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Wiki Discussion / Wikifang on licensing
« on: July 02, 2019, 03:05:10 pm »
Look at any image uploaded, and you'll see the following:

The uploader is not required to submit a fair use rationale accompanying this image; the use of the image on this wiki already constitutes as fair use.

This should help clear up some uncertainty over licensing.
Wiki Discussion / Patrolled vs. Reviewed
« on: June 25, 2019, 11:09:01 pm »
Can anyone more familiar with MediaWiki (or our fork) give me a quick rundown on the difference? Generally, I mark an edit as patrolled if it looks acceptable, but don't hit "Accept revision" unless a reliable source has already confirmed it and it should have been on the site already.
Forum Discussion / The 50 post requirement for Forum Games
« on: May 28, 2019, 03:27:00 pm »
I think we should remove it. Thinking back to when it was instated in 2009, this was a very different place, with many more active members, a much more exclusivist attitude toward those that didn't seem to be as interested, and enough active threads that reaching 50 vaguely meaningful posts was nothing close to the hurdle it is now. In addition, the fact that someone could just go on that section and get to know other members and see that we're not "all business" makes it seem more ideal for newbies, not less. It might even be part of why so many stick to the Discord.

Not putting a poll, because there's no reason not to just state your opinion and whatever you want to add to a "yes" or "no".
Tech Help / How to play GBA in side-by-side view on Android?
« on: May 26, 2019, 05:55:23 pm »
I'm looking for an emulator on Android that can run GBA games (preferably other systems too, but primarily GBA for now,) but show the screen like this, with the exact same image on both sides (without the stretching, obviously.) I came up surprisingly dry when trying to find one. Maybe I didn't know what to search for. Anyone here have experience with this?
Project "Gotta Document 'Em All" / ItemDex name bytes
« on: April 14, 2019, 08:26:17 pm »
This was posted a few days ago by luckytyphlosion. It has been incorporated into the Red and Blue ItemDex.
Forum Announcements / Ban list
« on: April 14, 2019, 08:22:39 pm »
Apparently, the affixation of the Banned usergroup doesn't correspond to a member being added to the ban list itself anymore. That, or they were always two separate lists. Anyway, if you want to know who's on it, just ask. In the case of a handful of bots, the accounts were deleted.
Emulation & ROM Hacking / Save file maps for RBY and Crystal
« on: April 03, 2019, 07:56:53 pm »
Recently, entrpntr has been working on correspondences between WRAM disassembly labels and addresses in the save file. I figured his impressive work was worth sharing here.

Emulation & ROM Hacking / RAM maps
« on: April 02, 2019, 03:45:39 pm »
RAM maps for the Pokémon games can be found at the following links:
(The starter Pikachu's happiness value in Yellow is a one-byte integer at D46F.)

For much more exhaustive listings of memory locations, from which the above lists were sourced, see pret's disassemblies, such as:

For a run-down of these RAM structures and to find out where to look for the values you want to monitor or modify, see this article on the wiki.
Site Announcements / Speedrun routes on the wiki
« on: March 25, 2019, 10:53:42 pm »
As part of the recent restructuring we've been trying to give the site to keep it up-to-date, speedrun routes are now receiving articles. To get an idea of what advances in glitch research this series of efforts engendered, or of the depth that goes into routing, the two already completed already provide plenty of essential reading. Staying true to the site's purpose, the goal of these pages is to document in depth what's actually going on when you do those seemingly inexplicable series of inputs. Luckily, after I cluelessly dismissed the idea, our new contributor Bbbbbbbbba (with ties to pret!) went ahead and did it anyway. Speaking of which, many Generation I pages have been receiving long-overdue overhauls thanks to the aforementioned user and Luckytyphlosion.

In addition, there have been some recent updates to the German GlitchDex and Korean TMHMDex. Did you know that 기술머신49 can execute arbitrary code? Or that a counterpart to the household name 4 4 Hy exists in the German version of Yellow and learns Hyper Fang at level 205? Now you do.
This is a quick exchange I had with luckytyphlosion a few days ago about the state of glitchology today as compared to when this site began, in addition to how other communities have approached the field and why they may have had more success. I don't have anything more to add, but it brings up some good points and I think it's worth a read for anyone wondering why this site is the way it is.

