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Generation II Glitch Discussion / GSC Stadium 2 question
« on: February 24, 2019, 02:59:41 pm »
As we know, resetting the game in Pokémon Stadium 2's GB Tower during the cloning glitch can create a bad clone. Specifically, you have to reset when the "saving" message appears at the bottom of the screen.

I noticed today while clearing my save data via GB Tower (with Up+Select+B sequence) that the same "saving" (or at least a similar one, I didn't pay close attention to fully confirm) message appeared at the bottom of the screen. So if you power off the game at this point, is it possible to create a playable but glitched save, and what would this do to the save file?
Which Pokémon generation(s) do you prefer most for glitching?

With me, Generation I. I have an affinity for the original generation glitches, as well as those in Generation II as they feel easy to start and derive more, often unusual things from them for me. However, I feel like later generations can result in bizarre results as well, like from Pomeg glitch in Generations III, IV; the void/out of bounds glitches in Generation IV.

With Generations V, VI/VII it feels there may not be as many powerful glitches, but some battle specific ones exist (e.g. Rollout storage glitch) and game-breaking ones like the Lumiose City save glitch.
Writing / Poems
« on: February 19, 2019, 10:15:18 am »
Make your own poems. :)

The wolf ever wishing she was loose. Hatred in her soul, she became a recluse. Little did she know love would come. Then she realized all was done.

"Wise Buddha what does it mean to be yourself?" The Buddha provides a completely white, blank piece of paper. "Here, write it!"
Writing / Ideas about science
« on: February 16, 2019, 04:44:04 pm »
As someone is reported as saying:

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.

(not that balancing the two is not important, it may be wise to balance them)

So what ideas have you come up with? :)

1 (I will post more of these if drawn to doing so):

People are keen on the idea causation cannot be violated. However, ideas may come when the opposite is also a different perspective of the same thing. Example: 'time travel to the past does not make sense'; there are multiple solutions that could make it work, one of them that there are many universes and your consciousness (or material (in terms of 'light' and 'matter') form as well) simply enters a new universe and perhaps in that universe time too only travels forwqrd. Another interpretation is that you are 'tranced out' and the ego (as some believe) is just an illusion also that, probably I have a soft spot for, is how travelling near the speed of light distorts both time and space. It may not be that you don't succeed in the travel, but rather your memories and cognitive state are also transferred, hence something mysterious happens like becoming someone or something else/death/(add your idea here if you like)

2. If free will and determinism are equally correct. Take something you love the most like a tasty treat; in one sense your particles made you do it (chemicals and matter in the brain, etc.). In another narrative, 'nobody cares about that', your heart made you do it. Is the 'subjective' heart and 'vacuum' a synomyn? Take the saying '1 plus 1 is 3'. Well if it is 'true' maths is an 'infallible' maxim, this can't be, yet the heart imagines it anyway, and it is 'true' if an equation from the future (+1 again) or 'a friend joins in' applies. Yet we insist time and space are different ignoring some theoretical physics ideas. If vacuums can create matter it says something 'strange'; it's not just random perhaps, but can be analyzed in the future as these things may be integral to time itself (e.g. double slit experiment and wave particle duality might come into this).

It's also thought provoking string theory and quantum stuff may not be what we think of as science (true and set whether you believe it or not), but duality may solve that. Some mathematical equations do in fact have more than one solution if time is not considered possibly.

3. If consciousness and dogma is a type of matter (wave), no matter what; and our perception of nature (while not necessarily true maybe) is that all things change; and balance out, creating an understanding of the opposite (according to Tao culture and yin/yang) you can't for instance stay in one state of mind forever; what if you got hurt? Also pain may be needed for greater happiness in the distant (but not near) future, and the proverb 'pride precedes a fall', as much as we may want to be happy, some believe in that all highs precede a fall. This could explain the phenomenon of evolution, because at one point bacteria were 'weak', at a later point they devloped resistance, and recently antibiotic resistance.

