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Getting 8F isn't a problem even without luck manipulation. Corrupting the Pokemon number with Super Glitch and swapping the 2nd Pokemon with the 10th will successfully explode the item pack.
Then, one should be able to do the looping map glitch (doing the walk through walls glitch and walking in certain corners so the maps loop indefinetely:, get the X coordinate right, take the 8F item and fly away.

I will try my best at making all this work in English versions. I will post a video and make a separate thread when I'm done.
For all you guys wanting to do that in English versions, I've got some good news. Red/Blue's item '8F' (hex 5D) jumps to address $D163 (Number of Pokemon), exactly like 5かい!

Here's also a list of jump locations for all glitch items in Red/Blue:

Code: [Select]
Item $00:  ExecutionPointer=01D1

Item $54:  ExecutionPointer=57FA
Item $55:  ExecutionPointer=A7D0
Item $56:  ExecutionPointer=81CA
Item $57:  ExecutionPointer=3D65
Item $58:  ExecutionPointer=8BC2
Item $59:  ExecutionPointer=FA65
Item $5A:  ExecutionPointer=D05A
Item $5B:  ExecutionPointer=283D
Item $5C:  ExecutionPointer=FA0F
Item $5D:  ExecutionPointer=D163 [!!!]
Item $5E:  ExecutionPointer=06FE
Item $5F:  ExecutionPointer=0820
Item $60:  ExecutionPointer=80FA
Item $61:  ExecutionPointer=FEDA
Item $62:  ExecutionPointer=CA14
Item $63:  ExecutionPointer=65B1
Item $64:  ExecutionPointer=EAAF
Item $65:  ExecutionPointer=D11C
Item $66:  ExecutionPointer=5AFA
Item $67:  ExecutionPointer=FED0
Item $68:  ExecutionPointer=2002
Item $69:  ExecutionPointer=2104
Item $6A:  ExecutionPointer=DA47
Item $6B:  ExecutionPointer=CD35 
Item $6C:  ExecutionPointer=3DED
Item $6D:  ExecutionPointer=433E
Item $6E:  ExecutionPointer=1EEA
Item $6F:  ExecutionPointer=CDD1
Item $70:  ExecutionPointer=3725
Item $71:  ExecutionPointer=E821
Item $72:  ExecutionPointer=CD65
Item $73:  ExecutionPointer=3C49
Item $74:  ExecutionPointer=3A21
Item $75:  ExecutionPointer=0658
Item $76:  ExecutionPointer=CD0F 
Item $77:  ExecutionPointer=35D6
Item $78:  ExecutionPointer=1006
Item $79:  ExecutionPointer=01CA
Item $7A:  ExecutionPointer=FA58
Item $7B:  ExecutionPointer=D05A
Item $7C:  ExecutionPointer=203D
Item $7D:  ExecutionPointer=210F
Item $7E:  ExecutionPointer=D887
Item $7F:  ExecutionPointer=5811
Item $80:  ExecutionPointer=01D1

*Items with IDs >0x80 omitted, because they are either TMs, HMs or normal items with glitch names.
Generation I Glitch Discussion / Re: Glitch box-sets
« on: April 06, 2013, 01:30:07 pm »
Getting closer to finding a way to do all this without cheating. Route 13's Glitch City saves the day by having a 0xF9 tile as 43rd screen character:

It should be possible to write this tile at $D12C by having Super Glitch as a 3rd move with 13 characters (0x4Es included) before it (0xD0E1 [relative starting address] + 0x0D [move lengths] + 0x14 [initial buffer size] + 0x2A [screen data before the '3'] = 0xD12C).
Generation I Glitch Discussion / Re: Glitch box-sets
« on: April 06, 2013, 07:27:48 am »
Nice finds. Here's something more from me:

As there is a move database, Pokemon database and so on, there is also a boxset database. It's located at $7671 (both CPU and ROM file address).
Here's a list of all boxsets with their properties:
  • Width - width the dialog box has (YES/NO set is 4 characters wide)
  • Height - height the dialog box has (YES/NO set is 3 characters high)
  • TextPointer - a location where the game will look for option text (YES/NO set's pointer is 76A0, with the text "YES[0x4F]NO[0x50]")
  • OneSpaceLower - one byte field telling the game to display the option text one space lower - only used by boxset ID 6 (HEAL/CANCEL)
  • SecondOptionDefault - one bit field telling the game to make the second option a selected default - I believe this feature is unused as I have never seen a dialog box with second option selected instead of the first
Code: [Select]
Boxset 00:     Width=4       Height=3       TextPointer=76A0     OneSpaceLower=0     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 01:     Width=6       Height=3       TextPointer=76A7     OneSpaceLower=0     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 02:     Width=6       Height=3       TextPointer=76B2     OneSpaceLower=0     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 03:     Width=6       Height=3       TextPointer=76A0     OneSpaceLower=0     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 04:     Width=6       Height=3       TextPointer=76BD     OneSpaceLower=0     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 05:     Width=7       Height=3       TextPointer=76C8     OneSpaceLower=0     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 06:     Width=7       Height=4       TextPointer=76D5     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 07:     Width=4       Height=3       TextPointer=7699     OneSpaceLower=0     SecondOptionDefault=0     
-------- GLITCH BOXSETS START HERE -----------------------------------------------------------------------
Boxset 08:     Width=141     Height=142     TextPointer=8498     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 09:     Width=146     Height=80      TextPointer=9284     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 0A:     Width=78      Height=141     TextPointer=8D50     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 0B:     Width=142     Height=145     TextPointer=4E87     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 0C:     Width=150     Height=132     TextPointer=5093     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 0D:     Width=146     Height=142     TextPointer=8793     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 0E:     Width=78      Height=132     TextPointer=9392     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 0F:     Width=80      Height=141     TextPointer=9391     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 10:     Width=135     Height=78      TextPointer=9280     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 11:     Width=147     Height=80      TextPointer=8091     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 12:     Width=131     Height=132     TextPointer=8082     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 13:     Width=141     Height=130     TextPointer=508B     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 14:     Width=135     Height=132     TextPointer=4E8B     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 15:     Width=130     Height=128     TextPointer=8482     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 16:     Width=139     Height=80      TextPointer=3D21     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 17:     Width=205     Height=34      TextPointer=2222     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 18:     Width=34      Height=54      TextPointer=D6CD     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 19:     Width=119     Height=250     TextPointer=A7CD     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 1A:     Width=32      Height=26      TextPointer=C487     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 1B:     Width=6       Height=5       TextPointer=CD07     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 1C:     Width=34      Height=25      TextPointer=2429     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 1D:     Width=62      Height=12      TextPointer=21F7     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 1E:     Width=157     Height=196     TextPointer=77C2     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 1F:     Width=195     Height=85      TextPointer=21F5     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 20:     Width=124     Height=196     TextPointer=CD42     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 21:     Width=61      Height=95      TextPointer=1900     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 22:     Width=6       Height=5       TextPointer=9312     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 23:     Width=79      Height=241     TextPointer=FFD8     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 24:     Width=25      Height=4       TextPointer=203D     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 25:     Width=250     Height=17      TextPointer=19FF     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 26:     Width=4       Height=205     TextPointer=CD19     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 27:     Width=41      Height=36      TextPointer=C490     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 28:     Width=250     Height=66      TextPointer=5F3C     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 29:     Width=22      Height=0       TextPointer=D811     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 2A:     Width=255     Height=250     TextPointer=19CD     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 2B:     Width=61      Height=32      TextPointer=EAAF     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 2C:     Width=65      Height=205     TextPointer=CD3D     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 2D:     Width=229     Height=33      TextPointer=1A77     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 2E:     Width=167     Height=40      TextPointer=4713     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 2F:     Width=5       Height=40      TextPointer=FE2A     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 30:     Width=80      Height=32      TextPointer=F618     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 31:     Width=68      Height=77      TextPointer=50D5     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 32:     Width=89      Height=205     TextPointer=0119     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 33:     Width=40      Height=0       TextPointer=18D1     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 34:     Width=220     Height=225     TextPointer=CD42     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 35:     Width=224     Height=247     TextPointer=C490     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 36:     Width=250     Height=66      TextPointer=5F3C     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 37:     Width=22      Height=0       TextPointer=C211     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 38:     Width=119     Height=195     TextPointer=8219     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 39:     Width=148     Height=147     TextPointer=8B85     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 3A:     Width=152     Height=80      TextPointer=9492     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 3B:     Width=145     Height=133     TextPointer=9392     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 3C:     Width=145     Height=132     TextPointer=9386     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 3D:     Width=135     Height=80      TextPointer=808B     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 3E:     Width=146     Height=135     TextPointer=8883     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 3F:     Width=134     Height=80      TextPointer=8B84     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 40:     Width=132     Height=143     TextPointer=9391     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 41:     Width=80      Height=146     TextPointer=9385     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 42:     Width=129     Height=142     TextPointer=848B     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 43:     Width=131     Height=80      TextPointer=8093     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 44:     Width=147     Height=146     TextPointer=9692     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 45:     Width=136     Height=147     TextPointer=4E87     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 46:     Width=130     Height=128     TextPointer=8482     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 47:     Width=139     Height=80      TextPointer=CF92     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 48:     Width=33      Height=115     TextPointer=2C01     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 49:     Width=0       Height=205     TextPointer=543A     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 4A:     Width=93      Height=14      TextPointer=3D21     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 4B:     Width=205     Height=229     TextPointer=3428     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 4C:     Width=26      Height=167     TextPointer=4730     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 4D:     Width=19      Height=33      TextPointer=2A78     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 4E:     Width=254     Height=255     TextPointer=B8EF     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 4F:     Width=40      Height=4       TextPointer=1823     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 50:     Width=244     Height=120     TextPointer=CD43     