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For TM17, the slide Pokémon must be in slot 1 and Quagsire in slot 2.

From many other's experiences as well it seems sometimes the slide Pokémon isn't functional for the glitch, in which case it may be worth trying, according to Crystal_, a Level 2 female Hoothoot (60% compatible), any Level 2/3 Pokémon with HP between 13 and 15, 7 Special Defense, all other stats between 6 and 7 (also 60% compatible) or worst case scenario one of the English in-game trade Pokémon but those statistics were for Coin Case glitch.

Yeah, I think some older emulators may in fact not work for this, one possible reason due to incorrect Echo RAM emulation which on a real console is a copy of the same address -0x2000 (i.e. FA47 is a copy of DA47). It should work on BGB or one of the later VBA emulators. I use for example VBA-RR svn422, which while not the best, correctly emulates the glitch, and you can use File>Load Game>Import Battery File to load the save.

Its also possible one of the box names is slightly wrong. (e.g. "a" instead of "ä" in the German box names shown here: ).

If you are using BGB (which is suitable for the glitch), you can also set a breakpoint at FA47 (Debugger: Debug>Access breakpoints>Enter FA47 in address range>Tick 'on execute' and press 'add'),  which is a fancy way of saying to track where the memory is going byte by byte. Once you've done this, you can use TM17 to open the debugger at FA47 and keep pressing F7 (may be fn+F7 on some operating systems) to track the code byte by byte (note it may go through ROM and go back to RAM, this is normal). It should find the 'jp D8C0' in Quagsire's data at DA5A. If the game gets there (to D8C0) the problem is the box names and not the party. If it doesn't, try using a different slide Pokémon at slot 1.
Oh, did you have it in the items pocket already?

If so, I'm really sorry. :( If you used the 'stack corruption' method in the video by Crystal_ you linked to get TM17 then yes, you don't need to do the duplicate key items glitches to get TM17 as stack corruption will give it you already. I forgot about the stack corruption glitch which is an alternative way of getting the TM17 (which will work for ACE both in the items and balls pocket).

I forgot Crystal_ made a RAM editor for this too, so that's convenient.

If you use this Pastebin after following all the steps in the Crystal_ video up to , you should be able to edit RAM by renaming box 7 according to:

To make a new code look up the memory address from a source such as:  ; or

Then use the Pastebin above to convert each two digits to the box name code.
e.g. party Pokémon 1's held item is DA2B, so you look up DA on the Pastebin (which is "?,"), then 2B which is "VW", then use the conversion for any index number you want (e.g. Master Ball is 01 which is "AB").

Make Pokémon Shiny (party slot 6):

First use TM17 with box 7 name as:

(Applies 15 Attack IVs and 10 Defense IVs to party Pokémon 6 i.e. "FA")

Then use TM17 with box 7 name as:

(Applies 10 Speed and Special IVs to party Pokémon 6 i.e. "AA")

These are the maximum DVs possible for a Shiny.

However, you can also modify Attack IV to 2, 3, 6, 7, A (10), B (11) or E (14). This is stored in the memory as the first digit and the Defense IV as the second digit (always 10). For example, a Shiny Pokémon with a minimum Attack IV (2) would have its Attack/Defense IV byte as 2A. Say it had 6, this would be 6A. Defense IV and Speed/Special IVs are always 10 for Shiny Pokémon.

Get any Pokémon species (party slot 6):


[value] should be replaced with the two characters on the right for a given index number on the Pastebin. For example, Mew is 0x96, so "?q" should be used as the value.

After using TM17, take the sixth Pokémon into the Day Care and out again to convert it.

