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General Discussion / Re: Really bad jokes
« on: Today at 02:08:39 pm »
During my Pokemon Blue ES glitch Pokemon investigations that most of the people on this website know about at this point due to the number of miscellaneous posts I've made about things i've found during it, I've usually nicknamed the glitchmons that have annoying names by their hexadecimal index number. However, I named my ÙEnem. ゥ♀úÍ  "CaptFalcon" because it's number f zero.

I love F-Zero


FALCON PUNCH!!!!11111111


So like every time Captain Falcon says Falcon Punch in Smash Bros. and Falco is there, Falco punches.
ARDS is notoriously screwy... makes me think they were made really shittily.
"Yes, without a doubt"
I wonder how many flashcards were sold or borrowed to repair them - I personally know of 6 incidents :)

Strange story is my first Action Replay DS broke so I bought a new one. I then used the official cable to update the firmware on my newer one and somehow fixed the older one by updating that by inserting it after the new one loaded. So this may be a way to fix your old Action Replay DS so you can sell it back :) (probably the problem is just a corrupted firmware in memory). They do seem very fragile though, which is why for me I've had to be careful not applying too much force between the DS Card and USB lead; just gently so it fits.
Generation I Glitch Discussion / Re: Hex F3 pokedex entry weirdness
« on: July 15, 2019, 12:29:33 pm »
Hex F0 has an infinite name, how did you get the Dex information for it?
Edit: the name isn't infinite, just obnoxiously long, but the game crashes while trying to load the dex so the question remains
Edit 2: the crash actually has nothing to do with the dex entry, but since the crash happens before the dex entry the question remains

I can't remember the specifics for that one. However, it seems to use either the 0x59 or 0x5A control character which would result in an infinite name depending on whether it tries to print the enemy's name (thus repeating itself and the "enem." string) or user's name.
There must have been a way of getting it. I'll look into it again for you.
For anyone interested; :)

In what seems to be an ultra rare occurrence, found them available here, but settling for the Korean 2DS eShop versions.

US $400.00
Approximately £318.45

(plus like $157.29 import charges)

They do hardly appear; but going to go with SnorlaxMonster and settle for the digital eShop versions which (together with Korean 2DS and credit) costs less (had to cancel the last Korean 2DS order which never came).
Generation I Glitch Discussion / Re: Hex F3 pokedex entry weirdness
« on: July 13, 2019, 10:45:33 am »
Nice find! It looks like this is another pseudo-LG. These the same 'battle escape' base effect as -Lg, 9F and related items, but can have other side effects as well.

Curiously, this is not documented on the GlitchDex article's entry

Perhaps the dex entry is from RAM or this behaviour is exclusive to Blue, not Red. Will attempt to replicate.
Sadly my Xploder cartridge is kaput (I'm still trying to find someone with the capability to fix it; all suggestions welcome) but when it was up and running, I tried out a number of interesting codes on my Sapphire cartridge, including various item modifiers.

The codes allowed you to choose your item and the pocket it went into. Through various experimentations, I ended up getting items such as Mail, Master Balls, and the two Bicycles inside the Berry pocket. These simply functioned normally when selected most of the time, but the interesting thing comes when trying to blend berries in one of the Contest Halls.

Some would crash the screen and cause a blue (or green, or black) screen of death. Some would simply freeze the game. Some would show a garbled sprite bouncing into the blender, and then crash the game. Some actually worked, and produced regular Pokeblocks! (Sadly, I never found an item that would make a Gold Pokeblock with an infinitely high level.

It's been so long since I did this I can't remember what items had what effect. But I'd be very interested in seeing anyone make a video and showing their findings! Hopefully I'll eventually get my Xploder working again (or simply give in and pay $80 for a new one online) and be able to continue researching things like this.

I remember another user talking about glitch Berries, but I didn't know some worked to be blended. Nice find! ^^

In Emerald US you can modify the Berries pocket with A-Save, and this allows for invalid Berries. On their tag they only have Cheri Berry's description, but if you throw them into the blending machine you can get different effects such as freezes, resets and more rarely they are loaded with glitch graphics and you can get Pokéblocks as you mention.

In Ruby US you can probably do the same, or use 02025E74:XXXX. There are 65536 Berries to play around with. 0x85-0xAF are valid, so that leaves 65536-43 or 65493 glitch Berries.

