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Art / Re: Fishies
« on: August 04, 2020, 03:17:25 pm »
Site Announcements / Re: SEE YOU SPACE COWBOY...
« on: August 04, 2020, 03:13:21 pm »
Changed my mind about one of my previous post. I'm with the staff personally; leaked information no, full stop. I think unused content in retail games is OK, but leaks can result in takedown notices and it could put Glitch City Laboratories in trouble. Even though The Cutting Room Floor has leaks they could potentially get in trouble too, like how Wack0 got arrested.
Writing / Re: Cute lyrics for songs
« on: August 04, 2020, 04:48:47 am »

I noticed that RAM address $CD3D not only is meant to control Pikachu's eyes, but can run scripts. Out of bound value $20 executes A734 in SRAM, but will be locked by default. This means we have two options, the first I haven't tried yet; 1. use arbitrary code execution to go back to the title screen with CD3D locked, and create your own title screen script or title screen, no cheat codes required. 2. Modify the save file and use the following codes 01203dcd, 0aa-a1b-e65, eaa-a2b-6e9, 00a-a3b-f73, 00a-a4b-192, c9a-a5b-4ca to access the custom title screen on boot. The first code lets you run eye script $20, while the rest turn the OAM DMA script into an SRAM opener.

Note the codes above are a combination of Game Genie and GameShark, which may be impossible with real hardware; for a number of reasons; the combination of GameShark and Game Genie, too many codes for the input screen, and due to Game Genie glitching Game Boy Color palettes it would probably be best on an original DMG Game Boy. That's unless there is custom hardware (or if you could make such a device) that supports lots of Game Genie codes and GameShark at the same time.

On a real cartridge, 01203DCD and 013E80FF, 010A81FF, 01EA82FF, 010083FF, 010084FF, 01C985FF might work.

Another possibility might be to use an eye script that runs WRAM instead of SRAM (which may also make it work on Virtual Console) but you'll have less space for custom title screen graphics which could take up a lot of data (a simple title screen could work though maybe, using FillMemory for long strings of the same byte like 00 or FF.

Because I'm stupid, I still haven't used a OAM DMA mod that doesn't break sprites and I don't know how to properly write to VRAM (with VRAM blanking and stuff) yet. I thought though I could make a glitchy Super Mario 64 title screen based on the "every copy of Super Mario 64 is personalised" meme.

Short animation:
For what it's worth, I made some Game Genie codes to change the first four Pokémon in the credits sequence; in order first to fourth; XX0-28A-800 XX0-29A-5DE XX0-2AA-A22 and XX0-2BA-6E6. I tried a few glitch Pokémon like 4 4, ♀ and MissingNo. Unfortunately like on the summary screen they showed no picture and no glitches were seen. However, 0xEC and 0xF4 are also exceptions. You can force them in the credits but it seems they just corrupt the music? I haven't checked my Hall of Fame, though.

Site Announcements / Re: SEE YOU SPACE COWBOY...
« on: July 15, 2020, 03:47:07 pm »
& Evie, Thanks a lot for all your help and participation when we were working on all the International Glitch Pokémon Documentations. Some notable highlights I can think of during that project was that name oddity with Glitch Pokémon with Hexadecimal F0 in the Spanish Red/Blue which ended up being the basis of this video: , or How we'd stay up late almost every night for what must've been 1-2 weeks or so and tirelessly added all the Pages for the International Glitch Documentation, added all the front and backsprites, pokédex entries, names & links to connect all the pages, which eventually turned into this whole page: (I'm also looking back at all the small update messages we'd send over the talk pages: and that certainly brings back some good memories from working on that project.)

It's been a pleasure! ^^ Yeah ha ha, all those glitch Pokémon across every language, if I remember (without checking the list of glitch Pokémon) two or so had control characters in their name between Italian/Spanish versions in a way that you could get an infinite name.

Too bad...
The trade was canceled!