4. If 'time' can be compared to 'memory' in cognition whatever form that may be, and if these are linked. Sometimes (thanks one of my favourite YouTubers Sharkee!) subjectively we experience time slower if in mortal danger. If you were dead you perhaps would remember nothing, however, could time be excluded? To stretch that further do you truly ever forget? Some near death experiences report a mutual understanding of all souls and extreme knowledge, and I wonder whether time no longer occurs if we're dead, it then doesn't necessarily mean we know nothing just have no recollection if we are reborn in whatever way.

Thanks: News Scientist and spiritual circles who I've read a lot from, despite how I personally think New Age Movements and religion can (but it depends) be 'dangerous'. Also my sociology teacher. But I'm in no way wise.
1) Set up ACE
2) Set up an ACE memory editor
3) Write the following routine at your access point


(This is a modified version of 3C:4000; that plays the first PCM audio at 2:A000 in SRAM)

4) Get a very short music file you want to use as your Pikachu cry (about 1 second long)

5) Use ffmpeg. According to bg321 and pigdevil2010 on Skeetendo, you'll likely need to downgrade your music file to 4-bit uncompressed PCM, 6000hz.

If not familiar, put ffmpeg in the same folder as your music file, open Notepad and write the following;

ffmpeg  -i "[original music filename with extension (e.g. .mp3) here]" -ac 1 -ar 6000 -acodec adpcm_ms [desired filename].wav

(The pause is optional and is in case there are any errors, otherwise the command prompt will exit automatically. Here there is a new line before pause. I'm unsure if it's needed.)

Save this file as crymaker.bat or anything .bat.

Then, run the .bat file (again it will need to be in the same directory as ffmpeg and your music file).

(Note: I wasn't sure exactly how to get the correct file format Game Freak used, but this works)

6) Your new .wav file will probably not work properly on some operating systems, but if everything went to plan it will work when you import it in the game. The file size of the wav file should be quite small. You will need to use a hex editor (such as HxD, it's free) to copy all the bytes after the "data" ANSI string (for my example this is at 0x98). Save this somewhere (e.g. Pastebin if you want)

7) Use ACE to write the following at 2:A000; 02 03 a0 (+two more bytes that represent the hexadecimal file size.  Use Windows Calculator to take away the end of the file offset and e.g. 0x98 on the hex editor, then add 1 to get the file size. Then swap the digits e.g. the Mario sound effect I used was 03 1C).

In order to write at 2:A000, if you are using BGB emulator, go into the debugger and double click on DA8C (which is just after opening the SRAM bank in your code), then activate ACE early and BGB should pause. Afterwards you can right click and select "go to...". Enter 2:A000, and select OK to jump there in the debugger. From there you should be able to write those bytes (where otherwise they would likely be unchangable FF bytes due to locked SRAM).

8) At 2:A005 paste the bytes from earlier. Usually, there should be just enough space in SRAM for this (SRAM is A000-BFFF or 8192 bytes). If not, get rid of unneeded groups of 00 bytes in the file and modify the file size in step 7 accordingly.

9) Save the game and reset. Now when you run your code, your custom cry should play! Enjoy :)


Currently the sound quality of custom cries through this method is still very bad. If you listen carefully through the noise though, you can hear "It's a me, Mario!" ✿

I have just added yellow mario.sav and gangnam mon.sav to my Google Sites.
24:445F (offset 0x9045F) is the start of the PhoneContacts.

These contain entries about the contacts that are 12 bytes long, beginning with caller 0x00 (no caller).

Here is a dump of the first two entries.

00 (no caller): 00 00 FF FF 00 2F A5 4E 00 2F A5 4E
01 (mom): 00 01 18 06 07 2F AA 4E 00 2F A5 4E

I haven't figured out what all the values do yet, but I found out bytes 6-8 in each entry seem to be a three byte pointer to a script controlling what happens when you ring the contact; so no caller's default behaviour is sourced from a script at 2F:4EA5 (giving unused phone text "Good morning." if forced. 2F:4EAA is mom's script.

Through extrapolation, you can find glitch contacts who have this pointer in RAM.

I made a quick data list below to find them.

One contact (0x6C) may not be out of the area (at least not always) and runs D2CD as a script when you call them. As this is in WRAM, we can change it with another ACE method (as ACE is the only way to get glitch contacts at present).

