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Introductions / Ain't Dead Yet
« on: January 16, 2019, 07:23:49 am »
Yikes, it's been a very good number of years, since I last stepped foot here. Yes, I did fall off the earth, due to computer problems, personal problems, family emergencies, and so forth. Not sure if I plan to stick about, thought I'd drop a hey in case anyone remembers this old lunatic, with a temper. XD

I don't do sprite work anymore, I packed that up when my original XP PC decided to die on me, followed by my laptops doing the same. I still hate Microsoft, plus I'm still learning how to draw. Not going well, because I have no patiance, which I never have done so. Nice to see this place is still going, considering I haven't been in here years. Might start spriting again, depending if I can be bothered to, I've lost A LOT of data since I last fell off the earth, so to speak, so yeah. I ain't dead yet, still trying to hammer any computer I own that gives me problems, and so on.

I'm a small YouTuber, I just post stupid stuff for lols, mostly, or just to make someone smile or laugh. Still a gamer of 26 years, I'm 31 in a few months time, and I'm now currently retired from the Pokemon Generation after the release of Ultra Moon and Sun, but I still do play the older generations, all though one of my Red cartridges is in hiding, after I finally found out my Pokemon Red was the cause for all the hassle I've had over the years. Like, when I was doing some training, after my Red wiped out my Stadium data, that it decided to pull the same stun it did, when I lost my Myutsuu, of 9+ years, where it destroyed the save file once again, so now I'm down to one Pokemon Red cartridge which was my late brother's, I still have his Blue and Yellow, my G/S/C are long gone, I can't be bothered to look for my FireRed/LeafGreen, or my Sapphire/Ruby/Emerald either, I prefer the newer ones, which I fine awesome!

I don't play as much, mostly because I play other games, or I just can't be bothered. Take a guess who I am, some may know me, some may not. We shall see. But yeah, I'm back and alive, and still crazy but much worse.
The Dumpster Out Back / Age is just a number, right?
« on: July 15, 2013, 03:20:50 am »
Yeah, age is just a number right? 'Cause I'm now 25 years old today, and damn I feel older than ever. T_T I got another 5 years until I'm 30, but yeah I'm 25 today...
Art / Sprites and Cards
« on: May 30, 2013, 03:57:36 am »
Yup, I'm back from the dead and still a lunatic. Damn, it's been 3 years since I was last here, nice new look. As for sprites, yes I still make 'em, but I've been watching these pretty neat videos on YouTube on how to help me improve, and from it I made a pretty not bad for a first try new sprite, and it's not too half bad. I can make Trainer Cards, but haven't made any ever since my Pokemon Red suffered a loss, so I'm lagging behind in Gen 1, and my Generation 2 cartridges are dead.

But anyway, here's some of the stuff I've been doing for so long. I'm still doing research, but when my current system here was trashed by a computer worm, I lost a load of stuff, so I don't have as much as I did, but let's get started.

Hannah: [She was planned for my Pokemon game, but I got something else planned, but this was from when I was watching some spriting videos on YouTube and this is how my sprite turned out. My friends think it's pretty neat.]

Frost Vulpix - beta:

RB Kingler revamp - more like a test:

Kajiro Sapphire - she's one of my role-playing characters from my forums, slightly updated but it's a test.

Mugshot - Cynthia [made this for a friend of mine]:

Best Wishes:

Role-playing character of mine - old version:

Overworld sprite - I'm not very good with these:

I'll see if I can find some of my Trainer Cards, and I really hate the new PhotoBucket...

Here they are:

Small Team Rocket Card - Mewtwo - Test Card:

Small Team Rocket Card:

Super Team Rocket Card:

Small Team Magma Card - Flannery Test Card:

Small Team Magma Card:

Super Team Magma Card:

Small Team Aqua Card:

Super Team Aqua Card - The A went wrong, and I haven't been able to fix it:

I haven't done a Team Galactic or Plasma cards yet, haven't found the right colours.