It is very unfortunate that what I see as the main goal of GCL - the documentation of facts - is going to be bent, if not arguably broken, by some people's morals (albeit admittedly not just any random people but the site's leaders), especially when few others "mainstream" sites (ie bulbapedia and TCRF) do a through effort to engage in them...

Here's my take on it: The other day I made a post about continuing on the new site and avoiding leaks, but I think it's because Photon-Phoenix and Abwayax don't want them and I respect that decision. However, I may have influenced them because I used to be fully against leaks (based on the main page history on the wiki, also at one point I felt quite low too which why I removed fan-translation patch link for an unrelated project before bringing it back years later). In Photon-Phoenix/Abwayax's shoes, it's their site and if the (remaining) staff feel burnt out and they don't want the risk of anything that could be took down, I don't blame them.

On the other hand, if the consensus does turn out to be for having leaks it does seem unfair to remove them all in that respect too. Maybe I'm biased in favour of the admins(?). It's not that I'm against having leaks though as my opinions changed. On another unrelated site (a general Nintendo wiki) where I'm a sysop the consensus seemed to be to keep leaks as long as there are no ROM links, so they did keep articles on prototypes etc. Additionally like you noted, The Cutting Room Floor is still open.

Maybe in a nut-shell; I would be for the leaks, but tied-in now that Photon-Phoenix and Abwayax made this decision, I felt I didn't want to object. On hindsight (and worry about sounding rude) I wonder if that post I made was being conformative in a negative sense, and if I assumed a link that they don't want to cover leaks to not have the hassle of being in risk of takedown, given the burnout/stress. If they change their mind to allow leaks I'll continue to post them too (but not ROMs which I feel is too far).
The other term for DMA is ASLR, aka Address space layout randomization (for reference, this exact technique is used in all generations after gen 3 too).

Ah, thanks! ^^
In theory when it comes to the actual execution, this depends on the pointer. If the pointer can touch Day Care data after DMA then yes depositing a Pokémon in Day Care can influence whether it works. However, in your case (assuming you're using EN Emerald) it seems like 0x611 may be safe; as it starts at Box 12 Slot 3 and if I remember rightly Day Care is before box 1 in Emerald's memory.

A pointer in this case is the location in memory/RAM that the glitch Pokémon (or any ACE) runs; basically a temporary variable be it box data, items data, and so on. Unlike Generations I/II, Emerald/FireRed/LeafGreen use DMA on lots of memory areas (there is another name for the term but forgot it), which means the actual addresses the game runs as code can vary from one of 64 surrounding areas, but for 0x611 the game probably won't touch Day Care data(?)
Site Announcements / Re: SEE YOU SPACE COWBOY...
« on: July 13, 2020, 11:24:59 am »
(Yeah I'm not as affected by the legal issues anymore :) ; and would still like to visit here, its successor and contribute as long as we don't cover the leaks)
Site Announcements / Re: SEE YOU SPACE COWBOY...
« on: July 13, 2020, 10:19:35 am »
I'm sorry to hear you had to make this decision (it came as a shock and quite sudden), and so sorry to hear that the staff have been going through burnout and depression. Good luck and best wishes Photon-Phoenix and Abwayax. <3

Are you OK with recruiting staff? I'm happy being staff again (for now and the future site) if that's fine, as I still have interest in glitches and willing to do staff work, but understand too if you want the site to be run by new people and are not looking for requests.

I admit over the past 15+ years I have not been the best steward for this community. This may very well be the best thing I've done for this site in the last decade.

Aww no you've been a great steward! :)
Video Games Discussion / General/random game discussions
« on: July 06, 2020, 08:44:20 pm »
Recently I've been listening to the music from a game called Ihatovo Monogatari. It was composed by Tsukasa Tawada; the same person who worked on Pokémon Colosseum and Pokémon XD; so it has some lovely majestic sounding music. It received a Satellaview version as well.

I don't have much else to say however as I don't know much about the game yet; so I decided to start this as a general thread to chat about recent games we've gotten into.