Note this uses one of the Generation II scripting codes documented on Tauwasser's  scripting compendium.

As an example, the following script will bring up an unused Goldenrod City Department Store 2F message with no issues.

4B 15 7C 5B 91

4B: Display text from three byte pointer (15:5B7C in this case).
91: Return code3

As these codes are based on the scripting language linked above, there is theoretically quite a lot you can do! It also explains the wild battle and credits triggers that are brought up by some glitch contacts. ✿
I found this on the Pokémon Gold disassembly when searching for "unused".

The second floor of the Goldenrod City Department Store includes these two unused texts:

; unused
   text "We intend to sell"
   line "items for #MON"
   cont "to hold."

   para "This is a free"
   line "gift. Have a #-"
   cont "MON hold it."

; unused
   text "Giving #MON"
   line "items to hold dur-"
   cont "ing battle could "
   cont "tip the scales in"
   cont "your favor."

I'm currently trying to find a way of displaying text with arbitrary code execution. The below codes work, but the last page of the message unfortunately gets cut off. Does anyone know of a better code?

ld a,57
ld hl,5c10
call 3404

ld a,57
ld hl,5c67
call 3404

Edit: Turns out these also appear in Crystal, and the second text was even changed slightly!

We intend to sell
items for POKéMON
to hold.

This is a free
gift. Have a POKé
MON hold it.

By giving POKéMON
items to hold, I

bet trainers will
develop new battle
Generation I Glitch Discussion / More information on GlitchDexJP/Y:217
« on: February 07, 2019, 03:14:46 pm »
First refer to:

▼たネ゙ゃヂ (v1.0 release)
▼たネ゙ゃヂ (v1.1+ releases)

These glitch Pokémon have the same index numbers, but curiously they have different families between v1.0 and v1.1+ releases of Japanese Yellow (v1.0 is a Nidoking (034) hybrid, v1.1+ is a Wigglytuff (040) hybrid).

It's known that different families result in different front stats, base stats, starting moves and various other attributes but I suddenly thought this may be a good way of documenting some Japanese Yellow revision differences (apart from the obscure boulder switch glitch).

Thanks to the English Pokémon Yellow disassembly, we can find at least the family list (Pokédex order) is at 10:50B1. Hence 0xD9 (there) should be at 10:50B1 + D8 = 5189. Forgetting about the Japanese version for a moment, we can use a SYM file to find data/code past 10:50B1 but before 10:5189. The closest we get is 10:516F (EmotionBubble).

In the disassembly, the routine is walked through here:

10:5189 then, is the lower byte of the call CopyVideoData pointer (0:15FE in English Yellow). This explains why GlitchDex/Y:217 is family 254; it is taking code from emotion_bubbles.

However, the glitch Pokémon we're studying is for the Japanese Versions, where the ROM map is different as well as some of the code. Let's look into it.

In all four revisions, the start of Pokédex order is at 10:682D. 10:682D + D8 = 10:6905. As expected, this byte is 0x22 (034) in v1.0, and 0x28 (040) in v1.1+.

In v1.0, 10:6905 is the 0x22 in a call 1622 instruction. In v1.1+, 10:682D is the 0x28 in a call 1628 instruction.

We can then look for FA 50 CD; ld a, (CD50) before 10:6905 (which may determine the start of emotion_bubbles in the Japanese ROMs). We find the equivalent pointer for emotion_bubbles is at 10:68EB.

Now all we need to do is compare the English Version and the Japanese revisions.

Unfortunately, the only changes (for Japanese Yellow that is) seem to be artefacts of different revisions having different ROM maps, see below.