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 51:     Width=42      Height=70      TextPointer=FA22     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 52:     Width=65      Height=205     TextPointer=41EA     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 53:     Width=205     Height=250     TextPointer=B8CD     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 54:     Width=56      Height=4       TextPointer=42EA     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 55:     Width=205     Height=250     TextPointer=47CD     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 56:     Width=24      Height=200     TextPointer=0FC9     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 57:     Width=1       Height=12      TextPointer=0C02     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 58:     Width=180     Height=3       TextPointer=0439     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 59:     Width=12      Height=70      TextPointer=940A     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 5A:     Width=6       Height=12      TextPointer=0C07     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 5B:     Width=100     Height=8       TextPointer=0987     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 5C:     Width=8       Height=255     TextPointer=D0D7     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 5D:     Width=126     Height=203     TextPointer=7E22     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 5E:     Width=203     Height=31      TextPointer=20B6     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 5F:     Width=2       Height=35      TextPointer=1521     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 60:     Width=208     Height=17      TextPointer=F0D0     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 61:     Width=243     Height=167     TextPointer=7861     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 62:     Width=33      Height=230     TextPointer=F411     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 63:     Width=207     Height=1       TextPointer=2ACE     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 64:     Width=2       Height=126     TextPointer=1A02     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 65:     Width=11      Height=2       TextPointer=0B1A     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 66:     Width=2       Height=250     TextPointer=46D0     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 67:     Width=128     Height=50      TextPointer=CEED     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 68:     Width=250     Height=215     TextPointer=8846     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 69:     Width=34      Height=234     TextPointer=38CE     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 6A:     Width=12      Height=58      TextPointer=1B1A     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 6B:     Width=144     Height=42      TextPointer=131A     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 6C:     Width=152     Height=48      TextPointer=321A     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 6D:     Width=234     Height=237     TextPointer=1A1B     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 6E:     Width=34      Height=234     TextPointer=13CE     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 6F:     Width=240     Height=243     TextPointer=5E21     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 70:     Width=196     Height=62      TextPointer=0428     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 71:     Width=33      Height=202     TextPointer=EAAF     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 72:     Width=148     Height=207     TextPointer=CD48     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 73:     Width=109     Height=62      TextPointer=CD00     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 74:     Width=109     Height=62      TextPointer=CD49     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 75:     Width=109     Height=62      TextPointer=4D43     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 76:     Width=6       Height=15      TextPointer=35D6     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 77:     Width=33      Height=220     TextPointer=F3F0     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 78:     Width=167     Height=250     TextPointer=28CF     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 79:     Width=3       Height=250     TextPointer=FECF     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 7A:     Width=8       Height=32      TextPointer=E121     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 7B:     Width=120     Height=195     TextPointer=173C     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 7C:     Width=213     Height=74      TextPointer=1750     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 7D:     Width=236     Height=74      TextPointer=2150     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 7E:     Width=48      Height=215     TextPointer=3EF6     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 7F:     Width=4       Height=234     TextPointer=CDD0     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=0     
Boxset 80:     Width=4       Height=3       TextPointer=76A0     OneSpaceLower=0     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset 81:     Width=6       Height=3       TextPointer=76A7     OneSpaceLower=0     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset 82:     Width=6       Height=3       TextPointer=76B2     OneSpaceLower=0     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset 83:     Width=6       Height=3       TextPointer=76A0     OneSpaceLower=0     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset 84:     Width=6       Height=3       TextPointer=76BD     OneSpaceLower=0     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset 85:     Width=7       Height=3       TextPointer=76C8     OneSpaceLower=0     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset 86:     Width=7       Height=4       TextPointer=76D5     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset 87:     Width=4       Height=3       TextPointer=7699     OneSpaceLower=0     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset 88:     Width=141     Height=142     TextPointer=8498     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset 89:     Width=146     Height=80      TextPointer=9284     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset 8A:     Width=78      Height=141     TextPointer=8D50     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset 8B:     Width=142     Height=145     TextPointer=4E87     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset 8C:     Width=150     Height=132     TextPointer=5093     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset 8D:     Width=146     Height=142     TextPointer=8793     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset 8E:     Width=78      Height=132     TextPointer=9392     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset 8F:     Width=80      Height=141     TextPointer=9391     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset 90:     Width=135     Height=78      TextPointer=9280     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset 91:     Width=147     Height=80      TextPointer=8091     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset 92:     Width=131     Height=132     TextPointer=8082     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset 93:     Width=141     Height=130     TextPointer=508B     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset 94:     Width=135     Height=132     TextPointer=4E8B     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset 95:     Width=130     Height=128     TextPointer=8482     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset 96:     Width=139     Height=80      TextPointer=3D21     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset 97:     Width=205     Height=34      TextPointer=2222     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset 98:     Width=34      Height=54      TextPointer=D6CD     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset 99:     Width=119     Height=250     TextPointer=A7CD     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset 9A:     Width=32      Height=26      TextPointer=C487     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset 9B:     Width=6       Height=5       TextPointer=CD07     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset 9C:     Width=34      Height=25      TextPointer=2429     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset 9D:     Width=62      Height=12      TextPointer=21F7     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset 9E:     Width=157     Height=196     TextPointer=77C2     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset 9F:     Width=195     Height=85      TextPointer=21F5     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset A0:     Width=124     Height=196     TextPointer=CD42     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset A1:     Width=61      Height=95      TextPointer=1900     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset A2:     Width=6       Height=5       TextPointer=9312     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset A3:     Width=79      Height=241     TextPointer=FFD8     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset A4:     Width=25      Height=4       TextPointer=203D     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset A5:     Width=250     Height=17      TextPointer=19FF     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset A6:     Width=4       Height=205     TextPointer=CD19     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset A7:     Width=41      Height=36      TextPointer=C490     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset A8:     Width=250     