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Pokémon Discussion / Re: Revision differences in Pokémon games
« on: January 10, 2017, 12:42:44 pm »
There is also away to execute code from box 19 apparently in a forest map (Viridian Forest?) apparently. This may be referring to invalid map scripts created with the Trainer-Fly glitch (aka walking lag glitch) though I don't know for sure.

Edit: The glitch seems to be this.

Hi there, I posted that video.
"Route 6 ACE" is found at 2ch on 2016/03/29(NOT FOUND BY ME).
Someone wondered that "Can I obtain Glitched Item via Trainer-Fly Glitched text box ?", and it works.

After that he found that trick worked on Viridian Forest.

This trick is similar to "Sea Route 21 arbitrary text box" in US Yellow.

I write down this, as you use Viridian Forest method.

Step 0) The 3rd bug catcher (he is added on Yellow Version) should be remain, or you should have ability of "Rival's" Trainer-Fly method.
Step 1) Do the TF on Viridian Forest.
Step 2) Save with box change, and reset.
Step 3) Talk to Pewter Gym guy, and rend to Pewter Gym.
Step 4) Enter Pewter Gym, and exit. (This is not required but recommend for bug catcher method, because without this step, bug catcher will not spot you.)
Step 5) Enter any house, see the town map, and exit.
Step 6) Enter Viridian Forest. Text box appears, text pointer jump to $DED0 (19th storage pokemon's nickname), and execute.

To use this ACE trick, you should check two things.
#1: Your text code must be started with "ゲ"(Hex:08). This is text command of "execute code after that".
#2: At the time of "ret", (HL) must point address that value of Hex:50 because $(HL) will be next command.

If you do it on Route 6, in the Step 5), you see "a catalog of TMs" on Celadon Mansion, and jump to $DEB8.

Sorry for bad English, my skill sucks =(
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