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Is ACE fully doable in FR/LG?  If so, has anyone written a code to cause Mewtwo to respawn, or to change your secret ID?
Well it's cool that ACE worked on your game at all ! Now we know the problem can only be in either your items or the code.

Unfortunately french versions of the game have a way to get Birth and Faraway Islands without ACE, so i only used ACE for Navel Rock. Maybe you should ask Metarkrai about it, since he's the one who wrote the codes ?
If you're referring to the Glitzer Popping method of unlocking those islands, then I have that too, as I'm on a Spanish version.  However, I tried it, and it cost me my upgraded trainer card.  The various ACE codes that are supposed to restore it did NOT do so, and I was thus forced to restore a save I made from before I unlocked Birth and Faraway Islands (I need the Frontier Pass to RNG with the aid of battle videos).

I have a message in to Metarkrai on Twitter from over a month ago, and it looks like he hasn't read it yet.  So I'm basically stuck at the moment.
Generation IV Glitch Discussion / Re: Obtaining Arceus via the Void Glitch
« on: September 30, 2018, 11:01:18 am »
Great discovery!  Do any of the paths to Arceus (I know there are at least 2 - one that ends in the Mystery Zone and one that ends in the Hall of Origin) allow me an opportunity to save nearby in order to RNG it?
RETIRE was soft-resetting it on stream and encountering it roughly once every 20 seconds, so there's no reason you couldn't throw an RNG manip into the process.
Thanks.  Do you happen to know where exactly I can save to RNG it, and which path would be ideal for this purpose?
Generation IV Glitch Discussion / Re: Obtaining Arceus via the Void Glitch
« on: September 30, 2018, 05:58:05 am »
Great discovery!  Do any of the paths to Arceus (I know there are at least 2 - one that ends in the Mystery Zone and one that ends in the Hall of Origin) allow me an opportunity to save nearby in order to RNG it?
Hi guys. Me again.

This time with a new batch of EV-trained seedots trying to get the event items in the game since my last batch only gave me caterpies with "??????" as an item.

This time however i haven't gotten a single caterpie after 30+ resets and the only thing i HAVE noticed was that sometimes some of the seedot slots will be completely blank, almost like i've completely deleted the pokemon in the slot. I'm assuming i've done the glitch wrong somehow, but i've got a sneaking suspicion that it has something to do with the EVs.

If someone could please confirm what EVs are needed to get the following items then that would be great:
- old sea map
- aurora ticket
- eon ticket
- mystic ticket
Here are the EVs you need for those items:

Old Sea Map: 1 Spe / 120 Def
Aurora Ticket: 1 Spe / 115 Def
Eon Ticket: 1 Spe / 19 Def
Mystic Ticket: 1 Spe / 114 Def

Make sure you give at least 1 HP EV to all of these as well so that your eggs actually become a Pokémon.  I'm thinking that may have been your problem.  1 HP EV will produce a Bulbasaur, and 10 HP EVs will produce a Caterpie.

Good luck!

- - - - -

And now for an issue of my own.  I've been trying the ACE codes (Emerald Pyramid bag) to unlock the event islands.  I want Birth Island, Faraway Island, and Navel Rock all unlocked.  I tried the code for all 3 (no gold symbols).  It only unlocked Navel Rock.  I then tried the code for just Birth Island and Faraway Island (no gold symbols).  Instead of unlocking either of those, it unlocked just Navel Rock instead.  What could be going on?  Has anyone had success unlocking Birth and Faraway Islands with ACE (not with Glitzer Popping), and if so, which code did you use?  I'm positive that I have the necessary items for all 3 in my bag.
The Unknown value is, as its name implies, unknown. Ignore it, as there's no way to change it without double corruption.

You can find a list of moves here: (then you just have to translate their id into hexadecimal). But honestly, there's no way you're going to obtain values that would set any of these two bytes at 1, at least not as long as your pokemon doesn't have glitch moves.

Most of the time, the only byte that is set is the Speed EV's being between 64 and 127 or between 192 and 255. If that's the case, you should make it so another byte is set, what i often do is give them 3 Pokéblocks made out of Aspear Berries with the old man (each with 10 - 12 Tough and 23 Feel), which increases its Feel by 69, thus setting this byte if it was at 0.

Make sure you don't already have an even number of these bytes set though. I doubt Metarkrai wouldn't mention this in his tutorial, so it's kind of surprising that you got this problem. If your pokemon's Speed EV's aren't between 64 and 127 or between 192 and 255, make sure you didn't set another byte by accident.
You're right - no attack has an index value that comes close to a number that would set that byte.

Metarkrai covers fixing the Speed EV byte by using PP Ups on Splash (4th move).  Due to that, I have either all "no" or 2 "yes" and the rest "no" on all of my Smeargle.  Of course, this is ignoring the "unknown value" byte.

Also, as for the possibility of incorrect eggs, I'm not sure what the eggs are supposed to look like (never really paid attention on my successful attempts, especially since I can't check summary and then save), but here's one of them.  All 5 look like that.
Well sometimes i noticed i got eggs with which it was impossible to finish the double corruption for some reason. If you're really sure your issue isn't just bad luck, you can try to check one of the eggs' profile and redo the first part of the corruption to obtain a set of different eggs (the messages telling you how the game thinks you got it and when it will hatch as well as the ball should be different). I'm not sure if checking their profile resets PP's, but just to be sure you can save, check the profiles and then reset whenever you get a new set of eggs.

Also make sure you meet these criteria : . And, of course, if you're trying to get items, your pokemon should have HP EV's, or else they will turn into empty slots.
Thanks.  I'm looking into the 12 criteria and I'm confused about the 3rd/4th/5th ones. 