Height=66      TextPointer=5F3C     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset A9:     Width=22      Height=0       TextPointer=D811     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset AA:     Width=255     Height=250     TextPointer=19CD     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset AB:     Width=61      Height=32      TextPointer=EAAF     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset AC:     Width=65      Height=205     TextPointer=CD3D     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset AD:     Width=229     Height=33      TextPointer=1A77     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset AE:     Width=167     Height=40      TextPointer=4713     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset AF:     Width=5       Height=40      TextPointer=FE2A     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset B0:     Width=80      Height=32      TextPointer=F618     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset B1:     Width=68      Height=77      TextPointer=50D5     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset B2:     Width=89      Height=205     TextPointer=0119     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset B3:     Width=40      Height=0       TextPointer=18D1     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset B4:     Width=220     Height=225     TextPointer=CD42     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset B5:     Width=224     Height=247     TextPointer=C490     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset B6:     Width=250     Height=66      TextPointer=5F3C     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset B7:     Width=22      Height=0       TextPointer=C211     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset B8:     Width=119     Height=195     TextPointer=8219     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset B9:     Width=148     Height=147     TextPointer=8B85     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset BA:     Width=152     Height=80      TextPointer=9492     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset BB:     Width=145     Height=133     TextPointer=9392     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset BC:     Width=145     Height=132     TextPointer=9386     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset BD:     Width=135     Height=80      TextPointer=808B     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset BE:     Width=146     Height=135     TextPointer=8883     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset BF:     Width=134     Height=80      TextPointer=8B84     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset C0:     Width=132     Height=143     TextPointer=9391     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset C1:     Width=80      Height=146     TextPointer=9385     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset C2:     Width=129     Height=142     TextPointer=848B     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset C3:     Width=131     Height=80      TextPointer=8093     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset C4:     Width=147     Height=146     TextPointer=9692     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset C5:     Width=136     Height=147     TextPointer=4E87     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset C6:     Width=130     Height=128     TextPointer=8482     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset C7:     Width=139     Height=80      TextPointer=CF92     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset C8:     Width=33      Height=115     TextPointer=2C01     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset C9:     Width=0       Height=205     TextPointer=543A     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset CA:     Width=93      Height=14      TextPointer=3D21     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset CB:     Width=205     Height=229     TextPointer=3428     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset CC:     Width=26      Height=167     TextPointer=4730     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset CD:     Width=19      Height=33      TextPointer=2A78     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset CE:     Width=254     Height=255     TextPointer=B8EF     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset CF:     Width=40      Height=4       TextPointer=1823     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset D0:     Width=244     Height=120     TextPointer=CD43     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset D1:     Width=42      Height=70      TextPointer=FA22     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset D2:     Width=65      Height=205     TextPointer=41EA     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset D3:     Width=205     Height=250     TextPointer=B8CD     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset D4:     Width=56      Height=4       TextPointer=42EA     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset D5:     Width=205     Height=250     TextPointer=47CD     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset D6:     Width=24      Height=200     TextPointer=0FC9     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset D7:     Width=1       Height=12      TextPointer=0C02     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset D8:     Width=180     Height=3       TextPointer=0439     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset D9:     Width=12      Height=70      TextPointer=940A     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset DA:     Width=6       Height=12      TextPointer=0C07     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset DB:     Width=100     Height=8       TextPointer=0987     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset DC:     Width=8       Height=255     TextPointer=D0D7     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset DD:     Width=126     Height=203     TextPointer=7E22     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset DE:     Width=203     Height=31      TextPointer=20B6     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset DF:     Width=2       Height=35      TextPointer=1521     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset E0:     Width=208     Height=17      TextPointer=F0D0     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset E1:     Width=243     Height=167     TextPointer=7861     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset E2:     Width=33      Height=230     TextPointer=F411     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset E3:     Width=207     Height=1       TextPointer=2ACE     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset E4:     Width=2       Height=126     TextPointer=1A02     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset E5:     Width=11      Height=2       TextPointer=0B1A     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset E6:     Width=2       Height=250     TextPointer=46D0     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset E7:     Width=128     Height=50      TextPointer=CEED     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset E8:     Width=250     Height=215     TextPointer=8846     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset E9:     Width=34      Height=234     TextPointer=38CE     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset EA:     Width=12      Height=58      TextPointer=1B1A     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset EB:     Width=144     Height=42      TextPointer=131A     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset EC:     Width=152     Height=48      TextPointer=321A     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset ED:     Width=234     Height=237     TextPointer=1A1B     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset EE:     Width=34      Height=234     TextPointer=13CE     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset EF:     Width=240     Height=243     TextPointer=5E21     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset F0:     Width=196     Height=62      TextPointer=0428     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset F1:     Width=33      Height=202     TextPointer=EAAF     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset F2:     Width=148     Height=207     TextPointer=CD48     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset F3:     Width=109     Height=62      TextPointer=CD00     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset F4:     Width=109     Height=62      TextPointer=CD49     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset F5:     Width=109     Height=62      TextPointer=4D43     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset F6:     Width=6       Height=15      TextPointer=35D6     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset F7:     Width=33      Height=220     TextPointer=F3F0     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset F8:     Width=167     Height=250     TextPointer=28CF     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset F9:     Width=3       Height=250     TextPointer=FECF     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset FA:     Width=8       Height=32      TextPointer=E121     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset FB:     Width=120     Height=195     TextPointer=173C     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset FC:     Width=213     Height=74      TextPointer=1750     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset FD:     Width=236     Height=74      TextPointer=2150     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset FE:     Width=48      Height=215     TextPointer=3EF6     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     
Boxset FF:     Width=4       Height=234     TextPointer=CDD0     OneSpaceLower=1     SecondOptionDefault=1     