Now though, we have documentation of where some of the glitch Pokémon in Yellow get their families from (edit: all of them are taken from this routine). Emotion_bubbles seems to be a Yellow exclusive routine. BGB set a breakpoint for this when I started fishing, and when I spoke to Pikachu immediately afterwards so it's likely used for special Pikachu emotions. ✿
Pokémon Discussion / Pokémon character symbolism
« on: January 29, 2019, 04:55:21 am »
N and Ghetsis: N sought truths, while Ghetsis sought ideals. They had a heated relationship as N was exploited by Ghetsis, but although this may seem counterintuitive, it doesn't necessarily mean they were not compatible. For instance, it depends on the perspective; Ghetsis wanted N's powers to rule; for 'great expectations', one could say there is some truth in that because of Tao philosophy; at least if Ghetsis was stereotypically 'evil' he would have some followers who would believe in him. These could be represented by the Shadow Triad who were loyal to Ghetsis no matter what. It could be argued although Ghetsis was the ruler, he was paradoxically a slave to the Shafow Triad no matter what (who even said something in the games like "Ghetsis has lost his mind, we'll look after him". Also Ghetais did not necessarily hate N, but it could be viewed his love towards N was projected in an aggressive way (Ghetsis said something like 'that was a truly motivational speech, what I taught you was not a complete waste then').

On the other hand, it can be said that power corrupts. The 'wiser' or the more ideological people become, the more they may develop a blind spot. It doesn't mean those highest in power are not correct, but it doesn't mean they have the right to play God either. Whereas Ghetsis could be seen as ideological, N battled with himself to make truth; 'a formula that would change the world'; to make sense of why both people love Pokémon but they are allowed to fight. This could be seen as a coverted form of love.

Colress: So if Ghetsis symbolises yang and N yin, Colress also could have an essence of wuji. He seeks out the answer to a question "even if one without a conscience". If Team Plasma had won, Colress may have became a villain. But it was the protagonist who won, hence Colress came to believe it ''may'' be friendship between people and Pokémon which draws out their power. However, wuji might not mean lack of energy: was Colress formed by the state of events, or destined (without free will) to become the character he became in Sun/Moon?

Lysandre and Cyrus: Lysandre was not (in my opinion, others may see this differently) stereotypically bad from the beginning as he wanted a beautiful world. But it feels the symbolism was: just because you find something beautiful, doesn't necessarily mean it is. Lysandre feared the loss of beauty in the world and wanted to eliminate everyone else. Yet on one hand, it is our differences that makes us all the same (Xerneas). On the other hand ego creates destruction, yet paradoxically is not necessarily bad. (Yveltal). I personally see Zygarde as well as symbolism for nature: things materialise or die, and are not necessarily good or evil, but if there is a disturbance in the ecosystem nature rises its 'ugly' head.

The distinction between these two may be, Lysandre valued qualia, Cyrus valued lack of qualia.

Lusamine: I don't know if I have as much as an opinion on this one yet, but I relate with her. Because Lusamine desired the stereotypically 'feminine' concept of possession, and she could originally have been seen as 'motherly', but you have to be careful your possessions (Ultra Beasts) do not possess you or it may inflate your ego, and like Lysandre what you see as 'beautiful' could not be true to everyone else, and you risk alienation from your friends. Lusamine can be compared with the spiritual concept of the moon and also excessive stereotypical femininity. (Lunala)

Guzma: Although Guzma was a stereotypical 'baddy'/'gangster', he maybe unlike Lusamine did not wear a mask, so all of his aggressive traits were not suppressed. Also according to my friend, it was implied he was a victim to abusive parents; so it could be seen it is only natural  he was the way he was. He is not necessarily 'bad', and actually helped the player in Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon to confront the Rockets. Team Rocket said Team Skull had no ideals, and Guzma said something like "yes you got me all figured out". But Guzma was more action than talk, so he blocked the Rockets instead of complaining. (he could symbolise excessive stereotypical 'masculinity'). ✿
Pokémon Discussion / What is your favourite Pokémon game?
« on: January 28, 2019, 11:31:41 am »
Which one of these Pokémon games in this thread's poll is your favourite?  :)

Mine is White 2, I loved the plot and diversity of available monsters. Recently have had a lot of fun with Let's Go, Eevee! (although not everyone's taste) despite it being based on the older Red/Green/Blue/Yellow. It was an interesting take on the original games and I have an affinity for it. ✿

I want us to be able to do this with arbitrary code execution in Generation II but I'm unsure where to start, wondering if anyone has any ideas (would be much appreciated  :))? I checked the Egg's backsprite but I was under the impression it was sourced from ROM, however I could have been mistaken. Thanks in advance! ✿
Certain D05A (battle style) values suppress the 'no items can be used here' message forced by D12B (wLinkState).

