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Is there a way to print a 0x50 sub-tile on the screen that stays after opening the menu? Alternatively, are there ways to bypass the need of a 0x50 sub-tile on the screen altogether? (e.g. data past the screen buffer?)

If possible, via 9F (RB)/-g m (Y), etc. to save the screen, this could allow for many more LG/CoolTrainer results, without Rival LOL glitch.

By extension; is there a way to print other sub-tiles (e.g. 0x00) that are normally impossible with text bytes due to loading control characters instead?

Not looking for:

*Arbitrary code execution methods: As you can do most things with these, and it would disqualify for a lot of potential speedrun categories.
*RAM Glitch Cities: As you could redirect the game's tileblock pointer (D35E/D35D in RB or D35D/D35E in Y) to say stored items in which you could have your own data (including the necessary 0x50 sub-tile), and access all species outputs supported by tile blocks/glitch tile blocks, without having to find the locations or Glitch Cities from wrong warping (D365/D364 method or maybe the warps structure later in the expanded inventory) yourself. ✿
Arbitrary Code Execution Discussion / Where to get started
« on: April 25, 2019, 11:52:39 am »
When I was originally first trying to make ACE codes, the following links helped.

You can start with simple instructions like

Code: [Select]
ld a, 15
ld [$d059] ,a
(3E 15 EA 59 D0 C9) to encounter Mew, and other 'RAM write' codes and modify them. The tables linked also tell you what a byte / opcode / operand maps to which item / quantity. In Yellow, a lot of addresses are shifted by 1, so in that example you would use ld [$d058], a instead for Yellow Mew.

If you use BGB's debugger, you can compile opcodes without doing it by hand, and see their byte representation. (right-click the screen, Other -> Debugger, use Ctrl+G to reach destinations quickly)
You can also set a breakpoint (double-click a location in the code panel, or use F2) at address $D322 (which corresponds to item 3's ID), or wherever your bootstrap code is, to see how it affects the registers and the memory. The step into (F7) and step over (F3) commands allow stepping through the execution one line at a time.

The game will keep running fine if you alter the value of all registers except sp, so feel free to use "padding" instructions such as "inc b" (maps to a Poké Ball) to make your code easier to set up and avoid rare/glitch items.

Later you can start reading the document ISSOtm posted for things like calling other addresses and setting conditions in your code. For example, when you want to call other functions, you can use the "call" instruction with the pointer (based on above memory map link) of your choice. Some functions in the ROM can be found here and require certain conditions. One of the most common, the bank switch (located at address $35d6) requires b and hl to be set to a specific value (which you can do with "ld b, xx" etc.), then when you use call 35d6 the address at b:hl is executed.

Hope this helps. ^_^ ✿

(EDIT by ISSOtm: fixed and clarified wording, changed resource links.)
Generation II Glitch Discussion / Glitch cry bases
« on: April 23, 2019, 10:38:51 pm »

1. Play English Pokémon Crystal
2. Choose Chikorita
3. Enter XXB-119-2AE XXB-129-E6A where XX on the first code is above 0x43 (or you can use real IDs below 0x44 (first code) and equal to 0x00 (second code) for a safer genetically modified, Chikorita)
4. Listen to Chikorita's cry
5. ????

(Modifies 3C:6B11 and 6B12 or offsets 0xF2B11 and 0xF2B12)

Here are the first ten:

I haven't got codes for English Gold/Silver yet but may make them soon. :)

I'm wondering, if anyone knows if you can access that unused cry base the incorrect way this way please? (or any method of playing it for that matter). Do we also know where it is in Generation I? Not sure where it is on the disassembly. Thanks. ✿

Edit: After a little bit of research, found this at $E91B0:

3C 7D 74 3C 86 74 3C 8F 74 3C 98 74 3C A1 74 3C AA 74 3C B3 74 3C BC 74 3C C5 74 3C CE 74 3C D7 74 3C E0 74 3C E9 74 3C F2 74 3C FB 74 3C 04 75 3C 0D 75 3C 16 75 3C 1F 75 3C 28 75 3C 31 75 3C 3A 75 3C 43 75 3C 4C 75 3C 55 75 3C 5E 75 3C 67 75 3C 70 75 3C 79 75 3C 82 75 3C 8B 75 3C 94 75 3C 9D 75 3C A6 75 3C AF 75 3C B8 75 3C C1 75 3C CA 75 3C 81 6D 3C 96 6D 3C 8A 6D 3C DE 6D 3C 9F 6D 3C C0 6D 3C 90 6D 3C A8 6D 3C B1 6D 3C B7 6D 3C C6 6D 3C CF 6D 3C 35 6E 3C D8 6D 3C 3E 6E 3C E7 6D 3C ED 6D 3C 6B 6E 3C F6 6D 3C 74 6E 3C 08 6E 3C 11 6E 3C 1A 6E 3C 23 6E 3C 2C 6E 3C 62 6E 3C 47 6E 3C 50 6E 3C 59 6E 3C FF 6D

