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The Dumpster Out Back / Re: Hidden signposts in Pokémon Crystal
« on: April 17, 2014, 12:57:06 pm »
I am 100% sure that in the game the Safari Zone is not related to the Silph at all, the guys there just work for the Warden. Probably the machinery is a hint at a previous plot. If it could be confirmed that these dialogues don't appear in the game, then new unused content has just been found, probably worthy mentioning in the TCRF article for RBY?
Pokémon Discussion / Hidden signposts in Pokémon Crystal
« on: April 14, 2014, 06:23:55 pm »
I was looking at the Pokémon Crystal text dump at and some lines of text left me a bit surprised. I am referring to:
"There's a graffiti on the wall... A1 added a mustache!" "What is this? House for Sale...Nobody lives here" and "It's a photo of people fishing...They're having a great time...".
Having played Crystal many times I am familiar with almost all lines of text (I like talking to all the NPCs everytime in every game I play) but I swore I have never seen these dialogues before, so I started up my game and started searching for them. In the text dump they are respectively near the dialogues of the Celadon Mansion, Cerulean City and Vermilion City, so I went there to read all the signposts in there, with no success. So I opened a map editor to look for "suspicious" signpost tiles in these towns and the routes nearby, again with no success, but upon looking carefully again I noticed some odd things, there were some tiles that had both warp and signpost data, plus a Town Map on a wall with a signpost data. Went looking there and...success!

The places are respectively: the last floor of the Celadon Mansion, the former Day Care in Route 5 and the Fishing Guru's House. I wonder why the developers placed these signs in such weird places, especially the one at the Mansion is VERY hidden and nobody would go there clicking on a random wall, a random Town Map or in front of a door that isn't locked.
Did you know about these? Maybe I am the only one but I find these kinds of "easter eggs" very interesting and fascinating. I checked in HeartGold and they don't appear at all (the only similar thing is an open book with a picture in the Guru's house).
Hello again everyone, since I didn't want to bump the old thread when I posted something similar to this I thought I'd start a new one, it's a minor discovery though, probably.
I have seen Torchickens' video where the floors list in the elevator in the Silph Co. can be swapped as if were items in the Generation I Japanese versions of the games, causing glitched menus, party and items to appear, also glitching the overworld. I have tried replicating the glitch on the badly translated English Green Version, like I did with the Yami Shop glitch and here is what happened:

I have tried doing this both in the same sequence as the original video than swapping floors at random and the list changes based on what you swap, apparently. The music slowly fades and many different stuff can appear: Trainer classes ("Priest" is Channeler, moves ("Blow" and "Rapid Stream" are Gust and Waterfall respectively, commands like "Setup" and various items like Master Ball, TMs, Badges. A couple of times some beta items also appear, like the Surfboard (????) and Friend Badge. If you select these items the game could crash or exit the floors menu, the sprite could disappear and become "stuck", but if you open the floors or the player's menu the sprite reappears and you can move freely. Sadly, in this version this glitch didn't influence the overworld or my Bag.

Also I have tried to do the same thing with the Badges list you can check in Cerulean City and it works too, since they act as items like the floors do. The results were similar:

As you can see items and Trainer classes can appear ("Teach Aochider" is the unused Prof. Oak Trainer class). Sometimes glitched items appear instead and selecting them could crash or freeze the game. Selecting other items instead brings up a glitched message by the Badges guy or a "see you again" message. This time the music didn't fade and the overworld wasn't influenced either.
You can do the same trick with the floors in Celadon City Dept. Store or in the Rocket Hideout obviously, but the results are not as good since there are fewer floors.

On an unrelated note I have been thinking about the unused metals and ranking systems and I am more and more convinced that, as somebody mentioned in the other thread, they could be unused Cable Club options and rewards instead of (a supposed) Battle Tower options, it makes more sense in my opinion and a Cable Club expansion actually happened in Pokémon Yellow ("Little Cup" being "Little Captain/Master" and so on).
I am afraid that the game always freezes when exiting the Mountain Man Yami Shop, it always happened to me when I tried, at least.

