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It's possible to track the location you're in through DeSmuME's RAM search while exploring the void, which is interesting. It's probably already known and not that hard to figure out if you know what you're doing, but I haven't seen any instructions so I've written some - at least, for my own method.
So far I've done this in US Pearl and Platinum.

The addresses are randomised on startup/reset, so I search for them each time.
I've got a good routine to find the right address while in the overworld:
Set data size to 2 bytes
Search for 3 while in Jubilife City
Search for 345 while in Route 204

At this point there are still ~20 matches, but the first one listed is the right one. (The others seem to copy it depending on what map it is - all switch to 2 for underground but only the first is set to 553 or etc. for Turnback Cave).

The part that's a bit less certain is keeping track of it after the save and reset at 430N, and later saves.
You need to keep track of the ID of 430N's Jubilife City, or the other place you're saving. (430N's specific ID varies, though only within a few hundred.)
After the save and reset, you need to reset the RAM search and search for that map ID. Then take one step and search for the place you're in now - likely Mystery Zone at ID 0, but other places are possible eg. Underground at ID 2.

Now can see what map ID you're in while exploring the void! You can compare to a list eg. from Spiky's Map Editor to find out which specific map you'll get if you save and backtrack.
This is useful to distinguish between maps of the same name (including real Jubilife houses from fake Jubilife overworld).

Potentially void exploration could be automated with a lua script that records this value as it travels. I might try this later, though I'll have to learn lua first. The void does vary between files (and a little between different attempts) so a full on map isn't too meaningful, but many places are consistent so I think it'd still be worth doing.

To clarify this method if the explanation is confusing, I made a video of me doing it in US Platinum. This was maybe a silly choice of game because I don't know any interesting places to go, and ended up choosing the entrance to Turnback Cave (it set more addresses than the others, I was curious!) Still, it's about the method, not the results.


I go past plenty of negative Jubilife City areas but it's possible the map ID isn't actually signed, so it might not really mean anything.

We can also see the perspective override here, since Turnback Cave is shown in 2d until I change rooms.

That is indeed interesting, I wonder what caused the change in the camera's perspective. Perhaps it has to do with the path you used?

Nope, it seems the perspective carries over from where you started.
I did a really tiny trip to confirm this: Went North from Oreburgh Gate (the cave - it was the closest 3d place) until I hit Jubilife TV. Saved, went back down. The same effect happens here.

Since this is a real place, it also shows that it's a real "override" instead of maybe the beta place not having a perspective set.
Sorry, I meant may as in potentially. I don't think it ever did happen, I just don't know of any reason it wouldn't be possible.

In the spirit of experimentation, I decided to follow the instructions to reach the beta Jubilife place "in Zow's vid". Instead of starting at Poketch Co, however, I started from Spear Pillar. I have vague memories of a theory that Jubilife City places are all over the void because you start exploring from there, so I thought I'd try starting somewhere else... but it didn't make any difference to the locations that show up. So that's that rumour proven wrong, and also some evidence (perhaps not conclusive proof) that the void has the same layout regardless of the entry point.

Anyway, the interesting thing (in my mind at least) is that when I got there, it had the 3d perspective enabled. Crystalmourne visits the same place here, but it's shown in 2d. Another difference is that the npc is invisible (the shadow is still there) and can't be talked to.

Saving and resetting didn't change the camera, but made the npc appear.
Going downstairs to the next (still beta) map reset the camera to normal.

I believe it may be possible to find a path to the real Hall of Origin but, much like with the path I found to the Underground, it'll come up randomly :P The only known Hall of Origin path is the one that leads the player to the unused copy that has no events or warps programmed. Crystalmourne has a video showing this.

The Hall of Origin itself may be found, but the Arceus battle can't be started since it's a scripted part of the event. People did search for a way to trigger the event, like the other events that can be triggered in the void (Underground tutorial, receiving the Pal Pad, getting kicked out of the restaurant because it's closed) but they weren't successful.

The Hall of Origin event relies on having the flute so this wouldn't work without at least already having the flags set, though there's also the question of how the event itself is triggered. It starts by using the flute in Spear Pillar, so whether anything can be triggered in the Hall of Origin at all depends on how it's coded.

It still would be interesting to find the real Hall. It's strange that it hasn't already shown up, though it's probably just coincidence. In Diamond and Pearl Arceus apparently is there (though can't be interacted with) so it would be a novelty to see.

That sounds like the theme played in the "Jubilife City" voids that you encounter on the path to the Underground, which you can listen to for a while in the video I made (linked to on page 3).

Yep, that's it. It seems to be the base track without the additions from day or night. I wonder if other songs can be heard like that.
Forum Discussion / Re: Forum Bug List and Reports
« on: September 25, 2015, 08:30:19 am »
A minor note. I signed up for email notifications, but they get sent to spam in gmail. The reason given is that apparently they violate some kind of Google guideline? It links to this.

My thoughts on this are basically "f**k off Google", so I made a never spam filter. Still, this is apparently something inherent to the emails themselves that's probably getting triggered for all gmail users.
Hey ~Poke~, nice to meet you! :)

Yes, I'm well aware that the walls are a problem if one tweaks rather than using wall-disabling codes. Like I said earlier in the thread, I don't tweak because it's very hard for me to successfully achieve the desired result.

I believe that both methods are valid in the study of the void since the "walk through walls" or "walk anywhere" codes lift some of the limitations that would render access impossible in certain cases.

On page 3 you were asking, so I thought I should clarify. Looking back, that was in February so I guess you got your answer elsewhere.
Codes certainly are a good way to explore, since they allow more access. A lot of Hall of Origin's efforts were focused on the glitching only side - mostly trying to find Arceus (which proved impossible) but also the other events, early access to regular legendaries, and Hall of Fame for speedruns.
Once the practical uses like that are out of the way, it's interesting to see what's out there and codes are necessary for most exploration outside of Diamond and Pearl.
HoO's approach to this is probably why there's less information about Platinum, and basically nothing about Heart Gold and Soul Silver.

On that subject, it would be nice if Hall of Origin and etc. hadn't moved around so much. Between the four separate forums by my count (two by each name) there would have been some pretty solid documentation at least on Diamond and Pearl's void. That Google doc seems to have a lot of the basics covered though.

I haven't seen the second PG101 mentioned here. Judging by the Wayback Machine and posts on the original, it seems to have existed from late 2008 to mid 2009. I don't know what was on there, since there don't seem to be any records but it was around that time that people started to actually understand void exploration. Still, anything discovered there was probably repeated in the HoO vBulletin backup so it shouldn't mean any knowledge was lost.
I made a (very low quality) Youtube video of Jubilife City music with one track disabled which directed people there, and shows the logo.
Hello, I was a member of both HoO forums (and their predecessor PokemonGlitching101). I was pretty young at the time so I didn't contribute anything useful but I did my best to keep up with all the threads so I do remember a lot.

It's not possible to reach 430N in (US) Platinum via tweaking. I'm not sure about Japanese. I just tested it myself in NO$GBA to be sure, and there are invisible walls all around the building. They do behave a bit weirdly, since it's possible to get stuck if you're persistent in walking back and forth (perhaps they're elevation changes? Or they could just change). Using the walk through walls code you can pass them no problems.

If you want to make sure your results are tweaking compatible, just disable the code after getting outside Poketch Co. This gives pretty boring results in Platinum, since I'm not aware of any inside location that doesn't have the walls. It's important in (US) Diamond/Pearl though since invisible walls are rare but do show up very occasionally.
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