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I have nothing to contribute here, but this is cool af lol
Idk about glitch Pokémon, but I did test glitch moves a few years ago. Though I've made Deoxys, Jirachi, Ho-Oh and others, I've never been able to create a glitch Pokémon through corruption despite a lot of effort, so I can't really test it myself.

When you try to transfer Pokémon with glitch moves from Emerald to Ruby/Sapphire, the game freezes, so Box: R/S is in fact the only means of getting those moves into R/S.
I mean, if anyone's gonna find a list like that, it'll be you
You can do a "list" of all glitch moves (name, and effect) from a Gen III Rom then use a program to search through that list for glitch moves with certain characteristics.
For example, if you want a move with high power, more than 100 accuracy, and some priority, using a tool like that will make things easier for you.
If you're interested into this, I can give you the scripts that ThezzAzzGlitch kindly made for me (even though they aren't very deep) and indicate you where the lists start from.

(Sorta bumping an 'old' topic but I don't see the need to post a new thread)

Is there a list like this for glitch moves in Gen IV? It would be really useful considering how smoothly glitch moves can be transferred from Gen III.
It would be cool if you could obtain 0x019D and 0x019E glitch Pokemon and trade them to XD: Gale of Darkness to morph them into Bonsly/Munchlax. I mean, I doubt that's how it'd play out in reality because Colosseum/XD are ultra hostile to anything even slightly glitchy coming in from other games, but I'd be interested to know what does happen.

I guess someday I might test this on console, but last time I tried hatching glitch Pokemon was like 2 years ago, and I spent countless hours with no success aiming for 3 different glitch species at different times. I was able to get Jirachi, Deoxys and a few others without much difficulty, so I'm not sure why it never worked out.
You mentioned the camera increase when wailord is put on screen. I wonder if near the area where the battle takes place, there would be a loading zone. If you stood within a certain potential framespecific spot and unloaded the platforms, but the wailord battle somehow loads them / loads more data, it might cause either a sprite/npc overflow or something else causing it to load in this glitched manor?

Yeah that's definitely a possibility, like in other words it could (?) just be a super specific confluence of events going on here:

-The Wailord messing up the camera
-The camera distortion taking place where there's stuff to distort (platforms)
-The platforms possibly being especially liable to distortion on a particular frame (?)

Unless someone's able to actually

(1) replicate the glitch
(2) analyse the code in some way (?) - beats me lol
(3) deduce some other potential cause from the pre-glitch footage we have

then until then it's somewhat of a mystery.  :P
Pretty sure I've made a thread like this every year. I don't think I'll stop until I get to the bottom of it. ;)

So there's this glitch in Pokemon XD: Gale of Darknesss for GameCube in the final enemy lair where very rarely, upon defeating 1 specific enemy team member, the floating transport platforms in the room go ballistic without warning and start to oscillate in and out of existence, allowing you to walk (and teleport) across thin air to reach them as they violently shake throughout the room.

The glitch has been replicated, documented and attested to by a handful of other YouTubers over the years, although unfortunately two other videos capturing it in action have since been removed.

It's a pretty fascinating display:

But apart from how visually transfixing it is to watch the game mess up its functions this badly, there's something else about the glitch that interests me which is so far unexplored, and it shows up at 1:55 in the video above. By walking across thin air, the glitch allows you to clip through a wall, and theoretically explore out of bounds (!!!).

This is especially remarkable given just how glitch-proof a fortress XD: Gale of Darkness (and Colosseum) has proven to be: glitch species, items, moves, Pokémon with 65535 HP, etc. transferred from the GBA games have almost no effect in the GameCube games, as the error handling system seems pretty much airtight.

Why does it happen?

Although the cause of the glitch is so far mostly unknown, we have a couple of key clues. For one thing, we know that it takes place exclusively after defeating Cipher Peon Gromlet. The interesting thing about Gromlet is that he is one of only two trainers in the game with a Wailord on his team (the other is located on Mt. Battle and hasn't been known to trigger any similar effects). During the battle with Gromlet, the camera has to zoom out significantly in order to accommodate the Wailord on-screen.

