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Hello. When I was doing the long range trainer glitch with a special stat of 193 I got a interesting effect with it. I was watching MissingnoXpert's Let's Glitch Pokemon Blue series, When he did a special stat of 193 he got an unknown op code error. When I did it on red I got a glitch trade screen. I don't know why this happens, especially when on the big list here says that in red/blue 193 is the jp symbol glitch. I've researched this on bulbapedia and according to their list you get a ゥ (C1) which is understandable with the JP symbol glitch. But as I said I got a glitch trade screen.

Why does this happen?

Here are 2 videos I did on the glitch: and

FYI: Sorry for the big images.


Start of the glitch

Stats of a MissingNo that I viewed

Move set of the same MissingNo that I viewed

Weird dialog after viewing stats

Another dialog after viewing stats

Overflow of pokemon in trade screen

Too bad! The trade was cancelled! dialog with weird coloration

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