Seems to be the pointer table to the base cry data, which goes:

3C:747D Cry_Nidoran_M
3C:7486 Cry_Nidoran_F
3C:748F Cry_Slowpoke
3C:7498 Cry_Kangaskhan
3C:74A1 Cry_Charmander
3C:74AA Cry_Grimer
3C:74B3 Cry_Voltorb
3C:74BC Cry_Muk
3C:74C5 Cry_Oddish
3C:74CE Cry_Raichu
3C:74D7 Cry_Nidoqueen
3C:74E0 Cry_Diglett
3C:74E9 Cry_Seel
3C:74F2 Cry_Drowzee
3C:74FB Cry_Pidgey
3C:7504 Cry_Bulbasaur
3C:750D Cry_Spearow
3C:7516 Cry_Rhydon
3C:751F Cry_Golem
3C:7528 Cry_Blastoise
3C:7531 Cry_Pidgeotto
3C:753A Cry_Weedle
3C:7543 Cry_Caterpie
3C:754C Cry_Ekans
3C:7555 Cry_Fearow
3C:755E Cry_Clefairy
3C:7567 Cry_Venonat
3C:7570 Cry_Lapras
3C:7579 Cry_Metapod
3C:7582 Cry_Squirtle
3C:758B Cry_Paras
3C:7594 Cry_Growlithe
3C:759D Cry_Krabby
3C:75A6 Cry_Psyduck
3C:75AF Cry_Rattata
3C:75B8 Cry_Vileplume
3C:75C1 Cry_Vulpix
3C:75CA Cry_Weepinbell
3C:6D81 Cry_Marill
3C:6D96 Cry_Spinarak
3C:6D8A Cry_Togepi
3C:6DDE Cry_Girafarig
3C:6D9F Cry_Raikou
3C:6DC0 Cry_Mareep
3C:6D90 Cry_Togetic
3C:6DA8 Cry_Hoothoot
3C:6DB1 Cry_Sentret
3C:6DB7 Cry_Slowking
3C:6DC6 Cry_Cyndaquil
3C:6DCF Cry_Chikorita
3C:6E35 Cry_Totodile
3C:6DD8 Cry_Gligar
3C:6E3E Cry_Cleffa
3C:6DE7 Cry_Slugma
3C:6DED Cry_Ledyba
3C:6E6B Cry_Entei
3C:6DF6 Cry_Wooper
3C:6E74 Cry_Mantine
3C:6E08 Cry_Typhlosion
3C:6E11 Cry_Natu
3C:6E1A Cry_Teddiursa
3C:6E23 Cry_Sunflora
3C:6E2C Cry_Ampharos
3C:6E62 Cry_Magcargo
3C:6E47 Cry_Pichu
3C:6E50 Cry_Aipom
3C:6E59 Cry_Dunsparce
3C:6DFF Cry_Donphan

So it seems like now with Game Genie, we can recreate that unused cry base at 3C:75D3 or even make our own custom cries, by modifying one of the existing cry base pointers either to ROM or RAM (arbitrary cry). Neat. ^^ But how would we simulate that with ACE with the cry data in SRAM?

Edit: I found out how to play that cry with Game Genie codes for EN Crystal, replacing Marill's cry and posted it on TCRF and YouTube:

XXB-D09-E6E (upper length value)
XXB-CF9-6EA (lower length value)
XXB-CE9-E6E (echo value)
XXB-CD9-806 (pitch value)
Thanks to Metarkrai, TheZZAZZGlitch and others, we have documented that Pokémon Emerald arbitrary code execution exists and is viable, however, these methods may be subject to Dynamic Memory Allocation (DMA) and may take a lot of patience to succeed.

