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Computers and Technology Discussion / Corruptrd DS game multiplayer?
« on: July 21, 2014, 12:59:40 pm »
I recently received a youtube PM asking about corrupted DS game multiplayer.  I was asked to investigate what might happen; but at this time I am unable to do so as I am on vacation.  I'd appreciate some information on this.  The full PM is below:

Quote from: Erdertainment (via youtube)
Hey! :D
I had an idea lately, wondering what happens when you use a corrupted DS game for multiplayer gaming. Since you do corruptions etc, I wanted to ask you if you could research a little bit and make a video about it. It is just a tip/an idea if you don't know what to do for your next video or so.
Generation II Glitch Discussion / Pokémon Gold - GlitchDexDex
« on: June 28, 2014, 12:24:42 am »
So here's the result of another database I have collected, in this case from Pokémon Gold.  It's a Glitch Dex Dex: A list of glitch Pokédex modes.  These can be triggered via address $C6D8 when on the Pokédex Mode Select screen (If you change it on the actual Pokédex and then enter the screen, it is overridden), or by writing a value to $C6D4 before hand (this controls the previously selected mode).  Note that on the overworld, these values do something with screen buffers - Using a gameshark code on them can result in random glitched tiles being drawn when the screen is scrolled. 

Here is a download of the complete data, and here is the important data (included in the table below).

Video of the highlights.

Some of the syntax I use:
  • RED cells are for ones that cause a crash and have no other interesting effects.
  • YELLOW cells are for ones that have no observable effect, or seem like there is more to it than what is actually happening.
  • BLUE cells are for ones which have a minor effect. 
  • GREEN cells are for ones which have an interesting effect, or are otherwise notable. These are all listed below.

  • [crash] is used for messages that cause the game to preform a reset.  They end up filling the ram with FF.
  • [blank] is used when there is no message.
  • {9}, [Long {9}] and [Dangerous {9}, can corrupt] are used to refer to messages which change, and are mostly composed of the symbol 9.  The char code of 9 is FF, so the game is likely hitting FF padding.
  • [What? ? Is evolving!] is shown for text which preforms a specific effect (detailed below).
  • {border} is used when a piece of text box border is shown.
  • \n is used to refer to newlines, however the exact number varies.
  • {$} refers to the money symbol, .
  • {Female} refers to ♀, which is odd, as for whatever reason I was willing to open up charmap to get Japanese symbols of which I do not know the name of, but not to access an easy symbol.
  • {…} refers to , to separate it from 3 periods.

I've applied a glow effect on the things which I detail after here.

88[Crash]Starts drawing junk on screen.
1610[Crash]Changes modes to [?]
281CEmpty Glitch PokedexLoops forever!?  With no input???
291DCan't be triggered.EITHER exits pokedex OR gives you a ton of glitch evolutions.
422A[Crash]Displays a glitch graphic.
593Be.Adds some '-----' to the screen.
6945Crashes game."Once displayed ""GYI{F} ?"".  Randomly corrupts memory.  "
744ACrashes game.Randomly corrupts memory. 
794FEITHER exits pokedex OR gives you a ton of glitch evolutions.See 1D.
8454l8 y 8 y)Rö  .P{g}{border}R{border} .Pür.\n\nCorrupts audio and does screen drawing
1227A\n   aä   B{border}B  {g}R DD HSTL?rq. {$}.h rAÜBBlacks screen.
1247CxWhat?  ? Is evolving!
13789({$}]{Female}   4N'm EWTF crashOnly, and I mean ONLY works in one specific tile, in one specific route…
15298 hqD    éé 4.   E é. 4& hyE é&  ?I    TMZ4SEARCH RESULTS\nTYPE [blank]\n0 FOUND! (Shows a picture of selected Pokemon)
1579DWhat? ? Is evolving!
163A3[What? ? Is evolving!]Halts emulatorThe ? Is evolving ONLY happens when the text apears, not on hover…
167A7[Blank]Startles people with loud sound effect.
170AA[What? ? Is evolving!]Glitch Dimension reset.The ? Is evolving ONLY happens when the text apears, not on hover…
173AD)ZZZZZZ 'r'lKDHH?MrIShows a search results screen for no type, but has pokemon.B returns to search select screen.
206CE[Blank]Evolves… Something… Then crashes.State 2 has better sprite, but same effect
207CFEITHER exits pokedex OR gives you a ton of glitch evolutions.
218DA[Long {9}]No effect?Effect noted; it does eventualy crash if you spam a (autofire?)
239EF[Long {9}]Seizure warning - Flickers.Seems to be controled by music speed.  Eventual glitch dimension reset.
254FE[Blank]Corrupts palettes.Used purples for me, but it might be because of night…  Still works in glitch dimension.  You can now get cool colors!

