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To convert back, you can set up the list in BGB, then go into the "debugger" panel, then hit Ctrl+G, then type $D322 (US R/B), and read the code.

Or you can convert into hex using the Big HEX List and then into ASM (either doing it by hand or with BGB) ; or directly into ASM still using the List.
I know all this, but I think we can agree that its a lot more of a hassle then just copy-paste your own asm code...
can you please write the asm code? I really dont understand why people dont do it... that's very easy to do, pretty useful for the ones who want to know what exactly it does and it doesn't do any harm to anyone...
He... did.
The items script is LITERALLY GBz80ASM.
It's a simple conversion with ISSOtm's converter, which can be found in the "Useful Tools" section of the sidebar, or here.
I know you can easily convert asm to item list but I wanted to understand the code, not just to use it, and afaik there's no simple converter to convert item list back to asm.....
Easy (ish) cloning:
Prerequisite: box 1 is empty and the pokemon to clone is in another box. The pokemon to clone also cannot have any HMs.
You will also need the standard 5 pokemon 8F setup.

* any item x any
* 8F
* Lemonade x 19
* X accuracy x 128    (127 if using yellow, but then I don't know how wsm works.)
* Carbos x 218
* Poke ball x 119
* TM01 x any

* Change to box 1 and use 8F
* Move the pokemon to clone into box 1
* Release all the pokemon in box 1 by releasing from the top of the list repeatedly until the box is empty.
* Use 8F again. The box is now filled with unstable hybrids of your pokemon and 'M (FF)
* Withdraw as many as you want and use the daycare to stablize the hybrids. They should all stablize to be the originally deposited pokemon.

The last step is not necessary if you want to transfer the clones to sun/moon. Just transfer the box, toss 18 lemonade, use 8F, and withdraw the original pokemon.
can you please write the asm code? I really dont understand why people dont do it... that's very easy to do, pretty useful for the ones who want to know what exactly it does and it doesn't do any harm to anyone...
Tech Help / Re: Perfect opportunity
« on: August 19, 2017, 10:22:11 am »
get a magnet and a ds cart and do magnethax. extra points if you use the jpn pokemon g/s "gb cartridge" magnets
Pokémon Discussion / Re: Pokémon Moon and Sun Discussion
« on: July 31, 2017, 02:46:09 pm »
does anyone there knows how to make a starter with a certain pokeball I choose? I RNG-bread my starter to be shiny, so now I have a white litten named 1337 and I thought about breeding it again to get a shiny with a premiere ball so it will match the color
is there a way to do this via breeding? because if I use different species the female will pass the ball and the specie of the offspring, so I need a female litten to start with...
so I read about it a little and my problem is there are only two kinds of tutorials- the ones that explain nothing ("so you want your id and secret id to be in a certain position" f**k you so much useless info!) and the ones that assume I know everything ("open pandoras box program input bla bla" - the damn program wont open because it requires some shitty parameters that you never explained!)
so can somebody explain how to use rng abuse to get a shiny charm glitch id-sid pair? I dont care about thee natures, just so it would be shiny and if thats important that the lead will be male cute charm-er as it sounds the easiest to use, tho if it is harder to obtain I dont really care
Tech Help / Re: Perfect opportunity
« on: July 27, 2017, 07:30:32 am »
somehow install a9lh or b9 on it, then open devmenu or however this shits is called and the next time an employee looks at it, accuse him of being a filthy pirate
this is a sub-glitch, not very easy and only tried it on VC pokemon blue english ver, but I see no reason it wont work elsewhere.
it might be not an original finding, while I did find it by myself, I googled it and no results so I assume it is something new...
step 1- get a glitch item that lets you walk through walls- I used item number 148 (94 hex). might add a tut for this later (basically either with item underflow or ACE, I recommend the letter tho its a little slower to set up)EDIT- was bored enough, added it in the end of this message
step 2- enter the safari zone building
step 3- stand in the left lane in the entrance and face right:

step 4- use the glitch item, close the pokemon menu and walk one step to the left. now you are invisible so you should count your steps to know where you stand
step 5- walk a few steps up so you will be one or more tiles north to the line of sight of the safari worker. if you started in the place where I showed in the picture you should walk exactly 3 tiles upward.
step 6- open pokemon menu again to stop walking through walls as you cant enter the saffari without it.
step 7- enter the saffari- you have 0 steps and 0 (safari) balls- do as you please! sad thing is you still need to play with the rocks and safari balls....

if you want to leave the safari zone just walk out of the safari and decline when they offer you to pay 500$ for what you just did for free lol

dont know if it is useful for anybody, hope it is...
also I am not a native englisher, dont try to shame me for using this damn lang wrong

