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Hint, ALT+130 = ?.

pokemon or pok?mon... it doesn't really matter, does it? maybe some people (like me) are just too lazy to go through the whole alt blahblahblah stuff and just hit "e". ok? is it really that big of a deal?
Pokémon Submissions / Amazing... lady?
« on: April 23, 2009, 03:04:10 pm »
this glitch involves the same principles as the amazing man, but instead of a man, its... nurse joy?

this does not work by any other methods (that i know of), but here is how you do it:

1. activate the "glitch city glitch" so that you can take your 500 steps and be warped back.
2. once you exit the safari zone foyer entrance building thing, fly to celadon. i dont know if it works anywhere else, this is just how i did it.
3. walk around for a while, but time your steps...
4. on your 499th step, you should be in the celadon pokemon center, with 1 column of black nothingness on your left and nurse joy should be 1 tile north of being on screen. when you take your 500th step upwards, nurse joy should come into view, but the P.A. message comes up to call you back to the safari zone.
5. upon getting the message, nurse joy should glitch into the black nothingness to your left. interesting...
6. if you did it in celadon, when you enter the glitch city, i ended up back in celadon, but right behind the mansion and in front of the entrance to the place where you get eevee. i wonder why...


okay, sorry, i think i messed up in the instructions. im also adding helpful tips. i just did the glitch again to verify its existence, so here are the corrections:

* when you enter the pokemon center, you are automatically on the left side of the entrance mat. this is the side you should be on when you walk up on your 500th step.

* when you exit the safari zone building and have 500 steps left, you actually start from the time you are sent away from the guy when you "dont want to join the hunt." so when you are outside the building after you exit, you have already used four steps.

* flying counts as one step.

* enter the pokemon center on an even number of steps so that you will be on the correct side of the mat when the time comes to go up. that is, when you are on step 5, lets say (thats when you are in front of the pokemon center after you fly), you move up as your sixth (an even number) step.

* entering a building counts as one step. you move up (traditionally) onto the doorway as your step, so you dont need to count the time that your screen changes to building as a step.

hope the update helped!
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