Red (HEX 1D): This pattern reappears a lot.  It's kind of similar to ILSTY and ?, except that it is more along the lines of ? & ? & ? & ? &  & ? & ? & ? ....  The statement "No other variation of the effect has been documented" may need to be changed after further research.  Video of this effect.

Green (HEX 89): This ONLY works in very specific places.  I don't quite know the reason, and pure dumb luck found it.  It can only occur while standing on the two tiles on the left side of one of the transition rooms, slightly out.  It can be either on the tile shown on the image, or one above. 

This WILL destroy save data.  I wouldn't do this on console, just because it is doing a lot of weird stuff, and this feels like the kind of thing that could go horribly wrong. 

Blue (HEX FE): This resets when you exit the mode screen, but it can be made permanent by preforming a glitch dimension beforehand.  It tends to give darker colors. 

I feel like I forgot to say something, but it is 11:27 PM for me right now and I need to go to sleep.  If I figure it out in the morning I will edit this post. 
Generation III Glitch Discussion / Decamarks 2900 to 29FF
« on: May 12, 2014, 07:22:28 pm »
2800 to 28FF2900 to 29FF2A00 to 2AFF

I did another 256.  I don't quite know why, but I did. 

Anyways, here's the data:
CSV15 k
XLSX22 k
Zipped images4936 k

Ok, so here's some interesting stuff I've found. 

A few Decamarks (labeled by having a no in the Crashes game on stats column, but something other than N/A in the Crash Type column, for example 293A) cause weird graphical corruption.  Strangely, this seems to occur randomly, but seems to persist on caught Decamarks.  This can be first noticed by minor graphical glitches on that decamark's stats screen.  If one scrolls off of that decamark, and then back on, the decamark will get corrupted graphics.  (A few broken pixels).  Scrolling any more at that time will freeze the game.  That includes scrolling on other parts of that Pokémon's page.  If one scrolls up, you may get corrupted graphics.  If one tries to exit this screen, the game also freezes, but ONLY after the corrupt pixels appear. 

Note the portion of the XP bar where it shouldn't be.

Similarly, note the random tile here.

And the missing chunk from the XP bar.

Most of the time, the results aren't this spectacular.  But it can be cool too.

EDIT: Oh yea.  I forgot I did this: I was running a mouse-position tracing program for the 1.5 hour period of 2984 to 29FF. 

Here's the result:
A long time ago I wrote a batch script for myself.  It's the console program that says "1 file(s) copied" in the background of some of my videos.  What it basicly does is constantly look for save-state #10, and then if it exists rename and move it into another folder, with a timestamp on it.  I use it a lot to allow accessing of older events, as you can write to it constantly and you won't loose anything.
I'm not going to share the origional script, as it is ugly and really buggy (EG: Rom names cannot have a space in them, because batch didn't feel like escaping charecters), but I'm working on a similar (but more complete) program in C#.  I'm curious if this would be imediately usefull, as I have a few other things I'm also working on.  When it's done I will share it, but does this seem like something I should spend most of my time working on?

I don't understand why they would share a sprite.  It seems like it should vary. 

Also, additional question: What causes the "Inverted Sprite" effect? 

(images obtained with gameshark codes)
I'm currently having my CPU on fire reencoding the videos.  But I found some old videos on an odd glitch from a while ago. 

Here's a preview:

Warning: The next text is going to be partially incomprehensible as I am tired and confused by this.  It is a lot of old stuff I dug up out of my videos folder.

All of the stuff here is two separate sets of videos: Three titled "ALL OLD" followed by a number, 2 of which are 5 minutes
long and the last of which is about 2; they are dated November 1st, 2013 (5 months and 5 days from when I am writing this).  They contain this.  I've finished processing them but will wait on uploading until the other part is done. 