No, it doesn't always freeze.  Maybe it might work for you if you save and reset? (or have you already tried that?) Actually, I'm not sure whether it technically froze at all for me on the genuine Green but I think the game may have froze at one point on translated Green due to a large amount of '9's on the screen, but only when browsing through the items.

When exiting the Mountain Man Yami Shop (ha ha that sounds like a seemingly random name for someone who doesn't know what it is), the player sprite may disappear, but if you press B a few times you can make it return again and you can move again after walking on the spot for a bit (like in the select button version). Perhaps you may have been able to avoid your freezes with B.

I didn't see any Rare Candies ("Curious Sugar" in this version), but there are free Master Balls indeed

Cool. I might make a video of obtaining Mountain Man (Gold Badge in the genuine Green) and exiting the shop without a freeze. Though I suppose there's the possibility that it's because I'm using an emulator that I'm not getting a freeze. You can use the select button version to get Master Balls already, but this is a nice alternative method.

Probably it's my emulators' fault then, since I've been trying multiple times with two emulators and it always freezes both when exiting the shop and after buying an item as soon as the music fades and the glitchy one starts playing. In the few seconds span of fading music I could buy something but that's it. I have tried pressing B and many other buttons but never happened, only glitch music and the  invisible sprite. Strangely this doesn't happen when trying the Yami Shop glitch normally, except if I buy specific glitch items, I wonder why. Also "9s" didn't appear to me when I tried. But if you managed to buy something and make the sprite reappear probably it's because I'm not using a VBA, it runs terribly on Macs (I can't put cheat codes on the Mac version and the Windows version doesn't open with Wine) so I'm forced to use KiGB and BGB which are good for codes but are very prone to crashes and freezes whenever something goes wrong.
Anyway I discovered a nice small thing: after you changed your fist item into one of the ones present in the list I posted, if you press Select and then try to swap it with another item in your Bag it will be both in the first slot and in the one the item you wanted to swap was, which disappears. So, you can practically clone these glitch items.
Another funny thing I found is that you can use the Mountain Man item in battle, if the emulator doesn't crash you could buy items directly in battle, how convenient!
Hello everyone, new user here.
I have always been very interested in the first and second Pokémon generations' alpha and beta elements, especially the unused Badges and items in Red and Green, and how they can be seen using the “Yami Shop” glitch. This gave me an idea.
I found an English translation of a Pokémon Green rom which is quite hilarious since it’s literal and done probably using Google Translate or something like that, so I tried to replicate the Yami Shop glitch to check whether the unused badges and items were translated too. The usual method (selecting the 14th item, then the second Pokémon in the party in battle, etc) didn’t work, so I experimented a bit by selecting other items and Pokémon in the party and stumbled upon something interesting.
If you select the 8th item in the bag and then one of the Pokémon in the party, it will become glitchy and its moveset will be replaced with some moves it can’t normally learn and with some of the unused Badges and items, that were therefore translated in the process. Those moves either freeze the game or work like existing moves like Substitute or Softboiled. One of them (Buddha Badge) does something like increasing my Accuracy by one stage and the animation was like the Psychic move, so maybe is actually an unused move/unused move effect.

Here you can see Silver, Fireball Badge, Eagle Badge (mistranslation of Falcon Badge), Thunder Badge (mistranslation of Lightning Badge), Rose Badge, Egg, Gold, Buddha Badge (mistranslation of Jizo Badge), Gold Badge, Friend Badge (mistranslation of Friendship Badge), Little Captain, Captain, Young Bird (mistranslation of Chick), Little Master and Master.
Malicious Teeth, Split, Omnipotent Ball and Skyrocket are mistranslations of Super Fang, Slash, Master Ball and Struggle (not sure of this one).
Substitute also appeared sometimes in the movesets, curiously enough Tri Attack, Super Fang, Slash, Substitute and Struggle are the last index number moves in the first generation.
The movesets change by switching different Pokémon in the third and four slot in the party, but the sprite is based on the one in the first slot. I used many Pokémon and tried multiple times to have all of this to appear, Bronze and Cool Badge never appeared, though.