Also a few remarks:

- Because of the way how boxset IDs work, 0x66 will have exactly the same properties and effects as 0xE6. However, I don't think it is possible to find tile 0xE6 in the overworld anywhere, so it doesn't help a lot.
- This time it isn't the glitchy options corrupting the game, but width and height of the box. The displayed dialog box is simply so high that it overlaps the addresses after the screen data (see this image). Consequently, all boxsets with 1-5 width and 150+ height should work and give those amazing effects. List of IDs meeting the requirements: 0x26, 0x66, 0x79, 0x7F, 0xA6, 0xE4, 0xE6, 0xF9, 0xFF.
- If you jump off a ledge while the bicycle music is playing, you will walk through walls, even after flying to another location. So this glitch is more useful than it seems.
If I'm understanding this right, basically the game copies more than the first 20 bytes from $CD6D, including copied screen data, because the game has now read past the 'move name table' to get Super Glitch's name, and there is no terminating $50 in those 20 bytes?

Reply time!

Did you try the Cooltrainer move? Is there any relation between that move and Super Glitch?

Well, the Cooltrainer move is something I like to call "half of a Super Glitch". It can't corrupt anything beyond $D0E1 because the moveset loading routine is programmed to display any index 0 moves as "--". But this programming does not apply to the actual move (not moveset) loading routine, which tries to request a name for move 0 anyway. Because it's a standard "subtract 1, check if 0, jump if not" loop, game tries to load move index 256 and reads beyond the move database, causing all the Super Glitch effects in battle.

Also, in the video around 09:55, I noticed the wild Bellsprout's HP bar keeps changing. Is that normal?

That's just video compression, the HP bar does not move in reality.

The TMTRAINER effect trick has some use, like catching Missingno. in the Diglett's Cave.

Never knew it was possible. Thanks for letting me know.

@Torchickens: Yeah, I watched this before, and your video inspired me to publish all this research.

