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Generation II Glitch Discussion / mapper in gold beta is bugged?
« on: June 14, 2018, 08:15:14 am »
hihi, me again...

Ok, so it seems like the mapper is bugged in the gold beta. I can give a link to a video of this that I posted to youtube, (but I don't want to advertise per se) but I was fiddling around and I found that if you summon a familiar(npc that follows you) then warp to a new map, the familiar will stop moving. I also found that if you move around too much, the game will crash. This probably happens due to the coordinates being skewn as with the familiar. If you open the mapper mode, and then exit out, after the first or second time, the coordinates that the mapper locks onto will bypass the boundaries and occasionally, into a glitch city. (as in glitch city, not an alpha city that is glitched)

The way to bypass the crash without entering the mapper to leave the traditional map boundaries is to summon another familiar, this restores the coordinates. Chances are the code for the familiar is always stored at relative coordinates 5A FC or thereabouts. as a result, when the familiar is summoned, nothing happens, but it messes with the default code when warping and the mapper locks onto that coordinate instead of yours. That's my working theory.

What do you guys think?
(sorry, meant to post this in gen 2 glitch discussion)

EDIT: I just did this again in silent hills and it broke the camera, It stopped moving entirely.
Generation II Glitch Discussion / teru-sama?
« on: June 12, 2018, 04:47:05 pm »

Long time no see lol...
I was playing around with the pokemon gold beta and I found some interesting things that I am unsure if its cataloged or not, such as that you can trade to a classic red and blue/yellow, but not to retail silver or gold. While finding that I found that you can by extension get these beta pokemon into silver or gold retail versions, but predictably, they will change from, for example, kruz, to totodile. But the more interesting thing is that silver will allow it, despite these being fully glitched pokemon in classic red. So, my question about teru-sama is, what is this item? it was on the beta kruz pokemon that I sent over to red, then to silver. I tried to make sense of it since I''m studying Japanese, but I was unable to beyond that it may be an item for raising affection(which I don't recall there being a way to do in gen 1 or 2) Can anyone take a look and possibly tell me what it is?

Also, I'll include pictures of the beta kruz being sent to silver incase anyone wanted to see.
this stuff is probably already categorized, but I figured I'd post "just in case"

kruz 1:
kruz 2:
kruz 3:

Edit: a minor other note I found is that SOME cheat codes from the English pokemon silver or gold are compatible with the beta. nothing important like walking through walls, but things like making the sprites disappear.
Generation I Glitch Discussion / a saved ZZAZZ on JP RED?
« on: July 18, 2012, 01:32:10 am »
Hey everyone, I recently beat a JP file on pokemon red JP and started glitching on it....
Pretty normal, but something amazing happened that defies ALL pokemon glitch physics I know of...

The ZZAZZ file I was using saved itself!!!!
I know its a JP file, and its different, but even a JP file never saves itself...

I mean, this file, I'm pretty sure is an SAV that is stable with the pokedos cartouche enabled!

According to what I am aware of, this shouldn't be possible...
Any ideas on how it is? Or am I missing something???

Thanks :)
Generation I Glitch Discussion / Japanese Pokemon Red?
« on: October 01, 2010, 02:13:11 am »
This may be a stupid question, but has anyone ever "researched" the Japanese version of Pokemon red?

Lately I have been and I unlocked the "Alteran archive" from one of my youtube videos.
(that BIG list of "buffer overflow" glitch pokemon)

I have no doubt that there may be some interesting things that can't be done in the American Red, even with Codes, or hacks, as they may have just been outright removed, I donno for sure.

Like an item, that as far as I can tell, deletes a pokemon move outright, rather than having to go to the lavander move deleter(Sorry, it was the fuscia move deleter, the lavander town had the renamer), but even though I looked in the database, I've never heard of that item.

My questions are basically:
1: has anyone done this type of thing before with the JP version?
and 2: would anyone be interested in what is found, or anything to do with it?

I'll probably upload them to Youtube anyway though.

I apologize if this is not something that contributes to the forum/wiki.
Generation I Glitch Discussion / A rom creating a used save file by itself?
« on: February 01, 2010, 02:38:22 am »
Hey I encountered something a few days ago that, everyone is saying shouldn't be possible, or it may be a programmers quirk that was set off by coincidence...

