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Generation I Glitch Discussion / Glitch Dimension (ish) in R/B
« on: April 12, 2018, 07:08:16 am »
This might have either already been documented or isn't that powerful, but I managed to trigger a glitch dimension-like effect while fooling around with a ゥ .4 who knew Super Glitch move A6 as its first move. I don't remember the exact thing I did to trigger this effect, but I do have screenshots (attached to this post); the game was remarkably still pretty playable (though I did force my trainer name to terminate when normally it would be unterminated). Has anyone else seen something like this and/or know how to trigger it?

BGB is one of the most accurate GB emulators out there, so, as a general rule, if a crash happens on BGB but didn't on other emulators, BGB got it right. It does have some emulation issues, but they are extremely few, and beware has been squashing more and more of them.

I care less about emulation accuracy than how much I can glitch up the game and have it keep running. :>
The easiest solution is if you open the Pokémon menu just before viewing the Fight menu (all within battle), then the corruption shouldn't freeze the game due to a hidden 0x50 sub-tile (which the game interprets as the end of the move's name basically) on the battle screen. However you may still get the TMTRAINER effect and a freeze after the battle ends (unless you're in Diglett's Cave).

The corruption can be avoided entirely in Red/Blue by having the 0x50 sub-tile early on the screen (towards the top preferably as close to the top-left corner as possible) and opening the Pokémon or items menu before battle, but can be awkward to pull off unless you're at a place such as Route 1. (Note this method does not work in Yellow)

0150A0C3 will also place it at the top-left corner of the screen for you, but you still have to flash the Pokémon menu in battle with this code enabled (works in Red/Blue/Yellow).

Hope that helps. :)

Awesome! Thank you!!
Hmm. In Red and Blue battling with 0 Pokémon causes a freeze after the battle (unless you are in Diglett's Cave) which doesn't occur in Yellow, so that could explain why if the freeze occurred then.

If your Pokémon has move 0 as its first move (or a Super Glitch move in any slot 1-4) and the freeze occurred after choosing to fight, that could also be responsible as viewing it can cause corruption that freezes the game without the proper setup.

That sounds like it might be part of the problem! Unfortunately, the crash happens the moment I open the fight menu.

What would be the proper setup?
That's odd (BGB is quite accurate and you shouldn't need to change any settings most of the time), though a lot of glitches are quite specific. Which glitches are you attempting?
It might be more that I'm impatient and don't like playing through the game proper to get to the glitches so I just edit RAM and such directly, but I did legitimately attempt the "walk through walls to fight pokemon before obtaining a pokemon" glitch and it only ever crashed.
I'm kind of a glitching newbie, and have been fooling around with glitches in Pokemon Blue emulated via BGB. The problem I'm encountering is that nearly 100% of the time, instead of achieving the desired glitch, the game crashes. Is this due to incorrect performance of a glitch, or are there certain settings on the BGB emulator that make glitches easier to perform/the game less likely to crash?
Introductions / Re: hello all!!
« on: March 27, 2018, 08:53:48 am »
Hello etoile! Nice to meet you :)
Funny, you have a french name. Are you french? (we have a super cool french community with a lot of cookies)
I'm not french, sorry to disappoint ;0; I speak some french, though!
Introductions / Re: hello all!!
« on: March 27, 2018, 06:42:35 am »
Introductions / hello all!!
« on: March 26, 2018, 07:31:09 am »
I've been a lurker on the wiki and forums for a long time now, and have been binge watching Gen I glitch videos for the last few weeks, and finally decided to officially join the community. Even though I really can't do a lot of deep coding stuff at the moment (hex editing, ACE, etc.) I've always had a really strong interest in quirks in programming and code. I recently bought VC Pokemon Silver and Crystal, and also own Sun and Ultra Moon, and am excited to research glitches and maybe try a few of my own =D I'm even planning on writing my official AP task project on Pokemon Blue and its memory setup and associated glitches!

For a little more about me, my name is Etoile and I'm 17 and a lesbian. My favorite glitch pokemon is Female Symbol, and my favorite glitches are Charizard 'M and any other particularly destructive/dangerously corrupting glitches, like unterminated/doubled ZZAZZ, which destroy the game's playability but don't outright crash it. It's super interesting how much you can do to the game and have it keep taking the data you give it, which is why I'm so interested in Gen I despite never playing the games. I'm happy to be here and excited to join the discussion!
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