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Eventually I'll play with this.
Sorry for not updating something this time.

I'm still working on the video tutorial. It turned more hard than i had imagined. I'm doing it in a way that will have more explanation on some specific topics, like item quantity and sorting. Also I'm trying that the video does not be too long.

So I'm not dead, I am just busy (or "socially dead" if you like the dead word :-\).
Thank you very much again Torchickens  ;D

Don't worry about the magnet i got a stadium 2 game whit almost all items, the bad thing for me is that i need to clone a lot of copies.  :(

Basically what i asked to you is a "lets get back everything to normal code" and you thought on everything nicely :) But i need to note that when i started doing this i originally had 8 Key items. But i think it's a mater of changing one item quantity for my case. (it's my turn to experiment in this matter i suppose)

This is awesome, im actually completing my pokédex on my Pokémon Silver at the moment, and im only missing Espeon, Suicune, Entei, Raikou and for the longest time i thought getting celebi would be impossible, but this method seems awesome, i really wanna get a celebi! =D

You must know that there are many ways to get Celebi. Some are less unorthodox than others, and some are way more easier than others. It depends on what hardware (games and systems) you have. Personally i had only tested for "Celebi egg glitch" and most recently the "Crystal arbitrary code execution" (the method discussed on this tread).

But in the end it depends on what  level of legitimacy you want in your Pokemon. if you are purist, you surely want to try Crystal arbitrary code because in the end of the process you get an in game event generated Pokemon. If you only want to "Catch em' all no matter what" then the other methods mentioned by Torchikens are your way to go.
Generation II Glitch Discussion / SUCCESSS!!!!
« on: April 20, 2015, 06:40:55 pm »
I did it!

Oh man.... it really took me a while...

In the end, the game save file had an item bag glitched, but it doesn't need to have a prerequisite to work properly after loading the game. what it does need a process is when you want to run code from TM33.

I tried various steps here and there for this finally work for me. First i noted the battle and trade (of one 8F'd Pokemon) to other GSC game which obviously had an impact because it has to do something to the crystal game via the one Pokemon exchange and it's place as the fifth Pokemon position (what really does in the games memory it's beyond me maybe someone could explain it). also i had to note that the Pokemon trade has a less strict rule on when you can do it, as it can be done earlier in the process (maybe just right after you remove all items on *F'd Pokemon)

What really was my headache was the need to fly from Celadon city to Kurt house. I suppose it has to do something to some memory issues on the ruining of TM33 code.

Once done those steps, i finally got the thing work.

First i had to do the battle (replicate the trade was not needed)

Then fly from Celadon to Azalea. This is what i hadn't been doing.

Thanks to camper for his tip on pressing select and skip crashing item descriptions.

When i really noticed that everything goes to win mode.

On every video i saw on you tube i have never seen this what this girl says... until now...

Celebi enters the stage!

Master ball plans worked somehow thanks to Torchikens

I had to note that you can run the code for this event any number of times and it will always activate the celebi event. so you can get more than one of that Pokemon. (IFINITE CELEIBIZ!!!! :o)

Well now that I'm able to do this glitch sequence (man that was long... ;)) I'm starting to script the tutorial video. For anyone to try and do it.

Maybe I could create some arbitrary code to set the number of key items back to 08. I will look into that after I've finished something I wanted to do.

Can you do that code? because I'm really needing it right now... plz?
Did you press Select on the first item before scrolling down? Some items' description crashes the game.

wow!... that actually work somehow... after hacking key items and saving my game i can still crash the game via Pokeballs pocket. doing what you say actually let's me scroll down to TM33 and not crashing.

So my new problem is: form which step of the process i can resume the glitch for unlocking the Celebi event?
Generation II Glitch Discussion / Results
« on: April 16, 2015, 07:20:36 pm »
Hi again, sorry for being absent all this time. i was very busy, family, job, education, you know, stuffs... After getting some free time (and taking some sleep) i was able to continue this experiment.

So results come in and things doesn't look any good for me. Let me start were i left.

Last time i was able to do my first manipulated Pokemon. After that I was able to make a lot of them and transfered all to my crystal version via game link trades. By doing this i filled the rest of my key items pocket whit a lot of machine parts, trade over two secret portions too, and i get an extra machine parts on one Pokemon.

here's my complete bag content:

I was able to get every item for PC item storage via Pokemon cloning (and that was a lot of Pokemon ;)), here's a look at my stored PC items:

After cheeking everything i started the final steps, swapped machine parts and secret potion, exactly the same as the guide and video, also get the extra secret potion form the reserved Pokemon and deposited two key items afterwards (as shown in the video).

