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I read ひゃ as じゃ, which is a speech characteristic common among old men in Japanese fiction writing, rather than や. If he has a Kansai accent then my interpretation loses a little strength - there's no other や in his dialogue to compare, and I can't find his normal speech from after you give him his teeth to find out one way or the other. At any rate, ふへほ はん/ロケット団 doesn't feel right - with the exception of ふぁいへん/大変 the prosody and vocalism is generally accurately represented, so I'd expect something like ほへッほ はん.

That said, it's not like this dialogue is unused and leftover from previous builds of the game - it was used in the actual game and translated into English.

Code: [Select]
text "WARDEN: Hif fuff"
line "hefifoo!"

para "Ha lof ha feef ee"
line "hafahi ho. Heff"
cont "hee fwee!"

text "Ah howhee ho hoo!"
line "Eef ee hafahi ho!"

I hope this reading isn't controversial:
"This is terrible! I lost my teeth in [the] Safari Zone. Help me please!"
"I'm counting on you! It's in [the] Safari Zone!"

「ふぁいへんひゃ」 and 「はッ はふへへ ふへ!」 seem to map pretty simply onto "Hif feff hefifoo!" and "Heff hee fwee!"; is there any reason to believe that the rest of the Japanese differs that substantially in meaning from the English?

Thanks for your opinion and not just working on what I thought. I do have second thoughts now about my accuracy. ✿
Generation I Glitch Discussion / Re: Pikachu's Beach and glitches
« on: May 07, 2019, 03:20:56 am »
Yeah, it seems Sherkel is correct. I had it work on VC after clearing with up select b and not saving but had to wait a longer time before MissingNo. would let me battle. Either this or there is something overlooked. The fossil/ghost MissingNo. though generally harder to find however will duplicate item 6 more reliiably with no front sprite freezes.

Additionally, different platforms manage what happens differently; for instance this works on BGB emulator but not VBA which fails with some hardware specific details. ✿
Writing / Re: Poems
« on: May 06, 2019, 02:36:33 pm »
What identifying traditionally woman socially for me is this: Women like people who can channel anima with confidence.
Because the essence is greater than the source. You know; the stereotype of a man who fights for you no matter what. Both men and women can do the same too with enough confidence.

How Athena sees the link between love and war: We are just signals; only animus; objectively speaking that is, spiritually we are both anima/animus. But we fight as if we had control anyway. Sometimes the road to love is simply not clear; so in our struggle we do things like eat food, make mistakes. Yet we all fight for the same thing; love, comfort, happiness. ✿
General Discussion / Re: Cute animals thread (for depression)
« on: May 05, 2019, 11:50:41 am »
Awww happy for you ^^

Look forward to seeing them. <3 ✿
Generation I Glitch Discussion / Re: Pikachu's Beach and glitches
« on: May 03, 2019, 10:29:21 pm »
I suggested $FF8F ACE as it can be done stupidly early and he was talking about a speedrun category, so it'd be a perfect fit for a TAS. I guess save corruption→expanded items→ACE method would be even faster for a TAS, though...
Realtime runners might wanna do offscreen Pikachu shenanigans or, yes, traditional ACE.

Oh OK (@both of you: sorry I didn't realise the speedrun part). I see, I thought this was a reference to an OAM DMA trick at first and it slipped my mind and didn't know you meant the Viridian Forest exploit, unfortunately I believe that method works for Red/Blue only, and either you can't do it in Yellow or the steps have to be different (though not certain??). But yeah, it is great for speedruns.

