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Generation I Glitch Discussion / 0 Error fun
« on: October 12, 2015, 05:26:56 pm »
Hey to everybody, I'm a big fan of your website and i have been lurking it from 2years. Yesterday i was chilling out with some "0 Error Glitch" in Pokémon Red, when i found you can get many other " X Errors" with the same glitch. I made a video about it, I hope all these are not already known / old and I hope i added something aswell in this glitch collection!

> 1st part is a normal 0 error, when you find a wild pokemon you can generate a "7 Error" loop by using 9F
> 2nd part is a trainer battle loop untill "unknown op code" strikes you (it's very random make the A button work)
> 3rd part is a "1 error" when blackout from the "loop trainer" caused by 0error
> 4th part is a "8 Error"
> 5th part is  "random glitch text 10min sound loop then unknown opcode crash" .

No gameshark codes were used, the 0 Error is made by the standard Escape trainer Glitch.
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