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Hi Evie,

Thanks for the feedback. I took a look at CC35 and indeed it contained $BB, so that says Pokémon 187 is involved :)
As I was reading stuff about Super Glitch for a future Youtube video about the international dokokashira door glitch, I ended up on the international fossil conversion glitch page. There, I noticed a new chapter about how to exploit a new glitch called Map size WTW to access Pokémon beyond 6th and perform the glitch without expanded party by switching the required 'glitch Pokémon' with a valid Pokémon.

So this really buzzed me and I was wondering 'can we apply this to perform IDKD without ACE/Corruption?'. Originally I was about to say no because the idea is to get MORE than 6 Pokémon not just BEYOND the 6th. But then, I thought: what if we can go SO FAR BEYOND that we actually reach the Echo RAM copy of the number of Pokémon and change that value by switching the corresponding 'glitch Pokémon' with a valid Pokémon?

Some calculations later, it turns out it can be done; with this trick, the ID of a Valid Pokémon will become the number of Pokémon, and the rest is the easy part. Here's my take.

- Get 81 Hyper Potions and a Pidgey (alternatively, you can get a Magikarp and evolve it into a Gyarados).
- Trigger item underflow glitch.
- Fly to Indigo Plateau
- Don't move, open bag, switch Hyper Potion x81 with the 38th item (should be Pokédex)
- Close bag, save/reset.
- You are now in a glitch city with WTW active (map size glitch, but we don't care here). Go down to Route 23.
- Open Start Menu, press down twice, then A, to access the Pokémon Menu.
- Press up 29 times to access the proper 'glitch Pokémon' and switch it with Pidgey/Gyarados (you just have to press down once to get the cursor back to Pokémon 1).
- Switch Pokémon 1 with Pokémon 7 (yeah you can do that now)
- Close the Pokémon Menu but not the Start Menu. Save/reset (the game will most likely freeze before the reset).
- The IDKD is now active. Here's what you can do with it.

To remove IDKD, just switch back Pokémon 1 to 7 and store all extra Pokémon. With Pidgey, you have 36 Pokémon and with Gyarados, you have 22. I'm working on how to improve the setup to use a Nidoking or a Slowbro; that will give you only 7 or 8 Pokémon, but you need a $FF in some specific bytes so it's not that easy.

EDIT: A potential workaround is to use any Pokémon with ID > 6 and current HP = 255. Then, perform 2-7 switch before 1-7 switch and the rest is the same. Using Nidoking/Slowbro with this trick saves a lot of time for the price of one extra switch.

We did a ItemDex for PRAMA lately (
I think there were several differences between French and English games, but I'm not sure how much, and what are the causes. Anyway if you want to do that, our ItemDex may provide some help.

If only there was a specialized website for all different localizations GCL could just point to them  :P
General Discussion / Re: The Member's Guide to Topiclessness
« on: October 21, 2019, 12:44:23 am »
So I don't want to create a thread for that but I feel like I should say something about my activity too.

I've been incredibly busy lately. I changed job and moved to a new city near Paris where I now live with my girlfriend. It takes me a lot of time to establish my new life here and to make sure I understand well what I must do in my new job. I had clearly no time for PRAMA, so of course the time I can spend here is even more limited.

Things are getting more organized now and I'm starting to get back on tracks, so I plan to progressively be active again here and on Discord. WIP :)
Hey Torchickens,

Good job! I actually like the Connection Copier and have trouble understanding why people hate it now ^^

By using the Connection Copier to do this trick, you would not require ACE per se. It is true that Trainer Escape appears easier no matter what, but it has its limitations too so... I think it's still a great find!
You're welcome :)
If I understand well what you are trying to do, here's what you need:
- Find the address corresponding to the wanted map's current script (for example Silph Co. is from $D643 to $D65C in english R/B) and edit it (replacing with $0E in that case)
- Open the debugger, right click on the main window, "set access breakpoint". Enter $8000-$FF7F (or $CFFF-$FDFF is you only want to check WRAM to Echo RAM) and check the "execute" box (uncheck the others). Add the breakpoint and close the debugger.
- Go into that map. If code is executed, the debugger automatically opens pointing to the executed address.
Generation VII Glitch Discussion / Re: Spiky Shield Sky Drop glitch
« on: July 06, 2019, 02:55:15 pm »

Guerdina from the staff of PRAMA Initiative has investigated this glitch a bit further. First of all, you cannot do this glitch with only one valid Pokémon: the game will faint it.