I flew to Celadon (my flyer Pokemon already had cut), and trade to silver an 8F'ed pokemon and moved it to the fifth position, afterwards i made a quick battle and forfeited

So when i finally done all that stuffs i flew to to Kurt house, and when i was searching my ball's pocket for TM33 execute code the game crashed! :o I didn't even see or select TM33, like this:

 :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

... So this is the part were i need all your support and ideas, i have a game were key items are already glitched, remember that the game forced me to save after the last link trades and battle, and i would like to see if i can fix this situation without deleting my crystal save game.

I must to note that in the video there are various types of balls in the balls pocket. I was only holding 3 different types a lure Ball, some standard poke balls, and a master ball. Not sure if that makes any difference.
Generation II Glitch Discussion / Re: Actualy doing it right now
« on: March 12, 2015, 10:59:55 am »
Thanks for all your help and support Torchickens  :D

Hmm, I'm afraid I'd have to do some research into that. What are the recording issues? You may be able to deposit key items in the PC but I'm unsure if that's a real solution.

I want to record this as a tutorial: steps by steps guide, where to find what, etc. so the content of the bag should displayed as it is while progressing in the tutorial, because of that if i suddenly have some key items already duplicated it could lead the viewer to confusion. That's why I'm asking for methods on toss/deleting key items on crystal version. otherwise i should restart the crystal version only for this issue and that will take me a lot more of time. (damn... why we don't have states on cartridges  :()

Red version is different because in the process all items and Pokemon used can be deleted, in that case i could make the game go to a state of "apparently not being glitched at all". And before anyone ask: yes, i found a way of toss/delete 8F item using the same exploit that created the same item.

By the way, ultra balls for catching celebi? why not we create a master ball and use that instead? (it's faster ;))
Generation II Glitch Discussion / Actualy doing it right now
« on: March 11, 2015, 07:28:06 pm »
Finally i have an update!

Pics speak more than words (considering how hard is for you is understanding my bad English ;)) so here are some images:

(If you have issues viewing these images please recommend me a good image uploading site because is very limited for me)

I present you my Celebi event unlock gear:

Item preparation for the missingno bug on some X specials:

Hello MR. !@#m'@#$.

Let the real glitchin begin:

You had to see my face when i finally get this thing work:

One step closer to the goal!

So, after getting 8F and experimenting some on it (i F*** up, and had to reset, i don't know how to create code for this thingy >:() i started to make the party for redirecting code to the items bag. I used for this my Pokemon stadium 2 game because GB tower acceleration make this kind of grindings faster.

Getting the pokemon was very easy: Khangaskahn and Parasect got them via missingno/safari variant because it's more easier to catch them using a master ball, Tentacool are on almost any surfable sea and Onix is on the victory road. The most annoying to get is the 233HP pidgey (if you don't know how find a pidgey, you are very special ;D), i had to give him 10 HP ups, also made an elite four run adding some effort points on him; after some more wild battles, a lot of rare candies and some resetting i managed to get the 233HP stat.

The next step were the items, the most annoying part was getting the items that pass over 99 in quantity.
this is a pic for the first items sorted for running code:

now that setup is complete let's run my first code on real Game Boys!

The result as expected was this:

Preparing a test trade:
Doot det doot dee, Doot det doot dee

And.... Success! (I think)

Well, it does took me a while figure by myself how to get 8F item.

It happens that i didn't know how item counter get glitched in the proses (and how it works), I still don't understand how x special clones works on the tutorial (also nobody even tried to explain it to me :() at any case, they are used for farming lost or never acquired TM's, which are not necessity for me, because i keep an stack of each one on my Pokemon stadium 2 game also i have stocks of rare candies too 8).

So I'm in the middle of trading, to gen II and i have some questions.
1) Do i need to pass exactly 12 machine parts and 2 secret potions or can be more? because my crystal version currently has only 8 key items: bicycle, old rod, squirt bottle, red scale, basement key, card key, clear bell and S.S. Ticket.

2) Do i need to arrage key items in an specific order? (please be specific on this order)

3) is there a way to toss/delete extra key items? i need to do this for video recording issues.
The retail game carts came packed whit a trainer e-reader card (i still have mine 8)) though i never got an e-reader so i never used that card. There's little info of US cards out there, mainly because that accessory  was discontinued very quickly.

