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Hey everyone,

Sorry for bumping, but I've been working on adapting this glitch to european non-english games, as it wasn't demonstrated before to my knowledge.
Basically it works the same way but the textbox starts at $D221, which in our case is not the catch rate but the 5th Pokémon's HP.

In that way, the 4 moves setup using Nidorina works fine but it doesn't require any trade, which makes it easier than in english games. Also there's a slight change in PP for the 6th Pokémon. Here it is:

- 5th Pokémon would be a Nidorina or Nidorino having only 8 remaining HP and no status. It is best if this Pokémon was never stored in the PC otherwise trouble can happen.
- This Pokémon must have 2 'placeholder moves' (typically Bite and Fury Swipes, since it learns both) followed by Double Kick (also learned) and Bubblebeam (TM11).
- The 6th Pokémon can be anything but requires currently 3 PP on its first move (with 3 PP Up used), 38 PP on the second move, and 19 PP for the third move (with 3 PP Up used also).
- The code starts from item 3, so it is performed in a similar fashion than using 4F/wslm.

Of course, many more setups can be found for european games. Any normal Pokémon with 8 HP and no status would nop until moves.
Thanks for the reply Evie,

I've been using BGB for glitch tests, so I tried your suggestion of placing a breakpoint, but the game freezes without breaking in that range. Apparently, this technique doesn't work in european games, even though Glitch Meta-map Script ACE (performed with Viridian City 0x10 or 0x11 for example) usually works well in these localizations.
I'm attempting to see if this specific Glitch Meta-map script ACE works in french games, so I just wrote a dumb piece of code at $F904 (assuming the european shift is occuring there, but keeping $F8FF-$F903 to NOPs, just in case) and performed the process. Script 06 is well activated, walking lag occurs, but it just freezes the game upon the battle with the Bug Catcher is finished. Am I doing something wrong?

A few while back we made a video on how to replace the saving option by a reset option through ace, that's also fun to do :)
This is an incredible new find! It seems like the 'all new tweaking section' of PRAMA will need an all new version again soon  ;D
Congratulations on finding this breakthrough, guys  ;)
Just Superglitch your game and save and it's done, haha  ;D

But seriously, similarly to what ISSOtm said, you could ACE a Superglitch as first move of any Pokémon, watch its stats, save/reset. That'd be a twisted, both dumb and genious, way to delete a save file with ACE  8).
What do you exactly mean by 'they all corrupt your game in some irreversible way'? I don't think any kind of corruption induced by the use of ACE is irreversible. For example, if you use the Glitch Pokédex method, both your Pokédex and your Balls Pocket will get corrupted, but both can be fixed by the use of ACE itself. Of course, after fixing, you won't be able to ACE again unless you perform the method again.
With Bad Clone ACE indeed, nothing will get corrupted (as far as you are OK to have a corrupted clone in your box) but this method has strong limitations (e.g. code can only be executed from a PC, and codes have to be modified for fixing the de register issue if it uses it).

I would personally advise you to do the same thing as pretty much everybody does: use the Bad Clone ACE to plant Wrong Pocket TM ACE in your game (as indicated in III.4: Prepare the Party setup) and to give yourself a TM15 in the Box Pocket, which allows you to skip the Mystery Egg part that corrupts your Balls Pocket. Then, you can eliminate the Bad Clone and only work with Wrong Pocket TM ACE. In this case, the only visible addition to your game is the TM15 in the Balls Pocket so you have to be OK with that :)
I failed to bypass it so if you ever find it out again please tell :D
That's sucks. Well is there any possibility of another glitch in platinum or does it look pretty clean? I ask these things cause I wouldn't know where to start searching for a new glitch. If anyone finds anything new please tell.

Unfortunately, nothing so far. There have been works on how to use the Cascade Glitch to execute code in Platinum, but it hasn't been conclusive.

Hi guys, is there a way to Catch arceus in the hall of origin in a German version of diamond?

The MKDasher optimized route is not working in french games, but the older route (with 70k steps) that allows the capture of HoO's Arceus works, although it is unstable and may stop working at some point of the game. As far as german games are concerned, I don't know. Please tell us if you try and succeed :)
For the notice, this works in french games too :)

Somehow I missed that you replied to my message. I'm very sorry  :-[

Thanks for this explanation, unfortunately I don't seem to have a working cooltrainer corruption in the french Yellow I was using, so I need to find another save file. That said, I'm pretty sure it works also in french games, since everything else that is cooltrainer/LOL related behave exactly the same :)
Oh, I see it's clear now. Thanks!

I can't believe they didn't check that. Anyway that gives us a very easy cloning trick, so I think I may add it to wiki and PRAMA soon!
That sounds awesome! I'll look into it this week-end  ;D
Yeah, that's what I would have thought, but I was considering asking you on Discord since I don't know much of the way SRAM works. Could the SRAM be somehow kept in the current state in the whatever way the VC emulator has to keep the progress and only reverted when the game is restarted (and not only closed)? But then, how does it keep track of what should be reverted, does it have an extra copy? I don't get it.
Sorry for double-posting but I can't confirm that Pokémon stored in box 1 indeed appears in the Transporter app, even though the game was not saved and therefore the Pokémon are not effectively in this box.

I haven't tried to transfer but I'm sure it works as said by Alkan.

I can't explain that glitch. How can Poké Transporter know of a progression that wasn't saved?
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