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General Discussion / Re: Really bad jokes
« on: April 16, 2018, 04:15:49 pm »
What do you call a cross between a crocodile and a broccoli?


Where do fish hang out at your home?

In the Sea-ling

as I commented on your video, arena trap can have more interesting interactions. If you go into safari zone with glitched partnermode (which is received from using RETIRE in amity square, then leaving the area) and your first pokemon has arena trap, then if you get a glitchbattle in which the enemy pokemon use 'flee', the game simply softlocks. I don't know if this can also happen with roaming pokemon that use flee, but I'd say give it a test :)

That's interesting. Thanks!

May do this when I eventually experiment with RETIRE.

What is the behaviour in normal circumstances for a fleeing Pokémon trapped by Arena Trap by the way? It seems like it would prevent fleeing with no issues but have never been in that situation (have only trapped them with Mean Look and similar).
That's true, and a memory so long back could get distorted.

I believe Machoke is still a clue as they said his first Pokémon "was supposed to be a Machoke", so it sounds like the Trainer had Machoke, unless the game said it sent out an unintended Machoke but it turned into the Egg or something.
Generation II Glitch Discussion / Useful Dex modes thread
« on: April 14, 2018, 01:44:20 pm »

Dex mode 0x0B (map corruption):

Arbitrary code execution Dex modes: (pointers A000-FDFF)

*0x56: Pressing A on mode selection screen (from Select) multiple times may corrupt graphics on screen each time until a Glitch Dimension.
*0x73 seems to play Machoke's cry, however for some reason it doesn't allow for Coin Case glitch, possibly the lack of inc sp at the cry data.
*0xD8 brings up a corrupted dex listing screen and corrupts character 4 of your name with the 0x46 character. Not sure if this can vary. Has some use if you want to get boosted experience from your Pokémon.
*0xFE brings up the search screen instead of the listing which I feel is aesthetically nice. If you press Select you can press A to change the colour of the screen every time. Really fun.


*0x73: Does not cause arbitrary code so is safer than Gold/Silver's Dex mode 0x0B. If you press Select to bring up the mode selection screen and exit out with B you can corrupt certain maps including the train station. By saving and resetting you can get to Saffron City with two badges, but haven't found a way to get to the Pokémon League with this. May change dex mode to 0xE6 so you might have to change it back through the expanded Balls pocket after every use.

Arbitrary code execution Dex modes:  (pointers A000-FDFF)
As far as I know -g m won't work for arbitrary code execution in Yellow as it works like Red/Blue's 9F or Yellow's 6F in which it's a partial battle escape item or scripted encounter/Trainer battle reset item.

For what it's worth memdump did some work on Red/Blue's -g m in the past on page 9 of this thread.

They noted if you like you can also make it nop sled to DA80 where it can be used like Yellow's ws m.
There is a YouTube video by Shadrio uploaded on April 29, 2006 where apparently without any cheats they found a Trainer with a Bad Egg while using the Vs. Seeker.

Two of the only clues regarding how they might have done it are that apparently the opposing Trainer had one Pokémon less than normal and his first Pokémon was meant to be a Machoke.

(According to Bulbapedia), as you can find Machoke Trainers in Kindle Road and Ruin Valley, it may be a good idea to use the Vs. Seeker on Trainers there and we never know there could be a way to replicate the glitch.

Another clue is the battle background. Though blurry, it looks like it might be in the sand (e.g. on a beach or in the desert). This could potentially rule out some of the Machoke Trainers.

Video Games Discussion / Re: Game Boy Game Genie codes?
« on: April 13, 2018, 06:31:17 pm »
Something odd occurred when I tried the Pokemon Red Code you posted. I tried to do it with Mewtwo because I thought it would be funny, but then after scrolling the text I was transported to the house that was robbed by Team Rocket in Cerulean City. The Mt. Moon theme was playing and I couldn't move very far before getting stuck.