EDIT- how to get that item (hex 94):
1. get 8f- search on youtube how to get it. very useful, very easy, does all sorts of things
2. get this item list in your bag exactly as I write it (can add as much crap in the end of list as you want, but try not to):

items from 1st to last:
Code: [Select]
**crap    x1
8f       x1
Lemonade  x148
TM34      x30
TM11      x4
TM01      x[any ammount]
**when I say crap I mean any replaceable item, preferably pokeball as its cheap

also when I say you get 0 safari balls, this means 256, as the game will underflow once you use one. and this applies to any items with amount of 0...
1. I don't know. What's consistent, however, is the value of hl, because what most bootstraps essentially do is
Code: [Select]
ld hl, $D322
jp [hl]
(Most is actually "all but the glitched 3-Pokémon setup")

2. That's because codes interface with the game's engine. The way wCurOpponent works in the overworld is : if on one frame in the overworld, this value is non-zero, the game starts a battle with wCurOpponent as the opponent's ID. Thus, we write to that address, close the menu, and on the overworld frame that follows the menu's closing, the game starts the battle.

3. There are but OH BOY IT'S s**t. This game's text engine is a NIGHTMARE. I'd have to look back a bit at it (I had researched it for my SRAM hack), because it's very not obvious what you have to do. Give me a moment. A long one.

4. There's none, because the game's programming doesn't allow going past 99 ($63) items. Using DMA hijacking it may actually be possible, but good luck on this one.
ok thanks for the answers! about 2- so its basically uses the way the game was designed? ok great. is there a way to actually call a subroutine that starts a battle? would be fun starting a battle in the mid of the battle...or stuff. IDK..
about 3- so is there an easier way to write text? and then clean it easily? by easily I mean not backing up the tile map and restoring afterwards...

about the 3 pokemon bootstrap you mentioned- if it doesnt jp to D322 how does it work then? or does it just use another rp?
Though I wouldn't trust the value of b, because mainly of the 6-Pokémon setup.
1. thanks! didnt see that for some reason. question is- did any of the values change since then because of changed bootstrap? (yes you already said about b, talking about the others)...
2. lots of 8f code seems to just load some data into registers and s**t happens- like how does the catch 'em all code works?- it just loads some value to the "wCurOpponent" which is the species of the opponent in wild battle... there is no code to initiate the battle itself.... lots of item lists are like this- just put the right data in the right spot without calling any function like I would expect... can anybody explain that to me?
3. where are the in-game functions to write text to the lil window on the screen? I wanna write some text without consequences easily and without having to clear it out, like when I just write tiles to the right place in ram directly...
4. is there a code to buy more then 99 items from shops? it will be more convenient then just making those items myself (duping and stuff)
lol imagine somebody who wants to hack their n64 asks an expert to do the job, the expert comes with 4 pokemon carts and controllers and starts doing funny busyness... (I know it isnt really helpful for piracy/hacking)

great news! if its possible to write data from gen1 carts to the n64 ram, and then run the code why cant we just pass a small loop that instructs the n64 to write from controller or at least from the gb ram, which can be connected to a tas to write data super fast?
Rebattle Mewtwo

Code: [Select]
ld a,01 ; a = 1
dec a ; a = 0, necessary because you can't have 0 of an item
inc b ; useless filler
ld hl,$d85f ; hl = d85f
ld (hl),a ; d85f = 0
ld ($d5c0),a ; d5c0 = 0
ret ; return

You can have 0 of an item actually.

- 8F
- Item you want 0 of x1
- Pokéball x43
- Revive x201

Code: [Select]
inc b ;junk
dec hl ;hl is now D321, thats item 2 quantity identifier.
dec (hl) ; decrease the quantity of (hl) by 1.
about that code for 0 quantity of item 2- you assume hl contains D322 before the execution, how can you know that?
more general question- what are the states of the registers before using 8f, and do I have to return them to that state for the game to work properly?
sorry I'm new in glitching, and I did a few codes already including one that changes item-1 quantity to 0, and it took me 3 items instead of 2 because I didn't know the values of the registers and had to insert the values manually...
you can only get one earthquake tm in the  game is there a way to get any item with coin case ace

Probably not, but you really should of cloned any important TM's seeing as it's so easy to do in Generation II games. Changing the ID is definitely possible, Crystal_ showed me how to do it when I was playing through Crystal. I doubt a Celebi event will happen, but it's easy enough to get a Celebi through the coin case glitch, then if it's discovered a certain one will get through with the right trainer ID and player name, simply change it to that with ACE.

