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The Dumpster Out Back / Two amusing ideas, anyone down to try?
« on: May 19, 2020, 08:08:15 am »
(Sorry if this is in the wrong place)

So, I've had a bit of an amusing idea for this community. How about a race/challenge?

But here's the catch, your game will gradually begin killing itself. In other words, without using glitches to INSTANTLY beat the game (but you can use them to cheat), can you make it through Crystal_'s Blue or Gold, random memory corruption patches?

These will randomly corrupt the WRAM every 7 seconds, or so (I have them set to the slowest corruption possible).

You will probably need to save state like crazy.

The only requirements for this are:

1) Record your gameplay in VBA or some other emulator.
2) No using glitches to instantly teleport you to the end of the game, in other words, you should actually play the dang thing.
3) No HACKS or CHEATS that allow you to bypass the majority of the game. You are free to use glitches, hacks, codes/cheats that allow you to skip battles, but not instantly win them.
4) You cannot use saves/save states to undo a corruption, only to undo the game freezing or becoming unplayable.

I've been attempting this with Pokemon Blue for almost an hour, made it to Lavender, before saving was no longer an option, as it started to save the corruptions, which made Lavender impassable. Got stuck with just 1 Pokemon that had 1HP which would blackout the moment I move and send me back to the title screen.
I'm kind of curious, when you play the Pokemon games, what Pokemon do you prefer to be on your team?

(Obviously, you are limited to the Pokemon naturally found in the game and you are limited to the standard 6)

Additionally, do you edit your team to win, or do you stick with those you prefer?

Gengar | Hitmonchan | Alakazam | Lapras | Persian | Pidgeot

Espeon | Miltank | Tyranitar | Scizor | Ampharos | Azumarill

Gardevoir | Blaziken | Sableye | Delcatty | Aggron | Absol

Luxray | Lopunny | Purugly | Lucario | Weavile | Rhyperior

Liepard | Braviary | Lilligant | Zoroark | Haxorus | Bisharp

Pyroar | Gogoat | Pangoro | Meowstic | Noivern | Aurorus

Incineroar | Tsareena | Mimikyu | Dhelmise | Lurantis | Solgaleo

As for Gen 8, I haven't decided yet. But overall, every generation, I avoid using anything from a prior, and I try my best to avoid godly Pokémon.

Personally, I play to have the Pokémon I like, not the team that is the most powerful or broken or overused by everyone else.
Emulation & ROM Hacking / Your Experience With Bootlegs
« on: March 28, 2019, 08:50:26 am »
I'm kind of curious, what has been your experience with the bootleg Pokémon games? For me personally, I managed to beat the Pokémon Yellow bootleg (of course, after the game was patched to not be ridiculously hard, the English thing didn't matter, as I fully remember where to go and what to do).

I have dabbled here and there in the rest of them, but haven't beaten any of the others yet. How about all of you? Any of you played the bootlegs or want to?

(Cause if ya want to, I have a pack full of them, and by bootlegs, I don't mean the Pokémon bootlegs that are actually platformers like Sonic or Mario)

Courtesy of a person named NRS (NewRisingSun), I have every single version of the bootleg Pokémon games that actually play like Pokémon. So right now, aside from playing my stockpile of GB/GBC hacks and messing around with glitches, just kind of exploring that bootleg realm.
Did ya know... someone took the time to export a whole collection of glitch cries and sounds from glitches created in the game?

Here ya go
Emulation & ROM Hacking / RNG Plays Pokemon
« on: March 24, 2019, 10:18:30 pm »
So, courtesy of Crystal_, I have a version of RNG Plays Pokemon as a ROM hack of Pokemon Crystal. This was given to me about a year ago, problem is, it seems to only function with the help of the Gameshark code someone named Obskyr made for me.

That said, is there a way to re-create this "hack" for all the other Pokemon GB and GBC games (Red/Blue, Yellow, Gold/Silver)? Just kind of curious, cause there are ASM codes and everything on Crystal_'s YouTube, but since I'm stuck on Android, can't seem to recreate the ASM via hex editing.

I thought that if such was possible for Pokemon Crystal, then there should be an equally similar way to re-create this for the other games as well. If y'all want, I can provide the ROM (or an XDelta patch) and the code used to make it work, and maybe someone who has far more experience than I do can figure out a way to create patches of this code/RNG hack for the others.