Also, what will happen if you use glitch Pokemon that are normally unviewable, such as *female symbol*? Maybe one of the glitch trainers might show up, that'd be pretty funny.

That's weird. It worked properly for me (although I was using an emulator).

It brings up the glitch Pokémon and not the Trainer and a lot of glitch Pokémon just bring up no sprite (including freeze glitch Pokémon which is a shame :(). I haven't found one that freezes the intro yet but have noticed a few cause a delay before the speech and/or flip the sprites.
Successfully got a Dugtrio with Skill Swap with Mimic Transform Rage glitch using Rage, Skill Swap Smeargle and a Ditto so it is possible, but the Arena Trap flee glitch is not working for some reason...

Edit: I did it!!!

Looks like you've got to KO the other Pokémon, not the one with Arena Trap.

Edit 2: It looks like the bug is that the game always regards the right-most wild Pokémon as the one with Arena Trap as it's not working if the left-most slot is blank and the right-most is the one with the Arena Trap (it said "Floatzel" instead of "Bad Egg").
Generation IV Glitch Discussion / Arena Trap flee glitch (Platinum)
« on: April 13, 2018, 03:09:58 pm »
From Bulbapedia:

If the player is in a wild Double Battle (which, at the time, was only possible when travelling with one of the Stat Trainers) and one of the wild Pokémon has or gains Arena Trap and then faints, the Ability still takes effect, preventing fleeing from the remaining Pokémon, displaying the message "The wild Bad Egg prevents escape with Arena Trap!"

Does anyone know how this is actually possible?

From the relevant articles for Eterna Forest, Iron Island, Stark Mountain, Wayward Cave, Victory Road I couldn't find any wild Pokémon with the ability (which is unlucky as if Magneton with Magnet Pull was available on Iron Island for instance that might suffice).

So I thought about whether you could Skill Swap Arena Trap or Magnet Pull. Possibly not because Trapinch, Wynaut, Wobbuffet, Magnemite, Magneton, Diglett, Dugtrio can't learn that move or Metronome in Generation IV.

Because none of the partner Trainer's Pokémon have that ability or Skill Swap/Role Play either it's been making me wonder how you could do this?

Perhaps it could be done with a Rage glitch Pokémon.
This may be an alternative to the expanded party corruption. It may not work in Silver because TM47 does not have the same effect in Silver.

I'm not sure whether TM47 requires a non-fainted Pokémon rather than just one Pokémon, but if you can use it with fainted Pokémon that may be good so that you can win every encounter.

Method 1:

1. With TM47 you can skip the Goldenrod City train station NPC and go to Saffron City
2. Possibly avoid Snorlax with TM47 to enter Diglett's Cave and then Route 2
3. Use TM47 to bypass cut tree?
4. Use TM47 or dex mode 0x0B to bypass Mt. Silver guard
5. Use dex mode 0x0B in Victory Road cave
6. Beat Elite Four

Method 2:

1. Use TM47 to place yourself in the water east of New Bark Town and then save and reset to access more of route 27/26 (due to automatic Surfing)
2. Either use TM47 to bypass Tohjo Falls or use dex mode 0x0B in the cave
3. Use dex mode 0x0B in Victory Road cave
6. Beat Elite Four

TM47 information:

Dex mode 0x0B:
Dex mode 0x0B will execute C94C in RAM when opened. If there is an ideal memory address to ret this out you can press Select to access the mode's description, which corrupts a lot of RAM including overworld tiles. This corruption allows you to corrupt caves with walkable tiles, so you can use it in Victory Road.

However, the last dex mode will be replaced with 0xFF afterwards as will various data at C94C, meaning you'd have to both save and reset and place another item in the expanded items pack in your next session. Hopefully you can have C94C+ ret out as before.

There is probably a way to put this to use, but I imagine it will take some effort to put together a route.

