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Hello. I want to translate the spaceworld beta, I translated all the existing map texts starting from the charmap and the text font tileset, then I translated items and pokémon's names, but I have some issues also 'cause there are 5 chars limitations. I want to extend the limit for trainer's, rival's, mom's, Bill's BOXES, pokémon's names and nicknames, trainers classes, items and all the rest if I forgot something. And obviously also convert the PC boxes to the western versions, (and also currently in the spaceworld demo the boxes are buggy, if you deposit and release pokémons you could see wrong nicknames) from 10 BOXES able to store 30 pokémons fo BOX I want 14 BOXES able to store 20 pokémons for each BOX.

I think that the solution is in the WRAM file:

But I don't know exactly how adapt it to avoid messed up ram addresses. And if this could be enough to fix all the char limitations. Could you please help me for this?

But I don't know how adapt it to do exactly what I want...
Emulation & ROM Hacking / Link via script to the Shuckle.asm?
« on: July 10, 2019, 07:05:41 am »
Hi. I want to link to an asm part via script. Should be possible, after a givepokemon script command I want to link to these ASM:

starting from the "ld bc, PARTYMON_STRUCT_LENGTH" line, I know the binary address in the rom of that line.

If linked correctly should as example give the Berry to the obtained pokémon and the Mania OT and ID and the nickname.

There is a way to link to that line?

I want to write a similar ASM with a different ID and trainer name, but I don't want to write a new special command, only add the routine to set the ID and the trainer name, is possible?

My target is of give a legit GF Mew that could pass trough the pokétransfer, I need only of own the link to the asm. :)
Emulation & ROM Hacking / G/S/C/B wireless VC patches?
« on: July 06, 2019, 09:10:04 am »
Hi. I'm searching the wireless patches to create the cias with my hack roms. I'm using "Ultimate GBC VC injector for 3DS" but ask me a .PATCH file to create a CIA that could communicate.

Someone have these patches? Unfortunately the old archive in GBAtemp is offline...

I need of:

Blue ('cause I made also a pokémon Green hack on Blue)

I need of them for the italian versions, but I think could work also for the U versions, maybe I'll have only to fix the checksum in the PATCH files?

Nobody know how go to the next step? I finished G/S/C 2.0 Now I'ii be happy to finish also HG/SS... :)
Hi. I found the slots overlay file in Japanese HG/SS, is overlay_0077, but inserting it into the US version don't work, the game crash. I tried to insert it replacing the Voltorb filp overlay file (Overlay_0122), 'cause the script command is the same in US and J versions, and overlay_0077 in US version is only a placeholder, a dummy file of 20 bytes.

The pointer to the slot machines texts group have to be updated to work with the US rom versions, 'cause in (J) version the text group is the number 429 (0x01AD) in the US versions also if is blank is the number 436. Is at the offsets:

0xA48 (uncompressed overlay_0077 file)
0x7A6 (compress overlay_0077 file)

I verified changing it in the J version, where the overlay file works.

I found also the graphic file, is cleared but isn't a problem, I can replace the J graphic file with the censored and the code still works however, however is stored in A/1/2/7 file.

I don't know why the Overlay_0077 file can't works in the U version, maybe have to be updated like the texts to right other resources file in the rom. Someone could know how repair it? And maybe (also if this is harder) link it to dummy script commands to keep both Voltorb flip and Slots minigames? Overlay_0077 is however existing in the US version and can be replaced trough NitroExplorer, but I don't know if there are script commands linked, I know only that there are a lot that do the same black screen/return to the game function.

However the major thing to do will be repair the Overlay file, Voltorb Flip isn't so important, I'll prefer replace it if necessary to restore the slots.

I found the script command link (I think) in the ARM9 file, I can change the value 0x7A (Voltorb flip 122 overlay file) to 0x4D (Overlay 77 slot file) and then the game crash when have to load the Voltorb flip... I think is the right place where force the game to load Overlay_0077 instead of 122, but the code is certainly incompatible (yet) with US roms.

Someone could fix it please?
Please, can you help me? Thanks to Sanqui I used the ????? pokémons to show 2 extra pics in Crystal for my hack rom, but erase the same routine (IsApokémon) in G/S didn't work the same. The game still continues to ignore their pics and don't update the VRAM with their pics. If I try to battle them through gameshark codes I still see the last tileset land resource seen, and if I use the poképic script I see the charmap, 'cause the VRAM isn't updated with the pics.

Maybe in G/S is different. Maybe there is another reason. Can you please tell me why and find a way to fix this please?
Generation II Glitch Discussion / Exp glitch in Crystal?
« on: March 08, 2019, 12:58:22 pm »
Hello, I want to ask you if you know a glitch that occasionally can corrupt the experience sharing when 2 pokémons fight the same battle.

I'm a hacker that is making (and finishing) a 2.0 G/S/C hack rom. I added the safari battle type with the rock and the bait to finish all missing stuff cutted out due to the out of time issue for the developing and yesterday, trying the paralysis catch rate glitch fix I tried to catch the added Zapdos outside the Power Plant like in HG/SS. I paralyzed it trough another Zapdos and Thunder wave, but it go KO itself due to Struggle, and I saw something strange, also if I switched to Thyplosion at the half battle at the end of the battle said that Thyplosion received the exp points and then again the same message. And then for all other wild battles said always that the last pokémon won the battle shared the exp only with itself, without share with the other pokémon before it.

I tried to reset the game and is turned all normal, but I don't know what's happened.

Is a common glitch or could be something wrong with my hack rom? I tried again today but I didn't obtain the same glitch... I'm confused...
Is possible assign the fossils sprite to a 2 of the 4 existing MissingN°. that when appear show the tileset graphic instead of a real pic?

I can compress and add the sprites of the fossils into the rom, but the poképic script string need to show a pic of an existing pokémon and the only way without overwrite existing pokémon will be assign to a 2 missingN°.
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