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Nice finding!
This is an abosolutely interesting question.
Is tecnically possibile transfer Pokemon in Pokemon Bank from an emulator? I mean RBY played via computer or smartphone.


About this video, i have putted an important question in the comment from the video:

The question are now: what is happening on gen 3 and above, if me is transfer a MissingNo or and other glitch-pokemon from gen 1/2? Can someone test "this Pokemon scientific expirement"? Maybe contact some youtubers like ChickasaurGL or Crystal_ for test this expirement? And if me is playing to gen 1/2 from a smartphone Android device can still transfer a Pokemom in gen 3 and above? The other question is this method applicable to famous hack rom? For example transfer Pokemon from Pokemon Prism (a GBC hack rom) to Pokemon Ruby and Shappire and above.

Can someone test this trhee expirement please? And maybe create 3 Youtube videos for tutorial.

 Is my dream transfer my Pokemon Prism team to Gen 5 and above, and i want to realize this dream!
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