When I checked the memory of Pokémon Ruby however, it seemed that DMA was not present (at least at certain regions of the memory), hence in theory; an ACE executing glitch move will always give the same result, without the luck factor. Patience would still be needed to initially obtain the glitch Pokémon (or if there is not a way to transfer it, possibly the glitch Pokémon Egg) in Pokémon Emerald or FireRed/LeafGreen however, once traded, a non-DMA influenced ACE method could save much time in the future.

Pokémon Ruby ACE would also have an additional advantage, namely that the sound test in North American and Japanese Ruby (otherwise exclusive to Japanese Emerald) may be accessible in a reliable and persistent way.

However, I'm unsure whether this subject has been discussed in terms of putting it into practice before. What are our thoughts on this? ✿

Notes: In Pokémon Emerald, the glitch items that may be necessary for this can be duplicated; including access of glitched quantities (over 999?) with Pomeg glitch data corruption. I don't know whether this is possible in EN Pokémon Ruby and if there is a viable solution (at least as of now). I wonder whether we can use something else.
General Discussion / Cute animals thread (for depression)
« on: April 20, 2019, 01:12:21 pm »
In turns let's just post each other cute animals and stuff. :) ✿ (nothing more but just the occasional reaction maybe :P) Have fun! ^^

I feel more comfortable in my gender identity right now.

I'm also a feminist. I don't like it when some of us (in fact both men and counter-intuitively other women according to studies) may have a subconscious bias, for instance that the perception that 'women are worse at science', its far from true; for instance Marie Curie was a great notable figure in radiology. At the same time, (don't get me wrong) I relate with traditionally 'feminine' (but I feel the words should be changed, gentleness, faithfulness and compassion are not exclusive to women and I get the impression nature knows cases where the opposite can be true; in fact in female hyenas) characteristics and feel at home in my gender identity, while proud to be a scientist; but its like I also believe we are who we are. There are some people in philosophy who say 'essence' requires 'existence'. While that's not necessarily false, I believe it can lead to a covert sexism; for instance if I was born a 'male' even if I transition to physically look more like a traditional 'woman' then in my identity (not describer) I have a greater sense of womanhood; and if it was possible for someone to wave a magic wand to instantly have the physiological traits of a woman I'd do it.
(It should be available here: uploading has been going on for hours now and is at 63%, then there will be processing. Hopefully it does process.)

Update: 76%, so it's working! But due to unwise encoding the video is 18.3 GB. It is 2.5 hours long though.

This was inspired by Helix Chamber's work, who like Glitterberri's Game Translations and TCRF the pret Discord group are a great source on Pokémon development information.

I own three books produced by Game Freak staff (the former two via Yahoo Auctions Japan and the latter via eBay), "New Game Design" (1995) by Satoshi Tajiri himself with guests like Ken Sugimori, "A Man Who Created Pokémon" (cards cover, not Pulseman one unfortunately), and "Ken Sugimori Works" and wanted to get some of the information about them out online. My video will also briefly talk about some similarities between the Game Freak games, such as similar audio melodies, easter eggs, cameos (such as the Mario & Wario one in Red/Blue/Yellow) the game and general prerelease data, I also talk about how Satoru Iwata immensely helped with the series (as he did with EarthBound).

1. New Game Design (新ゲームデザイン: TVゲームのアイディアが見えてくる!) December 1995:

Very cool book published by Enix which makes me wish I was proficient in Japanese sometimes. Very text heavy with few images and no furigana.

Some other scans relevant to Pokémon:

The sprites on the front cover are actually from a real prerelease version of the games when they were known as Capsule Monsters, it has been confirmed from a prerelease version of the game (if you read on Helix Chamber, but the subject of that is a legal grey area; the sprites were seen from sheet overlay found by image manipulation during an NHK broadcast in Japan, and the other confirmation is illegal and part of an alleged leak that seems very likely true due to the nature of it and so I don't support reading about the leak (and the related Space World 1997 demo leak)).

Some things that were not mentioned before; if you wanted to read more about Satoshi Tajiri's fascination with arcade games in general and not just Pokémon this is the book for you. There are sections on Pokémon (which was yet to be released, and actually has one prerelease screenshot) and other Game Freak developed games, however it also covers things like Super Mario Bros., Tetris (including strategy and what seemed to be hypothetical configurations including five tetromino as well), and many other video games in general.