Then, there are 11 videos titled "lost" and a number, All of which are 5 minutes long making about 2 hours 1 hour of footage.  They contain similar stuff.  I remember uploading them to youtube, where the videos all broke.  Those I removed.  But now I know what the issue was, and am going to reupload.  But first they need to be processed.  All of these are dated October 26th, 2013 (5 months and 11 days ago).  That I find odd, as I remember the ALL OLD stuff as coming before.

I don't remember what I did to do this, but I am pretty sure I used more cheats than walk thru walls.  I think I used a cheat where I locked my player position to 1,1, but the map still scrolled. 

It's all very odd.  I'll update this when I finish processing the videos and upload them. 

The short one:
The long one:

Edit1 - 1 hour, not 2...
Edit2 - Videos uploaded!
Not putting this in the main thread since I haven't formatted it correctly, but this is some data. 

I have recorded info on Decamarks from 0x2800 to 0x28FF in firered.  (It took a long time).  Not all of them have complete data, and none have the base stats as the extended hacker program no longer exists.  I also didn't try to record data on ones that would fail to appear in battle (the game would crash).  I also took a save-state on each one I could catch, and images of the 4 stat pages (assuming they existed for that Pokémon). 

Here are some links:

Save-states and images4.28 MB compressed, 5.69 uncompressedZip folder
Data15.9 KB.xlsx Excel Spreadsheet, formatted
Data11.1 KB.csv Spreadsheet, no formatting.

Since I have a lot of data, I will not be posting it here immediately.  Also, the extended hacker program would be useful. 

I jumped to 28** so that I could be sure I wouldn't get old data.  Also, I wanted a change of pace.  One thing of note is that at this point, you don't get names for the Pokémon anymore.  The game freezes on trying to load it, often with annoying glitch sounds.  This doesn't apply to trying to read said names in the PC, though. 
Generation II Glitch Discussion / Walking out of bounds in Crystal...
« on: March 29, 2014, 12:57:15 pm »
Around 3 months ago, I experimented with trying to walk out of the map in Pokémon Crystal.  I actually uploaded a few videos for referencing if I ever shared my findings in a thread like this, but never made any thread. 

GameShark code for walk through walls, crystal only:
Code: [Select]

As far as I know, there is no way to walk through walls without a cheat in crystal, and there almost certainly is no way to do it at the start of the game.  Although on a side note, I don't know why crystal codes all start with "91" rather than the normal "01".  When I type them in, it works fine either way.

Here's the first thing to note: Unlike in gold and silver, walking out of bounds out of your house by walking down does NOT crash the game.  It does if you head left, and I think it might if you head right, and heading up takes you to a different place.

Note: These videos are slightly loud.  Not too loud, but lower your volume slightly.  My recording settings must have changed.

Here is a video of the first kind of look.  I did not get my Phone or anything else.  (The time is offset because for whatever reason, I included starting a new game...  Don't ask why...)

The second time, I collect the phone.  The map changes slightly.  (Most noticeable with the platforms at the end).  In addition, that random collision zone at the "Top" (or bottom?) changed.  Which is queer.  I also uploaded a second video on this, but I have no idea why.  It does show the bag corruption occurring on entering this map though.

Even weirder is the fact that I made a video for getting the map card but no phone.  This is the only video of mine that has a description, which states only "Basicly to show this off.  There is more to this.".  I wish I documented my findings better. 

Looking further back at my videos, I find that a lot of them have broken sound.  Looks like a cable broke without me knowing.  Or youtube broke without me knowing.  Although I have a ton of savestates. 

I came across a set of older videos of crystal.  These ones are overdocumented... 

In most of them, I walk out of bounds down, then out of bounds up, then out of bounds down until the game crashes.  At that point, I keep moving until I get a glitch message like this one.

A Pokémon named ?, learning ??????????????????????....  It seems that a Pokémon like this learns a lot of moves when I step out of bounds.  Maybe the out of bounds creates this Pokémon.  I'll need to watch for memory corruption, although there definitely is some (as seen by the bag).

And then another time, it opens the stats menu of a charmeleon named BBBBBBQRRRQW.  Interestingly, this Pokémon shares the moveset of the earlier ?; and also, it has an OT of ?.  It may be default data, or it may be corrupted.  But the commonness of ? is interesting. 

