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Most DVs in Generations I/II are determined by the upper and lower nybble of bytes. There are two addresses which control the Attack/Defense DV and the Speed/Special DV respectively, with the HP DV being calculated in a different way based on the other DVs.

The nybble can be read from one digit of the DV byte. For example, if this value is D5 on the Attack/Defense DV address it means an Attack DV of D (13 in decimal) and a Defense DV of 5 respectively. Since hexadecimal only ranges between 0-F (15), it isn't possible to have a DV that exceeds 15.

For generic uses, the reusable RAM writer does the trick as long as you know the RAM addresses (which can be found on Datacrystal and the Pokémon Red disassembly). For the below code Lemonade's quantity controls the value, Carbos's quantity controls the first byte of the address and X Accuracy's quantity controls the second byte of the address.

If you wanted to write 0x15 to D059 then for example (giving a Mew encounter in Red/Blue), you would need Lemonade x 0x15 (x21 in game; decimal), Carbos x 0xD0 (x208 in game) and X Accuracy x 0x59 (x89 in game).

The reusable RAM writer is made so that it resets the quantities back to x0 afterwards. As x0 is in this sense x256 you can toss 1-255 of them without destroying the stacks, and access every possible byte.

At item 3:

Code: [Select]
3E xx 26 xx 2E xx 04 77 26 D3 3E 00 2E 23 04 22 23 22 23 22 C9
Lemonade x(xx)
Carbos x(yy)
X Accuracy x(zz)
Poké Ball x119
Carbos x211
Lemonade x0
X Accuracy x35 (x34 in Yellow)
Poké Ball x34
HP Up x34
HP Up x34
TM01 x0

ld a, 00 - a (value)=xx
ld h, 00 - h (address byte 1)=yy
ld l, 00 - l (address byte 2)=zz
inc b - useless code
ld (hl),a - load a into the address (e.g. D059)
ld h, D3 - we load the address byte 1 as D3 (item quantities are in the D3XX region)
ld a, 00 - we load 'a' as 0 (quantity of 0)
ld l,  23 - l=23, now our address is D323 (item 3 quantity)
inc b - useless code
ld (hli),a - means we put 'a' in D323, and then increase the hl value to D324
inc hl -  hl value=D325
ld (hli),a - means we will load a (0) into D325 (item 4 quantity), and increase hl to D326
inc hl - hl value =D327
ld (hli),a - means we put 'a' in D327 (item 5 quantity)
Generation II Glitch Discussion / Re: Glitch weather conditions
« on: Yesterday at 12:07:25 pm »
Thanks Krys and thanks for the address! :)

That's awesome, will look forward to seeing it. ^^

I have in mind if you could somehow set the weather in a link battle and convince the game that's the weather for both sides it could be a form of both arbitrary code execution and remote code execution, which could be used to create two player pong again. I don't know if you can do that though.
Has anyone else thought of this idea?

Basically in the Generation I game you take a hybrid glitch Pokémon of a real Pokémon, and assign its nickname to that Pokémon, then use Poké Transporter to get it in Generation VII as if you brought over a glitch Pokémon into Generation VII.

You could try for example, a Nidorino named ァ / g J 1.

You could also possibly try this with Pokémon like a Kangaskhan named 'M evolved from 'M (00). Sadly the nickname may go away from this method and illegal moves are blocked, but you could still use another glitch or hacking to get those names.
Pokémon Discussion / Re: Shiny hunting
« on: Yesterday at 11:49:25 am »
Lucky to both of you.

I'm still soft-resetting for my Shiny Celebi, ha ha.

I have two of the Odd Eggs Shinies, Pichu (now Alolan Raichu) and Magby (now Magmortar). I may attempt to get more soon.
DexDex and TMHMDex listings have been added based on luckytyphlosion's pastes.

If anyone wants to create articles for these feel free.
Generation II Glitch Discussion / Glitch weather conditions
« on: February 23, 2018, 05:09:20 pm »
I came across this code on our Pokémon Gold and Silver GameShark codes page:


(It was wrong at first as 01xxE9CB so I fixed it)

The available values are said to be:

Weather Mod
00 - Nothing
01 - Rain
02 - Sun
03 - Sandstorm
04 - Rain dying
05 - Sun fading
06 - Sandstorm fading
07 and up - nothing but lond delay after attack

However the effect described for 07 and up is just one effect, and it looks like there are more glitch weathers. Two of them so far have displayed an error code "(x)Df-" for its text every turn, with another resetting the game in a Glitch Dimension.

