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Do we know why the merge glitch works? ( Does it have to do with how glitch pokemon with an index number of 255 (e.g. Charizard 'M) are read as a "stop" command? ( see section "Charizard 'M")
Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!
Hello everyone! A friend and I are working on a Red/Blue Glitch Pokemon panel that we plan to host at a local anime convention.

I would like to ask: have we ever (as far as we've known) had a developer who works for (or used to work for) Nintendo/Game Freak who has ever given us insight behind-the-scenes into Pokemon glitches? It seems like glitch hunting is primarily fans experimenting, discovering, and theorizing, so I was wondering if there were any “official” sources other than Nintendo's official statement about Missingno on their troubleshooting website

Thanks for your input!
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