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The Dumpster Out Back / Re: G/S Beta Footage and Possible Remnants
« on: January 28, 2018, 04:38:30 pm »
Yo Castform!

As we've interacted before on twitter you know my stance on this; The fact that this interest me a whole lot too and i've always been facinated in pre-release and beta content in games. So i'm def following this thread, And will of course give further information of possible future finds. ^^
Hi  :)

So i was just re-documenting some Gen1 Pokémon on all different Inernational Versions. And today when i was gonna go encounter all Glitch Pokémon in Japanese Yellow I thought just for fun that it would be funny to try encounter them with Prof.Oak in the "cutscene" when Pikachu attacks you at edge of Pallet Town with the Wild Pokémon Encounter modifyer game shark code

So i Encountered a couple of Glitch Pokémon, did my usual thing and just took screenshots of them and took notes and moved on to the next one and so on...

Then i realized midway that it was kind of dumb to use Oak in the first place since then i could actually get the Pokédex entries for all glitch pokémons which i also wanted to document. So i switched back to not using Oak and just encountering them on my own like usuall with the Wild Pokémon Encounter modifyer game shark code.

But then; I realized all of the Sprites for Every Glitch Pokémon turned out different from when i encountered them with Prof.Oak.

I thought at first that this alone was quite intresting, so i tried it with English Pokémon Yellow too and it worked there aswell; Different Sprites for each Glitch Pokémon when encountering them normally and with Prof.Oak.

But then i thought, "Wait, There's the Old Man i Viridian City, too. I wonder if the Sprites will turn out different with the Old Man too?". And yep, they did. And i also tried it with English Red/Blue & Japanese Red/green, the Old Man also made Glitch Pokémon appear with different sprites than if you'd encounter them regulary.

I attached a comparison between different sprites that i compiled in one .png-image just as example, so the HEX index i used for the examples doesn't really matter, i just picked a glitch pokémons HEX without choosing a specific one, it does work with almost all of them.

Also Worth noting is that this must most likely happend in all other versions of Gen1 such as Red/Blue & Yellow in German, Spanish, Italian & French Versions too, i just tried with English & Japanese so far...

Pls tell me if you have any input, ideas or explanations. Because I'm not 100% sure yet why all this is the case.

That's all, thanks

//coloradohugge ;D

I took a break with the pokémon glitching and i found a really cool thing while playing around with the memory viewer on a emulator with Zelda 1 for NES.

I actually found alot of this way back in 2010 when i usually played around with the memory viewer in the emulator "Virtual NES" and just inputting random hex numbers and see the game go crazy.

Well, this time i made a find that involves modify the hexadecimal number on Link's b-item which let's you access all Weapons in the game including glitch weapons from the hex numbers: 0E-FF.

The picture i attached to this thread is my progress so far. Im currently at glitch item #DF which means have 30 left.
Theres alot of items that either crash the game or make it freeze. The picture has description of every weapon, there's probably alot of spelling errors since english isn't my main language, and im probably going to remake it into a google document with a table since it's better than having it on a giant PNG picture.

Im also thinking about makeing a youtube video where i show every glitch weapon in action except the one's that crashes the game.

Tell me what you think! and i will probably soon make a update when i have covered EVERY glitch weapon later.  :)
So, im currently using "wild pokémon encounter code" with VisualBoyAdvance on a Pokémon Azúl ( Spanish Blue ) .rom to find every sprite for the Gen1 glitch Pokémon's Spanish counterparts. And everything is going like normal until i get to the glitch pokémon with a hexadecimal of F0, I placed a Attachment in this topic under this very post, where i basically explains in more detail of what i mean. Take a look and tell me this after you've looked at the attachment:

Has this been documented before?
Is there a way of seeing the sprite of this glitch Pokémon?
Is there a end to it's insanely long name?

Plz leave a comment of what you guys think, and for you guys who is good at modifying and analyzing the code of gen1 games, plz try to see if the name really is endless.

The Dumpster Out Back / Re: Updating the wiki and its future
« on: June 08, 2014, 05:08:36 pm »
If you don't have Red/Blue ones, I could use Bulbapedia as it has English Red/Blue glitch Pokémon sprites, though a few are wrong

I Checked every glitch pokemon (Dec BF-FF) on Red and Blue and i fixed some mistakes that are present on some of the sprites that bulbapedia is using,
Do you need them aswell? cause i can send a link. =)

Yes please, that would be great.

Ok, i will upload them and fix a link soon, but i have a question aswell:

So if we are improveing the GlitchDex, is it possible to have every version of every GlitchPokémon on the list; like the English, Japanese, Frensh, Spanish and German version?

Cause there's still alot of neat things to be found in allt the other versions (language wise) of Generation 1 GlitchPokémon that I can't find being covered ever before on any other site.
So, two years ago i was screwing around with super glitch on a Pokémon Red .rom with a emulator on my ExperiaPlay cellphone and i just casually tried a bunch of things and since it was on emulator and with save states i could easly try many things over and over again without having to re-do stuff or having to create a new save file when file corruptions occour.

So, I was in Celadon city and i made my ゥ . 4 (HexC2) use Super Glitch by makeing it forgeting another move with HM04 [Check picture attachment 1], And so there i was with a weird name and with hundreds of pokémon in my party, Just like any SupeGlitch and it would allways crash if i tried to open my party since it's cramed with glitch Pokémon with a bunch of status effects. Then it hit me, what if i go to Lavender town and heal my Pokémon in the Purifyingzone in the Pokémon Tower, maybe then i can actually open my party without the game crashing on me.

So i did that and the purifyingzone randomly turned to a pokémon center and after about 2min of healing my Pokémon the game actually worked like it should[check picture 2], and i know that every time i tried to heal my party at the regular pokémon center with super glitch it ALLWAYS crashed right after i healed. But this time it didn't.

I then tried to open my party, And it finally worked[check picture 3-8]. but i quickly realised that a Charizard 'M (HexFF) was blocking the second slot in the party, so i moved some Pokémon around and then i could finally see all of the glitch Pokémon.

Has this every happend to anybody else? (if it has im sorry if i've been living under a rock), but i've never seen this method ever being documented and i've only seen people being able to see their super glitch party using the PC in te Pokémon Center.

(Please tell me if i missed some important part or if this thread is pure crap since this has been covered before or something like that, im just curious. Just be kind and respectfull.) Tnx ^^

The Dumpster Out Back / Re: Articuno and binoculars
« on: June 01, 2014, 03:56:34 pm »
Yeah i noticed that on my yellow about a year ago. But one thing that bothered me was that Articunos sprite was green like every route is in yellow because the binocularhouse/RouteTransitionHouse also uses the Route pallete instead of the blue pallete found in the battle screen of yellow.
Tech Help / Guys i need help with some file sorting! D:
« on: March 16, 2014, 05:23:58 pm »
Im working on some glitchpokémon things on my computer and im taking alot of screenshots and name the pictures by the pokémons hex number index, and i really want to store all the pictures by hexadecimal in the folder, but i don't know how to do it. This is how my computer sorts files by their names: (Attachment picture 1), and i would really like this examplefile called "0A" to be moved like this: (Attachment picture 2). so that in the end it will look like this in the folder: (Attachment picture 3). Plz help!!! =)
Introductions / Hi im new, i love gen1 glitching =)
« on: March 15, 2014, 02:00:59 pm »
Hello! i joined this site cause i like generation 1 glitches alot, like the mew-glitch & the genII Johto-guard-glitch. Im also studying alot about the gen 3 "Decamarks" glitch pokémon atm, I really like the consept of glitch pokémon since there's so much to find in all the games.  :D
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