The fastest method I'm aware of no save corruption for Yellow is a glitch mart one (but haven't kept up with speedrunning since). I never tried it myself and wonder if it requires RNG manipulation. It seemed (from a cursory look anyway) to involve text box matching with a Town Map in Viridian City, and specific (sprite state?) data with a house with a bird that if I remember changes as it moves (at the least you have to leave in a specific way). This data is needed to be at $FE to bring up a Poké Mart (as the text pointer that is forced at Viridian Forest reads a starting control character byte first and $FE is Poké Mart*), which you can use to buy glitch items like 4F. (this one was TAS and not sure if you can do it real  time modified for Pikachu's Beach ACE too) also for real time, you can buy an unterminated name glitch item (possibly a specific one/and one you can afford/note too a different glitch item was acquired, maybe because unterminated name items can change the selected item ID if the 0x50 sub-tile is late enough), use that for Yami Shop glitch back at Viridian Mart, from there on force x0 of that item somehow, and then abuse dry underflow glitch by tossing x1 to get x255. From there you have the expanded inventory so could farm any glitch items needed from different places or do Celadon looping map glitch if essential.

*For reference, these are the others I know:

FF=Pokémon Center
FE=Glitch mart/Poké Mart
FD=PC for Pokémon storage only (unused! "Switch on!" text)
FC=PC for items only
F9=Normal PC
F7=Game Corner Pokémon prize menu (depending on text ID if I remember?) (I think I may have abused this with Coin Case for glitch Pokémon some time, and lucky posted about it too)
F6=Cable Club
F5=Vending machine

More general stuff including:

08=Execute assembly code after this (arbitrary code execution)
00=Print normal text after this

On similar note, you can do the stable unstable MissingNo. method; unstable Yellow MissingNo. while causing glitches will not freeze the game if you erased your save with Up+Select+B, so you can use it for duplication of item 6 of a battle item (ideally Potion; don't use Poké Ball for this), use it until you have x127, then use your Poké Ball; which will always work. Afterwards duplication will occur again and the stack is x255, allowing for dry underflow glitch and the same steps to get the items you need to run Pikachu's Beach as above.

Actually @parzival on hindsight I think you can do something like that re: save corruption in a fast time in real time without TAS. For instance, you can modify this method (for the RAM writes to self-modify the expanded PC to create a call Pikachu's Beach code) even though the method is not ideal for general use because of its restrictiveness); you can also farm non 0x00 items but it could take more time.

Yep you can do Pikachu offscreen glitch for glitch sign ACE that runs Pikachu's Beach too. ✿
My my, I've tested it and It's working! Be sure to have two fainted Pokémons before entering a double battle in that mode! When you view its info it has no moves, all its stats are 0 and will freeze the game after one second you see them. Uploading the vid in about an hour!

EDIT: aaaaand the vid's up!

Great work!! ^^ Fascinating we have a new non-Pomeg induced glitch :D

Like Sherkel said this is like the Pomeg glitch when you have all fainted Pokémon. I wonder whether there are special conditions for which one you sent out just like Pomeg glitch. Like for instance, if you have an all fainted party without prior conditions you would only send out say one of your own fainted Pokémon itself (or sometimes an Egg's content if the Egg was in your party); but with Pomeg data corruption glitch sending out the last Pokémon in your party into battle, then depositing it, just before making all your party faint is what causes the "??????????" to send out for whichever reason. I believe somebody may have documented exactly why but unsure.. In both your cases opening the party seems to allow you to view a corrupted party and view a ??????????.

Do we know what happens if you view a fainted Pokémon in that corrupted party but instead of scrolling up from the summaries cancel out and then scroll up?

From an old post of mine modified about the original access beyond slot 6 methods (note: because of the nature of the Battle Pike glitch seeming different and about double battles not single battles you may have to change these methods in certain ways (e.g. scroll up a little more/less) and the party numbers in brackets may not be accurate):

(method 1): View the summary of a normal Pokémon [then back out the summary on to the party list] and go up, the cursor will go to 00 (current Decamark). Scroll up from there and you'll get to Cancel (07) but then scroll up again and you get to FF, and from there you can scroll to FE and lower values by going up.

(method 2): View the summary of a normal Pokémon [then back out the summary on to the party list] and go down. This will take you take a half-lit Cancel button (06). If you go up, it leads you to FF and from there you can scroll to FE and lower values by going up. If you go down, it takes you to the normal Cancel (07). If you go up from there, you get to FF and from there FE, etc. by going up If you go down after the aforementioned 07, you get back to your current Decamark (00) again.  ✿

Generation I Glitch Discussion / Re: Pikachu's Beach and glitches
« on: May 03, 2019, 08:03:15 pm »
I have two separate ideas that never got off the ground related to glitches and the Pikachu's beach minigame that never got off the ground, and am looking for ways to make them work.

