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Site Announcements / SEE YOU SPACE COWBOY...
« on: July 12, 2020, 09:25:08 am »
In an effort to preserve the sixteen years of clean room research on GCL following the source code leaks of the first four generations of Pokémon games, we will be reverting the wiki to March 31st on the affected articles. Additionally, the wiki will then be completely locked, archived, and exported to a format that is easily importable to a fresh Mediawiki installation. Two weeks after the archival of the wiki, the forums will also be locked and archived. On July 31st, the current Discord will remain open, however the current on-topic channels will be archived, the purpose of the discord as a glitch research area effectively derailed, and the ownership handed off to someone we will not disclose until that time.

The goal of this process is to allow a new community to form in GCL's place. Our Discord and the site splash page will act as a redirect to any community that forms.

Since the source codes were leaked, it became apparent that, being as open as GCL is, any new contributions to the first four generations Pokémon games, and to an extent generation five, would always carry a risk that the contributor would be providing tainted data by reading from the source code themselves. Rather than accepting this fact, allowing this data to intermingle with our research from the last sixteen years, it was decided to pass along our work to any community willing to continue it with the knowledge that any further contributions would always come from dubious origins. Anyone who wants to form that community as a replacement to GCL has the right to do so.  We are offering our data as a base to build upon in this new era, one which GCL will not be a part of.

This is the end of operations of Glitch City's Laboratories, however this is the beginning of the greater Glitch City Metropolis.
Another set of discord users

Pokémon Discussion / MOVED: Project GStart
« on: July 20, 2016, 01:42:54 am »
The Dumpster Out Back / Most useful/helpful/knowledgeable user
« on: July 20, 2016, 01:40:27 am »
Sorry, the website was acting slow and decided to delete the topic twice and permanently remove it.  The reason for trashing is the topic as Bert had pointed out, it was basically a popularity contestand, a lot of users were omitted, and the popularity contest aspect was the exact reason Karma was removed from this forum. 
Forum Discussion / Colored Member Links are back
« on: March 08, 2016, 11:23:03 pm »

(P.S. Youtube Embed is also updated and fixed along with SMF being updated to 2.0.11)
This glitch involves starting a new game and then walking into the grass on route 1 to trigger the normal lab sequence where you choose your pokemon.

Instead of choosing your Pokémon, hold Down while repeated pressing B to ignore Prof. Oak's attempts to prevent you from leaving.  Eventually, you will start to notice sprites of the aides and back wall flyers will take slightly longer to load.  Keep holding down while pressing B and eventually you, one of the pokedexes on the table, a ball or two off the table, and possibly your rival will disappear depending on which side of the exit you tried leaving.  You won't be able to move and instead will hear the running into a wall sound.

To return the game back to normal, press start and the map will glitch out.  Exiting the start menu will return the game back to normal.


Without save abuse or save editing, I don't think this glitch has any use.  Maybe someone can tinker with it via item over/underflow manipulation and escape Prof. Oak and Pallet Town without a Pokémon.

EDIT: This glitch does not work in Yellow.
Precursor Thread:

Rundown:  MissingNoGuy55 and I are going to be completing a run-through of Pokemon R/B/Y where we cannot fight (not even lose to) a single Team Rocket member.  We are doing this without gameshark and without glitch items, and without arbitrary code execution.

The main obstacle is obtaining HM01 or getting a .4 so we can teach it cut at level 61 BEFORE we exit Mt Moon.  This allows us to cut down the tree in Cerulean, skipping both the nugget bridge Rocket, and the backyard Cerulean Rocket.

We'll be posting videos/screenshots as we go explaining our progress.
Wiki Discussion / I cut the sidebar down to size
« on: March 07, 2016, 05:53:23 am »
The Dumpster Out Back / Re: Krys3000
« on: September 18, 2015, 07:59:44 am »
Edit: Wrong Board
Forum Announcements / Pokémon Glitch Discussion Stickies
« on: April 10, 2015, 11:03:16 am »
After seeing the current state of Pokémon Glitch Discussion and the massive wall of stickied topics on the first page, they have been moved into their own child board for cleanup.

Normally, stickied topics would be unstickied after they've outlived their relevance, but most of the sticky topics are either umbrella topics about general glitches in a game or about ground breaking work.  One example is the arbitrary code execution using the Coin Case in G/S.

Normal Members, Member+, Oldbie, etc. will not be able to make new topics in this board, however groups such as Distinguished Member, Veteran Contributor, Wiki Contributor, and higher will be able to.

If a topic that is created is found to be better fit in the main Pokémon Glitch Discussion board, it will be moved there.
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