BTW just saying... I think it would be a good project to emulate an e-reader and messing whit it, it also could lead to some custom team Pokemon trainers e-cards. Also I'm not sure but i think e-reader cards can manipulate saves because as far i have investigated there are berry's cards and a eon ticket card which involves some serious save data manipulation for it to work.
Hi again, sorry for being absent all this time, i been quite busy. also i had to finish and prepare my physical red version for some heavy glitching. ;)

I read and analyzed your entire post. part 1 is easy, i had done some old man glitch some decades ago, also i prefer not catching missigno because it gives the game some stability issues that i don't quite understand yet, so I'm avoiding it (not sure if this influences the next part of the glitching though).

Part 2 is were i have problems. It's hard for me to follow your instructions, so I'll describe everything i had done step by step.

My bag after step 3 looks like this:

Item-1: Full heal     x1
Item-2: Antidote     x1
Item-3: Parlyz heal x1
Item-4: Burn heal   x1
Item-5: Great ball   x1
Item-6: X-Special    x255 <--(same item counter/symbol in games as the potion item in the Video)

Step 4 is where i think I'm doing it all wrong, it says "Put the X Special x255 to the bottom of the items list, then toss all of the stack (not all of the stacks!) above it. Repeat this three times so that you have four X Special x255 stacks." basically i toss four stock of items (from Item-5 to Item-2) and my bag looks like this:

Item-1: Full heal     x1
Item-2: X-Special    x255
Item-3: X-Special    x255
Item-4: X-Special    x255
Item-5: X-Special    x255 <--(I assume those are still there, can't scroll down after tossing some items)
Item-6: X-Special    x255 <--(I assume those are still there, can't scroll down after tossing some items)

I toss Item-5 to Item-2 like this because step 5 reads: "Put the top stack of X Special x255 in slot 3" if done only 3 times x-special would already be on item-3 position making step 5 useless.

so on step 5 i switch item-2 to item-3. The bag looks like this:

Item-1: Full heal     x1
Item-2: X-Special    x155  <- after swapping it changes item quantity
Item-3: X-Special    x99    <- after swapping it changes item quantity
Item-4: X-Special    x255
Item-5: X-Special    x255 <--(I assume those are still there, can't scroll down after tossing some items)
Item-6: X-Special    x255 <--(I assume those are still there, can't scroll down after tossing some items)

on step 6 it read's "Toss all of both stacks above it to get two more X Special x255 stacks." i understand it as toss item-2 and item-1. Again my bag looks like this:

Item-1: X-Special    x99
Item-2: X-Special    x255
Item-3: X-Special    x255
Item-4: X-Special    x255
Item-5: X-Special    x255 <--(I assume those are still there, can't scroll down after tossing some items)
Item-6: X-Special    x255 <--(I assume those are still there, can't scroll down after tossing some items)

After this step, when i select an item the game kick me out of the bag menu (as if i pressed the cancel button), also i can't scroll down more items below item-1. I had misunderstand something i know, but i can't figure what it was?.

Also have recreated the video by switching the potion item for x-special, After switching item-3 for item-6 my bag looks like this:

Item-1: Burn heal   x1
Item-2: Great ball   x1
Item-3: X-Special    x255
Item-4: Parlyz heal x1
Item-5: Full heal     x1
Item-6: Antidote     x1

tossed item-2 and item-1:

Item-1: X-Special    x255
Item-2: X-Special    x255
Item-3: X-Special    x255
Item-4: Parlyz heal x1
Item-5: Full heal     x1
Item-6: Antidote     x1

In the video it toss eleven times potion x255 afterwards it toss potion x253, when i toss 3 times a stack of x-special x255 on my game, I got the same result: the game kick me out of the bag menu (as if i pressed the cancel button) and can't scroll down after item-1.

What I'm doing wrong? :(
Cool. Doing it on a real cartridge would be great. I do think Paco81's Celebi trick is much easier than this if you can get a bad clone; and so is the Coin Case arbitrary code execution method for Celebi on Gold/Silver, however, I like the idea of just trying cool glitches even if they are long-winded. Not sure if you think the same way.

It's because i like the idea too I'm offering to do this glitch on real game carts. ;) i have done Celebi egg trick and i feel it's very strange how you make a Celebi hatch from an egg. i also try paco81 method and is way more creepier how you make Celebi out of a glitched Pokemon. Arbitrary code execution on gold and silver is no different too, you just pop it out of the thin air.
Cristal's TM33 arbitrary execption code is different because you activate a programed in game event that was left unused on the game and you enconunter a celebi wich generation is not influenced on the execution of the glitcn (besides activating this event flag) as far i see it, that celebi is more legitimate than any other methods.