First of all, while messing with Super Glitch, I tried to play the Pikachu's beach minigame while the game is corrupted. The issue is that once Super Glitch is active, Pikachu is no longer Pikachu, so I can't play the minigame. I have no clue how I would get past this, but I think it might be possible by textbox ID matching in some way, or another method I don't know about.

The other idea was a speedrunning category I made up, which I called surfrad%, where the run is over after finishing the beach minigame. I have two theories on how to do it-
1. Use textbox ID matching to bring up the text box with the dude asking whether you want to surf. The issue is that I only have a vague understanding of how ID matching works(there doesn't seem to be a guide for this, at least not on this website) and have no idea of how I would set this up.
2. If that is impossible or impractical, Get the surfing Pikachu by making a hybrid of Pikachu and any water type using Q (hex FF glitch Pokemon). This has its own problems, as to get Q you need the Trainer Escape glitch (or use an ACE setup, but that doesn't seem practical) to get 44HY and evolve. Getting a high enough special doesn't seem practical for a speedrun, but I do know that the Pokemon encountered from Trainer Escape can be altered using textboxes (I learned this from using the girl who trades you a Nidoran to alter the Pokemon encountered to a Missingno early in the game), and could theoretically use this to encounter 44HY or Q, or maybe preferably a stable Missingno to do item underflow to get Q and wrong warp to the minigame house, but I am unsure how that would be actually done.

Any ideas?

$FF8F ACE to execute the minigame, then a simple completion of the game.

Happy TASing!

Regular item ACE works too (if you want to do ACE). ^^

Wack0 has a specific method for ws m or any non-continuous (ws m/4F/etc. counts) item 3 executing method:

In relation to your suggestions:

RE: text box ID:

I'm not sure if text box ID matching would work unfortunately, as as far as I know the Pikachu's Beach house has no meta-map script or script that brings up the equivalent text box based on the last (usually only the Trainer-escape glitch compatible maps have these and because both it doesn't have a script/there are no natural Trainers there a method like that may not be an option without ACE). If you don't want to use ACE

RE: hybridisation:

If I remember rightly it either reads Pikachu's second species byte [called the recipient] (or both bytes), and unfortunately basic Q glitch only changes the first byte [called the donor, which is based on the Pokémon above where Pikachu would be in the box], so even if you got an e.g. Horsea/Pikachu hybrid and taught it Surf, the surf guy still wouldn't recognise it. Furthermore although taking this Pokémon in the Day Care and out would revert it back to a normal Pikachu, you can't put Pokémon in the Day Care knowing HM moves so unfortunately it would be stuck as a hybrid for this method. However, there may be a possible workaround involving Stadium 2 reverting the Pokémon back into the original (if you're willing to use that), although have never done this method before so unexperienced, but theoretically like here glitchhunter09 had a Pidgey/Mewtwo hybrid (originally a Mewtwo), taught it Fly and used Stadium 2 to make it a normal Mewtwo with Fly you could do the same thing with Pikachu and this would work. :) An important detail may be that the Pikachu has your Trainer ID and OT (thus starter Pokémon) or is not recognised by surf guy? (but unsure)

If you can't use Stadium 2, theoretically you can catch a Pokémon that knows Surf naturally (which must have your Trainer ID/OT) and use one of the remaining HP glitches instead with remaining HP as 84 (see ; if box 1 was never filled you can do storage box remaining HP glitch, otherwise you may be stuck with party remaining HP glitch)

Also if you're using Yellow Virtual Console, they changed the requirements so Pikachu doesn't need Surf at all. The only detail is that Pikachu must have your Trainer ID/OT (becoming a new partner Pikachu), and that should work. You can catch Pikachu with the Trainer escape glitch (Ditto variation) with 25 Special or theoretically one of the Trainer's Pokémon that always has 25 Special (Trainer's Pokémon stats are set).

