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Words cannot describe how happy this makes me. This is one of the few prototypes I really wanted to play.
Thought I would update this thread with some info on Italian MissingNo.

Torchickens has already researched it slightly, but for those who don't know, Italian MissingNo simply freezes the game when attempting to view its sprite due to the sound bank being changed. Getting a clear cut of its sprite even when fixing the sound bank is hard because so much garble gets in the way due to a buffer overflow. I had an idea with Photon-Phoenix last night which involved altering the Pewter Museum fossils to show MissingNo instead.

It worked, and there was a clear image, but everything was garbled around MissingNo. The music also became a cacophony of decibels.

I got a video of it (TURN DOWN YOUR VOLUME)

Here's the sprite cut out of the display box:

More interestingly, MissingNo appears different in Italian Blue than Red, the difference being subtle but enough:

You can do this yourself using Torchicken's sound bank fix, codes 0102EFC0 & 0102F0C0. The Fossil modifier for the display case is 01xx96CF.
I don't use assembly, but usaully the hex editor. Please can you tell me where is the offset of the pokémon number and after where is the pointer for the sprites? I have to add 2 pokémon sprites, 2 fossils from R/G/B/Y. Can you help me please? :)
The pointers to the pics are around 48000-485DF if I recall correctly. I'm not sure about the others, but this might prove useful to you if you haven't utilized it already.
Okay, I have figured out a way to actually get this to work when placing Pokémon sprite data in place of 252.

The sprite data is used in conjunction with other functions by a constant called NUM_POKEMON defined in pokemon_constants.asm. Adding a new Pokemon here can only be done via the same way the Egg was added, otherwise WRAM0 will overflow.

Now, the sprite data is actually loaded into memory by a check in wildmons.asm on whether something is an actual species or not, and it uses NUM_POKEMON + 1 (+1 being an Egg of course), so if you put + 2 instead, it will interpret 252 as an actual Pokemon if you defined all its proper data, including sprites. Eggs won't be affected, of course. The function in question on where to change this is ValidateTempWildMonSpecies.

Cries will not work, however. This can be changed in cry.asm under a similar function, called GetCryIndex.

Hope this helps, it took me three days to figure this out on my own. Couldn't have done it without Photon-Phoenix's help.
Is possible assign the fossils sprite to a 2 of the 4 existing MissingN°. that when appear show the tileset graphic instead of a real pic?

I can compress and add the sprites of the fossils into the rom, but the poképic script string need to show a pic of an existing pokémon and the only way without overwrite existing pokémon will be assign to a 2 missingN°.
I have been trying this myself to no avail. I have assigned pic pointers to 252 and also defined said sprites, but it refuses to work for some reason. Maybe there's something I'm missing?
Well, no idea why this happens. Maybe the reason's the same as Yellow's regular Missingno ?
I'm thinking the same thing.
The addresses I gave you may not be correct in Japanese versions (although if you avoided crashing, they were probably correct).
The behavior you got is quite unexpected ; which emulator are you using ?
See here to check which emulators are the most accurate (it seems that these are BGB and Gambatte (included in BizHawk)), as VBA is actually quite clumsy, more than GBAs.
I was using BGB, and I double-checked the addresses. They were the same in Red/Blue and Red/Green, strangely enough.
Crashes are sometimes caused by sound bank corruption, this by forcing addresses C0EF and C0F0 (if i'm correct) to a valid value using gameshark, crashes can be avoided.
I did this as per your suggestion and ended up with something pretty strange, gonna post a vid of it soon.

Since recording is not working I can provide screenshots. Basically the sound bank IDs being forced to stay via Gameshark does indeed avoid a crash, but it begins to corrupt RAM at a rapid pace and produces a glitch trainer similar to Jacred, the game doesn't really crash but runs at a very slow pace (the pace is insufferable). Dunno if I did something wrong, but those RAM addresses you gave me are probably correct.

Here's the screens, hopefully I did it right:

Glitch Pokémon that crash sometimes work in no-color mode for some reason, like the #205s
Either that or it's the ECHO ram.
Non-SGB didn't do anything unfortunately, and I'm not sure what the pointer fix code would be in those (0155C2D0 in normal Red and Blue)

As for ECHO ram, I need to look into that. I haven't gone this deep since 2006.
What is an .xlsx file even used for? I've never seen this extension.

.docx, .pptx, .xlsx, etc. are the extensions for the XML-based zipped files that follow the Microsoft Office Open XML (OOXML) format and have been in use since Microsoft Office 2007. Unlike the old format used by Microsoft Office 2003 and earlier (file extensions: .doc, .ppt, .xls, etc.), you can rename these files with the .zip extension and extract their contents, which might be helpful in case you don't or can't have Microsoft Office.

Other similar software like LibreOffice instead use the OpenDocument format (ODF), which is also XML-based and zipped.
That is very helpful, thank you.
As some of you may know, Bulbapedia in its MissingNo article has in the trivia section a sprite of MissingNo in Red and Green, but as far as I'm concerned MissingNo always opcodes every time its encountered or sent out. If this sprite is to be believed, how was it obtained? Via a debugger on an opcode crash? I am legitimately confused here.
Wiki Discussion / Re: Auto Approve Wiki Edits
« on: March 31, 2016, 08:40:54 pm »
The GlitchDex is powered by an extension, which parses the raw content of the subpages to generate the finished output. Adding wiki markup to the raw data would break the parser.

However, this extension broke with a recent MediaWiki update. The extension was poorly created anyway, and will need to be thrown away and completely redone. When this is done, all of those subpages will be rewritten eventually. The plan will be to use native wiki template language in place of the custom parser the current extension uses, which will cut down on the complexity of the extension.

On a more general topic, there is a group of users who are not sysops who have the ability to approve edits, the QC (quality control) group. It's probably possible to have a group which can approve their own edits, although I think  anyone who can be trusted to bypass approval can likewise be trusted to approve the edits of others, so maybe we can just expand the approval right to Member+ and above.
Is this parser what converted the base stats into bars before it broke? Or am I thinking of something completely different?
These services, despite declining usage, are still active. I see no reason to remove them from profiles for any user who still uses these services.
I never checked. Thanks for the heads up though, my bad.
Title is self-explanatory, a lot or all of the ones listed seem to be obsolete and serve no purpose on profiles anymore.
General Discussion / Re: tfw i get banned from another forum
« on: March 31, 2016, 12:08:32 pm »
Overquoting? And just for five lines? Are you kidding?

Meh some forums have pretty strict rules. But ultimately it's up to the admins and staff who make the rules, and members must follow them in order to continue posting. Though that's a pretty harsh thing to be banned over IMO.

It was only for a day though. I've also had really bad luck with staying on forums with strict rules.
Sounds like Facepunch to be honest. It's a good forum, just enforces its rules well enough that it isn't a total cesspool.
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