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Generation VI Glitch Discussion / QR codes for Glitch Pokemon in ORAS?
« on: February 27, 2015, 08:54:17 pm »
Looking for the QR codes for some of the Glitch Pokemon in ORAS. Preferably only the stable ones, thanks. Anyone got any that don't create ones that crash?
I've already beaten every Gym Leader, even have access to the Battle Frontier, have access to the Event Islands, and I remember registering Juan in my PokeNav's Match Call...yet he's not there. He still will rematch me, I went to his Gym to try to get his number in case something happened, luck. He did rematch me when I spoke to him, as if I had his number.
Is there any way to fix this?
Is there a GameShark code to insert his number in Match Call?
I've been looking for a GameShark code that permanently unlocks the Mobile Stadium and Mobile Center options (and if possible, the second floor of the PokeCom Center and the music changed to that of the PokeCom Center) on the main menu in the American Crystal, as it's impossible to save with the two codes activated - opening the menu causes the game to reset and then display the "not on a Game Boy Color" screen. Is there a GameShark code that can PERMANENTLY unlock these two options on the main menu? If so, what is it?
Calendar Events / Happy Thanksgiving.
« on: November 27, 2014, 03:12:05 pm »
Yep, happy thanksgiving.
I attempted to use a GameShark in every game to battle hex 00, but nothing happens - it's like it doesn't exist..What occupies hex 00 in the Japanese Generation 1 games?
I screencapped the "encounter" and "battle" screens for hex IDs 1F (Normal), B6 (Kabutops), B7 (Aerodactyl), and B8 (Ghost).

Normal form was weird, it claimed I had six fainted Pokemon even though I had only a Pikachu and it hadn't fainted.

It then turned black with MissingNo.'s sprite in red, then froze.

And yes, I know B8 isn't MissingNo. in Japan, it's a different glitch called "GHOST". I still screencapped it.

These were taken on the VisualBoyAdvance emulator using the "trigger wild battle" code.

For some weird reason, the Internet is devoid of all material related to Glitch Pokemon in Red and Green and the Japanese Blue.  I recently discovered that in fact MissingNo. IS NOT the same in Japanese Blue as it is in the American Red and Blue, and that there is no sprite whatsoever for it AT ALL, menu or otherwise, in Red and Green, so it crashes whether you send one out or you battle a wild one. We should make articles on the Japanese Glitch Pokemon, if I could type in Japanese I might be able to.

I recently found a weird Glitch Pokemon in Japanese Blue that looks like a blue Charizard 'M, displays 9's across its Pokedex entry, and crashes the game.
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