I wonder what other interesting glitch weather conditions exist?

Edit: I got weather effect 0x10 to execute FA57 in Echo RAM (in the party slot 1 data where a slide Pokémon could be)
Edit 2: 0x12 executed DEE0 as well (enemy 4 nickname slot 2), which is nice. But how could we force it to the other opponent using ACE when linked?
It took a while, but the GlitchDex, AttackDex and ItemDex pages have now been converted into MediaWiki format with information that they were missing before.

Due to many of the glitch moves in the AttackDex being virtually the same between Red/Blue/Yellow, some of the AttackDex articles have been moved to have the format RBY indicating they are the same between Red/Blue/Yellow instead of just Red/Blue.

I took the time to do this with the TypeDex as well, and also create a stub for the StatDex (documenting glitch stats which can be changed by glitch moves).

From now on I will be working on finishing the UnownDex in depth including details like induced Trainer House trainers and Mystery Gifts (which will take relatively a lot of time to complete), and adding missing articles for the TrainerDex.

TMHMDex (wrong pocket TM/HM data), DexDex (glitch Pokédex modes) and PhoneDex (glitch Pokégear contacts) may follow.
All right, thanks!  :)
Just posting this here in case it does have an effect.

Wrong pocket TM23 executes 03:01FE. Outside of Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console, it results in an unknown opcode freezing the game. But within Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console the game doesn't freeze and returns back to the game with seemingly no problems.

Does anyone know if this glitch item has a use?
Serious Discussions / Re: Girl help needed!
« on: February 17, 2018, 05:36:59 pm »
I agree with Sasara.

Be warm, show your face.

Also always be yourself, and be self-confident. :)

Tell her you like Pokémon too, that you like her and ask if you could be friends.

I think maybe not say too much or a lot of things all at once just yet (if you say you have a crush on her it might be too sudden and heavy/and it can be a lot to consider if you've only just met) but just build a friendship for now little by little, chat casually (little things like "so I heard you're interested in Pokémon, I'm a big fan", "what games do you like?", wait for her input) and get to know each other.

I think you should also be prepared she might not be interested in anything more than a friendship, so take things casually and consider what both of you want.
Video Games / Re: Pokemon: Yitria Resurrection
« on: February 17, 2018, 05:14:16 pm »
It looks amazing! I like how MissingNo. is one of the Pokémon and has its own ability, battle.

Welcome back.  :)
Thanks Krys3000.

That is awesome :). Had no idea there were so many interesting effects.

In English versions 0xFF finishes the Hall of Fame when called in the morning as well. Love that you can fight ????? (0x00) in French versions this way so may try that too.

I've found that even if the data at F7CD is safe, the game can still freeze after receiving the Master Balls, but not always. Curiously when I called the 0xAF number again following a non-freeze I received a TM, and when called a third time a Nugget if I remember rightly.

Some of the glitch contacts also have variable names. I wonder if it's possible to give them custom names like how Crystal_ got a call from Rick Astley for an April Fool's joke?
If you somehow register glitch contact 0xAF (01AFC6D9) and call them in the morning (not during the day or at night), it's possible to contact them without getting a message that they are out of the area, and will give you a Master Ball.

In the past it was reported that you'd get a Glitch Dimension after the message. However the game will actually execute F7CD (D7CD; somewhere in the event flags). This may actually be reachable from the expanded Balls pack. If there is a 0xC9 around here (I placed mine at D7CE) then you can actually get a Master Ball with no freeze. A whopping 52 in fact!

It's a shame glitch contacts are arbitrary code execution only for now, but maybe in the future we can put this to use without arbitrary code execution (even though Balls pocket corruption allows for those many Master Balls already).

Back to report both the memory editor (party setup) and editing SRAM bank 1 to change the stored Pokémon worked on Virtual Console :)

Also edited the Trainer House (SRAM bank 0) to fight a Mewtwo over Level 100. I didn't have many items so I got owned.
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