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I actually posted a decent summary of the series of events that preceded everything here:

tl;dr: Wack0 (Riley) hacked into Nintendo while on bail from Microsoft and obtained a crapton of Pokemon stuff, including pre-release builds, prototypes, source code, etc.

I released some of these assets anonymously and in an interpreted form to stay as legally-sound as possible (hence why there are PNG files and not actual data files, etc.), but it all got too stressful and I made the announcement linked above and deleted everything I had.

That's about it as far as a tl;dr goes though.
Video Games Discussion / Re: Game programming video thread
« on: February 28, 2020, 07:55:58 am »
Oh man, Liz and I actually started getting into GameHut recently. Our favorite so far was the programming tricks they used to achieve the 3D effect in Toy Story.
Forum Discussion / Re: The reasons why I stepped down
« on: February 27, 2020, 08:13:38 am »
Heh, I can definitely empathize with #1 -- answering the same question(s) over and over on YT can get grating. Even if you have the answer to a question in a pinned comment, in the description, and even in the video itself, people are still going to ask the same questions that have already been answered right in front of them.

I know they don't do that kind of thing on purpose at all, and it's just a matter of not having looked everywhere prior to posting (hell, I did the same thing a few times in the past), but I know how much it can wear you down to the point where you stop checking comments altogether, because that's happened to me twice so far between both of my YT accounts. =')

Also, I apologize for the negative attention gained from the whole Wack0 situation; I never meant for that to attract any negative attention towards GCL, but I can totally understand how it'd look bad on GCL for harboring a person who illegally intruded into a network (Wack0) and a person who leaked data from that intrusion (me), and I can only imagine how much of a nightmare I/we caused staff as a result. "orz

It sucks to hear that the Wack0 thing was a factor in being a major stressor for ya, and especially a factor in making you feel unsafe. I wholly apologize for the negative vibes I/we brought upon y'all, but I'm deffo glad you're sticking around regardless of position instead of bouncing for good! ^^
General Discussion / Re: I'm leaving GCLF
« on: February 06, 2020, 09:50:52 pm »
lemme get a

🅱️oneless pizza

with a 2 liter of coke
Wiki Discussion / Re: On the definition of "glitch"
« on: January 17, 2020, 07:20:36 am »
Ohh gotcha, definitely treat them the same in regards to page names, otherwise that'd probably cause confusion -- I was mostly referring to their usages in technical descriptions and wiki article text.

For example, I personally love seeing why a certain glitch occurs (the "bug") as well as how to make that glitch occur in a controllable manner (the "trick" or "exploit"), but those can easily be added in the wiki article itself without needing to be part of the title, especially since the most important part of the glitch is...well, the glitch. =P

One excellent example of this is the ZZAZZ glitch article (, which not only explains the method of obtaining the glitch, but also the details on what's going on behind the scenes and how the game mechanics work to produce that effect, which is heckin' awesome to me. <3

And ye I totally agree, I deffo misspoke on the whole stake thing, sorry about that! I mostly meant my post as a "keep this in mind when writing an article" rather than a "these are the rules that should be followed when writing an article", which wasn't really apparent from the way I worded it. ^^;;
Wiki Discussion / Re: On the definition of "glitch"
« on: January 16, 2020, 05:40:15 pm »
I don't really have any stake in this, but a "bug" is effectively the programmatic error that results in unintended behavior, whereas a "glitch" is the direct æffect of a bug being triggered. Just use terms that fit the situation or subject.
Site Announcements / Re: Clarification on Recent Events
« on: January 07, 2020, 01:57:45 pm »
Hi Ganix,

I’m curious to know if you have any idea what Missingno.s 115, 121 and 135 are? They are all from period 4 and it seems strange that their backsprites weren’t present. Thanks.

