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A Pokémon with Fly or Teleport
The Explorer Kit (Use it before you enter the void, you will crash otherwise)
The Bicycle
The Berry Finder or Marking Map
Poké Balls

From the Poketch Co. Void:

1 South

17 West

14 North

638 West

Save and Reset

211 West

1489 South

96 East

448 South

96 East

576 South

211 East

47 South

Refresh the graphics, if you freeze, reset the game.

Save and Reset

IMPORTANT SIDENOTE: Your step counter DOES NOT work in the Battle Tower Void, you will have to count some steps yourself

East until you hit an invisible wall

North until you hit an invisible wall

9 South

23 East

North until you hit an invisible wall

2 South

Change your Poketch app to the Berry Finder/Marking Map


East until your map shows you on Newmoon Island

1 West repeatedly until you're above Iron Island on your map

14 East

Save and Reset


East until you're above the highest part of Route 224 (Where the white rock is located) on your map

1 West repeatedly until you’re above the lower part of Route 224 on your map

16 East

Save and Reset

Pokémon Bank requirements:

Caught in Diamond Version
Level 50
Doesn't know the move Pursuit

Cannot be transferred



Everyone at the Hall of Origin Discord server
MKDasher for finalising most of this route
SatoMew for their video on this void
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