Get any item you want

Items pocket slot 1 (D5B8): Pk,9z[value]
Balls pocket slot 1 (D5FD): Pk,89[value]
Stored items slot 1 (D617): Pk♀LM[value]
Key items pocket slot 1 (D5E2): Pk,.4[value]

Items pocket slot 1 quantity is 255 (D5B9): Pk,Ü1(space)A
Balls pocket slot 1 quantity is 255 (D5FE): Pk,99(space)A
Stored items slot 1 quantity is 255 (D618): Pk♀MM(space)A

Hope this helps!
From what I gathered if it doesn't work and you obtain the maximum number of items you've had in the past, then do the switch (1st with 2nd Mystery Egg, the order sometimes matters when working with duplicate key items) it will then work. This is because if you had more than one FF terminator in the bag, withdrawing all of the items will remove all but the last one. The Mystery Eggs always have to be at the bottom of the pocket as well.

However on hindsight I don't know why it's sometimes not working for you for sure, and sorry to hear it's not always working.

The TM17 you got causes arbitrary code execution at region FA47 in Echo RAM, so you're almost done! This is in the middle of Pokémon 1's data; the caught data of Pokémon 1. So what you need to do now is have a suitable slide Pokémon in slot 1 (a low level freshly caught Pokémon from Route 29 ideally) and Quagsire holding TM02 and Return as the first move in slot 2 to redirect the code to box names.

Let me know what you want to do and I'll make the box name codes for it.
That would be good yes. Thinking about it though, everything may be OK already, as the glitch assumes having no key items to begin with. Not obtaining a key item before the end of the game is impossible without glitches, but when I tested a key items pocket with 25 items (maximum key items the game will let you) with one FF at the end, the FF still disappeared and the Balls pocket still shifted back.

The real requirement then seems to be to have the Mystery Eggs at the bottom of the key items and to have no more than one FF at the end (this may mean never depositing your key items as doing so creates more than one FF however withdrawing them again may fix that).

I had a look through my videos and found I did those steps in the French version for TM25, so you can try this to get it.

I don't have a save file with TM25 prepared on a non-English version, sorry but will make one for German Silver version later. :)
Congratulations on getting the bad clone! ^^


If it works the same between different languages, the steps in the following thread should work for obtaining any wrong pocket TM/HM:

Hope this helps. :)

There is a different form of bad clone byte shifting within a box which involves Pokémon in the box transforming into Kingdra, but that one is Crystal only and I don't think you can get a wrong pocket TM/HM with that one.

If you get it to work, let me know what you want to do and I'll try to make box name codes for that for the German version.
Generation II Glitch Discussion / Re: Dude full box glitch
« on: May 18, 2018, 07:45:29 am »
Thanks for the confirmation and additional detail! :)
I'm doubtful to upload a save file as long as I haven't made sure that saving is at least 99% fail-proof. Currently hard-resetting wile the game is saving may permanently "uninstall" the exploit. (The save patching currently only takes place when SRAM has been re-locked, which seems to happen very late into the process)

I'll also be providing a patching program (probably Python) later on, when I get around to meta-program it from the RGBDS output \o/

I see. That's OK.

Good luck in further developing it. :)
Wow. :O This sounds amazing!

ISSOtm, can you upload a save file please, and I can mirror it?

Pokémon Discussion / Re: MissingNo. guesses
« on: May 17, 2018, 05:39:32 am »
*copy from my Skeetendo post*

From a new official manga called Satoshi Tajiri: the Man Who Created Pokémon (not to be confused with Satoshi Tajiri: a Man Who Created Pokémon)

(scan posted by James Turner)

As we can see there are various unused Pokémon with what appear to be temporary names,  ディアー (Deer),  クロッキー (Crocky), ジャッグ (Jag), カクタス (Cactus), plus there may be others you can't fully see.

Note Diglett and Venonat are numbered 59 and 65, which sure enough are their index numbers in the final game!

Deer is number 56, Crocky number 62, Cactus number 67, Jag number 68. These are all index numbers of MissingNo, so these MissingNo. may have been those Pokémon in the past.
So, all of these pokemon can be gotten using the old Coin case Celebi trick... do they do anything?

Both ????? (00) and ????? (FF) can be used for withdrawing over 6 Pokémon if they are placed at the top of the party and move Pokémon w/o Mail is used to get a seventh Pokémon. This lets you do various things such as obtaining glitch Unown, activating Trainer House corruption with these glitch Unown, map distortion glitch, modifying the Day Care Pokémon or the roamers, and stack corruption arbitrary code execution as well.