115 and 121 are entirely unknown, and 135 is too blurry to make out in the GCCX video. None of those sprites survived, unfortunately. I'd be curious to know what they were though, as well as any other early scrapped Pokemon that we haven't seen yet.
General Discussion / Re: subject schmubject lmao got em
« on: January 04, 2020, 01:31:49 pm »
Oh dear god
General Discussion / Re: subject schmubject lmao got em
« on: January 03, 2020, 12:56:03 am »
General Discussion / Re: subject schmubject lmao got em
« on: January 02, 2020, 01:14:41 pm »
Oh it's on, time for me to post my 1:1 scale Sinnoh tweaking map. ;D
Site Announcements / Re: Clarification on Recent Events
« on: January 02, 2020, 07:17:06 am »
If I may ask, do you know if Wack0 still has any of the Pokemon development assets he was able to acquire, or was he legally compelled to erase them all? Is there anything he obtained that you know to exist but never ended up getting your hands on yourself?

Wack0 was legally obligated to delete anything he copied from Nintendo's servers. And yes, there are things I know that he obtained and that I did not end up getting my hands on, although I'm not comfortable giving an exhaustive list of everything he had in his possession.
Forum Games / Re: What song are you listening to right now?
« on: December 31, 2019, 07:18:16 am »

Man, it's unreal how many times I listened to this during the OSWE exam. UPLIFT SPICE is just hella rad in general.

The pre-chorus and chorus parts (starting around 0:40 and 0:55 respectively) are just so freaking good though.
Yeah, that's a really weird decision to remove the Lightning connector, especially with how it's a proprietary connector. I can't see why they'd remove it altogether, regardless of whether or not it's slated for a 2021 release.

But at the same time, I've got a Galaxy S9+ atm, and I'm looking to move over to the iPhone 11/12 as soon as I can, especially before 2021 now. :P
Site Announcements / Re: Clarification on Recent Events
« on: December 30, 2019, 01:13:26 pm »
I'm curious if you can answer this, but why did GF keep their beta content on an internal network in Nintendo? I mostly assumed betas, demos and other scrapped data are usually held on a flash drive or some other device somewhere in storage and away from anyone else's eyes that can only be accessed presently and physically rather than a hack.

Nintendo has a comprehensive and thorough Q&A process, and they presumably keep versions of the code and/or binaries for historical purposes (e.g. verifying bug fixes, etc.) as well as for analysis and localization/legal purposes. They may very well have moved to completely offline tape drives after this event.

My apologies if this question isn't appropriate or something you can answer, but did something happen to Wack0? The opening post talks about him in this sort of awkward past tense implying that what's being said about him is no longer true, which seems a bit worrying and is probably due to something I missed.

As Sato posted, he hacked into Nintendo while on bail from hacking into Microsoft. He will not be serving any jail time, thankfully.

Oof he had personal information regarding children's accounts from Vtech?! The prototypes are one thing, but actual personal information of other people is another thing. If he had that knowledge to be able to hack into sites like Nintendo and Microsoft, then he probably could have done the same here and stole all our passwords/email addresses too... Still, what he did with the prototypes and assets IMO my view hasn't changed on but the personal information he gathered he had no right to do so.

Agreed, he could have stopped at simply proving exploitation rather than exfiltrating data, but he chose to exfiltrate an enormous amount of data prior to disclosure, which is extremely irresponsible and presents the possibility of selling the information in the database. I personally don't think he'd do something like that, but the general public doesn't know who this guy is other than "a hacker that stole all their information", which makes his data exfiltration look even worse. And even then, that's all without taking into account that a large portion of the data he exfiltrated was children's data.

I also don't understand what you mean by what was going on with the proto front sprites; did Wack0 not have them because they couldn't get ahold of them after optimization, or did they but they couldn't see them because of how they were optimized on the network?

Sorry, I don't undestand.
Do you mean the missigno frontsprite were erased in the process?
Why didn't it occurred to the trainer sprites then ?
I thought trainers sprites and pokemon front sprite are basically the same thing in the games.