I've already spent almost 3 weeks trying to figure this out purely in hex editing, but I can't seem to find how to make the gameshark code or the ASM memory hack of "change C2C7 to 0xFF" as a hex edit.

Ya know, I thought it wouldn't be as complicating to understand, but apparently either I'm a moron or it is literally impossible to hardcode RNG playing Pokemon without the use of a bot or gameshark code to activate it.
Emulation & ROM Hacking / Hex Editing Questions
« on: March 24, 2019, 09:04:02 am »
So, since I am limited to being on mobile, I just want a general idea of what the highest level of hacking can be done using just a hex editor.

Like, are there specific hex triggers or number/letter sets to look for that outline various aspects of these games, such as specific sections that outline just the Pokedex, or Trainer Pokemon, etc?

Just kind of curious what I can do to contribute to the hacking community with the limited resources I have. I mean, I already can contribute GBC music just fine, but I want to be able to add more, such as knowing how to hardcore nuzlocke into these games or enforcing specific moves to be used or making the games play themselves or something.

Like I get it, ASM is clearly the way to go and by far beyond superior to hex hacking, but I do feel that there has to be some use for deeper hex editing.
So, over the years, lots of folks have made a pretty massive amount of patches for these older Pokemon games (R/B/Y + G/S/C). Unfortunately though, a lot of files also seem to missing entirely, even with digging through Wayback Machine.

Specifically, Sanqui used to be on a forum that had a section of "mini-hacks", smaller hacks that did things such as Spinner Hell, EXPless, etc.

Kind of curious if anyone has a backup of these files that Sanqui used to host before his site went down for good.

Additionally, I'm also (more interested in) looking for patches or codes that do the following:

1) Make games play themselves, i.e. AI controlled. Currently I have an AI version of Pokemon Crystal, but would also like random button presses AI for Red/Blue, Gold/Silver, and Yellow.

2) Secondly, I have been tampering with some of Crystal_'s Hyper Corruption and Random Memory Corruption hex edits and was wondering if these also were switchable. Like for example, can I use the Random Memory Corruption hex hack for Gold on Crystal and get the same effect? If not, are the any patches or hex versions for Crystal and Yellow, I already have Random Memory Corruption versions of Red/Blue + Gold/Silver.

3) And finally, has anyone also created any of the following above for Spaceworld Gold/Silver? I would love to see some random memory corruption and AI controlled versions of those.

Yes, I am aware of things like Real-Time Corruptor and such, but I also don't own a computer, so if there are hex code versions of this, then I would be willing to hex all of this out one by one.

Much appreciated.

NOTE: Recovered most of the mini-hacks thread by Sanqui, still missing all the ones hosted on his down website.
Pokémon Glitch Discussion / Glitch Codes?
« on: March 21, 2019, 09:33:40 pm »
Just curious if there is a list or section on here specifically pertaining to codes that cause glitches or allow you to glitch suddenly.
Pokémon Glitch Discussion / Testing Crystal_'s Corruptions
« on: March 21, 2019, 10:09:06 am »
So, I saw Crystal_'s videos on Hyper Corruption and Random Memory Corruption, and well, it got me thinking... maybe I should catalog or keep track of different outcomes.

So with that said, here's what I have so far for Hyper Corruption: Pokemon Yellow, after I finish this, I will try it for Crystal, Gold, Silver, Blue, Red, and Spaceworld (if I can find a Spaceworld version or modify the gold/silver version to work)

(NOTE: All of this was done (and is being done) on my phone using a simple hex editor and on the emulator My OldBoy.)

Hyper Corruption Yellow

NOTE: This corruption process can also be done with 0040 being corrupted, followed by C3 E5 1D to enforce the boot sequence on some emulators that didn't allow for 0041 to be corrupted. The corruption findings below are the exact same if you corrupt 0040 with the numbers instead of 0041, if of course after the code change is followed by C3 E5 1D to boot the game.

0041=?? (random combinations = random results)

This is to keep track of every outcome that happens when you corrupt a certain vector.

