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Wiki Discussion / Article about Pokémon "overleveled"?
« on: June 07, 2019, 03:18:42 pm »
I thought about create a topic to talk about this. Months ago, I saw that in the wiki there isn't an article which talk about the Pokémon over level 100, being an interesant fact in the generation I games (I think that there can't be Pokémon overleveled in other generations). So, I thought in create a topic in the wiki discussion to discuss about creating an article which talk about the Pokémon level +100 (explanation, how it is possible, why exactly to level 255, almost all known techniques to get Pokémon overleveled (Mew Trick, Old man glitch, Pikachu off-screen glitch, ZZAZZ glitch... with links to their respectives articles in GCL as a references) and even the maximum stats of those Pokémon at his maximum level and if them learn attacks in 101-255.

This as first premise. What do you think? Do you consider in create an article about Pokémon overleveled? Thanks!  :D
Multimedia Discussion / What movie have you seen recently?
« on: June 04, 2019, 04:35:15 pm »
I thought about create a topic in which we talk about the movies that we watch recently. This idea works on other forums, and maybe, this will work here  :), where we can post our opinions about the films, link to IMDB or another web with general aspects, and if you want, rating it.
(I don't know if this thread is repeated)

I begin: Yesterday, I've watched John Wick 3. Great photography and coreographies, but you think its very fantastical because you don't believe the characters hold on too much brawls. 7'5.
1 year ago, I uploaded a video to my YT channel where I showed a weird glitch,and I just can activate with the Pikachu Off-screen/Pikachu's glitch. I let here that video. The meaning of the name is that these letters appear in the box text at the beginning of the glitch. They are not an acronym.


The effects of this glitch are this:

1) The player changes his movement. Every move he makes, his sprite changes to letters, like the bug in the Pokémon Tower when you use Dig. And, when he walks, the screen moves abruptly, like if the player will be moving in photos. As a curiosity, the NPCs of around will be frozen, looking south.

2) If you go into a building, the sprites will change. For example, the Chansey's sprite of Celadon City will change to the Gary's sprite. The walking effects will disappear.

But the true reason why I wanted to make this thread is this: when you enter in a building or a cave, Pikachu will stay freezed in the door. The only way to get it moving is talking to him, or there are other strange effect that makes Pikachu run along the screen until be placed behind the player. But this effect only occur when the player is close to Pikachu (Pikachu appears in the screen). Thanks to this effect, we can do the Pikachu off-screen Glitch in indoors places.

I activated this glitch and I went to Mt. Moon. You can cause Super Glitch Cities and the trainer data corruption. The problem of the least trick it's that you need to change the route to cause a wild encounter with level +200 Pokémon, and I think this is impossible. Don't works change the floor and return. I put some photos here:


The subject why I open this thread is: there are another trick to cause a route change in idoor places like caves or buildings? And thus, we could document other trainers to get Pokémon over 100 level besides those who appear in this list. And I also didn't saw this on the wiki, and I thought it could be interesant and be added.  :)  Thanks for reading!
Calendar Events / Happy Christmas 2018
« on: December 24, 2018, 06:22:12 pm »
Well, I wanted to desire happy holydays to the members of this forum, so Happy Christmas, guys  :) have great presents and a have great dinner party.
I search on the internet about this but I just saw the solutions everywhere I had looked: how can I make appear the flip over card game in Super Mario Bros. 3? I think that I have to get a number of points and no loose in any level, but i'm not sure. Thank you.
Hi, everybody. I want to write a topic about this method to obtain Mew in Pokémon Yellow because I haven't read or seen anything at Internet. I hope that my bad english doesn’t cause any problem.

Time ago I was searching with the Pikachu Glitch/Off-Screen Glitch to get Pokémon with levels and stats over level 100. Now, I have discovered a lot of Pokémon with high levels like Arcanine, Gyarados, Exeggutor or Gengar. Recently, I found a specific trainer that give me a level 233 Mew. This could be other method to obtain this Pokémon in a game. But this glitch has high failure probabilities, I want to create a method to obtain battles with wild Mew without any problems. Here are some videos about this event:

Another weird thing about this event was that after catched Mew, if you use Fly, you can't find any wild Pokémon, and if you fight against a trainer, the game get frozen. This was the reason because I lost the battle and I thought that I found a method to continue the game without crashes. But sometimes this problem doesn’t happen, I used Fly and I can battle with trainers and wild Pokémon. Any explanation for this?