If you select the item on the 7th slot a "white" Charizard with this moveset will always appear, if you select an item after the 8th slot TM55 (beta HM05) or empty movesets should appear (notice the strange Standard/Wrestle = Normal/Fighting type), but you select the 10th item the overworld will become glitchy, the player will be stuck and the bag will glitch out and you will se items like non-beta Badges, Trainer classes or your in-game name. WARNING: some items could freeze your game sometimes.

Moreover, if you select the 19th item (a key item probably works better I noticed), encounter a Pokémon, select your second party member, then check your Bag after battle, glitchy items will appear: here we have the Yes (the "E" is a glitch), Purchase, North and East options, the unused item Coin, 4F (other floors can appear too, unfortunately 8F never appeared), the Pokédex (mistranslated as Handbook, works both in and outside battle) and the Surfboard ("????", Booster is X Speed or something like that, TM52 is beta HM02). If I remember correctly the North item can heal your Pokémon's HP or something like that.

Then, if you go inside a Shop, click Sell and sell an item with glitchy blocks as a name (it can be blank sometimes too) that has a price of 4999999, then click Buy, the Yami Shop glitch will finally work, now you can buy glitch items (use an infinite money cheat because most are expensive), here you can see some actual non-beta Badges (so Grey Badge throws Bait and Blue Badge throws Rock, both in and outside battle, the others are unusable), Hilluf Director (mistranslation of the unused trainer class Silph's Chief), Ground and Poison types, Teach Aochider (mistranslation of the Trainer class "Okido-sensei", belonging to the unused Professor Oak battle), the Mail item which I don't know what actually is, probably a mistranslation of a normal existing item, and various Trainer classes like Rocket Grunt (beware, some Trainer classes might freeze the game upon selecting or upon using after buying). All the other items you see are mistranslated standard items or existing Trainer classes, nothing worthy of attention, though.
WARNING: The last picture means that after a Pokémon encounter before going inside a Shop for the Yami glitch, your sprite could become desynchronized with your real movements and you are actually "invisible", so move slowly and pay attention because you could go out of bounds and freeze the game. Choose a grass area nearby a Shop and a straight path like the route east of Vermilion City, so it's easier to reach the Shop.

In the end: I tried to see these items and glitchy Pokémon on the Japanese version of Pocket Monsters Stadium using a Transfer Pak emulator, but the glitchy moves are all "???????"s and they can't be used in battle, the items are "????????"s and don't have a description.
I also tried to trade a glitched Pokémon from this Green Version to the popular Pokémon Vietnamese Crystal version, but it isn't tradeable and if I check the stats in the Crystal Version, the game crashes. I have tried to do the same thing on an untranslated Green version but the results and the items that appear seem to be different, but it's hard to recognize all the Japanese characters, I admit.
Another thought: I don't think that "Master", "Little Master", "Captain" and "Little Captain" are Trainer classes because they are actually located in the item name bank, same for "Gold" "Silver" and "Bronze". I think they are the leftovers of a ranking system, probably there was something like a Battle Tower planned but scratched before development, where you could choose the "difficulty" ("Captain" is easier, "Master" is harder, "Little" is probably something similar to the Little Cup or related to low-leveled Pokémon, while "Gold", "Silver", etc. are the "prize"or the ranking you get based upon how far you go in the battles). Maybe the facility was located in the deleted town, who knows. Just a theory, though.
That's all, what do you think about it? Sorry for the very long post and if all of this was already known before, I did some research before posting and didn't find anything other than the original Yami Shop glitch and beta/alpha items stuff. I hope you'll find this interesting.
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