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There has been an interesting post on PRAMA by Alkan (original post, regarding a way to use the Poké Transporter to send some Pokémon in recent gens while not losing them in G/S/C. This is different than the glitch explained in this thread but I'd like to know if this was known before?

The idea is :
- Store a number of useless Pokémon in box 1, then save.
- Replace the Pokémon by the same amount of Pokémon you want to clone. Quit the game WITHOUT SAVING.
- For some reason Poké Transporter will behave as if the G/S/C game was saved and propose to send these Pokémon.
- Once done, the Pokémon will now be in both game, as the G/S/C game was not saved!

Here's a video:
Hello Torchickens,

I'm coming back on this as I have some time, now. Can you give me the exact process on how this works to get the Hitmonchan for example? Thanks :)
Thanks spamviech! This is a better setup than mine, I didn't think about the possibility to have a move with 41 PP once PP Ups are used. I'll add this to the wiki page :)
English EU is basically US. The difference is between English Games and Non-English European Games
Thanks for the Gameshark code! Unfortunately, even by preventing the unterminated name corruption, the item just freezes the game while attempting to perform the steps for this glitch.

I will look for another item :)
Sorry for bumping this up, Torchic. I wonder if you know any other item with the same capacity than hex:7C has? This item doesn't seem to behave this way in french games, so I'd like to find a similar item. If you don't, I guess I'll have to test all of them!
Introductions / Re: hello all!!
« on: March 27, 2018, 07:29:33 am »
Hello etoile! Nice to meet you :)
Funny, you have a french name. Are you french? (we have a super cool french community with a lot of cookies)
Arbitrary Code Execution Discussion / Re: Safe code for ace
« on: March 22, 2018, 04:57:54 am »
He's talking about the item matching the hex ID for ld b,b.

Inc b/d and dec b/d are better placeholders because they match cheap items and low quantities.
I'll try to help you as soon as i have a moment :)

(But for the future you should try to learn some basics :))
Arbitrary Code Execution Discussion / Re: Safe code for ace
« on: March 21, 2018, 02:37:10 am »
I never use b in any code so I Inc b dec b etc. a lot
Nooooo you did the mistake to clone in box 1 hahaha

Anyway a while back someone had this issue on Prama's Discord and issotm made that process to help him. I still have the tm code version of it and will post it asap

EDIT: I made this in form of a TM code.

Use a code to get 255 TMs of all TMs (or at least 1 to 20) then store/toss all the following TMs
- 80 TM01 (you now have x175)
- 168 TM02 (you now have x87)
- 160 TM03 (you now have x95)
- 193 TM04 (you now have x62)
- 245 TM05 (you now have x10)
- 237 TM06 (you now have x18)
- 193 TM07 (you now have x62).
- 254 TM08 (you now have x1)
- 21 TM09 (you now have x234)
- 254 TM10, then, the last TM10 (don't store 255 as once)
- 191 TM11 (you now have x64)
- 222 TM12 (you now have x33)
- 239 TM13 (you now have x16)
- 82 TM14 (you now have x173)
- 80 TM15 (you now have x175)
- 221 TM16 (you now have x34)
- 194 TM17 (you now have x61)
- 136 TM18 (you now have x119)
- 237 TM19 (you now have x18)
- 54 TM20 (you now have x201)

Organise stored items this way:
TM04 x89 (not the real TM04 but the fake one, that you can obtained with a 'get any item' code)
TM25 x4
TM10 x(any quantity)

Execute code from items.
About the corruption induced by Bad Clones, you can read this:
I guess changing the Bad Clone and the clones used is the best move if you don't manage to get the corruption.

Also, would it be possible to use the gameshark/memory editor-item code to get the right tm in the wrong pocket, instead of using the bellsproud/mystery egg method? Or do you need to do the mystery egg method?

Of course this is possible but then it requires another ACE method to do it :)
Yes it will stay a Totodile once in daycare and be able to breed indeed  :)

Just make sure to understand that any movement of the Bad Clone is made at your own risks. Withdrawing, Moving, Storing or Depositing at the Day care a Bad Clone may or may not corrupt stuff :)
About this, it should also be said that since Bad Clones can corrupt the active box (sometimes not allowing you to place new Pokémon in it anymore), placing a Bad Clone in box 1 is an act of faith: if this box gets corrupted you will never be able to use the Pokétransfer to send your 2G Pokémon to the bank, since it only accepts box 1.
Corruption induced by Bad Clone unterminated names are based on hard-to-predict things (somewhat similarly to Cooltrainer corruptions); mostly the content of buffers. You might not have any issues with your game, but then someday you play with your Bad Clone and your game start freezing  ;)

Also you appear to be confusing two Bad Clones characteristics here. Every Bad Clone has an unterminated name, but this characteristic has no utility in G/S because the game doesn't read that name :( Any glitch that relies on the unterminated name (Crystal-only glitches, then), such as the original Bad Clone Trick, Bad Clone ACE, etc. can be performed with any Bad Clone because ALL Bad Clones have unterminated names. Aside from this, we can distinguish two classes of Bad Clones:
- Incomplete Bad Clones, which is a normal clone but with some missing data (at least an unterminated name, but it can also be lvl0, has no ID, no moves, etc.)
- Full Bad Clones, which always are unstable hybrids of the Pokémon used for cloning and the absence of Pokémon - as a result every single data from this Pokémon, including its Pokédex number, is missing; and if this Bad Clone is given to the Daycare, it will stabilize into Glitch Pokémon hex:00.
The only distinguishable marker between Incomplete and Full BCs is the Pokédex number in the profile. The fact that it is lvl 0, female and stuff is not sufficient - if the Pokédex number is not 0, the Pokémon won't turn into a Glitch Pokémon hex:00  :)

Having a Full Bad Clone is not important for Crystal glitches relying on unterminated name, because this is a different thing that is shared by every Bad Clone. However, if you intend to use a glitch that requires a Glitch Pokémon hex:00 (such as the modern Bad Clone Trick) then you will need a Full Bad Clone.

It is important to note that this is rarely done in Crystal because using unterminated name-based glitches are as powerful as Glitch Pokémon hex:00-based glitches; but using the aforementioned corruption in Crystal, you can turn any Incomplete Bad Clone into an hybrid, which gives him the possibility to turn into a Glitch Pokémon hex:00 and enjoy any glitch anyway without having to specifically generate a Full Bad Clone  ;D. To that extent, Crystal is a good game for Bad Cloning.
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