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So I was messing around on my yellow rom, trying to catch pokemon with hex IDs C9-FF, not realizing that those were the IDs for trainers. While I was doing this I made the discovery that you can hard reset whenever you get a trainer until it gives you a glitch pokemon with that hex. So far, using this method I have caught glitch pokemon with hex IDs ranging from CB to E1 and all inbetween. I have still yet to test E2-FF with this method but so far it is yielding some interesting glitch pokemon which have still yet to be indexed at this point.
Also I am using the gameshark code 01xxd7cf to obtain my pokemon rather than the mew glitch to save time, I don't know if that is why this is working but hopefully it's applicable to the mew glitch as well.
I just wanted to mention this in case anyone else wants to try it.
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