;with the Pokémon controlling ID as .

From this tool based on Pokémon Red disassembly data:



SWIMMER's level 37 STARMIE in Sea Route 21

CUE_BALL's level 31 TENTACRUEL in Sea Route 21

PSYCHIC_TR's level 31 KADABRA in Saffron City Gym

PSYCHIC_TR's level 31 KADABRA in Saffron City Gym

JUGGLER's level 31 KADABRA in Fuchsia City Gym

COOLTRAINER_M's level 43 CLOYSTER in victoryroad3

COOLTRAINER_M's level 43 BLASTOISE in victoryroad3

COOLTRAINER_F's level 43 WEEPINBELL in victoryroad3

undefined's level 45 IVYSAUR in undefined

KOGA's level 43 WEEZING in Fuchsia City Gym

; Yet Trainer details in Yellow can be different so certain ones may not work (or none of them would, hopefully not). Possibly certain wild Pokémon would also have a chance of having 25 Special if you don't want to go to Pokémon Mansion or do a double Trainer-Fly for Ditto.

Other options are arbitrary code execution for wild Pikachu, any other glitch that lets you catch a wild Pikachu with your ID/OT.

For documentation, re a couple obscure options; unfortunately Rival LOL glitch wouldn't work as Pikachu's index number (84) corresponds with a control character, but normal LOL glitch may let you catch one if you can find a proper map or Glitch City/or force one yourself with RAM Glitch City (see here, note I don't know if anyone has made guides for this or remember specifics to secure one just right yet; but the idea is to put D35E/D35F in RAM, and at the right place later on in addresses past your RAM pointer; have values which secure as follows:

^ If you want to do this specific method I can happily help with specifics :)

Hope this helps! ✿ ^^
Wiki Discussion / Re: Offline version of the GlitchDex
« on: May 03, 2019, 12:13:38 pm »

it's gonna happen, maybe

i need help tho so

anyone wanna pitch in?

Great idea! ^^ Thank you! <3 I'm not sure how edits (pull requests?) work sorry, but it's something I want to help with when motivated/in mood. May send them on Github or otherwise just the data to add here if you like? ✿
Hi kevin! Welcome to the forums and great post! :)

You're right, this glitch Pokémon in terms of sprite doesn't exist in English Yellow (or Japanese Yellow), but it does exist in the French, German, Italian and Spanish versions. In the English version it is a hybrid of Persian and not Growlithe, but has a glitched sprite in the English version.

Welcome to the forums, and great first post! :D How did you obtain that hybrid? The Q glitch? Anyway, the cry seems like the same base for Horsea/Cubone/Persian/etc but at a higher pitch and speed.

It's a hybrid glitch Pokémon but not an unstable hybrid, because it looks this way, has Growlithe's Pokédex number and type, etc. regardless of whether you merge it or not (and merged Pokémon don't update their type on the summary screen). I believe based on how the English version works, because it has Growlithe's sprite pointer but 0xE5 (this glitch Pokémon) and 0x21 (Growlithe) belong in different sprite banks, it loads the Growlithe pointer but a different bank, and by coincidence it maps to Bulbasaur's sprite. ✿
Is there a way to print a 0x50 sub-tile on the screen that stays after opening the menu? Alternatively, are there ways to bypass the need of a 0x50 sub-tile on the screen altogether? (e.g. data past the screen buffer?)

If possible, via 9F (RB)/-g m (Y), etc. to save the screen, this could allow for many more LG/CoolTrainer results, without Rival LOL glitch.

By extension; is there a way to print other sub-tiles (e.g. 0x00) that are normally impossible with text bytes due to loading control characters instead?

Not looking for:

*Arbitrary code execution methods: As you can do most things with these, and it would disqualify for a lot of potential speedrun categories.
*RAM Glitch Cities: As you could redirect the game's tileblock pointer (D35E/D35D in RB or D35D/D35E in Y) to say stored items in which you could have your own data (including the necessary 0x50 sub-tile), and access all species outputs supported by tile blocks/glitch tile blocks, without having to find the locations or Glitch Cities from wrong warping (D365/D364 method or maybe the warps structure later in the expanded inventory) yourself. ✿
Arbitrary Code Execution Discussion / Where to get started
« on: April 25, 2019, 11:52:39 am »
When I was originally first trying to make ACE codes, the following links helped.