Here's a new sprite of Hannah, I quite like it:

Emulation & ROM Hacking / Pokémon Emerald Hack
« on: May 29, 2013, 12:52:13 pm »
Okay, if this isn't in the right place, feel free to move it and where do I begin... About two or three months ago, I've been trying to work on a Pokémon Emerald hack, but I have no clue what I'm doing. I can change the maps, but everything else is alien to me. I use AdvanceMap, to change the maps, but I have no clue how to add custom sprites, music, etc. I currently use No$GBA because VBA isn't working for me at the moment, and I'm using Emerald, so what am I doing wrong? Any advice is welcome, thanks for any advice.
Tech Help / Unknown Object
« on: November 16, 2010, 12:07:15 pm »
I didn't know what else to call this thing, that's been popping up on my laptop for a month now and it's rather annoying. Whenever my useless laptop starts and sooner or later loads Windows (takes ages), and whenever everything starts to load this box keeps appearing and I have no idea what it is nor what it is called because no text loads at all. Just a few seconds (I couldn't get the screen), another thing loaded up that belonged to this "thing" called Forum1 (it wasn't responding then it went off before I could get a screen) but now I keep getting the same box everyday and I don't know what it is nor where it's coming from.
The Dumpster Out Back / Laptop Mischief
« on: November 09, 2010, 03:53:43 am »
Once again my laptop has caused mischief by crashing during an installation of another MP3 player on Ubuntu, and I want to remove it but because of the crash, it keeps saying that I need to repair the software, but I've tried looking for help on the Help Center and I get total junk so how do I repair Amarok?

Post Edit:

Ignore this topic. I'm reinstalling Linux to solve other mischief caused by Vista, so I'd like this topic to remain binned and locked.
The Dumpster Out Back / Ubuntu and Wine
« on: October 07, 2010, 03:11:14 am »
It's been a long time since I last tried with Ubuntu, that I don't know if Wine will be able to run other programs, like uTorrent, VLC Media Player, or other things. I have no idea if Wine or Ubuntu, has been updated since I last tried it, so if it was possible for Wine to run these programs, or they remain as they are - can't be used in Ubuntu.
The Dumpster Out Back / I'm soon to be 22
« on: July 03, 2010, 11:38:37 pm »
Yep, it's going to be that time of year again for me, that I become 22, in a few days/week. I'm not looking forward to it, because it feels another year for my health to decrease, (my health's not doing too good as of late), but yeah, 11 days and I'm not trying to count, either. So yep, the count down until I hit the big 22, is 11 days away, and soon I'll be the oldest no doubt, but ah well, age is just a number. So, anyway I know most will no doubt count the days for me, so be on the look out.

11 days remain until I become 22 years old.
The Dumpster Out Back / Re: You will Enter Sanity...
« on: June 28, 2010, 10:36:31 pm »
How do you expect people to join, if you ban them?
Tech Help / Possible Firefox Bug/Vista Nightmare
« on: June 26, 2010, 09:26:53 am »
Okay, as of late I have no idea what the hell is going on with either my Firefox or Vista. Whenever Firefox "Freezes"/"Not Responding". the skin turns to Vista Basic (Like it does when I have my VBA on), but when I load Firefox again, so I can have something running on another window instead of slowing down Caesary, but it ends up like this:

Also, if other's are trying to help me, please don't keep saying downgrade/upgrade, because each time that happens things go into chaos, so I'm not losing my data again over the fact Vista has too many flaws, or the new Firefox version has a bug. I don't remember this happening with Firefox 3.5.3, so it's either a bug or my Vista's causing trouble again.
Okay, I've managed to find a German version of Red and Blue, but can't find a German version of Yellow, nor any copies of Japanese Red and Blue, so I'm going to do the German version, but my problem is, it's all in black and white, and I need it to be in colours (sort of like Yellow), but not sure how to do that. So, anyway I'm going to start with 'M, and slowly work my way through the other glitches.

'M (no matter what game you find 'M in, it still has that effect - a nightmare to capture, turns into a Rhydon after capture, and remains in battle after capture).

I didn't plan on coming back. Besides, my last one is dead, I still don't accept scratching requests, so don't bother asking for any.