3rd: What does "unknown value" mean?
4th/5th: Where can I find a list of identifiants for the various attacks?
Are you sure you meet all the criteria ? Though if you followed Metarkrai's tutorial you probably do... it could just be bad luck, or maybe you got wrong eggs, it happened to me quite a few times.

I can't really help without knowing the specifics sorry :/
I know I have the EVs right on the Smeargle, as I've checked with a save editor.  I've successfully used Unmarked Caterpie for other double corruptions before, so I doubt anything is wrong with it.  I was also very careful to not pick up the eggs.

What do you mean by "wrong eggs?"

I know it's difficult to help with this sort of thing over the web, and I appreciate your replies, as I'm really stumped.
You should do the whole double corruption with Unmarked Caterpie then. The eggs you got are probably the result of a wrong corruption that switched substructures in an unintended way.
I started the process over again with Unmarked Caterpie.  I just can't seem to get the eggs to turn into Bulbasaur though.  I've tried countless times and all I get are bad eggs.  I was very careful to not select the eggs, so that can't be the problem.  Any suggestions?
If they're turned back into Smeargles that must mean the second part of the corruption essentially did the opposite of the first part instead of completing it. This is most likely due to you changing the corruption initiators in the middle of the double corruption. You should never do that.

I don't know what is causing 4 of your clones to stay as eggs when one of them got corrupted. I would understand if they became Bad Eggs or empty slots, but it doesn't seem to be the case. Are you sure you scrolled beyond the 6th slot for long enough ? If not, it's possible the corruption didn't even "reach" them.
Thanks for the info.  In testing for my TID corruption, the heart Caterpie is what got my Smeargle to become eggs.  However, it says in the description of Metarkrai's video that since my Smeargle's PID begins with an 8, I need unmarked Caterpie to corrupt its PID.  So, if I'm supposed to use the same one for both pieces of the double corruption, which one should I use?
That's no good. There's something wrong with your setup if you're not getting the same corruption pattern for all 5 sets
Any idea what it could be?  I thought that there may be something wrong with the 4 unmarked Caterpie that didn't cause my egg to become a Bulbasaur (since only one worked), so I cloned that one working Caterpie, replaced the other 4 with the new clones, and redid the second end of the double corruption.  That time, I got all 5 clones to become 5 Smeargle again.  I'm pretty stumped at this point...
Oh, my bad then. I didn't do this step when i did the setup myself (i used the old Seedot way to get the items). Then you'll have to go with the 1/32 success rate, which will take quite some time but will work eventually.
Could there be something wrong with my Smeargle then?  Could they possibly be the wrong corruption type or something?  I've SR'd countless times and have had no luck.  I know the odds are low, but with the number of times I've done it, I'd expect to have hit it by now.

EDIT: Judging by the 4th table here, my Smeargle have a corruption value of 7, which IIRC is what I want for this process of obtaining the glitch items.  However, their PID is 8B6EF033, and according to the description in this video, I need an unmarked Caterpie to corrupt Smeargle's PID since it begins with an "8."  In testing for TID corruption, it was a heart Caterpie that I needed in order to turn a Smeargle into an egg.  Does this mean I should switch to unmarked Caterpie for the second end of the double corruption?  Sorry, but I'm a bit confused by the difference between PID and TID corruptions, despite knowing what PIDs and TIDs are.

EDIT2: I'm trying the unmarked Caterpie now, and on one attempt, the eggs turned back into Smeargle for some reason.  I'm still trying though.

EDIT3: Looks like that means I didn't give the 1 HP EV to all of my Smeargle.  Oops!  At least I think I figured it out now, and I have backup clones of everything.

EDIT4: While I finally got Bulbasaur holding a glitch item, I only got one from the 5 eggs.  Aren't all 5 eggs supposed to become Bulbasaur at the same time?  The other 4 were still [regular] eggs.
The problem certainly isn't due to your IPG setup or the reporter. The only point of that part is to get an empty slot as your first party slot. If you have one, you can perform the corruption regardless of how you got it, it's just the easiest way to get one.

The thing is, since you're not cloning the eggs, your chances of getting the right corruption are significantly lower in the second part of the corruption than in the former. You may have to reset and try again a few dozens of times. If you gave a specific 4th move to the pokemon you're corrupting, you should be able to move its egg, allowing you to clone it and place them how you did for the first part of the corruption, which would increase your success rate.
I do have an empty slot as my first party slot.  According to line 280 here, I can't clone the Smeargle eggs, so I haven't tried to do that.
You shouldn't have to change corruption initiators in the middle of a double corruption.
Thanks.  I just wasn't sure based on the wording.

I'm having no luck with the second end of the 5 Smeargle double corruption so I'm just trying to see if I'm doing anything wrong.  I'm using IPG and I got all 5 to turn into eggs.  Do I need to "reset" IPG before the second corruption (withdraw a Pokemon to clear it, prep my party, and talk to the Fan Club reporter again)?  What I did after activating IPG was:

1. save in front of the PC
2. soft reset
3. open menu and scroll up
4. check PC to see if proper corruption occurred; if not, repeat from step 2
5. remove everything but the 5 eggs from boxes 1-2 without selecting those eggs
6. clone Heart Caterpie (my TID corruption initiator) 5 times using cloning glitch Pokemon and place 1 before each egg
7. save and repeat steps 2-4.

I'll also note that when I talk to the Fan Club reporter, the IPG Pokemon's name isn't "rerererere..." like I see in videos.  It's just a long amount of nothing.  It worked for the first end of the corruption, though, so I doubt this is a problem.
Following this, if Heart Caterpie is what was able to corrupt my Smeargle's TID and turn it into an egg, does that mean that the Unmarked Caterpie is what will corrupt my Smeargle's PID and finish off the double corruption?  Or does it mean that the Heart Caterpie is for both?
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