Sherkel Last Saturday at 8:00 PM
@luckytyphlosion Raven has been documenting stats/sprites/dex entries/etc. of Pokemon with invalid index numbers
So like, "classic" glitch research so to speak

luckytyphlosion Last Saturday at 8:00 PM
is he dumping them from the ROM

Sherkel Last Saturday at 8:00 PM
I don't know

Ravenfreak Last Saturday at 8:59 PM
I’m actually just documenting them manually using gameshark codes to encounter each glitch Pokémon. :V I’m taking the names, types and glitch moves from my save file. It’s not the quickest way to get the information but it works. :stuck_out_tongue:

ShinySkitty Last Saturday at 9:00 PM
in which game?

bbbbbbbbba Last Saturday at 9:01 PM
How could you know they are not coming from the RAM?

luckytyphlosion Last Saturday at 9:10 PM

Sherkel Last Saturday at 9:40 PM
It's just how it was done in the olden days

luckytyphlosion Last Saturday at 9:41 PM
yeah, back when glitching was actually fun :morphon3d:

Sherkel Last Saturday at 9:42 PM
Now we know that keeping the current enemy mon byte set throughout the battle/dex appearing can have other effects as those read from RAM, but keep in mind when this whole thing started and how the views of relevance of changed

luckytyphlosion Last Saturday at 9:42 PM
hey maybe I can convince @bbbbbbbbba to do what I'm too bothered to do and actually dump glitch mon info by reading the ROM

Sherkel Last Saturday at 9:42 PM
If we ever had some sort of "GlitchDex 3.0" it would be pulled straight from the ROM
Actually, @Melodic Evie the Bird Mother ❤ 🦉 may have done that when revising the English RBY entries, but idk for sure

luckytyphlosion Last Saturday at 9:44 PM
you mean the literal glitchdex entries?

Sherkel Last Saturday at 9:44 PM
No, what the site calls the GlitchDex
It dates back to before GCL, I think

luckytyphlosion Last Saturday at 9:44 PM
how does missingno's pokedex entry have that long-ass cry
is that missingno's cry
or are those sounds generated from the pokedex entry
because that shouldn't be possible
for the sounds to be generated from the pokedex entry

Sherkel Last Saturday at 9:46 PM
I don't mean to dismiss what @Ravenfreak is doing, in fact my point is that doing this sort of thing without obsessive precision is fine for this purpose
Uhh, lemme see that page

luckytyphlosion Last Saturday at 9:46 PM
what even is the purpose of the glitchdex

Sherkel Last Saturday at 9:46 PM
I doubt it has the 30 minute Yellow VC cry with the 20khz beep

luckytyphlosion Last Saturday at 9:46 PM
yellow missingno cry is superficial at best

Sherkel Last Saturday at 9:46 PM
> what even is the purpose of the glitchdex
As far as "glitching" today goes, nothing

luckytyphlosion Last Saturday at 9:46 PM
it's the result of random corruption
based on the corrupted audio bank
when its sprite is decompressed

Sherkel Last Saturday at 9:47 PM
Any that execute arbitrary code are referenced on the pages with the exploits that use that call
That's basically all glitch cries

luckytyphlosion Last Saturday at 9:47 PM
the reason it's so long on yellow VC is because the cry somehow ends up pointing to OAM (on both console and VC)

Sherkel Last Saturday at 9:47 PM
I mean, some are consistent, but consistently reading from somewhere that isn't meant to be a cry nonetheless

luckytyphlosion Last Saturday at 9:48 PM
because of inaccessible OAM the cry eventually ends when it reads an $ff
but VC doesn't have inaccessible OAM
so it actually reads a lot more non-zero entries
with that adding 8 more minutes to its so-called cry

