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All right, thanks!  :)
Just posting this here in case it does have an effect.

Wrong pocket TM23 executes 03:01FE. Outside of Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console, it results in an unknown opcode freezing the game. But within Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console the game doesn't freeze and returns back to the game with seemingly no problems.

Does anyone know if this glitch item has a use?
Serious Discussions / Re: Girl help needed!
« on: February 17, 2018, 05:36:59 pm »
I agree with Sasara.

Be warm, show your face.

Also always be yourself, and be self-confident. :)

Tell her you like Pokémon too, that you like her and ask if you could be friends.

I think maybe not say too much or a lot of things all at once just yet (if you say you have a crush on her it might be too sudden and heavy/and it can be a lot to consider if you've only just met) but just build a friendship for now little by little, chat casually (little things like "so I heard you're interested in Pokémon, I'm a big fan", "what games do you like?", wait for her input) and get to know each other.

I think you should also be prepared she might not be interested in anything more than a friendship, so take things casually and consider what both of you want.
Video Games / Re: Pokemon: Yitria Resurrection
« on: February 17, 2018, 05:14:16 pm »
It looks amazing! I like how MissingNo. is one of the Pokémon and has its own ability, battle.

Welcome back.  :)
Thanks Krys3000.

That is awesome :). Had no idea there were so many interesting effects.

In English versions 0xFF finishes the Hall of Fame when called in the morning as well. Love that you can fight ????? (0x00) in French versions this way so may try that too.

I've found that even if the data at F7CD is safe, the game can still freeze after receiving the Master Balls, but not always. Curiously when I called the 0xAF number again following a non-freeze I received a TM, and when called a third time a Nugget if I remember rightly.

Some of the glitch contacts also have variable names. I wonder if it's possible to give them custom names like how Crystal_ got a call from Rick Astley for an April Fool's joke?
If you somehow register glitch contact 0xAF (01AFC6D9) and call them in the morning (not during the day or at night), it's possible to contact them without getting a message that they are out of the area, and will give you a Master Ball.

In the past it was reported that you'd get a Glitch Dimension after the message. However the game will actually execute F7CD (D7CD; somewhere in the event flags). This may actually be reachable from the expanded Balls pack. If there is a 0xC9 around here (I placed mine at D7CE) then you can actually get a Master Ball with no freeze. A whopping 52 in fact!

It's a shame glitch contacts are arbitrary code execution only for now, but maybe in the future we can put this to use without arbitrary code execution (even though Balls pocket corruption allows for those many Master Balls already).

Back to report both the memory editor (party setup) and editing SRAM bank 1 to change the stored Pokémon worked on Virtual Console :)

Also edited the Trainer House (SRAM bank 0) to fight a Mewtwo over Level 100. I didn't have many items so I got owned.
The only downside with this method is you're stuck with one party Pokémon. Catching a new one will break the code. Going to try this on Virtual Console shortly. Do you know if you can still edit stored Pokémon in the box on those versions with no issues? That could make it useful for Pokémon farming.

Unfortunately, I lack a functional 3ds, and as such I am unable to use 3dsVC

OK, thanks anyway Epsilon. I'm signing off now to get some sleep after testing so will (if possible) report back tomorrow.
Ah, I see. I will rebuild my code with the new base address and update the source.

Thank you for trying that address!

You're welcome. :) Happy to have helped.

The only downside with this method is you're stuck with one party Pokémon. Catching a new one will break the code. Going to try this on Virtual Console shortly. Do you know if you can still edit stored Pokémon in the box on those versions with no issues? That could make it useful for Pokémon farming.

The memory editor simply takes the character hex and subtracts 246. If that set the carry flag, the editor then subtracts 128. It then swaps the result and loads it into "b". This process is then repeated for the next nybble, but then rather than swap the nybbles it bitwise OR's the result and "b". It does this twice to get the least significant byte (big-endian)

So "&123" would be $3723

Ah OK, that makes sense. Thanks. ^^
Arbitrary Code Execution Discussion / Re: 8F script request
« on: February 12, 2018, 05:36:01 pm »
A setup that triggers an encounter after N steps ? That's not possible with a 8F code, you would need heavier memory editing.

Could you use 8F to change the map script pointer to check D13B though (with something like conditional jumps)? D13B counts down every step and we can set it to whatever we like first.
OK. Using rgbasm and rgblink to generate a code for use at DA8D (Pokémon 3 move 2) works fine.