I remember the context of this one: I loaded a savestate to try some more stuff, and then I received a phone call.  But not from anyone I recognized; instead, it filled the screen with question marks. 

And then there is this video.  I have no idea what exactly happened around here.  All I know for sure is that a trainer of the class "A double kick" is stalking me.  And according to the description, the associated save state is gone now.  I have no idea how. 

Any comments on what is going on here?  This was a lengthy post, and it is more for documenting these events than anything else.  But it is weird.  And the variety of effects I was getting is interesting too. 

Oh yes, I remembered a few other things.  First off, those glitch messages can appear in other places, along with audio corruption.  Here is actually one that is kind of creepy, when combined with the corrupted music. 

And another thing I remembered: That glitch city is a secret passage.  I'm going to upload a video for this. 

[20 minutes later]

I made a 20 minute video.  Yay.  So much for concise.  I did too many interesting things.  I just recorded second, 2-minuite video.  So that will be uploaded first, and then my long adventures in pointlessnessland will be uploaded.

The 2-minute video will be here

The longer one will be here.  Note that there are some flashing lights due to the game being weird. 

Generally, these effects are interesting.  No idea if they are useful at all.  They definitely relate to "No Windows Avali-able for popping", though.
General Discussion / excgarated
« on: March 23, 2014, 10:56:17 pm »
excgarated.  Yay for reddit.  I don't know why I am posting this, but this is a funny typo...  Yay.
I have a video on this, but you don't need to watch it immediately.  The necessary content is linked within. 

I've been recently researching Decamarks in Pokémon FireRed.  Overall, I've spent about 7 hours on this (From the 4 gigabytes of video files), and have cataloged 019D thru 01FF and 2800 thru 022F.  (I skipped to the 2800's so that I could get different data that probably wasn't already obtained...)

One thing that is odd is that a LARGE number of these Pokémon know THUNDERPUNCH.  No idea what causes that. 
Another thing is that hex 2827 has a glitch move named "î" at level 1, along with THUNDERPUNCH.  Upon trying to use "î", the game displays an empty text box and stops responding to input.  (I haven't tested the help system or GameShark input, but nothing else happens). 

(In case you can't see that symbol, it is î).

One of the Decamarks that interests me greatly is hex 2829.  Here's some quick facts on it before I get on to the really interesting part:
  • It has no cry, at all.
  • When it's summary is viewed, the game freezes.
  • When you try to nickname it, the game crashes.
    • Most of the Pokémon at higher hexes do this, as they are probably trying to read non-string data and encounter an overflow.
    • The above effect can be circumvented by looking at it in a PC

Ok, here's the more interesting part.  I decided to try and view it's name using the PC.  One of the odd effects of certain Decamarks is that they can cause weird glitches when viewed in the PC.  I only know this for sure due to 2829, but others had more minor effects (and no, I don't remember the hex ids for these...): One caused the Pokémon's icon to be slightly darker for a few frames, and another caused the background to flash red.  Both of these effects happened when I changed from my first Pokémon to my second, and back the other way.

2829 has a similar effect.  It's best if you just watch

Ok, so what just happened?  Well, a message box popped up, flashed something quickly, then said the following:
Code: [Select]
Save completed. 
"Please press the A Button."
I've done a reset and it didn't actually save.  This isn't just because my FireRed is unable to save, as the same issue occurred on a separate save file, with proper battery set up. 

Anyways, about that quickly-flashed text?  I view it in slow-motion here.

It brings up a message stating this:
Code: [Select]
Save failed. 
Checking the backup memory...
Please wait.
"Time required:
About 1 minute."

Now, in this case, that message makes sense.  (Excluding the "time required" section...)

But I don't know where it is used, if anywhere.  Nor do I know why. 

I go over some of the other effects in the rest of the video.  So feel free to watch the rest.
This effect can really only be conveyed with a video; but some images also are on Bulbapedia.  I am uploading a video, which will be at  Video upload failed and will be reuploaded when I have access to windows.  Video is now being reuploaded and should be at

If you want to see the relevant pictures, look at it's Pokédex entry on bulbapedia

So, this Pokémon has a weird entry.  I don't know what causes it, but whenever it occurs, a message box repeatedly shows "♂ p ゥ learned MASTER BALL".  (It may vary by item; I caught it with a master ball).

