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So there's this glitch in gen 4 that allows the move Fire Fang to hit any pokemon with Wonder Guard, even if they're not weak to fire. This affect any pokemon that eventually gets Wonder Guard via Trace (or via hacking) without being weak to fire.

I noticed it as a kid when i had hacked a Wondertomb into my game and was using it in the Battle Tower.  Then 9 years later i got curious and searched to see if anyone else had noticed it. As it turns out, people did.

However, i can't find an explanation to how this glitch works. The closest i got is this , which explains how to patch the game to fix the glitch (apparently the first two bytes of the move's data are 11 01 and should be 16 01), but it doesn't explain what is causing this glitch to occur or why the data is wrong in the first place.

Does anyone here have an idea of what causes this glitch to occur ?
I first tried to write it at DB00 on real hardware with this setup:

Lemonade x 0
CascadeBadge x 219
Repel x 0
Hyper Potion x 44
Max Revive x 0
????? (0x2C) x 44
????? (0x2C) x 44
Full Heal x 201

I changed the number of Lemonades by dropping some each time. It seemed  to work well, and after double checking bytes were indeed written. So i jp'd there, and then the game crashed.

So i tried on emulator (by copypasting the code directly into the relevant address) and the same happened, i tried to put the code at DB00, DA80 and DA85, the game crashed each time. I was able to execute the english version on an english rom however, so the problem seems to be that the french version is broken somewhere (that or i messed up somehow).

EDIT: After checking both codes, the only difference is a 31 becoming a 4E. Is it really the only thing that needs to be changed in order for the program to work on a french game ?

EDIT 2: Nevermind, i managed to get it to work at DA80 (i have no idea why it didn't work the first time i tried at this address).
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