And this could be something that I just overlooked, but every computer law I know of is stating the opposite and it shouldn't be possible because computers don't do things on their own unless programmed to do so, but its right there, and I even recorded it...

Is it even probable, that a save file for pokemon red would just be generated out of nowhere by the rom itself, let alone a save file that I saved everything to immediately before I started glitching around with it?

Any thoughts?

So in short, a rom of pokemon red, is spawning a year old save file of mine.
Is that even probable in the least?
If so, can anyone say how?
Or a theory?

To be a bit goofy, my theory is, that the save file I used at some point collided with the rom and an error code 39, and created V'ger.
But really my theory is just that, but without V'ger.

(Which is Ironic since the earlier pokemon games already have Q, and M, the two continuum's of Star Trek, and I saw V9R' as a glitch text in the start menu repeated after experimenting once.)

Here's the video, I promise its the same folder used throught in the emulator and in the window.
Generation I Glitch Discussion / Glitch Dex?
« on: January 25, 2010, 01:06:14 am »
I thought I would ask, since I just found this, like.....20 minutes ago.

To be more specific, as said in the note, I found a method without any codes other than WTW, to alter the Pokedex to allow viewing of 240 spaces instead of the recent 152.

To be honest, I probably didn't find the method, but I'd like to think I did...

Should I upload a video to the GCL youtube channel? Or would it not be worth that much since...I think there's a code for that but I did it without codes, so....I thought I'd ask.

From what I can tell, the channel is for sensible glitches, rather than just chaotic ones which most of my video's are comprised of.

I thought I'd ask...
Yes I can prove it if its a worthwhile endeavor.

Thanks for reading.
Emulation & ROM Hacking / Ho-oh in R/B/Y?
« on: December 30, 2009, 03:57:57 am »
I know what the typical reaction to this is.
"Ho-oh was not invented/thought of in time/at all by Pokemon R/B/Y's creation"

I know that pretty much, but even so, I thought I'd post this pic, and ask for thoughts.

Does anyone else think that looks like Ho-oh?
It doesn't look like a "hybrid" between an NPC and a Pokemon NPC character to me, it seems too fluid/uninterrupted for that...

I don't think its Moltres, it doesn't look like the sprite.

I found this by an old gameshark cheat code which allows capturing of opponents pokemon.
It also allows throwing pokeballs outside of battle, and using the "Red" item, which seems to show that the "Red" item may have been a "red pokeball"?
(Cherish ball?)(edit: sorry it made the potion noise...So I made a mistake...)

On a side note, it seems Charizard M's traditional stats are similar to "a" 's
(Stats like height, and weight.)

So, any thoughts on the Possible Ho-oh sprite?
My brother suggested a Psyduck, but I just can't see a Psyduck in that.
Introductions / Hi
« on: December 15, 2009, 07:00:46 pm »
Hi everyone.

I've been glitching games up for a long while, at least a few years.
I came across this site a few years ago, but only browsed it briefly, but I found it in my bookmarks just recently, and decided to register an account here to expand my overall knowledge of glitching, what is inside some games, make friends, etc.

Due to school related things I'll be on when I can, but I wanted to have some fun on a forum that I probably should have registered on a while ago...

I read the rules, and I will do my best to follow them.

The games I've glitched around in are:
Pokemon Red (Classic) glitched to the extent of tinting the screen dark freezing the game via an item and seeing "v9'r" which is a strange coincidence

Pokemon Silver (classic) but only a little to the point of entering a "glitch dimension" similar to the "coin case dimension" but it was red, blue and yellow.

Jak 3, to the point of a beta elevator, something to do with cars respawning and having the same ones twice and something to do with katamari damashi, flying away from the final boss, walking through mountains, etc.

Jak 2, not too much, but I got giant dark jak to yell as if still falling to his doom, but he already landed.

Jak and Daxter (minourly)

Legend of Zelda: Links awakening, to the point of other dimensions/worlds

And more, but those are the primary ones.

If there are any questions, please let me know.
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