As of late, I've been doing some sprite work, well sprites of me and ain't willing to post 'em. Again, I don't do scratching requests, I don't do Duel Monster requests, I don't do devamps, I'm useless at them, but my revamps are a bit bad still, but GIMP has helped a bit, my Vista still sucks ass, other than that, I return and I will no doubt won't stick around long, because I'm dead bored of dead forums. The forum I go to is dead, (lack people), and this happens. I come back after I wanted to leave, and hell breaks loose, so again don't start war with me, just leave me as I am, and we'll get on fine. I do use the HGSS Sprites, but I don't really like their shading, it's too limited. I might use colours from FR/LG/Em/Ru/Sa, but we'll see. I don't do fusions too well anymore, as I just reocolour/mess about with Trainers.

I made these re-colours yesterday, while checking my Emails. Also, I can now create Super Trainer Cards, but there's a problem: I can only use my Entei background, that's the only background I have that's large enough.

HGSS Winged Shadow Ninetales:

HGSS Winged Ice Ninetales:

Super Entei Trainer Card - Beta (I need to work on the colours):

Super Entei Demon Trainer Card:
General Discussion / May Never Return
« on: April 27, 2010, 11:05:08 am »
Okay, a few words and I'm gone. I'm leaving here for no doubt for good. There's nothing for me here, my Pokemon Green research died, my Pokemon Spanish Yellow project gone, people I called "friends" have changed and turned, pretty fed up with the downtime, people not getting the message when I keep saying I can't scratch sprites, I can never be accepted anywhere, I am bad tempered, it runs in my family and friends have told me, be myself, when I do I get total s**t, threats, other crap I could go on for hours with but I ain't going to. Bin this, do whatever I don't care and I'm gone. I doubt I will return, others can hunt me by my forums, but my Haven can't accept new people because of the endless bots each time, so I had no choice to disable new members. So, I've spent four years, one year a happy year, then the next three horrible but I stuck around for Jolteon as he's my friend but I can no longer stay here. I've out-lived my usefulness, and other things but I'm better off leaving and never coming back. If you have to Email me, do so by asking me if you see me in about on my forums (if you are a member), to find my address but I won't accept people who react like Doc used to on MSN (WLM), or just going to flame my Inbox to bits, so yeah I'm going and may never come back. I only use Windows Live Messenger because AIM hates Vista and causes a virus and Yahoo I never use so, I'm going now before I change my mind.
General Discussion / Glitch City troubles or something else?
« on: April 07, 2010, 10:19:27 pm »
Sorry if this is in the wrong area (plase move this if it it in the wrong area), but I'd like to ask what's going on? Whenever I close Firefox down (I'm on my parent's computer), and when I do I am unable to return to Glitch City for nearly a week or for four days. I'm not sure if anyone else is having this trouble or is it me? I've reset my Internet, and that hasn't made any difference, since at the moment I've gotten news from my cousin about my XP PC that's currently fucked (it won't boot), and my laptop is coming home, but either today or tomorrow, and the idiots who took my laptop haven broken my screen on purpose and have the nerve to blame my mother for their mistake. So, is it me or is it with others, since I've used everything to get here again (when I can't return to here) and they don't work, I've used Mozilla Firefox (always do), Internet Explorer 8, Google Chrome, Safari, and even Opera. I closed off my Firefox about two maybe three days ago and haven't been able to get here until now (it's 5AM here at the moment) and if I shut off Firefox, I'm unable to come back so, what's going on?
General Discussion / Could be gone for a week
« on: March 26, 2010, 12:35:47 am »
Okay, people from I think Fujistsu are coming to collect my laptop today and it'll be gone for a week to see what's going on with it, since at the moment I haven't heard from cousin about my shitty PC, so all there's left is my parent's slow PC, but might pop on or might stay in my bedroom playing Left 4 Dead. So, if friends are wondering where I've disappeared to, it's because I have no PC and no laptop for a week, so it'll be either Monday ot Tuesday I'll be getting it back, and I hope there won't be any data loss, after all I spent six hours zipping and compressing my files (most were pretty big like my Pokemon Sprite File, my Silent Hill, Resident Evil files as they have a lot of songs), are currently on my parent's computer until I get my laptop back, and I hope they'll change the operating system, because Vista sucks. So, I'm gone for a while and hope to return as soon as I can.
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