Thanks to your work, I now know one of the reasons why I had to deposit Pokémon from the PC was because of the glitchy effects depending on what was on the screen. I still had to deposit Pokémon though to get exact same effects. I don't know why.

You do not need to deposit at all! You just need to open the PC and close it. Because again, all the game cares about is what was on the screen. Your trick relies on the fact that opening the PC refreshes the screen copy on $CD6D, and Pokemon Center map has a quite nice number of 0 tiles. This causes those effects to happen, and it has nothing to do with depositing.
Well, I've been doing a lot of Super Glitch research for a year now, and I finally decided to show off some things that I found.
At the moment, Super Glitches are considered only as a fun little distraction without real use. And my goal is to turn things around and make them useful and predictable. Because if you think long enough, these moves have quite the power. They can write large numbers of values to the RAM by just displaying their names. You may also think "if there was a way to manipulate values or range of Super Glitch's memory corruption, that would be amazing".

OK, done with this boring foreword. Yes, there is a way to manipulate (and exploit) the way Super Glitch modifies the RAM. It worked on 4 different savefiles on emulator and on the actual cart, so I'm pretty sure it will work for everyone. But before we go into how to do it and before I show you some examples of useful "Super Glitch glitches", let's talk about some theory.

We all know Super Glitch heavily messes up the game's RAM. But from where it gets those values from? And where does it write? And why it even writes those values?
This is a subject worth a 10-page research document, but I will at least try to make this short and quick, presenting only a few facts needed. If you want a more detailed, technical explanation, read

First of all, it's not the move that is real dangerous, it's the name of the move that makes the game go weird. Super Glitch's name pointer is read wrongly by the game, and it makes the game believe the name of this move resides in the RAM. Which is an absolute nonsense, RAM has no move names at all. And when the game tries to read a move name, it buffers it byte by byte until it encounters a terminator byte (0x50). The problem is, RAM most likely won't ever contain a terminating character. So the game copies way more data than it should, resulting in a buffer overflow. And this is why Super Glitches corrupt the RAM.
The data is copied from address $CD6D, the buffer for move loading subroutine. And it is copied to $D0E1, the moveset buffer if you activate Super Glitch by viewing stats/learning a move/opening the fight menu, or to $CF4B if you activate Super Glitch by selecting/using it in battle. The buffer overflow causes a huge number of bytes from $CD6D to be copied to either $D0E1 or $CF4B.

And if we look what does the $CD6D address contains, we will find out that there’s a full screen copy here!

What does it mean? By changing what's on the screen at the moment, we can manipulate the values Super Glitch writes! And by positioning 0x50 overworld tiles on the exact places on the screen, we can also manipulate the length of Super Glitch corruption! However, the screen information here isn’t just ordinary screen copy at the moment, it is refreshed only at certain times:
  • While opening the Pokemon menu (both overworld and in-battle)
  • While opening the Item menu (both overworld and in-battle)
  • While opening the Pokedex menu
  • While opening the trainer card screen
  • While opening the Save menu
  • While opening the Options menu
  • While accessing the PC
  • While watching the title screen
  • Every time the game has to display a full screen message and needs to cloak the overworld map

This is even more convenient for us! If you for example open up the item menu in overworld, close it immediately, and go into a battle, if you don’t open any menus while battling, the overworld screen copy will still be there as there was no need to overwrite it. By opening and closing the Pokemon menu in certain spots and not opening the start menu anymore, we can cause a single Super Glitch effect to happen almost 100% of the time.

Also, because $D0E1 is not a single move buffer but a move list, a number of characters the move names before the Super Glitch have can also affect the length and values of corruption, shuffling the corrupted address by around 1-10 bytes.


Moveset: Agility, Agility, TM28, [Super Glitch]
Agility [7 chars] + Agility [7 chars] + TM28 [4 chars] = 18 chars
D0E116 + 1810 + 310* = D0F616   
The Super Glitch will start its corruption at address $D0F6

Moveset: Barrage, Clamp, [Super Glitch], Hi Jump Kick
Barrage [7 chars] + Clamp [5 chars] = 12 chars
D0E116 + 1210 + 210* = D0EF16   
The Super Glitch will start its corruption at address $D0EF

* - while calculating the resulting starting address you have to add number of moves before the Super Glitch, as they are separated within the code by an invisible whitespace line feed character 0x4E

Now we have some information on how to modify the values Super Glitch writes - so let's jump into some useful applications of it!

Harmless Super Glitch trick
Use: You can use this trick to learn/forget Super Glitches without any problem, view stats of Pokemon with Super Glitch moves, or swap/use Super Glitches in battle without crazy effects.
Statistics: Worked on all 5 tested saves on the first try.
- A Pokemon with Super Glitch, obviously.
- Access to Celadon City.