Eventually, it displays "♂ p ゥ is trying to learn".  Then, the game freezes.    While this is happening, weird glitch music plays.

What's especially odd is that this effect occurs nearly every time.  (Occasionally, the game crashes).

Additionally, I've had this effect occur in REVERSE with female symbol: "♀ . is trying to learn" repeatedly, followed by "♀ . learned [Something, I forgot...]", all with very similar glitch music.

Has anyone else seen this?  I have no idea if it is just a side effect of TheZZAZZGlitch's debug rom, but I doubt it is so. 
Yep.  This happened.  I was just messing about with it (I had no Pokémon), and scrolled to find this.   (31 down). 

Before I continue: At the time, I was playing a romhack of firered, which sets it so all moves are metronome.  Just keep that in mind; I haven't verified the normal effects.  This also only happened once out of all of the 4 battles I tried.  (May be due to GBA ram optimizations)

Here's the stats:

First page

Second page

Third page

Third page stats.

Note that it does have superglitch-like move descriptions.  Not sure if that effect has been observed before.

I'm going to try to replicate this on a vanilla game before posting save states, but either way, this is interesting and ♀ . is my favorite Pokémon. 

(BTW: I got here by using walk thru walls code: 509197D3 542975F4 78DA95DF 44018CB4)
I've discovered something I find interesting. 

If one uses fly without ever having visited pallet town (impossible under normal circumstances, but doable with cheating), they get a large number of glitch effects. 

The following contains related links and videos. 

I've recorded a fair amount of video for this.  The original is an hour long, and is corrupt.  I recommend viewing the 8-times speed version.  I also have a 64-times one (Warning: this contains rapid flashing lights due to the nature of the speed).  You can view the (completely broken) original video here.

I've also backed up every single savestate I used.  (State 10 is set up to be treated as "Export backup", so I have a large quantity.  They are available at my google site.  They were captured on VBA-M SVN 1149.

A save file is also available.  Specific save states will be linked to as their effects are mentioned.

I used TheZZAZZGlitch's debug yellow hack to make these, for my convenience.  From some minor testing, the same effects occur on a regular game (excluding the crash with beeping noises).

Images used here are hosted on imgur.  The full album of them is here

Ok.  Now for the actual information:
To preform this trick, you will probably need to cheat.  In addition, you will need a copy of Pokémon Yellow (I have NOT tested this with red/blue) which you are willing to start a new game on. 

If you are using debug yellow, do the following:
  • Start a new game.  (Player name and everything doesn't mater.)
  • Get the DEBUG (31337 on earlier versions) item from the PC in your house.
  • Use it to obtain a Pokémon that can learn fly.  (On miscellaneous, press left twice and right 4 times and then select "Give Pokémon" to get a Pidgey).
  • Get FLY as a TM or HM.  The Hex for the TM is FC.  (I don't remember that of the HM...)  Teach it to Pidgey.  (Obtain it with "Give Item" and then pressing Left 15 times, followed by Right 13 times.)
  • Teach FLY to Pidgey. 
  • Obtain the thunder badge or rights to fly.  I did this by making the game think I had all badges: setting $D355 to 0xff.  Easy to do with the debug item.
  • Go outside, via a warp that takes you to a place other than pallet.  There's a few ways to do this:
    • Use a game shark code, such as 010C5DD3 to set $D35D (current map) to 0C (Route 1).  Then, go thru any warp.  Afterwards, disable the code.   This may not work at all, as I have not tried it.
    • Change the current town value, $D364, to 0C.  Then, exit thru the front door of your house.  (Note: going down the stairs will behave normally, only your front door will warp you).  After doing this, you may notice weird effects.  Walk 1 step RIGHT into what appears to be out of bounds.  (Left actually is out of bounds...)  Then walk upwards until you find a fence.  Then walk right until the fence ends, and then walk up.  (This walking is actually optional, but it makes the game look more logical.)
  • You should be done and out now. 
Note that it is actually 100% optional to go to Viridian city from the glitched route 1.  Doing so, however, makes going to the map simpler. 

