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General Discussion / Quarter century anniversary
« on: December 06, 2018, 01:30:59 am »
I'm 25 today.

So far I acquired:
* One (1) large tub of sweets
* One (1) copy of "Dark Souls Remastered" for the Nintendo Switch.
* One (1) £20 note [UK currency]
* One (1) Spiderman poster

You may make with the generic birthday greetings and gifts when ready.

Edit: The rest of my gifts were:

* One (1) gift basket from work containing a mixture of chocolate and other sweet products
* One (1) scratch on my leg from the cat slipping off my lap when it miscalculated a landing
* One (1) cake [consumed AT work]
* Several birthday cards
Art / The Yenatech Art Showcase
« on: December 03, 2018, 01:13:26 pm »
Not much exciting to report here, except that I'm going to be using this place to show off some of my arty drawing stuff. Stay tuned for some pictures soon. I can use this as an excuse to get back into spritework, and therefore back into proper activity levels.

GSC twins, B/W color revamp

HGSS Brock, FRLG colors

In time, there will be more. this is all I got so far.
Introductions / You might not remember me but I used to be a regular
« on: December 02, 2018, 10:09:37 am »
Greetings, Glitch City.
I've actually been here a long time ago, originally signed up way back in 2008, but I stopped logging in or even visiting.

I got many reasons for this.

1) I acquired a head injury some time ago which actually caused me a few issues with memory. I don't remember anything actually about that day itself, however, and it really bugs me about that.

2) Although my account name "Jolteon" exists, any attempt to log in has given me an error saying the username does not exist.

3) I haven't been as interested in glitch research as I used to be, my interests have shifted to things like MUGEN, the furry fandom, PC gaming, fanfiction and rom hacks. However I am still a fan of RP and art stuff.

4) I was actually a little embarrassed to appear here. I recall having friends here, but I can't actually remember who they were, and I'm worried that I [or they] have changed so much that one party or the other would be totally unrecognizable anymore regardless.

5) The site has changed A LOT since I last remember being here.
Anyway... long absence aside, I hope I can be reintroduced to the community and I'll TRY to reintegrate myself into the population here.
I'm not a huge user of forums anymore, however, and prefer personal messaging for communications.
One more thing: December 6th is my quarter-century of existence. In other words, I'll be turning 25.
And finally, please try to be patient with me.
If I don't seem to remember you, we should probably start talking again and get to know each other like things probably were before.
I won't bite unless given reason to.
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