Hence the general idea is to cause the game to write a glitch D05A value in battle which doesn't bring up a preset inventory or the Safari Zone interface.

This will let you autoselect the first bag item, including e.g. 4F for arbitrary code execution or any in-battle item.

Possibly this can be done with either participants glitch or Super Glitch corruptions.

Participants glitch video:
Art / Random doodles
« on: January 25, 2019, 02:55:25 pm »
If you want, post anything you created here. :) I don't mind what it is (as long as it's work safe)

The message is about the concept of how sometimes, without love and togetherness we are nothing.
This is something I read on our affiliates at Legendary Star Blob 2 a long time ago but didn't properly look into myself.

It appears in the Japanese versions of Red/Green/Blue/Yellow, the Safari Zone warden spoke in broken Japanese; with their phonemes corrupted. This was a mystery for some time, but it appears someone named Momiji Aoyama suggested maybe that Team Rocket stole his Gold Teeth.

So at some point, the author of came up with the following script:


From the original;
「ふぁいへんひゃ ふへほ はんひ ひへは ほはへへ ひほうはッ! はッ はふへへ ふへ!」
「よほひふ はほひまふは! はふは はふぁりほーんひゃ!」

The gist is like: "This is terrible! Team Rocket have taken my dentures!  Help me! I'm depending on you! That idiot is in the Safari Zone somewhere! What? All right, that's fine, but I beg that you can help me."

There is more to this. It appears the game's story was altered at some point. In the original Japanese versions, due to an oversight, there is hidden normally unused text in the Safari Zone about Silph's Chief. Silph Chief is the Japanese name of the unused Chief Trainer class (who uses Scientist's sprite due to a technicality (it's not the real sprite)). One of these texts is "SILPH's manager is hiding in the SAFARI ZONE." (Japanese: シルフのチーフが サファリゾーンの どこかに かくれてるんだって!). For more information, see this thread.

Thoughts/does anyone have any further information?

I will try to translate the whole article and analyse it further, but it will take some time and my Japanese skills are only elementary-low intermediate with help, or maybe someone on pret/TCRF (such as GlitterBerri) or Legends of Localisation may want to look into it. I also want to do a video about this in depth at some point. ✿
Video Games Discussion / Chee-Chai Alien franchise
« on: January 04, 2019, 02:40:08 pm »
Creatures Inc. (The Pokémon Company affiliate) have their own series featuring tiny little aliens known as Chaliens. It's not as good as Pokémon, and outside of the minigames it can get a little boring in my opinion, but I have recently started a wiki to learn more about it. It's very quirky as well, so if you like that aesthetic you may enjoy it. There are only three games in this series, and the series has been dormant for a while. It will be interesting if it returns though.

I recommend Nonono Puzzle Chalien over Chee-Chai Alien, because in Chee-Chai Alien you need to grind to unlock each Chalien's minigame (unlocking the Chaliens from light sources from the Game Boy Color's infrared port and interacting with them in a Polariton to gain sufficient points for the minigame). Nintendo did release the only localized game in the series, Spin Six for Nintendo DSiWare (also available on eShop). It is only a portion of Nonono Puzzle Chalien (specifically Spin Six mode) though, so if you can get Nonono Puzzle Chalien I recommend that. The trivia you unlock after each puzzle will still be in Japanese though, so that's a reason to buy Spin Six instead.

Another really obscure fact is that Chee-Chai Alien had a manga known as Mi Kakunin Uchuu Seimei-tai GoGo! Chalien or "Unidentified Space Life Form GoGo! Chalien" (see below).

It probably didn't appear outside of Bessatsu Coro Coro Comic where it was originally serialised in 2001, but it looks like it would be interesting to see.

Here is the recently created wiki if you'd like to learn more about the series, because the available information about it is poor.
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