You can start with simple instructions like

Code: [Select]
ld a, 15
ld [$d059] ,a
(3E 15 EA 59 D0 C9) to encounter Mew, and other 'RAM write' codes and modify them. The tables linked also tell you what a byte / opcode / operand maps to which item / quantity. In Yellow, a lot of addresses are shifted by 1, so in that example you would use ld [$d058], a instead for Yellow Mew.

If you use BGB's debugger, you can compile opcodes without doing it by hand, and see their byte representation. (right-click the screen, Other -> Debugger, use Ctrl+G to reach destinations quickly)
You can also set a breakpoint (double-click a location in the code panel, or use F2) at address $D322 (which corresponds to item 3's ID), or wherever your bootstrap code is, to see how it affects the registers and the memory. The step into (F7) and step over (F3) commands allow stepping through the execution one line at a time.

The game will keep running fine if you alter the value of all registers except sp, so feel free to use "padding" instructions such as "inc b" (maps to a Poké Ball) to make your code easier to set up and avoid rare/glitch items.

Later you can start reading the document ISSOtm posted for things like calling other addresses and setting conditions in your code. For example, when you want to call other functions, you can use the "call" instruction with the pointer (based on above memory map link) of your choice. Some functions in the ROM can be found here and require certain conditions. One of the most common, the bank switch (located at address $35d6) requires b and hl to be set to a specific value (which you can do with "ld b, xx" etc.), then when you use call 35d6 the address at b:hl is executed.

Hope this helps. ^_^ ✿

(EDIT by ISSOtm: fixed and clarified wording, changed resource links.)
General Discussion / Re: The Glitchy Thread of Topiclessness (#3)
« on: April 25, 2019, 09:48:58 am »
oh s**t my new r4 got here

it's been stuck in china for like 6 months lol

let's see if it works my dudes

I was beginning to think my Korean 2DS is taking a while, but nowhere near as long as you, gosh that must have sucked! >_< Glad it finally arrived Parzival! ^_^ ✿
Arbitrary Code Execution Discussion / Re: Fast sequential RAM writer
« on: April 24, 2019, 11:38:24 am »

Question: Some glitch items can alternate between being key items (no tossing) and regular items. In my video $ ぅ (hex:79) is a key item. Is it possible for it to appear as a regular item in the PC, and if so, how does it work?
I was going by the ItemDex, which (apparently incorrectly) claims that all the items used are tossable. It turns out that the game decides what is a key item by copying a 15 byte bitfield to a 30 byte buffer at CEE9 then reading it, so items with index over 15*8 = 120 = 0x78  have their key item status determined by the previous contents of the buffer. I must have got lucky when I was testing since they were all tossable for me.

Thanks for the explanation! ^^ Yes, I was able to get the items to be tossable again later. I always wondered about this, and seem to have a very vague memory of a speedrunner doing actions to make them tossable again. I'm sorry about the fallacy in the ItemDex for those pages. ✿
Pokémon Discussion / Re: Revision differences in Pokémon games
« on: April 24, 2019, 09:11:47 am »
There is something about the four Japanese Yellow revisions in relation to some code and/or data before F8000 (bank 0x3E), which was removed in the rev 3 release. What is this data? ✿

Edit: I looked into some of it, most at least is definitely used but may have been moved around the ROM. Most functions on the Yellow Disassembly are labelled. There are some interesting unused details in the later banks, such as deleted walking Pikachu functions (i.e. there is this one 3F:4FFB DeletedFunction_fcffb and 3F:5AD5 DummyFunction_fdad5. Unfortunately the former is all nops and the latter is a single ret). I remember IIMarckus posted about walking Pikachu mechanics when I made a thread loosely related to it a long time ago..
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