0041=00 (no noticeable corruption during Pikachu catch and Gary battle)

0041=01/03/06/08/10/21/36/38/48 (permanent white screen, nothing loads)

0041=02 (game crashes when you click NEW GAME)

0041=04 (standard creepy glitched pikachu, eventually autoloads into a flashing black & red full screen Oak, then locks the moment he talks)

0041=05 (loads into immediately creepy glitched pikachu, if you don't click NEW GAME fast enough, it restarts itself (and still resets itself even if you click it), 2nd time you click NEW GAME it loads to a glitchy Oak and locks)

0041=07 (loads normally, crashes if you don't click NEW GAME fast enough, crashes when Oak speaks)

0041=09 (fast scrolling POKÉMON title text that eventually slows down into just pikachu eyes and text, followed by weird noises and a split second menu chance, which crashes anyways)

0041=11/16/31/51/54/55/56/57/76 (permanent black screen)

0041=12 (mostly normal title screen, loads into glitchy sprites, then generates a game where you constantly black out after 1 step, yet have a clickable invisble Pokémon that plays music when moveset is viewed)

0041=13/29/58/61/69 (loads into endless scrolling POKÉMON text)

0041=14 (upwards scrolling text, followed by glitched pikachu eyes, and then crashes when Oak talks)

0041=15 (same as 0041=14, minus the scrolling text)

0041=17 (loads normally, crashes when Oak talks)

0041=18/20/26/28/30/33 (instant crash)

0041=19 (loads into scrolling text, followed by longer speaking Pikachu, clicking NEW GAME loads up a glitchy and oddly colored Oak, then freezes to noise)

0041=22 (erases the GameFreak© then freezes to white screen)

0041=23 (same as 0041=19, but has a different pikachu voice, and instead of freezing to noise, it crashes)

0041=24 (combination of 0041=19 with Pikachu, then 0041=23 with Pikachu again, then repeats 0041=04 with Oak and then crashes)

0041=25 (longer scrolling text, then glitchy pikachu, then longer pikachu cry, followed by an automated instant trade of a glitch pokemon with a trainer named NINTEN whom then trades that same pokemon back, where it then loads into a permanent waiting screen)

0041=27 (loads normally, then autoloads into noise, then crashes eventually)

0041=32 (same as 0041=23 but with erasing Creatures Inc© and Nintendo©)

0041=34/71 (starts with glitchy © next to GameFreak but then freezes to a white screen)

0041=35 (removes © next to GameFreak, makes the pikachu animation glitchy, removes pikachu's eyes on title screen (if you skip the animation), removes text box borders and all sprites, goes F-ing nuts with pokemon cries and sounds, randomly autoclicks in text boxes, screws up the music, eventually loads into a glitched world if you click through it, if you don't, it plays creepy sounds constantly, its F-ing eerie)

0041=37 (with the exception of a glitchy trainer card, everything loads normally, however, it crashes when Professor Oak talks to you)

0041=39 (immediately loads into glitch pikachu after skipping animation, loads up a glitchy Oak, if you click buttons and wait long enough, it then plays a bunch of noises before crashing)

0041=40/49/52/64 (loads normally and seems to have no glitches at all)

0041=41/42/43/44/46/47 (loads into glitchy pikachu, crashes when NEW GAME is selected)

0041=45 (crashes at title screen)

0041=50 (loads to glitch pikachu, NEW GAME loads to glitchy professor, stays like that permanently)

0041=53 (longer than usual black screen, loads into pikachu, then crashes when talking to Oak)

0041=60 (loads normally, then into static noise, pikchu has a long cry again, crashes when Oak talks)

0041=62 (loads normally, kills pikachu's cry, crashes when talking to Oak)

0041=63 (loads into scrolling text, then crappy pikachu, followed by black & red screen crap again, then crashes)

0041=64 (loads into upward scrolling text, crappy pikachu as usual, but kills the cry, and crashes when glitchy Oak talks)

0041=66 (loads normally, kills pikachu's cry, crashes when clicking NEW GAME)

0041=67 (same as 0041=04, but with two seperate pikachu cries, followed by red & black screen, then game crashes)

0041=68 (same as 0041=67, but everything is yellow now)

0041=70/73/77 (same as 0041=35, but instead goes to a white screen permanently)

0041=72 (completely glitches out and sometimes removes animation sequence, creates glitchy eyeless pikachu title screen, screws up the menu pointer, loads into standard Oak intro, but with everything glitchy, gets to the Pikachu cry and suddenly goes insane like 0041=35, eventually loads the overworld, where it looks like s**t and the scrolling is F-ed up (and makes your sprite invisible) and the PC box begins playing that creepy sound s**t when you grab the potion)

