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Could some thing like the game memory hacking itself rom hack be done with 8f it would be cool to see the game glitching itself on a real cartridge.
Want an ace way of making the game glitch itself how would you run code that changes a random byte in the wram.
Has any one tested this since the vc emulator does not emulate sram locking so it mean you only need to switch banks?
How would you add the sram unlocking and bank switching code to the box name memory editor by crystal_
Can't get it to work the adresss where pc box pokemon are stored is still all 0s when i unlock the sram and switch banks. Also doesn't the 3ds vc emulator not emulate sram locking if it doesn't why won't the memmory editor let me write to the sram.
To execute ace you have to go into the over world though to get into the bag to use tm 25
I tired this in an emulator but where the pokemon in boxes are stored its still all 0s
If you could make the game corrupt itself with ace that would be cool but there would be a risk of also corrupting your save file
anyway we could do a catch a trainers pokemon code the problem is it needs to be activated in battle or it causes the battle to glitch.
how do you convert tm 27 and coincase codes to tm 17 codes
How do you convert these codes into tm 17 ones

Most of these codes were already made for wrong pocket TM execution.

Most of the time, just put p'd at the end of the main code.
Tired that but it doesn't work nothing happens
How do you convert these codes into tm 17 ones
Well I've got to Goldenrod (yes that was quick..) and I've got the Coin Case, Quagsire TM02 and TM04. Little under two hours playtime. Unfortunately I cannot get the Return TM as it's not the right day of the week, but good reason to try this TM04 method then!
you can change the time in gold and sliver and use that to get a bunch of hair cuts
What do you mean by "so it does" ?
Also ACE cannot modify code. That had been brought up before, but it's all the NOPE.
It can if its in the ram.
None of the game's code is in RAM, except for a small routine that does nothing but wait. So, still, nope.
this isn't glitching but what happens if you try to trade a pokemon with mail if you hack the rom to do it and do a link trade in an emulator
Theres an easier box name hex editor here but it uses the french version would you be able to make an easier one for the english version of the game based on this
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