Since the glitch is patched on 1.1, you cannot do it online anymore, so you have to do it in solo gameplay while playing 1.0. Because no wild Pokémon on S/M knows Spiky Shield, you must face a Smeargle for example, and get it to sketch Spiky Shield - then change for your Pokémon with Sky Drop.

When the glitch is active, your Pokémon cannot attack or be attacked, even by Struggle (which fails). As a result, the game is stuck in an infinite loop as soon as the opponent runs out of PP.

If you poison the foe before the glitch is active, when the enemy Pokémon faints, you win the battle and your Pokémon is officially fainted. The same probably happens if the foe uses Teleport. So there is no way to end the battle with a 0 HP Pokémon that is not fainted.

Whatever issue is happening with this glitch may be happening when the game tries to switch the fainted Pokémon, maybe because due to an oversight your HP "goes below 0" and this is not acceptable for the function that calls for the switch. The Pokémon is fainted, but the battle engine fails to trigger the switch.
Wow, that's a killer move. It's probably the best way, yes :)

Anyway, a translation of the code I was mentioning is:

TM50 x181
TM10 x64
TM34 x88
TM09 x46
Calcium x52
X Accuracy x35
Full Heal x201

I did not test it, but it should work. You need to activate once per letter (it will change a bit every time) and one last time for the terminator.
There's one cool way Haxel wrote for PRAMA; just name a Pokémon with the name you want for the Player, and execute a code to replace the Player's name with that Pokémon's name.

Unfortunately it's for french games, so if you want, I can translate it asap
Pokémon Discussion / Re: Pokémon Sword and Shield Discussion
« on: June 14, 2019, 01:11:30 am »
I'm doing Living Dex runs, so the National Dex per se, I don't really care, but it is important that I can have all the Pokémon in my PC.

If this turns to be impossible, I think I will simply stop try to "catch'em all", hence stop playing Pokémon.
Generation I Glitch Discussion / Re: Rival LOL on international
« on: June 10, 2019, 06:13:26 am »
It works the same way as any Cooltrainer/LOL corruption. The tile above you on the left (blue on the image below) would decide it, whatever it is when you do the glitch.

Generation I Glitch Discussion / Re: Rival LOL on international
« on: June 06, 2019, 07:35:55 am »
You have many Rival's Name items and they are different. In French games, item hex:9B (R/B) can be used, for example, with a Rival's name of 6 letters, which allows to use the 6th letter of the name (corresponding to the quantity of item 25) or with a 7-letters Rival's name, and in this case we would manipulate the 5th letter (thus, the ID of item 25 and not its quantity).
It also can be used with Rival's names of 4 letters, 5 letters etc. but everytime with the necessity to manipulate a different letter and therefore a different item.

That to say that for every Rival's name glitch item, you can use Rival's Name of 4 to 11 letters, but you have to figure out which letter you would manipulate then.
The Glitch Pokémon you use in slot 1 during that part of the Bad Clone Trick actually tricks the game into thinking you don't have any Pokémon, hence allowing you to get 7 Pokémon. From that moment on, as said by Parzival, the game fails to stop the withdrawal of more Pokémon because of stupid programming.

This glitch is functional, but I really didn't get if you actually tried to do it (and there has been an issue at some point) or skipped the 7 Pokémon step without trying it, because you thought it was impossible. In any case, you should be able to perform it so if you don't, please give us some details so we can help more.

Generation I Glitch Discussion / Re: Rival LOL on international
« on: June 06, 2019, 06:46:21 am »

Everything related to glitch stuff (items, Pokémon, etc.) is pretty much working the same in international releases, but sometimes in different ways. For example, an unterminated glitch item in English games might or might not be unterminated name in a French game. Likewise, a given glitch Pokémon evolving at lvl 35 in English games might be evolving into something different at lvl 6 in French games, etc.

For this reason, we cannot directly use the Glitchdexes performed for English games. Currently at PRAMA, we are trying to put some effort into dexes, as we started to do for Itemdex, Unowndex and Phonedex. But it takes a lot of time, especially for Glitch Pokémon :)
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