My setup for TM25 now has the same Quagsire in slot 3 with Attract as move 1 holding a Lucky Egg. At D57E (TMs/HMs) is a jp DA8D, and at DA8D is the following code:

11 80 FF 0E 00 AF E0 26 3C E0 D6 F3 21 BB C3 D5 06 0B C5 7A CD 32 DB 7B CD 32 DB 3E 25 22 1A CD 32 DB 13 01 0D 00 09 C1 05 20 E7 21 BF C3 79 A7 28 07 57 AF C6 14 15 20 FB 16 00 5F 19 36 ED CD 47 DB D1 F0 A5 47 CB 77 28 08 79 A7 28 03 0D 18 01 1B 78 CB 7F 28 09 79 FE 0A 28 03 0C 18 01 13 78 CB 4F 28 05 AF 3D E0 26 D9 78 CB 67 28 06 21 10 00 19 54 5D 78 CB 6F 28 06 21 F0 FF 19 54 5D 78 CB 57 28 0D AF E0 D6 3D E0 26 FB 62 6B 06 00 09 E9 78 CB 5F 28 03 CD 56 DB 78 CB 47 28 03 CD 8C DB C3 99 DA C5 0E 02 47 CB 37 E6 0F C6 F6 30 02 C6 80 22 78 0D 20 F3 C1 C9 E5 C5 D5 F5 CD BB 14 CD E6 08 F1 D1 C1 E1 C9 C5 E5 3E 0E EA AB CE AF E0 DA FB 21 C0 7E 3E 38 CF F3 0E 01 21 34 D9 CD 84 DB CB 37 47 CD 84 DB B0 47 0D 20 03 50 18 EF 58 E1 C1 AF 4F C9 2A D6 F6 30 02 D6 80 C9 D5 AF 47 C5 3E EC 22 E5 62 6B 09 54 5D E1 1A 4F CD 47 DB F0 A5 47 CB 6F 28 01 0D CB 67 28 01 0C CB 7F 28 04 79 D6 10 4F 78 CB 77 28 04 79 C6 10 4F 78 CB 4F 20 08 79 E5 CD 32 DB E1 18 D2 79 12 C1 D1 C9

I decided to set de as FF80 with OAM DMA hijacking being one of the most powerful glitches.

Before using TMs/HM quantities to write the jump to DA8D at D57E, you could set up a code injection program beginning in the TM/HM quantities. If you set DA22 (number of Pokémon counter) to 01, DA34 (second Pokémon) to FF you won't ever be touching Pokémon 3+'s happiness and healing Pokémon is safe. It may be wise too to give your first Pokémon HM moves by modifying DA2C-DA2F.

The 0x00 bytes and address values may be problematic for creating a reusable memory editor, but there must be a convenient way.

After finishing writing to DA8D would go the jp DA8D, and fortunately that's all there is to it, though the logistics of writing all the data may be long and prove interesting.

Arbitrary Code Execution Discussion / Re: 8F script request
« on: February 12, 2018, 04:21:09 pm »
I am looking for an 8F script that will allow me to encounter a Pokemon after x amount of steps. I've just started 8F and don't know much about code in general so help would be appreciated. I figure you have to load something into D059 but i don't have a clue on how to do the rest. Also one that disables map connections would be nice. Thanks in advance

You're in luck as D13B is already a step counter that counts down every step.

So putting this together could involve setting D13B to your desired value and using a condition (such as (not ASM language but logic-wise) if D31B - 1 <1 , set D059 to (Pokémon). Here you could use a D13B value of 6, so 5 steps are required before it reaches 0). If I have time tomorrow will check it out for you. :)

As for map connections I'm not sure how exactly to do that but you can lock your coordinates at the same value (D361, D362) to get a similar effect where map connections never load.
I have an idea. Your memory editor seems to be 322 bytes.

Before (according to ISSOtm) the unused memory addresses at DF00-DF80 are multiple structures, but the first two don't seem to be that important.

