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So I started playing Crystal VC and learned that the cloning glitch has more precision than in Gold/Silver.

I did it so I could have all 3 starters and managed to do it perfectly on the first go with Totodile (nicknamed "Dile"). However, my second attempt with Cyndaquil didn't go so well.
While Cyndaquil itself turned out ok, it ended up getting Totodile's nickname but was otherwise intact with no other issues. Totodile didn't get the same treatment:

Totodile's nickname is glitched with my player's name at the end (Yuuki), but it's very short and doesn't lock up the game or anything if I use it in battle (the name appears as "?" in the party). The OT is "?", but other than that it's still a Totodile according to the game and has no other issues I'm aware of.

What I wanna know is, is this Totodile safe to keep? Could I potentially breed it and get a regular Totodile and get rid of it if I can't fix the garbled name?

I'm asking this because most people say that blank named clones or clones with strange names shouldn't be kept, but I really don't wanna keep cloning starters if I could just breed this Totodile for a regular one in the end or it simply has a glitched nickname (and I don't wanna give up my awesome ID number either). Is there an exception to some clones that have slight issues?

EDIT: Scratch that, leveling up this Totodile actually crashed the 3DS (had to hold down the Power button; Cyndaquil levels up fine though).  :-\ Might I be able to breed it instead?
So I have a tendency to save my game while in the Hau'oli City lottery building and every time the RotomDex speaks, I wait for it to stop due to how distracting it is if I interrupt it and let it loop.

Well I got in a rush today because I wanted to pick up Mewtwo's mega stones, and I discovered a game freeze with this. If you try to save the game while the RotomDex is still talking on the bottom (text still printing), the game immediately freezes. I did it on both of my games while doing the lottery corner (which requires you to save). It happened every time.

The music still plays, but you have to hold down the power button to do anything. Not sure if this should be listed as an oversight or not.
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