So it's possible that the wide zoom-out could have a distorting effect on the moving platforms after the battle. But the glitch is still a rare occurrence. So it must be that it's triggered by a combination of events at once, with the Wailord being an important factor in the equation, but not the only one.

...which is why it's particularly lucky that we happen to have footage from a "Let's Play" playthrough of the game that shows us everything that happened before the glitch was suddenly set off! The only question being...well, what exactly could have triggered the glitch, besides the Wailord? And that's been the mystery for the best part of a decade by now. Could it be a particular sequence of events during the battle? A certain move used on the Wailord? Perhaps even having checked certain event flags in the game previously? You name it, it's anyone's guess.

Here's the 10-minute section of playthrough immediately preceding the glitch, including the battle with Gromlet:

***For anyone brave enough to investigate and find out more about the causes of this glitch, I'm happy to offer like $15 PayPal and/or a bunch of old holofoil Pokémon cards to anyone who makes a breakthrough on this.*** :P

I'd imagine that actually analysing the game's internal data directly would be the most effective means of coming to a conclusion, but just from observing the playthrough alone I'd imagine there are definitely some concrete deductions to be drawn that I've missed. Thanks for reading! :)

I'd say it's almost definitely a dream you had.

I was totally convinced a couple years ago that Irish-language versions of the legendary bird trio had been printed in the Trading Card Game for one specific event in Dublin. I had thought this for a long time, decided one day to try to get my hands on some, only for everyone to tell me they don't exist. I dreamt it.
If this works out, how many 1st Gen ACE methods would that make now?  ;D
I also wanna see what happens with this on a real-life GB Printer.
Project "Gotta Document 'Em All" / Re: Project "Gotta Document 'Em All!"
« on: January 14, 2017, 08:32:47 pm »
I never really got around to documenting my old Pomeg stuff properly on the Wiki. It'd be nice for the GCL Wiki to become the #1 go-to resource for glitching info over Bulbapedia (even if my stuff is by and large a footnote at this point). I'll chip in at some stage lol
Thanks for the language correction. I thought that "exemplary" was more adapted to the situation, but I'll go with 'copy' now.
At first, I was writing some procedures in French then translating them in english, but it turned out to be easier to start in english and then go back to french. I also have many things only written in english now, and a part of my viewers ask me for a french translation :p (I made a huge file for that but it's still a work in progress).

I'm curious as to why you find it easier, actually. Do you live in a French-speaking country at the moment, or would you mostly use English in your day-to-day life? I speak some French, Spanish and Irish (not as well as your English) but I don't think I would ever be able to use any of them over English if I had to describe something in detail to people.  :P

Oh, one small thing I just remembered is that 'identifier' rather than 'identifiant' would be better.

Glitch Decorations have this annoying habit of screwing the camera, making you oftenly unable to exit the secret base. They also don't have a sprite (when placed somewhere, you can't find them unless you use the PC in "Deposit mode"), and all the ones that I could place (some couldn't) and that allowed me to leave the secret base didn't seem to have any kind of interaction (Holding A when facing the decoration didn't do anything).

I've managed to obtain one in Emerald, but of course I can't remember the very glitchy name, and I don't have my Pokemon games with me until I go back to Ireland in June.  :)

Just like you said, it was invisible and adjusted the camera (I was able to see like 8 tiles further into the void than normal), but didn't do anything important.

Some glitch decorations may have an interesting interaction (I don't know how the game manages that.), and we may be able to place them in a secret base with ACE. (I couldn't find where and how placed decorations where managed, unfortunately), this is still unknown.

What kind of interesting interaction?