Will upload a video about this soon. :)
Introductions / Re: New Lab Member
« on: July 13, 2019, 04:21:34 am »
Welcome ekardnam :)
A bit late but I figured I might as well try and see how this challenge goes. Although Bulbapedia isn't the most accurate source for glitches they do have access to the formulas which are used for determining the stats a Pokemon will have, this allows us to determine what stats ィ゙ゃゾA (00) would have and if this challenge is even possible without other glitches to defeat trainers and such. At level 100 with max EVs and DVs the stats would be 204 HP 101 ATK 105 DEF 99 SPD and 101 SPC. Nothing amazing but certainly difficult even at max level. Beating anyone would require immense grinding or rare candy use to get to a high enough level. Spamming x items is also a necessity especially by the end of the game where most of the Pokemon will be able to 2 hit KO you. At level 255 the stats are 505 HP 250 ATK 260 DEF 240 SPD and 250 SPC. At that level things get a lot easier and you can reliably deal damage and take hits without much worry. Somewhere in the middle would probably be best for endgame challenge. The beginning is going to be a huge grind. If I calculated it right Misty's Starmie will do at least 50% of your health until level 30 using bubblebeam and Surge's Raichu will also be doing at lest 50% with Thunderbolt until level 41. This is assuming you get enough money to buy enough healing and x items, although I guess you could probably get lots of money and items by using more glitches.

Note I rounded up on most numbers so they may be off by 1.

TL;DR Its statistically possible but would be a very tedious run, I also don't know the moveset so its totally possible that whatever moves it gets are too useless for it to do anything until ridiculously high levels.

Thanks! I'm happy you find this interesting and tried this too! ^^

Yeah, I learned too with the small amount of things you can do surprisingly there is just enough to do this without custom moves or Rare Candies, Level 101+. The one hit KO moves are a bonus and with X Accuracy, other X items it's not too difficult if at max stats (may be possible with the max stat glitch alteration of remaining HP glitch) or sufficient stat experience grinding it seems. The Elite Four run with maxed 0x00 was a lot easier than my Diamond male  Combee only run even when its stats are better (as it only learns Gust, Sweet Scent there without Platinum if I remember rightly(?)) where even at close to Level 100 Champion Cynthia required a bad number of soft resets. :(

Ouch, Starmie sounds like a pain. :/ Yeah it will be interesting to see where the most difficult parts are.
Emulation & ROM Hacking / Re: Link via script to the Shuckle.asm?
« on: July 10, 2019, 02:00:25 pm »
In a nutshell: I'm unsure if linking to the script would be best sorry. It's certainly possible but takes space. as a lot of the registers are set in certain ways; i.e. if you skipped the level 15 Shuckle part it would have the Mania OT and ID or predef TryAddMonToParty may never run so you'd get nothing. If you skipped the Mania OT/ID you'd also have to skip the level 15 Shuckle part.

1. (closer to Shuckle script)
If you want to use the base Shuckle script; maybe you could use the far copy bytes to dump it into RAM where then you could simulate ROM patches by modifying the code in that copy.

You may set your own parameters for TryAddMonToParty predef or directly modify RAM many times etc.

For customization/user friendliness, ACE can be used to fill the TM/HM pockets with x255 (in the competitive Coin Case thread somewhere, this may need to be modified for other methods e.g. wrong pocket TM. Due to the structure being quantity only and reasonably allowing 0-255, you can use the shortest possible codes you can program; with no playing around with dummy opcodes/operands. The operands here will be identifiable by a TM (e.g. Mew is TMX's quantity, ID is TMY (high) and TMZ (low) bytes.

As for the OT, in my name your mum with Coin Case video I set a custom destination; maybe you can adjust that to party pokemon 1's OT so when you finish input on the "x's name" menu it will apply changes there.

ld a,bank ld hl,address rst $08 allows you to call anywhere, like farbankswitch in RB(?? forgot its exact name).

