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BGB has a bunch of stuff that's togglable, try seeing if it'll ignore unknown ops. If not, you could probably mod Gambatte to do that very easily.

I already tried BGB, but the only option related to that is making the game hang instead of having an unknown op-code error. Also, the way VC works is that the VC emulator hooks unknown op-codes, and repurposes them for internal use. I've learned that from TheZZAZZGlitch. I recommend you check out his video on it.

Basically, if an emulator similar to that is created, we could possibly be able to discover more glitches in red/blue/yellow, and maybe some other pokemon games.
I was wondering, because I would love to be able to try and use 8F without the game crashing. I really love seeing the game break!  :) Also, if there is one that ignores unknown op-codes, what is it called?
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