When you open the book, you also get like a fold-out page that is a listing of relevant games at the time from a variety of companies and organised by their genre. There are no pictures specific to the games on the pages though, and it just lists the game, genre, company, however the games are organised in like a tree diagram (with illustrations based on trees). Examples include; for instance, "VurtuaCop" by Sega, which is listed as a 3D shooting game, TwinBee is listed as a shooting game but not 3D, and then there are various race, action (including the iconic Sonic the Hedgehog, Donkey Kong), another genre from kanji I can't read (Virtua Fighter is included in it), sports, puzzle, board game and quiz games.

2. Satoshi Tajiri: A Man Who Created Pokémon (ポケモンをつくった男 田尻智) :

(The two cover editions I'm aware of, I own the Pokémon cards cover but the Pulseman one is fascinating to me:)

A very text heavy book like New Game Design about Satoshi Tajiri's experiences and personal accounts, with Ken Sugimori joining in at some point (in addition to other staff possibly). Many of the images were already scanned and copied to places online, such as GlitterBerri but among the ones not mentioned it seems you actually get to see some content from Game Freak's early hand-printed magazine vol.1 (1983) featuring (Taizo Hori, the protagonist from Dig Dug is it?) on the cover, basically an enlarged version of his Dig Dug sprite.

The text in the Game Freak magazine copy is too heavy with kanji I don't understand but there seems to be an image of an arcade cabinet, like a Galaga inspired comic frame they made where this lady says something like "It's called Galaga" (ギャラガによばれた) (possible mistranslation), there is also a listing of Taito arcade games including lesser known ones like "Gipsy Juggler"; and the popular Space Invanders, I only just realized the former may have inspired the Japanese name of the Juggler Trainer class (also "Gypsy Juggler"). Also we have a page called "Amusement News" which talks about the news surrounding arcade games like a best five list featuring Xevious, Pole Position, (something below in kanji appears), Time Pilot, and Galaga. It does seem Game Freak really loved Xevious, with sources saying "one magazine sold 10,000 copies about how to get a highscore in Xevious" (page 50 of this publication, according to Wikipedia and Time as a tertiary source. Additionally, the magazine seems to briefly discuss character design and some kind of card/gambling game (but not to do with Pokémon I gathered). There is also hardware information including a photo of a Namco (Namcot label) chip.

The book concludes with development specific Pokémon information. I'm unsure if the interviews are documented, but the concept art has already been for a long time (such as the 'hotel' and intro scenes, the shopkeeper who looks like "Plump" from Mendel Palace (of whom I don't know his North American name, it might just be "sumo"))). There is an interesting combination of some kinds featuring Satoshi Tajiri sitting down at a table with Pikachu and a Poké Ball on it facing an unidentified bear-like mascot wearing like a pom-pom hat and dinner bib (I don't think it was a Pokémon/Capumon) with red cheeks, and may have been a collaboration with a brand, character IP, or company.

3. Ken Sugimori Works (杉森建の仕事):

This book seems more documented and available to overseas buyers on the Internet. Some have said it's not worth it but I beg to differ. You can find a lot of rare artwork and concept art from Ken Sugimori here, like his Micro Review (MicroGroup Game Review?) illustration featuring 'what-if' Pokémon, which were used as a basis for Tyrannitar, Hitmontop and possibly Tirtouga from Generation V (which was documented before but you get to see it in a high resolution form in the book). There are also a series of "long interviews" in Japanese. I'm unsure if they have been documented before or not. In addition to the artwork you even get copies of manga from Mendel Palace and Jelly Boy. I'm unsure if these ever appeared in their own self-contained book or not, I think Japanese Wikipedia has details of where they were initially serialised.

Mendel Palce:

(Also copying this to some other Nintendo related forums in the hopes to spread it and the information gathered)

Also for reference, four other official Game Freak books include,


(Game Freak Asobi no Sekai Hyōjun o Nurikaeru Creative Shūdan)


; Satoshi Tajiri's:


(Pac Land de Tsukamaete)


ポケモンをつくった男 田尻智 (小学館版学習まんがスペシャル)

(Pokémon o Tsukutta Otoko Tajiri Satoshi)

This one is the same mentioned here I believe, and got popular in the community as it featured never seen before cut Pokémon like Crocky and Jag the shark Pokémon.


And this one, it was suggested by as a similar product. I don't know if it's related to Game Freak but it's about Gunpei Yokoi and may contain valuable information.

Edit: I think (7) may be from an author who doesn't work at Nintendo, so there may be mainly already published information in there from official representatives and other sources, and its recent rather than around Pokémon's inception. So I'm not sure if it would be as useful."

I'd love to try and cover these eventually in more videos if no one else has done it.

