later I'll do when I'm not sleepy lol.

EDIT: nevermind, the above method doesn't work unless you use Cheat Engine to fast forward the credits (it'll cause a desync and the giant cherry won't even hit you, I didn't know that). Still, there's a possibility of making it work if we either:

-Find a way to "stabilize" the semi-boss rush savefile after the first credits, which would freeze the game whenever we went to the game saves screen. Or;
-Find a way to make the animation after beating The Guy not loop in a unstable savefile, which is probably impossible. Or the most likely one;
-Find a way to desync the first credits screen without Cheat Engine, which IS possible if you mess with the menus during it, but I dunno if it's desyncable enough to make the giant cherry not hit you.

It is possible to get a beaten savefile through Boss Rush though, you just have to beat The Guy, wait the credits (dodging that last cherry obviously), go to the save folder, and rename the 0 in game0.sav into 1, 2 or 3.
Okay, I'm not that new but not old either, since I first joined GCL while this one was down to maintenance and we were using the proboards-temp-replacement-thing.

Well, I'm Pawny/Nai/Yachouyaisu/Pearl/224/Snivy/Smugleaf/Poison/Wriggle/Ran/Tw+/Tsukuu and a bunch of other names that aren't worth listing, but whatever. I first got interested in glitches when some friend randomly talked about Missingno/'M and I searched about it (I was 14 back then). Later I started playing with Bad EGGs and Gen 3 stuff and later I got interested in Gen 4 glitching. But idk exactly how I found GCL.

Kay, talking about myself... well, I'm 17, and I've been playing Pokémon since 2007, though it's mostly in a hiatus right now. I also have been playing Touhou these last 9 months. I have ADHD, which sucks, and I'm not a native English, so my posts might have some silly grammar errors. Well, idk what else to say, so hi. :V

Some nice glitch I found earlier by accident, and is probably one of the weirdest glitches in Touhou series, and felt like sharing it here.

Basically, a well-timed pause when the statistics are about to pop up can make both the statistics and the menu to pop up at once, giving you control of both (it's extended when you beat a highscore, which was the purpose of the Master Spark since I rarely use Marisa-B cuz she sucks). At that point, once you quit the game while keeping the highscore name thing open, you'll be at the main menu but will be unable to see the options though you can still select them. If you start a stage and at same time the second menu asks if you want to save the replay, the options will use Fairies sprites instead, because the game had already changed the sprite sheet to a stage's one, where a fairy would correspond to the Yes or No from the "save replay" screen.

Another thing not shown there is that if you close the second menu without starting a level, the main screen's background will vanish, making the menu options "blurry" it (idk what word to use there due to poor non-native english, but it's much like when you loop a TV's image into itself).

EoSD does have other glitches if anyone is interested, though its wiki doesn't have a page focused on them as far as I know, though they're listed individually for every game in the Gameplay section.
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Bored. So I did this. lol

Encontrando Missingno./'M através do Old Man Trick (Red/Blue)

- Fly
- Acesso à Cinnabar Island
- Surf
- Para ver o Missingno., o 3º, 5º ou 7º caractere do seu nome deve ser : G, H, J, M, S, T, : , ] , a, b, c, m, o, p, ou v. O ‘M não tem necessidade de caracteres específicos.

1. Vá para Viridian City, fale com o velho que lhe demonstra como capturar Pokémons e faça ele demonstrar outra vez.
2. Voe para Cinnabar Island.
3. Use Surf na água que está à direita e nade para cima e para baixo na borda até encontrar o Missingno./’M.

- A quantidade do seu 6º item será aumentada em 128.
- O seu Hall of Fame será corrompido.
- O jogo pode ficar com gráficos deformados temporariamente.

Detalhes adicionais:
- Apesar dos efeitos colaterais, esse glitch NÃO tem risco de deletar o seu jogo, ao contrário do que muita gente pensa.
- Você também pode encontrar Pokémons acima do lv. 100 com o Old Man Trick. O 2º caractere do seu nome controla o level do Pokémon correspondente ao 3º, o 4º do 5º, e o 6º do 7º. Você pode facilmente escolher o nome ideal ou mesmo ver os resultados do seu usando esta ferramenta. (link is broken atm)
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