Sherkel Last Saturday at 9:50 PM
What were you referring to earlier, by the way? I think the links to cries in the GlitchDex for the most part got broken
And I see none in MissingNo.'s
Anyway, the pret/PSR perspective is very different from what's in the GCL databases

luckytyphlosion Last Saturday at 9:52 PM
uh this is neither of those perspectives
this is my perspective

Sherkel Last Saturday at 9:52 PM
I mean the pragmatic one

luckytyphlosion Last Saturday at 9:52 PM
pret and PSR care even less about documenting glitches/behaviour than I do

Sherkel Last Saturday at 9:52 PM
GCL wants to incorporate that but keep in mind but also dates back to before 2005
When the perspective was "huh, what does this do? Oh, cool."
And I have a lot of sympathy for that one

luckytyphlosion Last Saturday at 9:53 PM
"glitches r kewl"

Sherkel Last Saturday at 9:55 PM
Yes, you do care more about documenting from what I can tell. I don't know exactly what PSR thinks of that, but based on how hard it is to find their actual   findings I can guess they don't care that much
And pret is just focused on the purpose that's in the name

luckytyphlosion Last Saturday at 9:56 PM
well the research PSR does is mainly focused around speedrunning
you can really see the appliedness of it with manips
extracting all the relevant info of how the game ticks to a cycle towards manips

Sherkel Last Saturday at 9:57 PM
Of course
I'd say they've done more for glitchology than any other group

luckytyphlosion Last Saturday at 9:57 PM
pokecrystal's maintainers are more focused around making it a usable base for hacking
while still keeping it matching

Sherkel Last Saturday at 9:57 PM
But all they seem to publish are dumbed-down descriptions of routes

luckytyphlosion Last Saturday at 9:58 PM
yes, because the people who use the routes don't know how to glitch
they just execute
it's not necessary to know how the glitches work in most cases (although 151 is an exception, you do need to at least know the techniques behind some of the glitches)

Sherkel Last Saturday at 9:58 PM
Hence why I want GCL to do that

luckytyphlosion Last Saturday at 9:58 PM
GCL to do what

Sherkel Last Saturday at 9:59 PM
Document stuff properly

luckytyphlosion Last Saturday at 9:59 PM
well I think a good way to motivate research is to tie that research in with a meaningful purpose that can unite people together
speedrunning is one

Sherkel Last Saturday at 9:59 PM
The problem is that with the obvious exceptions, the people involved/trusted/active/etc are very out of touch
Myself included

luckytyphlosion Last Saturday at 10:00 PM
for pret the common cause is improving the disassemblies/decompilations
also, a button challenge for sm64
so if you can find some common cause that can unite people together then you can get your research done
because right now it's not really defined what the research is for

Sherkel Last Saturday at 10:00 PM
That's a good point

luckytyphlosion Last Saturday at 10:01 PM
it doesn't seem like anyone wants to document for the intrinsic value of doing so

Sherkel Last Saturday at 10:01 PM
And full disclosure, GCL's still is (as far as I know) "glitches r kewl"
So that could be why we've fallen behind
The 3DS Virtual Console may behave differently than a real system or an accurate emulator in particular instances related to glitching. If you have a question about performing a particular procedure, please indicate what system you are using to play the game.

More details can be found here. (This applies to both R/B/Y/G and G/S/C, as the assembly instructions are the same.)

Also, from ISSOtm:
[There may not be] emulation inaccuracies, but keep in mind the ROMs played through the VC are patched.
There are plenty of reasons to frown upon VC because of it not doing its job. Code has been changed to work in the emulator, which is [the same as a ROM hack].

However, there are still options available if you want to stick with using the Virtual Console for ACE, such as this and this. In non-ACE cases, there's also a good chance that what you're trying will simply work anyway.
The Dumpster Out Back / MOVED: Pokémon Sword and Shield Discussion
« on: March 03, 2019, 11:00:53 pm »
Circum-unlock-ution attempt. Failed. But maybe...nope, not that either!

Reported here:
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