Yeah, sometimes the item requirements are an issue. Theoretically you could use a different code but it depends on whether you can create it without those one-off items. One solution to get TM26 Earthquake without clearing your game's save file if you're able to use 8F or ws m is to modify the held item address of a Pokémon to be transferred over to Generation II (DA9D for stored Pokémon 1 in Red/Blue or D171 for PC box Pokémon 1 in Yellow) to D9, which is the ID of TM26 (Earthquake).

Red/Blue stored Pokémon 1 method:

Item 3: Lemonade x 217
Item 4: Carbos x 218
Item 5: X Accuracy x 157
Item 6: Water Stone x 201

Yellow stored Pokémon 1 method:

Item 3: Lemonade x 217
Item 4: Carbos x 209
Item 5: X Accuracy x 113
Item 6: Water Stone x 201

Hope that helps.

How do i change what item it makes the pokemon hold?
looks like the amount of lemonade determines the item in both codes as its the only thing there corresponding with the item id of TM26... look here:
take this- a real way to get mew (with lots of glitches) which I take as real even tho I didnt do it myself, produced by respected forum member-

cant see any of the steps you talked about, it involves a hard glitch named "pomeg glitch"
Debate Wars / Re: Religion
« on: July 23, 2017, 12:40:07 am »
I believe we cant know if we are in a "base reality", in other words, a non simulation world, or if there is a world outside this one. I cant go outside this existence by my own will, therefore it doesnt matter if I believe in it or not as it has no implications.

I agree with this, and I think God (if God exists) will always love us unconditionally.

therefore I believe we are in a base reality, that gods are fake and made-up by mortal minds as it is the simplest explanation to what we see and feel. someone who devotes his life to a religion is just wasting his time... but I dont hate ones who do. unless they make some stupid ass s**t decisions that can affect me and others who arent in that religion in a negative way... in such case I wont shut up. but that's how I react with other groups, not only religious ones

I relate with this too. I find dogma is fine as long as you don't try to force your view on others and remember to treat people with love and respect. I really dislike that and also religious extremism. In my view you risk not living in God at all and also risk falling to narrow-minded thinking or segregating those who don't believe in your views.

I relate to Christianity though in various ways. My favourite parable is that a good shepherd opens the door by the gate, if you go in by the fence you could scare the sheep and doing that in general is disrepectful (the quote goes on to say that those who go in by the fence are by figures of speech a "burglar"). Therefore we treat others with respect, also be humble and also if you ever meet with someone with ideals that you don't believe in, you go in their shoes, acknowledge their ideals and treat them with fairly.

I also relate to Jesus' saying that he is there so "the blind will see" and "those who see will become blind". This could be interpreted to mean that at times we are caught in an issue such as low mood and 'don't see the light', but God/Jesus will make us understand the issue with greater insight and forgive ourselves and/or others.

Those who see will become blind at a first glance sounds bad, but it means that sometimes in life we have received our comfort but will eventually lose it. It is believed this is needed in Christianity because in God's view those who become proud risk developing qualities such as arrogance, selfishness, being judgemental, discriminating or segregative, condescending.
This is also links into a saying that God chose wisdom in the world to fool the wise, like how in science we have many times changed our paradigms to better fit new discoveries. It also humbles the spirit for things to be this way and strengthens our unconditional love.

Though this is not in Christianity, I feel this also similar to the spiritual law of balance and polarity. If you feel an extreme emotion (such as a keen enthusiasm in something or depression) or are even in an extreme situation (like being a slave), you must at some point have experienced the opposite situation (even if you were a slave but became a dictator in another life) to complete our understanding of the experience.

I'm going to be assertive though in saying I disagree however with some parts of the Bible, in particular the views the homosexuality is immoral (the Bible says they will not "inherit the kingdom of God"), as well as (actual quote) "A woman must not wear men's clothing, nor a man wear women's clothing, for the LORD your God detests anyone who does this." and this one is obscure but there is also a verse along the lines that women should be submissive as Eve ate the fruit! In my view that is just sexism disguised as an archetype. Sadly I can no longer find the last one.

This is personally why I stopped believing in fundamental Christianity and became agnostic. But I wish people of all religions could transcend to a place in which their ideals are met without hurting other people.

I personally believe the meaning of life is simply to strengthen love through hardship (in fact we could have eternal love but if you had something to compare it with like yin/yang the feeling would become stronger), but I still assert that I know nothing about God.
that's a pov of someone I would respect. people who say they believe in every word written in the holy book are not very smart most of the time, they either dont read or dont understand it and say they do. I mean, the book (most of them) is super old, most of it needs an interpretation because it holds more then one meaning depending on how you interpret it, and not everybody can interpret it however they want- only the big people can and you have to accept it... you cant get a huge book with tons of stuff and which is old and say you agree with all of it... times change, and so is society...
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