Instead of dex mode 0x0B there may be another RAM corrupting mode or mode description, will update this post if I find one.
Video Games Discussion / Re: Game Boy Game Genie codes?
« on: April 13, 2018, 08:40:25 am »
Nice look forward to seeing them :)

Interestingly enough I wrote these the other day:

English Pokémon Red

Replace Oak's intro Nidorino: XX1-6D9-7F4

English Pokémon Yellow

Replace Oak's intro Pikachu: XXE-DBA-B3B

I think the Pokémon Yellow one won't work though on a physical Game Genie though with it supporting DMG games only.
Generation IV Glitch Discussion / Mystery Zone lyrics
« on: April 13, 2018, 08:10:36 am »
I wrote some lyrics for the unused Route 206 variation found in Mystery Zone.

Welcome to the Mystery Zone!
It's a place every hacker calls home.
Tweaking through the void, it gives me much joy.
But avoid the Black Screen of Death!

Glorious Mystery Zone.
Worthy of calling my home.
It's strange, that cycling through eternal darkness is so fun!

(Tweaking like no tomorrow..)

Welcome to the Mystery Zone!
A place that every hacker calls home.

When you've got nothing to do,
Loadlines will give you a clue.
Gotta go, and explore that void!

Wonders of Mystery Zone.
Exploring fake Sinnoh,
It's fun, when you're breaking the game every day!
Much to Game Freak's dismay...

This is also possible in the HG/SS Safari Zone.


I think this is an obscure fact but I'm not sure if Pomeg glitch works in HeartGold/SoulSilver.
Unfortunately for that reason this may be a Diamond/Pearl/Platinum(?) only glitch. I didn't test the Japanese version however.

In at least English HeartGold/SoulSilver I wasn't able to get the Pomeg glitch to work and I believe I did the same things for it to successfully work in Diamond/Pearl/Platinum (as in this video

For what its worth if it is possible in HeartGold/SoulSilver you can also activate a glitch where the walking Pokémon stays on the spot by having only fainted Pokémon but can't remember how.

Going to go test this on physical Diamond/Pearl and Platinum by modifying the save file first.

Edit 1: US Diamond results: Set up the party like BUGLITCH did but the game froze before battle. :(
Edit 2: EU Platinum results: Freeze as before
Edit 3: JP Diamond results: Freeze as before
Edit 4: Also for what it's worth, I tried this on the original DS ('DS phat'), a DS Lite and New Nintendo 3DS XL. Same result sadly.
Edit 5: Added PKM file for hacked Azumarill. To get it to 0 HP use the Pomeg Berry and then the Rare Candy.
Edit 6: Yep, HeartGold/SoulSilver can't be used for the Pomeg glitch, including Japanese versions (only the maximum HP is reduced). :(
Hmm. In Red and Blue battling with 0 Pokémon causes a freeze after the battle (unless you are in Diglett's Cave) which doesn't occur in Yellow, so that could explain why if the freeze occurred then.

If your Pokémon has move 0 as its first move (or a Super Glitch move in any slot 1-4) and the freeze occurred after choosing to fight, that could also be responsible as viewing it can cause corruption that freezes the game without the proper setup.

That sounds like it might be part of the problem! Unfortunately, the crash happens the moment I open the fight menu.

What would be the proper setup?

The easiest solution is if you open the Pokémon menu just before viewing the Fight menu (all within battle), then the corruption shouldn't freeze the game due to a hidden 0x50 sub-tile (which the game interprets as the end of the move's name basically) on the battle screen. However you may still get the TMTRAINER effect and a freeze after the battle ends (unless you're in Diglett's Cave).

The corruption can be avoided entirely in Red/Blue by having the 0x50 sub-tile early on the screen (towards the top preferably as close to the top-left corner as possible) and opening the Pokémon or items menu before battle, but can be awkward to pull off unless you're at a place such as Route 1. (Note this method does not work in Yellow)

0150A0C3 will also place it at the top-left corner of the screen for you, but you still have to flash the Pokémon menu in battle with this code enabled (works in Red/Blue/Yellow).

Hope that helps. :)
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