Edit: More regarding that video game composer, if you have a Switch Online subscription and a Switch you may be able to easily play one of his other non-Pokémon games he's composed for, called Earth Defense Force for SNES on the selection of SNES games. I feel this one sounds quite like something from Pokémon Colosseum/XD.
Multimedia Discussion / Re: Recent purchases
« on: July 06, 2020, 08:23:27 pm »
Bought Bazaru de Gozaru aka Bazaar de Gosāru, Bazar dé Gozzare (obscure Game Freak game about a monkey who became a PC-Engine mascot and is featured in lots of merchandise commercials). It's great condition and I plan to transcribe some stuff from the manual.

I decided to buy a couple of Game Freak's other games as well; Mario & Wario and Click Medic but they haven't arrived yet. To complete my Game Freak collection I need to buy the following when money comes in: Smart Ball, Magical Tarurūto-kun, Nontan to Issho: Kuru-Kuru Puzzle, Bushi Seiryūden: Futari no Yūsha, Tembo the Badass Elephant,   Giga Wrecker (the original version and not Giga Wrecker Alt).
Interesting! :) Didn't know you could do this.
Forum Games / Re: What song are you listening to right now?
« on: June 28, 2020, 05:25:06 pm »
House - Bazaru de Gozaru Someone ought to do remixes of obscure Game Freak songs like this one and others in Pokémon soundfonts.
General Discussion / Re: Thread for Old Heads
« on: June 28, 2020, 05:17:29 pm »
Nice thread. :)

Hmm, I joined the GCL forums in 2006 as Torchickens. Originally my grammar wasn't very good/my writing style was different. I was also quite young. I wasn't quite enough an oldbie to have been around since the Professor Glitch forums and the even earlier sites (except as the temporary forum) and its predecessors, though.

Learning about the glitches here eventually lead to an overall interest in Pokémon glitches, unused content and lead to my YouTube channel ChickasaurusGL (originally it was one of two channels; the other was a now abandoned channel on Runescape called ChickasaurusRS), and before that Chickasaurus which I closed. I met a lot of the users on GCL still active now, and others that left. I hardly knew much at all about glitching originally.

I also liked posting in some other non-glitch related boards, and until I started identifying as a trans woman, I identified as male (also in my old YouTube channel content). I made a few tiny edits to another wiki I think Abwayax hosted called Infinitypedia for fan created universes, but nothing much.

When Glitch City became a wiki I enjoyed editing it, but when Glitch City Laboratories went down for a long time eventually the old forum was reopened. I became a staff member on GCLF and eventually an admin until I demoted myself. I got this wiki affiliated with the sites on the sidebar.

I wasn't the sort to use IRC/wasn't savvy with it, so most of my time here was just on the forums. Eventually GCL got its Discord, which I check but still get shy and don't post on very often. When TCRF got popular I started checking/adding a few things to the Pokémon articles, and on that note I remember Skeetendo and the disassembly projects when they were a lot newer; anything there was too complex for me and although they're less so now I'm still not very good at programming/hacking.

Answering your questions: If it wasn't for Glitch City I actually may have stopped playing/abandoned the Pokémon series after Diamond/Pearl, though a friend was into it at school. I left school and got a degree at university and do volunteer work, still play games, contribute to projects (usually YouTube and wikis) time to time. I also studied some Japanese evening classes for several years but don't retain much, and tried a TEFL course. I'm quite shy though, otherwise ambiverted (only talkative at certain times), so I'm unsure in the context of how GCLF changed my life, but it's given a lot of meaning with the endless amounts of things to do with glitches in free time.

It was 2006 when I joined, so it's been about 14 years since I joined. I have my own place now, and live alone other than to visit family. I have a lot more games now (too many), and in 2010 got into a series called Densetsu no Stafy to study a series other than Pokémon and edit a wiki about it, and about that same time I got into reading about other Nintendo games.
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