Hope this helps. :)
Yeah, a TCRF user had it. However that by no means makes it any less of a find; given you got it by reversing the game yourself. Great work finding this ^^
Hello, this is my first post on this site so I don't know if this is the right place or not, I can repost it somewhere else if necessary. As the title says, I'm having a little bit of trouble with the PC Box remaining HP glitch. I haven't ever completely filled my box 1, and I've followed the instructions exactly, even using several different 255 catch rate Pokemon. No matter what I try, I can't seem to get any level change happening after I withdraw the Q. I have attached a save file so someone else can try if necessary.

Hi ThatOldGuy, welcome to the forums. :) Yeah, this is the right board. ^^

I'm sorry to hear it's not working for you. :( I'll look at your save file and see if I can get it to work. If so, will send you a video. Do you know if you've deposited more than you've ever before and are using box 1 (as no other box works; due to them being filled with 0xFF bytes by default)? If unsure how many you've had in box 1 try 19 Pokémon as the max you have in the box always.
Thank you so much for the in-depth explanation, both of you! Accumulating 60 Pokémon or so didn't take too long on x10 speed, and I'm not too mad because this is pretty interesting.

It's crazy that VC allows that. It also kind of sucks that even Nintendo's own emulation is inaccurate to that of a cartridge. Time to be a bit more careful with backing up data-- what I should have been doing all along.

Have a great day.  :)

You're welcome. ^^ Hope you have a great day too!
Wiki Discussion / Re: Wikifang on licensing
« on: July 03, 2019, 08:54:48 am »
Look at any image uploaded, and you'll see the following:

The uploader is not required to submit a fair use rationale accompanying this image; the use of the image on this wiki already constitutes as fair use.

This should help clear up some uncertainty over licensing.

That's a good idea!

Hmm. Do you know which page (if any) under the MediaWiki: namespace will modify the text that's added to a file automatically? So we can add that message.

File File history File usage

File history
Click on a date/time to view the file as it appeared at that time.

File usage
The following page uses this file:
Hi SuperGlitchy!

Yes, if you talk to a trade NPC before activating the encounter; you can get different Pokémon. This was noted by Paco81 but was analysed later. The Pokémon is determined by the fifth/sixth character of the trade Pokémon's nickname.

Red/Blue yields

Route 2 - Abra for Mr. Mime (MARCEL): Level 139 Snorlax
Route 5 - Nidoran♂ for Nidoran♀ (SPOT): Level 80 Missingno. (50h, Dec: 80)
Route 11 - Nidorino for Nidorina (TERRY): Level 80 Starmie
Route 18 - Slowbro for Lickitung (MARC): Level 80 Missingno. (50h, Dec: 80)
Cerulean City - Poliwhirl for Jynx (LOLA): Level 80 Missingno. (50h, Dec: 80)
Vermilion City - Spearow for Farfetch'd (DUX): Level 80 Missingno. (50h, Dec: 80)
Cinnabar Island - Raichu for Electrode (DORIS): Level 80 Missingno. (92h, Dec: 146)
Cinnabar Island - Venonat for Tangela (CRINKLES): Level 139 Kingler
Cinnabar Island - Ponyta for Seel (SAILOR): Level 145 Clefable

Yellow yields

Route 2 - Clefairy for Mr. Mime (MILES): Level 80 Missingno. (92h, Dec: 146)
Route 5 - Cubone for Machoke (RICKY): Level 80 Starmie
Route 11 - Lickitung for Dugtrio (GURIO): Level 80 Clefable
Route 18 - Tangela for Parasect (SPIKE): Level 80 Snorlax
Cinnabar Lab - Golduck for Rhydon (BUFFY): Level 80 Starmie
Cinnabar Lab - Growlithe for Dewgong (CEZANNE): Level 141 Electrode
Cinnabar Lab - Kangaskhan for Muk (STICKY): Level 152 Kingler

Yes, if you do this for a double Trainer escape glitch; you can get a wide range of Pokémon because the above have random DVs, and given their level the number of Pokémon you can get will vary a lot.

This can be abused for a way of finding stable MissingNo. (I think a speedrunner may have found it) The chance of getting a Fossil/Ghost MissingNo. this way is something like 1/8 (??) sorry, can't remember and you can keep soft resetting to try again.

As for the save corruption, I'm sorry to hear about your save. :( 3DS Virtual Console through experience seems more likely to erase your save file if you view freezing sprites, press A on long name items at the wrong place, walk out of bounds, etc.

Hope this helps.
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