The front sprites underwent individual analysis to see which ones used up more memory and less memory compared to the previous versions of the front sprites. The back sprites and trainer sprites didn't undergo this analysis. That's about all I can say about it; any other answers would have to come from GAME FREAK themselves.
Site Announcements / Clarification on Recent Events
« on: December 25, 2019, 10:37:30 pm »
Okay, so I haven't exactly been up-front or honest with everyone, and I want to explain the situation and clear up any confusion and ambiguity behind things. I'll only post the immediately relevant information to keep this post as concise as possible, and I'm open to talking about anything that requires additional explanation or clarification.


Back in March of 2018, an individual hacked into Nintendo's internal network, and Nintendo found out about the intrusion in May 2018. That individual goes by multiple names online, but the one relevant here is the name Wack0. This is the only name aside from my own that I will be specifically mentioning.

In May of 2018, Wack0 assumed the mantle of the anonymous figure known as "__" and uploaded a mysterious ROM to the PRET Discord server with only 20 available downloads. This ROM happened to be the Space World 1997 prototype of Pokemon Gold and Silver ("SW97"). Those who were known to have downloaded the ROM were quickly added to a private team called Team Spaceworld ("TSW"), which was the same team that was planning on making a translation of the SW97 ROM.

I was part of TSW too, as was Wack0 -- from this point forward, any further mention of "Wack0" will be referring to his anonymous persona known as "__".

There were many Pokemon-related things that Wack0 had come into possession of, including tools used to make the games, development versions of the games, and even source code for the games. He entrusted some of what he had with certain individuals, whether that be knowledge, tools, or data. Many believed that he wanted some of that to get out publicly at some point; I personally believe that he wanted a lot of it to get out, but certainly not _all_ of it, although nobody can really know for sure. I was one of those people he entrusted things with.


In February of 2019, a group named Helix Chamber, which is a group dedicated to preserving and analyzing Pokemon history and media, announced that the ROM that was played at Pokethon by RacieB was created using prototype assets left over from development of Pokemon Red and Green, which was given to them by an anonymous donor, and that only the backsprites of scrapped Pokemon were given to them without the accompanying front sprites.

The truth is that I was the one who gave them those prototype assets. I was careful not to include any actual data from the game or any game assets, but rather interpretations of those assets, such as including the backsprites as PNG files instead of the actual files that the game uses for backsprites.

Unfortunately, GAME FREAK developed a newer, more efficient method to store front sprites (it was probably just raw data instead of encoded data originally), so the front sprites for those Pokemon literally just did not exist after the front sprites underwent optimization. The only reason the backsprites survived was because they didn't undergo the same optimization. If anyone was hoping for the front sprites for those Pokemon, then the only viable option would be to ask GAME FREAK what they looked like.


In December of 2019, the early sprites for a lot of Gen IV Pokemon were leaked online. I was the anonymous source of the sprites, and again I only transmitted them in an interpreted form instead of any actual data from the game or any game assets. These sprites are from January 2006, approximately 8 months before Pokemon Diamond and Pearl released in Japan. The only reason I can guess as to why Shellos and Gastrodon weren't in the list is because they probably weren't in the game yet.


In summary, the Pokemon Red and Green assets are real, and the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl sprites are real as well. I have nothing else in my possession, and I've shown everything I did have.

I deeply apologize for letting this go on for as long as it has; I haven't felt right about this from the very beginning, and it's a burden I'm finally glad to rid myself of. I've withdrawn from the dev/proto scene entirely, and I've recused myself from the actively participating in the Pokemon Gen 1-7 glitching scene. Additionally, both Wack0 and myself will be stripped of any and all ranks on GCL following this announcement, although I still plan to remain active and participate however I can.

Again, I didn't plan for things to get this out of hand or cause negativity of any kind -- I wanted to give people a glimpse of "what could have been" and the amount of work and detail that went into some of these in any way that I could, but even acknowledging their existence may have been saying too much, and I sincerely apologize for all of this.
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