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Ok thanks man I’ll start messing with it.
 Ive been reading on this subject for about a week now, reading and reading and reading, headace inducing. I get the basic concept of it, but i dont believe my knowledge of it is good enough to start executing it or experimenting with it. More like an infant to this code writing stuff at the moment, i really dont want to run the risk of currupting my save file beyond repair.
Well to my point, is there a way to use this code to

1. Warp to Mt silver, or possibly walk through walls to get there, i really would like to catch a Larvitar (train/evolve there as well)

2. Change another bag Item, held item, or be able to edit PokeMart inventory to get a Scope Lens (not enough games to Mystery Gift it)

3. Get 250+ of protein, Iron, calcium, carbos, pp-up, and hp-up, or any other items that matter, balls,tms,ect... tired of cloning over and over

4. And eventually Start editing pokemons IV’s and or Attacks

There is a catch though, i havent recieved the item Pass yet, havent even beat the Elite Four, or havent even gotten the Eighth Gym badge, but what i am doing is working on all of the pokedex before i beat the Elite Four.
Is there a way before i go to kanto? Everything else ive been reading show post E4 and 16 badges.There are a few that show before, but they arent very clear and dont include the most important codes i would like to perform on my list (#1 & #2).

 Ive seen speed runs jump to Mt Silver but they use a Flag (i think)to allow Red to be shown or to instantly win that battle or some sort, i dont care about that or dont want to beat Red early. So i cant follow their codes to the T. Plus they rely heavily on luck IV manipulation (i think) which i wouldnt begin to know how to perform from the beginning.
The first two are really more important to me than the last two, at least for now, but i would really appreciate some help from somebody who has more experience with ACE and has done this more than a few times.

Im playing on 3DS Virtual Console with Pokemon Silver Version.  Thanks again.

Ps i have lots of pokecash so buying items isnt a problem, as long as they are available to me at the moment.
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