1. Go to the exact spot shown on the screenshot below (1st floor of Celadon Mansion). Open up your Pokemon menu while still standing on that spot.

2. Congratulations. You just now immune to Super Glitches' glitchiness. Now you can learn, forget, view stats with Super Glitches involved without risking your save file.
3. You can also carry this effect to your local patch of grass in order to swap or use Super Glitches in battle without risk. Just open your Pokemon menu again, close it, go into a patch of grass and fight.
Note: Do not open your start menu at all while going to the grass or while fighting. This will reset Super Glitch to its usual glitchness.

Screenshots from all 5 tested saves:

Access Pokemon beyond the sixth slot
Use: With a corrupted Pokemon list and a corrupted item list (achievable using corrupted Pokemon list), you can make a lot of serious memory modifications - it's like having a memory viewer in your GB.
Statistics: Save #1,4,5 - Worked on the 1st try, Save #2,3 - Worked on the second try
- Access to Celadon City.
- A Pokemon meeting very specific moveset requirements:
   a) It needs to have a Super Glitch as a 4th move,
   b) Its three moves besides the Super Glitch have to contain 28 characters in total
     (for example: BODY SLAM [9 chars], DOUBLESLAP [10 chars], WATER GUN [9 chars])
- At least 5 Pokemon in your party, a party of 6 is recommended.
These moveset requirements aren't a real problem if you're using LM4, as its default starting moveset has 3 moves with 28 characters in total.
LM4 will have to learn no new moves till level 24, and at level 24 Hypnosis should be replaced with Super Glitch. Then you will be able to use previously described Harmless Super Glitch trick to switch the first move with the last.
Note: 4 first Pokemon in your party will change their species, but it isn't a problem as you're probably not going to save after this glitch anyways.


1. Go to the exact spot shown on the screenshot below (second to last house on Celadon's south-east). Open up and close immediately your Pokemon menu while still standing on that spot.

2. Go into a patch of grass and encounter a wild Pokemon. Again, do not open your start menu while going there.
3. Open and close your fight menu a few times, the run from the battle.
4. Check your Pokemon list. Try to scroll past your 6th Pokemon. If you can't, repeat step 1. If you can - congratulations, you did it. If your game crashes, you obviously did something wrong.

Screenshots from all 5 tested saves:

Erase player's name
Use: This generates a perfectly blank properly terminated name, allowing you to save the game after you do something really game-breaking (Super Glitch, ZZAZZ, 2x2x2x2 after messing with 3906 for a while etc.), or you can just amaze your friends with an unobtainable name.
Statistics: Save #1,2,4 - Worked on the 1st try, Save #3,5 - Worked on the second try
- Access to Cerulean City.
- A Pokemon meeting very specific moveset requirements:
   a) It needs to have a Super Glitch as a 4th move,
   b) Its three moves besides the Super Glitch have to contain 28 characters in total
     (for example: BODY SLAM [9 chars], DOUBLESLAP [10 chars], WATER GUN [9 chars])
- Access to the field move Fly
- Balls of steel if you want to save afterwards


1. Go to the exact spot shown on the screenshot below (south-west corner of Cerulean City). Open up and close immediately your Pokemon menu while still standing on that spot.

2. Go into a patch of grass and encounter a wild Pokemon. Again, do not open your start menu while going there.
3. Open up and close your fight menu a few times, then run from the battle.
4. Your name should be now blank. However, it is still unsafe to save your progress.
5. Open up the start menu and select 'SAVE'. Don't freak out. When a glitched yes/no box appears, press B to cancel out.
6. You should end up in a glitch city. Fly away anywhere and you're now free to save. Saving is even recommended, as glitched trainers will now also appear instead of normal ones, and reloading the game will fix this problem. It shouldn't erase your game, I saved on 4 files (wasn't brave enough to do this on a cart) and the game was perfectly fine.

Screenshots from all 5 tested saves:

Use: Has no real use; It is here just to show how you can make Super Glitches predictable.
Statistics: Worked on all 5 tested saves on the first try.
- A Pokemon with Super Glitch, obviously.


1. Encounter a wild Pokemon.
2. Open your Pokemon menu (in-battle) and close it shortly afterwards.
3. Open the fight menu and select (don't have to use) the Super Glitch move.
4. TMTRAINER 100% guaranteed. If it doesn't work, back out, open your Pokemon menu again, go back and try again.

