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Just today, I was messing around of trying to fight my way through the softlock Glitch Pokedex entries through memory editing around C010. I first tried doing that to .4 which was done here:
Then after that, I tried it with $F3 and it was so hard to get around the crash. However, at one point, I caught it while I was at low HP and then all of a sudden while I tried to sped up the catching process and its cry out of the way, the game crashed the instant it started its entry. Then I remembered something regarding the low HP sound affecting Pokemon cries, so I tried doing that to the other glitch entries and sure enough, it skips the sound effects and the waiting!
Two of them actually had more to it past that softlock song, and the other two got successfully passed because of it, one of those two done the craziest effect I ever seen.
After I watched the "Elite Six/Five Glitch Masters" video/s several times out of boredom, it got me into thinking of ideas for "Gym Leader Ultimas." but in a team with a specific type. I can think one for Misty:
Misty Ultima Gym Leader Edition: (R/B/Y)
Level 205 Dewgong
Level 205 Seadra
Level 205 Golduck
Level 205 LM 4: $C6 (Red and Blue) or P ID: $DF (Yellow)
Level 205 Lapras
Level 205 Starmie

However, I'm not sure how you can control rosters in a way that you can make in an ACE or in memory editor. I know it's possible for Glitch Trainer $FC, but what about for regular trainers? I can't seem to find the location on where it controls the loadouts, even through Google searching.
First off, some story.
So, the other day, I was observing Hex C1 (ゥ) and try to figure out why it crashes the game and then something happened which it happened to be caught on video!
I was thinking if that's really the cause of the crash which was a solution, or was it a coincidence? The next day afterwards, I tried that possible solution again, and surely enough, it worked without crashing!
So, the solution was this that I remembered from the 4 4 true cry follow-up video. Thanks TheZZAZZGlitch!
"Freezing the sound bank values: C0EF and C0F0"
So the true main cause of the crashing is the sprites corrupting the sound bank to invalid values around 99% of a time for Pokemon with Pokedex #205 and #211, while it's 100% or constant for Pokemon with Pokedex #224 ($ED and $EF), #245 ($E2, $E5, and $E8) and #255 ($F5).

Sound bank crashes seem more vulnerable in Red/Blue than Yellow. Yellow Missingno. crashes for a different reason more than just a sound bank corruption. But I can't say that for sure.

Finally, here are the revealed front sprites and $F5's backsprite! This was done on BGB.

The #224, #245, and #255 family glitch pokemon behaves like 4 4 in Yellow, however it will crash the time it appears with lines or does the cry from that particular glitch Pokemon it is sent out and just freezes. There seem to be 6 of these in Red/Blue, while it's 4 in Yellow. 3 if you don't count the purple glitch screen one. ($E9)

The #205 and #211 sprites however, differ so much that it's depended on timing if save states are done. When it's encountered in a wild, it appears as a trainer instead. This was proven in the video as well with $C1. It's pretty much impossible to get an accurate picture from it. Although, the differ doesn't occur in VBA, but that's to be expected on a non-accarute emulator. Possibly due how it does the corruption, when those sprites finally appear, most of the time it likes to cause the low-pitched channel of Hitmonchan's cry over its usual one, but sometimes it will play the usual cry afterwards anyway.

Finally, $F5's backsprite is constant, but it always messes up the current music which likely touched the sound bank values as well. The short glitch music before it finally comes out is always the same with sometimes a different start though.

And there you have it. I don't know how useful this information will be, but I'm glad I figured it out and solved my objective. However, I don't think there's a way with glitches to freeze addresses like that in-game. I don't think 8F can perform an action that makes the values stay fixed, but I could be wrong.

Thank you.
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