0041=74 (same as 0041=35 except it glitches out the animation sequence, messed up the GameFreak logo, gives pikachu 4+ eyes below him, but this time, never gets past the pikachu cry part and plays endless amounts of creepy sounds)

0041=75 (same as 0041=34, but changes the © next to GameFreak into a diamond shaped glitched Pokéball)

0041=78 (loads normally, but when you go to select NEW GAME, it autoclicks back to the title screen, the 2nd time you select NEW GAME, it loads into a massive fully glitched screen and then crashes, overall, it crashes immediately when talking to Oak)

0041=79/80/85/86/87/88/90/94/97 (loads normally, crashes when NEW GAME menu opens)

0041=81/89 (loads normally, when you talk to Oak, it spams the text box with 9s and stays there permanently)

0041=82 (loads normally, minor glitch on Oak, crashes at Pikachu)

0041=83 (loads normally, runs the CUT move in the Oak intro, repeats it twice, then crashes)

0041=84 (loads normally, but loops back to title screen unless you click NEW GAME fast enough, which then crashes it after Oak says "Hel.")

0041=91 (loads normally, but then loads into glitchy door Oak, and crashes as soon as he speaks)

0041=92/93 (same as 0041=82, but crashes after Oak speaks a little)

0041=95 (same as 0041=07, but crashes when you open the NEW GAME, and also crashes on the 2nd attempt at opening it if you don't click fast enough the first time)

0041=96 (loads normally, messes with text in new game box by replacing it with tiles, it then loads up the Oak Stops You From Leaving Pallet Town sequence music and text box, and then crashes)

0041=98 (loads normally, as soon as you open the MENU for NEW GAME, it auto clicks into it, from there, it
does one more autoclick through the text before crashing)

0041=99 (loads up normally, but then NEW GAME loads up some kind of tile generator (sometimes) before eventually crashing or a small piece of Oak dialogue before crashing)


(Tested on 0040 at the time)

0040=0A (boots into a double load sequence, then crashes/freezes)

0040=0B/0C/0D/4A/4B/4C/4D/3E/4E (immediate white screen)

0040=0E/3B/1E (immediate freeze/crash)

0040=0F/7B/3C/7C (loads to menu, then crashes/freezes)

0040=1A (same as 0A, except it glitches out, then freezes to a weird tile pattern)

0040=2A/3A (makes the POKEMON text scroll for a while, then screws up Pikachu's sprite, then plays a Pikachu sound, then glitches, then becomes the tile pattern or freezes/crashes)

0040=5A/6B/1C/2C/5C/6C/5D/5E/6E (endlessly scrolling POKEMON text on title screen)

0040=6A (same usual title screen glitching, then loads to a glitchy all yellow monochrome-esque Professor Oak, freezes for a while, and then loads to some broken tile logo-esque crap that plays music if you press buttons)

0040=7A/8C/9C/3D/7E/8E/9E (loads normally, crashes/freezes at main menu)

0040=8A/9A/8B (slightly improved version of 7A, except it crashes/freezes when talking to a glitchy Professor Oak)

0040=1B/1D (glitchy Pikachu title screen, loads into glitchy Professor Oak, crashes during his speech)

0040=2B/2D (same glitchy title screen, eventually breaks sequence and loads to a color Hell glitchy introduction, and eventually loads into a glitchy world, crashes/freezes when Oak goes to capture Pikachu)

0040=5B/6D (made it all the way to Viridian Forest, no glitches encountered so far)

0040=9B/8D/9D (loads normally, then glitches out and freezes before talking to Oak)

0040=7D/9F (loads normally, then when you get to the menu, it auto clicks into a glitchy mess before freezing/crashing)

0040=2E (loads into a normal white screen, then half of a white screen, then crashes)


0040=AA/AB (loads normally, then into glitchy Oak, then crashes when he speaks)

0040=BA/BB (loads normally, randomly glitches during Oak speech, randomly restarts during speech and gameplay)

0040=CA/DA/EA/FA/CB/CC/DC (loads to a white screen)

0040=DB/EB/FB/EC/FC (loads normally, nothing weird happened all the way to Viridian Forest, no glitches so far)

TO BE CONTINUED... (Will add pics later, maybe)
Forum Discussion / Page Packages
« on: March 21, 2019, 09:45:23 am »
There should be an upload or way to download packs of the pages in PDF form or something. It would be nice to be able to download all the Gen 1 and Gen 2 pages so I can read and test them offline.
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