(In this video I'm just doing the glitch to obtain Mew in Pokémon Amarillo, the spanish version)

This Mew has his stats between 450-550 and his PS has between 650-730. His moveset always is the same, Transformation (this is why we can catch a level 223 Ditto), Mega-Punch, Metronome and Psychic. If this Pokémon goes to 100 would have a 200-300 stats. At the beginning I knew that the Pokémon after 100 level only they were used to go down to 100 level or connect Cable Link for make tradings or make battles with a friends. For my surprise, after catched Mew and used Fly, when I am going to connect the cable link, this does not works. This is really weird and I don't know why this happens. But I think that I have discovered a way to make it works:

When I repeat the Pikachu Glitch and I fight against one Pokémon or trainer, the cable link is detected (you can win or lose againts the wild Pokémon/trainer). After that I am going to talk with the girl and, where is when I am confused:

1) The games freezes. After this I save the game and reset. Now, the game can detect the cable link but sometimes, the other game can freeze (I don't show this in my video). If this happens, I reset the game, and usually, the game can detect the cable link without problems.

2) The game freezes, but can connect the games with a little patience. Sometimes, the other game freezes and the game whit Mew works! (This neither appear in the video) When the trade begin, this is what happens: 

Obviusly, I can’t trade any Pokémon because the game freezes.I have to reset the game. Well, when I choose Colosseum to fight, the game react like “Zzazz” appears. This match, practically, is like the fight againts Zzazz.

Well, right now, If I want to trade Mew to other game succesfully I have to repeat the glitch and fight againts a trainer or a wild Pokémon having done the glitch. For the moment, I can't check what does this Pokémon in GSC or, If this is possible, can trade to 6th or 7th gen. What do you think? This could be possible? Or could be easier with other method? Thank you for read.
Well, Is time ago since my last post in this section, and now I want to break this data. I come here to ask one succes (well, one succes that they occurred two times) and is relacionated with the Trainer Scape Glitch. I want to complete my PokeDex in Pokemon Blue right now and I use several times this glitch to capture a big number of Pokemon, until in one occasion I return to he Trainer rute to repeat the glitch and I check that the glitch don't works, the trainer don't comes to me when I escape. I return and I see that the trainer acts like I fought with him. I don't was fought when him before, and I don't understand xD

This happened to me two times, and this not happened before (in emulator or Game Boy). If someone know for what happen this, say in a post for what. I don't want to happen this because I lost the most famous trainers to do this glitch (Cerulean City and Lavender Town). Thank you for reading.
Generation I Glitch Discussion / Super Glitch City
« on: March 09, 2015, 12:58:37 pm »
Well, Chickasaurus and I practise the Pikachu's Glitch/Pikachu Off-screen Glitch in Pokémon Yellow, and visit one place more broken and corrupted than the Glitch City originally. We're named Super Glitch City.
The Pikachu cause a corruption and suddenly the graphics are destroying when you walk. If you open the menu and see the trainer card, the graphics are more destroyed. One curiousity of this is that the hapiness of Pikachu up/down, or the time of you play the game up to 255:59.

I f you like work this glitch in Game Boy, have warning, this glitch can broke the game!

I upload one video of the Super Glitch City:

And I upload photos and .gif of this place:

Generation I Glitch Discussion / Emulator bug?
« on: August 21, 2014, 04:27:45 pm »
At one point in the intro, I changed the colors on the screen . I going to teach this link to my video:

This is a emulator bug? Or is a bug of the rom? It has happened to me in the BGB emulator playing Pokemon R/B/Y With the Super Game Boy screen/mode. Well, I wonder if this has happened to someone, and say to me more information of this.

Thanks for read.
Generation I Glitch Discussion / Minimize (Reducción) glitch
« on: June 22, 2014, 04:08:49 am »
Hi everyone, I come to speak of a small bug that happened to me yesterday. I've uploaded a video to YT.

My pokemon chance the Reduction's sprite for the sprite of my pokemon enemy (Chansey was used the Reduction move) and Chansey had the sprite broken of my pokemon of my team. This ever happened to you?

This glitch It occurred to me in the emulators of VBA and BGB. Today I will try to console. Regards.

Edit by Torchickens: I changed the title to the correct English name and put the Spanish version name in brackets.
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