Yeah, I actually overlooked that it wouldn't be easy to actually obtain glitch decorations in JP R/S even if they did something cool.  :P

Many thanks for making me learn that glitch moves couldn't be traded to RS with normal trades (even if it's a hindrance) as I thought that it was possible.
This means that only strings of 24 bytes can be written safely on a Pokémon (overwriting Miscellanous and EVs substructures) to be traded to RS with normal trades.

Had you tried to trade between R/S and Emerald on an emulator before?

Regarding Pokémon 0x19C (Egg), the Egg of an Egg hatches into an Egg.
You can even do Eggs of your Egg with Eggs, and they will hatch into more Eggs.

So in some cases, it's just a neverending loop of the same type of Egg hatching from the same type of Egg after the same amount of steps?

And you can breed this type of Egg (with a Ditto, I'm assuming)? That's honestly hilarious.

I ended up with Egg multiple times when playing with AR codes when I was a kid (mainly because I was using codes for US versions on a French one and without an Anti-DMA) and I played a bit with them (even though they are weak as hell).
 I screwed one of my files by breeding an Egg and something, and obtaining an Egg that crashed my game during the hatching sequence. The issue was that the Egg only needed a few steps to hatch, and even by flying to a Pokémon center I couldn't reach the PC without hatching the Egg.
Thus, I was forced to start a new file. I think I lost 3 Emerald, 3 Fr and 1 Lg files due to AR (the last one is a save tranfer issue, the others are idiotic code uses).

I'll make sure not to save if I ever end up breeding a 19C Egg then, wow.

Surely there must have been an AR code available to delete Pokemon from your party?

Well, if getting attacked by birds after using Fly counts...

Fun times.
Aha, I getcha, so it's like the 'Guess Who?' glitch via the Slateport Fan Club Reporter. Do any of the glitch genders cause any other adverse effects apart from crashing?
Something you might find interesting is that it's possible to experiment with the effects of different HP values, as they cause the degree of glitchiness in the status screen to vary as the HP goes down.
Just going to show off my baby, aww.

It feels so much better getting success on cartridge.

EVs on Dots were:

1 Speed
93 Defense
251 HP
0 Attack

And it underwent a double corruption so I could get the Oak's Parcel.

Adorbs. That's on GameCube, right?

Related to the invalid genders, I see some sort of a pattern, lots of effects repeat or are the May/Leaf variant of these.

I'd love to see some examples, if you get a chance.

I was also curious about transferring Glitch Items to Colosseum/XD in order to get some Rare Items inherent to these versions (if one of them could be useful in a certain way).

Glitch Moves can all go through Pal Park, but no Glitch Pokémon can (theoretically, based on what I tried).

I did some testing years ago on console to try and exploit some glitches, but XD: Gale of Darkness is reeeally tough to glitch. As it happens, I didn't specifically manage to test glitch items as I hadn't yet figured out how to obtain them by that stage, but judging from the results I found (in the link), they would either disappear on arrival into XD or be invalid/unable to be traded, etc.

EDIT: As it turns out, I in fact did try send a glitch item (????????/"Octomarks") to XD: Gale of Darkness. It was indeed unable to be traded.

There's one thing I keep meaning to say every time I read all of your descriptions: a better translation for 'exemplaire' in English would be 'copy' - e.g. 'a copy of item X'. Otherwise, everything else is always easy to understand - and thanks so much for going to all of this incredible effort.  ;)

Also, now that I went through my old posts looking for my research on XD: Gale of Darkness, I found this old thread of mine. Seeing as you now know almost all there is to know about glitch decorations, is there anything more you could say about this Japanese-exclusive glitch?

And another thing, has anybody tested this (hatching 19C from a corrupted Egg)? Just realised that I'm still kinda curious about it after two years.  :P

And finally, I don't know if this is relevant to anyone, but in case you weren't aware, it's possible to send Pokemon with glitch moves from Emerald to Ruby/Sapphire (without the game crashing during the trade) by bypassing the trade altogether via Pokemon Box: Ruby & Sapphire. As far as I know, there may well by now be a better method of avoiding those crashes, but I figure it's worth throwing out there. 8)
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