If you know anymore official Game Freak books would love to hear in a reply, as they aren't very well documented.
1. Perform the SRAM glitch
2. Swap Pokémon 9 with Pokémon 10 and then Pokémon 10 with Pokémon 11 to get the expanded inventory as usual, but with the bonus of not corrupting your Pokédex (thanks Krys3000!). Stand on the right exit mat of your house.
3. Swap Pokémon 187 with 178, wait a while and press A. You should now have 0 party Pokémon.
4. Move down to exit your house.

This was done with default names "YELLOW" and "BLUE" in Pokémon Yellow (I'm not sure if it works in Red/Blue). An unfortunate side effect of the glitch was that my name became "YEL(0x4B)OW" but there may be non-ACE workarounds, possibly from using a different name and/or another swap. Alternatively, one time I did this glitch the corruption of the name didn't occur, so there may be an element of luck here.

Also, Blue may become a Link Battle Trainer (although the game doesn't check for the Link Cable so you don't need one connected) but if you lose to his 3TrainerPoké you can proceed as normal. You may be able to avoid this entirely by saving and resetting.

This glitch (in terms of speed) obsoletes an old non-ACE method that involves catching any Pokémon to change the party counter to 49-51 and then depositing all party Pokémon into the PC, but it may be a little awkward finding Pokémon 187 for some (as the exact positions matter).

If you store stacks of x255 (or x0) items in the PC, you can probably fix your inventory to get Oak's Parcel by withdrawing the Potion you're given in the PC at the beginning of the game (changing item count from 255 to 0), and then use dry underflow glitch in the storage PC to get a x255 stack in the normal bag for event underflow glitch, after which you're left with the expanded inventory again.
In a nutshell:

Put these at item 3 and then setup an arbitrary code execution (ACE) method to run it, such a stored Pokémon bootstrap code for ws m or the placement of ThunderStone x211 at item 42 in the expanded item pack.

Awakening  x 58
Carbos     x78
X Accuracy x 121
X Attack   x 64
TM05       x132
Lemonade   x201

Connect your Game Boy Printer and then run your ACE (the order may matter; make sure your Game Boy Printer is connected before running the code). If everything goes to plan, there will be a short delay and the game will print out what was on the screen. :) You may want to print out a Pokédex entry the normal way (Pokédex>Print) to confirm your Game Boy Printer works first. This might also work on a Game Boy Printer emulator but I've yet to confirm.

(Could be optimised for better items. This exact setup was not used and there is a chance (as this changes the c register in addition to the b register) there may be complications, which I unfortunately can't test right now as my Game Boy Printer seems to be low on battery. Any further verifications would be much appreciated.)

Long explanation:

In EN Yellow, using a short arbitrary code execution program and a Game Boy Printer, it is possible to print out a copy of the screen. Not much work is required as this is already a function of 3A:4E79 (PrinterDebug), which is apparently unused.

The base code to do this is as such;

ld b,3A
ld hl,4E79
call 3e84

As always, you will need to adjust this so you can get items/whatever.

By using different entry points, you can print a wide range of things.

1. OAM DMA hijacking (unconfirmed)

Printing the overworld with your inventory open

1. Glitch item ACE  (confirmed)

Printing overworld states (no text boxes, no player movements active):

1. Map script ACE (e.g. via little endian D36D/D36E pointer) (confirmed)

Printing a wider range of overworld states:

1. CC57/8 ACE (unconfirmed)

Printing battle scenes:
1. ACE executing glitch moves (confirmed)
2. Using a glitch item in battle (confirmed)

Printing a scene during the Pikachu's Beach minigame:

1. Pikachu's Beach ACE (confirmed, aided with cheating device but non-cheating device method described in article may work too)

Here is one example of what it looks like on real hardware using glitch item ACE:


There will be a short delay before your Game Boy Printer works. Sometimes when you do this, numbers are printed on the screen. At a first glance, I'm unsure if this is part of the routine and/or is bugged but the answer could probably be found in the Pokémon Yellow disassembly.

If the map is a Glitch City, the game will print what it looks like as if the Start menu was open (if it is different when closed the game normally won't print that version).

Using more complex ACE, you could in theory put anything on the screen (within the limitations of the Game Boy Color hardware) you want and then print it.
Arbitrary Code Execution Discussion / Quantity only ACE
« on: April 09, 2019, 09:04:39 am »
The idea of only using quantities in Generation I ACE occurred to me last night. I'm not sure if it's been a thing before, but like box names; although these are harder to program they could be a lot easier to set up.