I'm not going to describe the way you get there normally.  You can, however, use the save file I have provided.

Ok, so once you are here, what can you do?

First off, just select your Pokémon and try to use FLY.  That should show you some effects.

Here's some of the locations you can fly to:

I've seen others but don't have screenshots.

Assuming you went to viridian city:
If you press UP while there, it will take you to viridian city.  Pressing UP again will take you to the glitch area.  (It's name randomizes and causes its own glitches, BTW)
If you press DOWN, it will take you to viridian city.  Always. 

If you haven't been to viridian city, and are flying from route one:
UP re-randomizes the name and causes glitch effects.
DOWN causes the game to hang.  (Not a crash, just stops it)

When you fly to these, it attempts to take you to map FE.  This map usually crashes your game.  (I've had other cases, which I will talk about later...)

Here's what map FE looks like:

Of course, if that was all that happened, this wouldn't be that interesting.

The map names cause glitches themselves.  (The number 9 is tile 0xFF, so the game is loading stuff which is like that...)
For instance, when you exit, you may find yourself in a battle with a glitch trainer. 
This trainer also triggers the ZZAZZ glitch.  You can't actually battle the trainer; you send out no Pokémon.  You must instead select items, and then press B.  A interesting side-glitch is that you automatically select your first item when you open your items list.  If you weren't fighting a ZZAZZ trainer, this would be bad, as it would be impossible to escape.  Fortunately, ZZAZZ trainers kick you out if you use a item.  (You open the debug item in this case; pressing B terminates your use.)

This trainer sets the color pallets to blue and green.  If you wander the world, it remains so.  Your party is also damaged, so you WILL crash if you try to view it.

The auto-select effect is probably from the Professor Oak intro, which I skipped.  The forced-use effect continues on forever, even after leaving the battle.

If you ever accidently open up the item menu, you can get out of it with the debug item: Go to Miscellaneous, and then Display Area Text.  A parameter of 0 will open up your menu, allowing you to escape by pressing b. 

After battling the trainer, you will fly back to the ground. 
(Unless you used B to exit the fly screen.  The battle can still start then...)

Another effect you can get is map corruption. 

When this happens, you will run in place for around 15 seconds, and then fly as you normally would.  (The fly DOES cause the game to crash, but that is the nature of the resulting map).  This effect will occur even if you were to press B, or select vermilion city.  (Excluding the crash).

You can end up getting other kinds of palette corruption, too.  Being on route 2 often gives me a purple screen.

Unlike the ZZAZZ trainer, this goes away if you enter any building or do anything.  (Except look at your player stats.  Interestingly, the game saves the chosen palette when you do that and it reloads).

Sometimes, when you exit the map screen, your game will turn entirely white.  If you change the color palette (Options > Gameboy > Colors on the VBA-M), you will see what actually happened.
The game remains like that forever. 

Occasionally, you get even weirder effects.  For instance, one time I heard the safari zone music playing.  The game had brought me to a glitch safari zone.
Of note: stepping did not trigger the PA; but I was stuck in a rather impossible to escape glitch city.

A effect this sometimes causes is a slowed-down text draw rate.  You might not know it, but the town map actually reads your text speed, partially.  In this case, it was about one letter a second.  Holding A or B sped it up.  The same effect went to any other menu.  Trying to view the options took forever.  (It stays on a white screen while it loads; but if you turn on the altered colors it will show you...)
This effect is often bundled with other, worse effects, such as party corruption and absolute crashes. 

On the subject of party corruption, it once happened to me.

It resulted in an interesting thing: I could literally watch the text reload and redraw.  (The slow-text was active).
The only thing that made this different from a super glitch party was one Pokémon.  Whom I just so happened to swap.  So I actually got to watch what happens when super glitch opens the party.  (I have a video, but I'll need to upload it and that will have to wait until the rest upload.)

There were other effects, which I will show in the video, but are hard to describe in text.  On the subject of those videos, the main one (1 hour) corrupted in upload.  I'm uploading shorter versions (one 64 times the speed and one 8 times), which should show what happens.  I'm also planning on splitting the big video into sub-parts, describing each effect.

Here will be a video on one of the glitch effects I got: slowed-down text.

If this is interesting, I recommend you try it.  I have a save file and other stuff above.  --Poke
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