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So...heres my team that I USUALLY USE...
1.Japanese Hydreigon LV.85
Moves - Draco Meteor, Tri Attack, Crunch, Fly

2.'Eon Blue' the Latios LV.74
Moves - Luster Purge, Psycho Shift, Waterfall, Fly

3.Shiny HGSS Pre Release Raichu LV.75
Moves - Brick Break, Volt Tackle, Flash, Dig

4.NEC's VGC2012 Event Shiny Tyranitar LV.56
Moves - Superpower, Earthquake, Dark Pulse, Dig

5.Benga's Shiny Gible In-Game-Event 'Draco' LV.54
Moves - Draco Meteor, Crunch, Slash, Dig

6.Dream World Trapinch LV.36
Moves - Bulldoze, Rock Slide, Dig, Crunch
I'm going to enter the next VGC this year, but as you can see, my team isn't too good and Trapinch needs to evolve.

Is there a level up expert out there who knows how to level up Pokemon really fast? I'm really lazy and right now I am DESPERATE to evolve my Trapinch and level up Garchomp and Tyranitar.

So heres what I want people to tell me -
*Tell me some good moves that can add some stratergy to my team (Sorry! I can't spell!)
*Suggest a good place to train (NOT ELITE FOUR!)
*New Pokemon? I'm thinking about evolving my Beldum or Rhyhorn?
Pokémon Discussion / Shiny Rayquaza
« on: March 09, 2013, 06:40:58 am »
Do any of you have a shiny rayquaza? I'm currently after one. I'm offering one of my spare dialgas or rotom? I also have a genesect.
Generation I Glitch Discussion / NEW GLITCH FOUND! ('I Varient?
« on: March 09, 2013, 04:18:36 am »
Recently on my VBA emulator, I used the mew glitch to catch 7g. Then I used a cheat to make any pokemon LV.255. After that it evolved into a gray, glitchy charizard with confusion. Heres a lowdown on it...
*It has a very distorted Charizard cry.
*It can learn moves a Charizard can not (Psychic, Confusion, etc...)
*It learned a move when it randomly leveled up (TM55)
*It's stats are that of a LV.70-90 pokemon at level 255

So, it's pretty crappy. Heres a vid of it in action -
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