Quote from: Pokémon Gold disassembly
wOTPartyMon1:: party_struct wOTPartyMon1 ; dd5d
wOTPartyMon2:: party_struct wOTPartyMon2 ; dd8d
wOTPartyMon3:: party_struct wOTPartyMon3 ; ddbd
wOTPartyMon4:: party_struct wOTPartyMon4 ; dded
wOTPartyMon5:: party_struct wOTPartyMon5 ; de1d
wOTPartyMon6:: party_struct wOTPartyMon6 ; de4d

wOTPartyMon1OT:: ds NAME_LENGTH ; de7d
wOTPartyMon2OT:: ds NAME_LENGTH ; de88
wOTPartyMon3OT:: ds NAME_LENGTH ; de93
wOTPartyMon4OT:: ds NAME_LENGTH ; de9e
wOTPartyMon5OT:: ds NAME_LENGTH ; dea9
wOTPartyMon6OT:: ds NAME_LENGTH ; deb4

wOTPartyMon1Nickname:: ds PKMN_NAME_LENGTH ; debf
wOTPartyMon2Nickname:: ds PKMN_NAME_LENGTH ; deca
wOTPartyMon3Nickname:: ds PKMN_NAME_LENGTH ; ded5
wOTPartyMon4Nickname:: ds PKMN_NAME_LENGTH ; dee0
wOTPartyMon5Nickname:: ds PKMN_NAME_LENGTH ; deeb
wOTPartyMon6Nickname:: ds PKMN_NAME_LENGTH ; def6

If the code begins at DD5D it should finish at DE95. If the labels are accurate it seems only the OT data is overwritten, which is not a problem if you keep your party the same (ideally with 6 Pokémon) and don't mind about those Pokémon.

Edit: Sorry, this is enemy Trainer related and is overwritten after facing a Trainer. Though food for thought maybe you could link with another game with a corrupted party to set this up. Will edit this post with more ideas.

Edit 2: The only other idea I have is perhaps you can use the party data. It's not very friendly and breaks the gameplay but is large enough. To avoid freezes it would probably be best to also set DA22 to 0 and not use that address as part of the code, which means all battles will be won and the Pokémon menu will have no effect. There's the fact you would need another wrong pocket TM, but we could probably write to another address to get it to work. Pokémon Crystal has a useful wrong pocket TM that points somewhere in the expanded Balls pocket (where the address does not change), so maybe there could be something like that in Gold/Silver too.
You have a name for this memory editor or are you all right with me just calling it Epsilon's Generation II memory editor?

Lol, that's fine :)

OK cool. ^^

Hmm, wonder why some characters appear normally wheras some characters appear red? Oh well, I suppose it's a minor problem, and fixing it would be a waste of bytes :P

Hmm that's interesting. Wonder if it's related to the red border around the text "Balls". Seems that's true though, so far the memory editor is working perfectly on my side.

I did all of my tests on DMG mode. Since you're on CGB mode, would you mind testing the Address lookup feature? I'm sure it will still work, but I just want to make sure.

It works perfectly so far. Entered the addresses in their normal big endian form and jumped back to the TM/HM pocket. I also tried jumping to phone numbers and decorations. Had a lot of fun with it and did some OAM DMA hijacking with the memory editor to get Celebi later. :) Not sure what's meant to happen with strings that aren't addresses (like "&123") but I tried it once and the memory editor sent me somewhere to VRAM (or possibly ROM, SRAM, I can't remember the details sorry) to modify.
Wow! This looks amazing. ^^

Thank you!

I forgot to mention that this is meant to be used with TM exec. Any box name code that unlocks SRAM, switches to bank 1, and jumps to $B002 will do.

Unfortunately i'm a bit busy at the moment and cannot write this box name code right now.

You're welcome.

That's OK.

Remember the TM/HM method where you fill the TM/HM pocket first and then use a Lucky Egg Attract Quagsire? It seems like we can write the code there without the need of any padding. I think this is ideal for writing to SRAM byte by byte as well as you could theoretically adjust one-two quantities each write (start with later addresses and then toss to write to earlier addresses, or something similar).

I forgot exactly how enabling SRAM works, but in the past I used this method to enable SRAM bank 1 for obtaining the GS Ball for Celebi in Crystal (which looking back is now not very useful for Virtual Console users as the same address is enabled after beating the Elite Four). The specific addresses below may not matter, but it still works on Gold/Silver thankfully.

ld a,01   ; 3e 01
ld (4e01),a  ; ea 01 4e change to SRAM bank 1
ld a, 0a ; 3e 01
ld (0d01),a  ; ea 01 0d ;this enables writing to SRAM
ld a, 0b ; 3e 0b
ld (be3c),a  ;enable Celebi GS Ball event

We can ignore the GS Ball Celebi part and instead have a jp B002 (c3 02 b0) there.

I inserted your memory editor and it was a success (I don't know if the ret at the end was needed, but I added it just to be safe).

You have a name for this memory editor or are you all right with me just calling it Epsilon's Generation II memory editor?
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