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Pokémon Discussion / How to get the best of my Pokémon's stats?
« on: August 19, 2012, 09:03:46 am »
Hello, I tried many times to understand how to train the best way my Pokémon... And I never understood all the stuff about EV,....
So I wonder a lot of things...
1) I take two Pokémon level 1, just born, without Pokérus or being shiney. If I train the first with rare candies and then give it as many proteins (and all the things like it) as I can, would it be different from the other if I give the second the proteins before the rare candies?
2) after the use of proteins, is normal training (fights) usefull or not?
3) If I give a pokémon proteins and all until it is full and then I train it normally, is it usefull to give it a macho brace or a power belt, or will it have no effect at all?
4)what about the items we get on the two bridges of Unova?
Hoping someone will be able to explain it clearly, I already thank you

Hello,I would like to talk about some things I noticed when I used a cheating machine called "Monster Brain" that is a "Pelikan"accessory to put in place of the gold/silver in the GBC,and then I must put the gold/silver in the accessory. Well, this one says it only works with french gold or silver...(I can't choose what I will fight, but what I have). If you don't know the accessory I can give an image or a video,just say it.

First, I observed that when I choose to create a pokémon, firstly I have a list with the names of the pokémon, from Bulbasaur to Celebi, and after I can choose a number between 0 and 255. the only thing that change with this number is indeed the Unown's appearance. That has nothing to do with the gender or the shiney... and with the accessory, it is impossible to change these ones. I haven't had any problem when I used such a Unown, so I don't know what is the problem you say,they just look like some Missingno, but they don't change the image of what is in front or freeze the game...

A second thing I can make (I suppose it isn't considered as a pokemon) is something that has no image in the menu,when you make it fight it look like the trainer, I can only make females ones and it is a steel "pokemon". It has incredible stats... but its attack doesn't go to 10, even when it is level 100(I made a list of its stats at level 1,10,20,50 and 100,I can write it here if it interests you,but it is really strong). It can learn techniques with TM and from the level two it tries to involve into a Bulbasaur. When it tries to involve,it looks like a red Bulbasaur.

If I want to create one, I must "open an empty slot" in my team, I mean that in the menu of the accessory, it is said "number of pokemon in the team: (choose a number between 0 and 6), change pokemon1, change pokemon2, change pokemon3....." and so I open a slot but I must not go in the "change pokemonX(concerning the place in the team)" otherwise it becomes a Bulbasaur. Then I add rare candies or protein or whatever in my bag and I start the game. The creature has for the moment 0/0hp,no stats at all,no abilities at all, it is level 0 and its name is " " or " ?". Now I can give it rare candies or anything to make it come to life (proteins work) and TM (I've got a list of what it can learn if it interests).
I just wanted to know more about this creature, how else to create it, is it useful, is it dangerous or is it just like a normal pokemon...

Hello, I wanted to show you a glitch in Tales of Phantasia for Game Boy Advance.
It's a bit long to explain, so if you do not understand, say it,eh! As I don't speak well English,sorry if I can't explain good enough...

First, one can observe that a few enemies
(wild boars,baby wild boars, a few bosses and maybe other enemies, but I only remember the first two)
have the distinction of not disappearing two-three seconds after being dead.
This is what is interesting for this glitch, because you can kill them a second time through it.

The easiest and most interesting is to try the baby wild boars in the forest in the future so Miguel
(these piglets are, I believe, the only enemies that can escape during a fight).
And every time you kill one, you automatically get a fur (which sells at a great price in Friziekel, enough to get rich!).

We will not try with wild boar as killing them once, we could risk to finish the fight.

To be in the best conditions, I recommend you put everyone in defense and control of Arche
(you must have bought "tractor beam" at alvanista castle in the past).
Take Chester (at least at level 28) in the team and put him completely to the left of the battle screen,
Arche and another person(in defense) all to the right (for he is attacked by the enemies ).
Equip Arche a mystical symbol and make sure Chester does less than 175pts damage by "wild rain" to an adult boar
(otherwise you end the battle and you can't do it)
and increase his speed with equipments. Once done, engage a fight
(against either a wild boar and five piglets,or two boars and two baby boars).

Via the menu, immediately ask Chester to make "wild rain" on the last of the wild boars
(hoping it does not kill everyone otherwise the fight ends) and you go (so Arche) at the bottom right.
When the arrows are just beginning to descend, make "tractor beam" on an enemy,
but try to get a maximum of enemies in your field of vision.
If all goes well, the bodies of piglets who have not fled or disappeared will rise with the enemies still alive and still take 1 point of damage.

At the end of combat, if you calculate the $ we have by defeating the enemies
you'll see through the bestiary (the object either in game or on this link,
n°133 et 134
you will find that these bodies account for the piglets and more, and give you a bonus of fur!

Well, but it is almost impossible for any other enemy since it takes at least concerned "tractor beam"
and that the fight is not finished after killing the ennemy whose corpse remains (and do it in time before the body disappears!)
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