I have all the requirements what you said: a red, silver and crystal version game carts, two systems and the cable link (Everithing US region). Also i have the two stadium games and two transfers packs, but as far i understand this glitch, it won't be of any use here.

On the process instructions I'm very familiarized on the old man trick (aka missigno glitch) and how item duplication works in memory.
The item underflow method i understand it's principle (but never tried it); in theory You past 99 items limit in game via old man glitch. and loop item counter via adding one bite to the two bit counter so it goes form FF hex value to 00 (or vice versa) so when you start switching items you are writing data on other memory locations, which not necessary control items quantities. how doing this reach Pokemon data is something I'm still don't understand.

I'll start doing your steps but it will take some time getting the desired results. when i get more used the method i'll record it. meanwhile i'll ask questions on this thread, and i'll be posting my results.
The other day i was seeing the Celebi via TM33 arbitrary code execution video i know this is a rather old for you guys, but after blowing my mind, and researching it a bit, it come to me if i could reproduce this on real game cartridges (not emulators) and upload a video of it step by step without omitting the Pokemon creation on Gen I and add more comments while doing the process. i can help on all that.

But as i research on your results and methods it's kind of hard for me understand what are you really doing here specially when you speak in terms of hex values and programing routines. For a non programer guy like me, this is like reading encrypted alien language on Chinese.

So what do you say?
Introductions / Re: Hello GCLF
« on: February 14, 2015, 09:51:50 am »
Mr. Burns always makes a nice welcome :D

I think this makes you the oldest Pokémon fan on the site. Maybe the oldest Pokémon fan in general!

Well... i have seen some competitive play the other day, and I'm absolutely positive there are players that are above of his 40s. ::) So, I'm not ashamed, well maybe sometimes... :-[

Introductions / Hello GCLF
« on: February 13, 2015, 07:27:39 pm »
Hi everyone. just realized there are an introduction forum here.

First of all I'm not a native English speaker, so sorry for my mistakes. I don't feel the need to share much of myself, but I'll just say that I'm not another kid (have an age of 30) and i still love Pokemon games.

I've been a lurker of this forums/site for quite some time. About a few years ago i started playing again gen I and II of Pokemon games and I'm interested in glitches and bugs in general, but i have a preference for those that make the impossible like the mew glitch or the egg glitch which make Pokemon unnavigable available for today players.
Tech Help / Re: Berry Glitch Fix
« on: February 13, 2015, 07:09:51 pm »
Hi everyone, have an idea.
I have a Pokemon sapphire cart that has the same problem that describes Cryptic_Lynx, the game has it's battery run dry and I'm about to replace it, but before i do that, I've investigated if it works as easy as should be... and no... After a long goggling i found this article  so once again i returned to lurk this forum, but not anymore because i just joined ;)

One comment on that tread calls my attetion:

Thing is, I don't have the hardware to extract and send save data from and to retail cartridges.

You can use a phat DS/DS lite with a flashcart and the GBA Backup Tool homebrew.

The recommendation  that Wack0 do is using a DS (lite or fat/first ones) to dump save data, which you can potentially use to do the synchronization of RTC data via cheats on an emulator and dump your save data on cartridge again. The cons i see on this method is that you must to know the specific addresses for setting a cheat code that moves your RTC near the 2000/01/01 date (After a year you should do the berry program update again). The pros on this solution are that you make a backup on the process, so, if something went wrong you can still restore your backup. The cons are that you must have some knowledge on the RTC address on your save file.

On the other hand this article speaks of one solution that uses a GBA flashcard and a process that i found very questionable: swapping cartridge for flashcard on the fly while console is on. which potentialy would corrupt/kill your save file, (and no one want's that for his 998 hours pokemon save :o) once you take the risk you can easily change the clock via RTCread program. The pros on this method is that you have an easy tool to do the RTC clock setting directly on your cartridge. The con as i have pointed it out is that you potentially risk your save file.

That article also does an interesting "slashed" comment: but I'm sure I could port it to the DS if necessary. I'm not a programer but i think that doing an application for a DS flashcard could be a better viable solution, one that combines the ability of the GBA backup tool to write and synchronize the save on the  Pokemon cartridge and the easiness of the RTCread program, without the risks of losing data. but i fear this part of the article is slashed for a reason, because as far my search i haven't seen such application for NDS.

In my opinion, first method is much more viable but my programing knowledge is not that good, but if someone can do such homebrew for the DS it could be a much better option for everyone.
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