The only application I have so far is a simple RAM writer setup:

ld bc,xx??
ld hl,xx??
ld de,xx??
ld l,d
ld (hl),b

This maps as the following items:

(hex:00 item) x1
(any item you want) x(value e.g. 21; Mew)
(hex:00 item) x33
(any item you want) x(address byte 1; big endian e.g. 208)
(hex:00 item) x17
(any item you want) x(address byte 2; big endian e.g. 88)
(hex:00 item) x106
(hex:00 item) x112
(hex:00 item) x201

I know it took 9 items just to write to one RAM address, but counter-intuitively this may actually be more reliable as old methods need you to get specific items, while expanded PC items/bag gives you loads of hex:00 x 00 (which means x256) already.

Where you place these items depends on your bootstrap setup. For things like 4F, 8F we have usually made it at bag item 3. However, with this setup using your stored items as the destination is probably more ideal; we would just have to adjust the bootstrap pointer/party/etc. to the D53B+ region so that it maps to PC items.


I recently applied this for a fast method of obtaining the GF 22796 Mew (which if still possible, can be transferred to Pokémon Bank) in Yellow using the SRAM glitch and D36D-D36E (the map script) with Ether x213 as item 42 (you can get Ethers from your Rival name); mapping to D550 (PC item 13 quantity in Yellow, item 14 in Red/Blue).

This was combined with naming the player "GF" and a way of getting Burn Heal x0 (for the 0x0C byte in 0x580C (the representation of 22796 in hexadecimal)) as item 30 quantity and item 31 control your player ID. Using dry underflow glitch we can access the stored PC items. It only took about 10 minutes to get the Mew, but you need more time to fix everything else (i.e. bag and PC inventories, rival name, get rid of your last Q, get Pokédex).

Thoughts/any program for this like calling an address?

Edit: Answering my own question, one solution (but probably not the best) may be to just use the RAM writer five times to write below in the same item structure:

ld b,(00)
ld h,(00)
ld l,(00)
call item(00)  [little endian]

The parameters/instructions in brackets indicate what needs to be adjusted from a x0 quantity. Once this is done, the full routine would fill out.

e.g. the Yellow script for running Hall of Fame

ld b,$16
ld h,$64
ld l,$56
call $3e84

(Thanks Wack0!)

Once that is done, you could probably swap the items up to run them.

Edit 2: Just the only issue with that one is that ld b, is a Bicycle but you could still write x22 to it using the RAM writer (just it would require 6 uses instead of 5).
Forum Discussion / General management feedback
« on: April 02, 2019, 12:58:50 pm »
There have been recent changes to the admin team on this site. If there are any concerns or suggestions please feel free to contact one of the admin team.
Pokémon Discussion / What are your favourite types?
« on: April 02, 2019, 10:40:19 am »
What are your favourite Pokémon types? Mine? Fairy and Electric. :)
Generation II Glitch Discussion / GSC Stadium 2 question
« on: February 24, 2019, 02:59:41 pm »
As we know, resetting the game in Pokémon Stadium 2's GB Tower during the cloning glitch can create a bad clone. Specifically, you have to reset when the "saving" message appears at the bottom of the screen.

I noticed today while clearing my save data via GB Tower (with Up+Select+B sequence) that the same "saving" (or at least a similar one, I didn't pay close attention to fully confirm) message appeared at the bottom of the screen. So if you power off the game at this point, is it possible to create a playable but glitched save, and what would this do to the save file?
Which Pokémon generation(s) do you prefer most for glitching?

With me, Generation I. I have an affinity for the original generation glitches, as well as those in Generation II as they feel easy to start and derive more, often unusual things from them for me. However, I feel like later generations can result in bizarre results as well, like from Pomeg glitch in Generations III, IV; the void/out of bounds glitches in Generation IV.

With Generations V, VI/VII it feels there may not be as many powerful glitches, but some battle specific ones exist (e.g. Rollout storage glitch) and game-breaking ones like the Lumiose City save glitch.
Writing / Poems
« on: February 19, 2019, 10:15:18 am »
Make your own poems. :)

The wolf ever wishing she was loose. Hatred in her soul, she became a recluse. Little did she know love would come. Then she realized all was done.

"Wise Buddha what does it mean to be yourself?" The Buddha provides a completely white, blank piece of paper. "Here, write it!"
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