????? (FF) only can be used for the Time Capsule exploit which allows you to send Generation II Pokémon back to Generation I.

????? (FE) can shift data back by one byte during a trade, which can be exploited.

In Gold/Silver ????? (FC, FE) can mask a Pokémon at Level 255 holding an item, although this seems to always result in a freeze.

(see )

You can also view the backsprites sprites of Pokémon in different colours using ?????.

(see )
Metarkrai I just found an interesting video of arbitrary code execution in Japanese Emerald and wonder if you've done it in this version yet?

The author has a little wiki:

and the exploit is detailed here:

I've never used a flash card before and I'm wondering what would be a good Nintendo DS flash card to install the GBA Backup Tool? I still have an original Nintendo DS and DS Lite.

Thank you Metarkrai!

I'll try to see if I can upload the Celebi and 0x19D I got with double corruption and if I'm able to do it I'll send them asap. I don't have a flash card or hacked Wii to do that yet (both Hacky and Zowayix talked about it here), but next time I experiment with the Pomeg glitch I'll consider setting things up to do that as it saves a lot of time for experimenting, and in theory could manually edit those Pokémon on the emulator detail by detail and import them on to the cartridge.
Could it be possible to replace it with the DS equivalent of a ret (sorry if this sounds dumb) or something like that? Or find what accesses it whenever it's activated (is there a ds emulator that has breakpoints?)

Likely yes.

There is a special version of No$GBA with a debugger. It supports GBA but apparently you can debug Nintendo DS games with it too. So that probably supports breakpoints.

I don't know how one would go about finding the routine and patching it out though, sorry.
It would be cool if you could obtain 0x019D and 0x019E glitch Pokemon and trade them to XD: Gale of Darkness to morph them into Bonsly/Munchlax. I mean, I doubt that's how it'd play out in reality because Colosseum/XD are ultra hostile to anything even slightly glitchy coming in from other games, but I'd be interested to know what does happen.

I guess someday I might test this on console, but last time I tried hatching glitch Pokemon was like 2 years ago, and I spent countless hours with no success aiming for 3 different glitch species at different times. I was able to get Jirachi, Deoxys and a few others without much difficulty, so I'm not sure why it never worked out.

I finally got around to attempting it on console with Bonsly, and like you said it seems Pokémon XD wouldn't recognize the Bonsly.

Again though Pokémon XD would allow me to trade the Bonsly I obtained on Pokémon XD using an Action Replay, and this one can be traded back:

But reviewing the summary screens this seems to have been the correct Decamark:

When linking up again, the "Togepi" Bonsly (the one I got with an Action Replay) can be traded back, while the other appears as a blank space.

I don't know what's making the game not recognize it, but if I didn't get the wrong Decamark maybe it's the total experience which was a glitch value with a ? mark in it or (maybe less likely) the Trainer ID not being the same as the XD file.

Edit: It didn't recognise my Celebi I got from double corruption either. Will try the hatching method if it works, if can avoid the experience and ribbons that way then maybe XD will recognise it.
Edit 2: Got the 'Bonsly' Egg but it freezes my game upon hatching. Going to trade it to other Generation III games until I find a game that doesn't freeze.
Edit 3: Hmm. I didn't clone the Bonsly Egg and probably should have, although I still have a Dots clone with the EVs applied to do this again. I traded the Bonsly Egg to Ruby where it hatched, but I forgot only hatching it (unlike the double corruption method I used before) gives it glitch moves, and it hatched at Level 0. I raised it a little and it jumped to Level 20 something. Tried to see if XD recognised it at both Level 0 and 20 something and it didn't recognise it. Now not sure if this glitch Pokémon will ever learn the moves at the Day Care to get rid of all its glitch moves. Cannot check its experience as its summary freezes the game before you can check it.
Edit 4: I guess maybe with an advanced double corruption you could make a version of the glitch Pokémon that is accepted by XD, but not sure how you would go across doing that.
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