Screenshots from all 5 tested saves:

Catch a level 82 Hitmonchan with (almost) infinite HP
Use: Making your way through E4, trolling people on link battles, having a partner for your 'Mew Smash'
Statistics: Save #1: 3 tries, Save #2: 1 tries, Save #3: 5 tries, Save #4: 7 tries, Save #5: 4 tries
- Access to Celadon City.
- A Pokemon meeting very specific moveset requirements:
   a) It needs to have a Super Glitch as a 4th move,
   b) Its three moves besides the Super Glitch have to contain 28 characters in total
     (for example: BODY SLAM [9 chars], DOUBLESLAP [10 chars], WATER GUN [9 chars])
- Access to Route 14

1. Go to the exact spot shown on the screenshot below (Route 14's northmost field of grass). Open up and close immediately your Pokemon menu while still standing on that spot.

2. Optional step: Save your game. This will help you out as you may need a few tries to get this to work. After reloading the save you have to open your Pokemon menu again to rewrite your screen data, just saying (testers have been shouting LOLZ IT DOESNT WORK!!!1 while they forgot about opening the Pokemon menu after reloading the save).
3. Go find a wild Pokemon
4. Open the fight menu and continuously try to select the Super Glitch move. It will eventually change its type to either the name of last trainer battled, or a blank space.
5. Press B to exit out. You should end up fighting a Pokemon named with a bunch of player name characters. If it crashes, you failed - try again.
6. Open your item menu and use anything you're not supposed to (a bicycle or something). It should say your name followed by usual "not the time to use that". If your name is glitched, you failed - try again.
7. Throw all the Pokeballs. After you succeed, the game will state you caught a Hitmonchan. Congratulations!

Note: A nice side effect is the fact your Super Glitcher (LM4 or whatever monstrosity you use) gains infinite HP too. Another not so nice side effect is that both Hitmonchan and Glitcher gain status ailments, and healing them in a Pokemon Center will get rid of their amazing HP. You may need to use a full heal or something.

Screenshots from all 5 tested saves:

Some other remarks:
 - I already have another interesting idea: Super Glitch name, and the Old Man trick. Could be very interesting.
 - Sadly, all presented glitches (with exception of the first part of Harmless Super Glitch trick) do not work in Yellow. Newer versions handle battle screens a little bit differently, not allowing me to carry overworld screen data to a battle. However, the way of manipulating Super Glitch's written values remains the same. Maybe someone will find a workaround soon.
 - All this stuff is experimental. I am not responsible for your lost save files, you try this at your own risk.
 - This is my first GCL publication, don't rage very hard if I made some mistakes.

And that's all so far. But it isn't the end. I'm pretty sure either the people will come up with something amazing, or I will find some more stuff soon. I see a rosy future ahead for Super Glitch and its possibilities, my findings are only the beginning.
Emulation & ROM Hacking / Re: How would I go about doing this?
« on: August 11, 2012, 05:21:35 am »
If you just want to freak the game out like here, open the ROM in a hex editor and randomly change all addresses from 38000 to 383D0.
For some more information about which values give which effects and the format of the database itself, see:

It was in the video description all the time, lolz.
If we're talking about unlegit ways to get Aerodactyl-form Missingno., just use 01B759D0 (01B758D0 in Yellow). No need to walk and search, it just appears. Profit!

If it comes to $3906's crazy effects, some are unpredictable, while some are not. For example hex 0E always fades out the music, hex C0 always makes the screen go white, 0F always gives "Too bad! The trade was canceled!" message, while hex EF gives a nice disco effect while holding A. But hexes like 9F, 45, 3C give a lot of different results and it's hard to spot any patterns or similarities between them.
Generation I Glitch Discussion / Re: a saved ZZAZZ on JP RED?
« on: July 25, 2012, 03:17:11 pm »
It may seem completely impossible to save the game after ZZAZZ glitch, but the only thing that causes the file corruption after saving is the player's name. Nothing more. If your name is shorter than the maximum length (5 chars in Japanese versions, 7 chars in English versions), the game will save perfectly fine, even when your party is filled with level 153 exploding Bulbasaurs!

The I Generation games have a special failsafe implemented to prevent loading corrupted save files into memory. The player's name is read from the save file and checked. If the name length is greater than the maximum name length, the loading process is immediately interrupted. However, if the name is of valid length (even if it contains glitch blobs), the save is ALWAYS happily loaded.

A small experiment to prove this theory:
1. Corrupt the game's memory. With ZZAZZ glitch or a Super Glitch move, whatever.
2. Enter the gameshark code: 01501ED1 on Japanese versions, 015059D1 on English versions. This code will cut out the player's name to 1 character (2 characters in Yellow) so it is completely valid from the game's view. Of course no cheating is needed, it's used here to speed up the process.
3. Save the game (of course back up your normal save file before continuing)
4. Reset the game - your save file loads fine, even if it's filled with wrong data.
TL;DR - it's possible to successfully save ZZAZZ glitch'd files if your player's name is shorter than the maximum name length
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