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Site Announcements / Re: SEE YOU SPACE COWBOY...
« on: July 15, 2020, 09:45:35 am »
I joined the site in early 2014, But my interest of Pokémon glitches started around 2010. That's when I first started experimenting mainly in Pokémon Red and I've always focused on Generation 1

What always has interested me the most has been the glitch pokémon themselves, Sure There's a lot of the glitches that are fun and interesting to study and test and manipulate; But for me it's always been Glitch Pokémon that has interested me the most. Therefore, my main goal since joining the site and what I usually always focused on was fleshing out or researching part of the wiki portion of GCL. And what really peaked my interest even further was researching all the different language versions of the Gen 1 Glitch Pokémon, That was the thing that ended up being the most fun for me and what ultimately was my focus.

So the 2 biggest projects I was part of was the Gen 1 International Glitch Pokémon Documentation and adding the Wiki Pages for them together with Evie & Also for fun I was part of a small team together with a few other members here Epsilon, Parzival & Danny where we also set out to document all glitch pokémon in the Bootleg English Poorly translated Pokémon Green Romhack.
a (never finished) Pokemon Japanese green rom hack documentation,


I'd like to thank everyone on the site for everything, It was always fun to be a part of everything. And especially thanks to the people I ended up working the closest with here. Epsilon, Danny & Parzival (I know he left earlier but If you somehow read this) Thank you, It was really fun to get together and just work on a silly small project like that for fun.

& Evie, Thanks a lot for all your help and participation when we were working on all the International Glitch Pokémon Documentations. Some notable highlights I can think of during that project was that name oddity with Glitch Pokémon with Hexadecimal F0 in the Spanish Red/Blue which ended up being the basis of this video: , or How we'd stay up late almost every night for what must've been 1-2 weeks or so and tirelessly added all the Pages for the International Glitch Documentation, added all the front and backsprites, pokédex entries, names & links to connect all the pages, which eventually turned into this whole page: (I'm also looking back at all the small update messages we'd send over the talk pages: and that certainly brings back some good memories from working on that project.)

It was all very fun projects to take part in and ever since I started I always made sure to store all my documentation locally and still have copies of the work that was done, So that It didn't go to waste in case GCL wasn't going to last forever.
Which we all now know it won't, but hey.

Anyways, I will still be around on the new Discord and I plan to get back into more glitching again soon once things have slowed down a bit at work and life outside of Internet.

This site has ment a lot for me and It'll be sad to see it end, But that being said It will certainly be interesting to see what's born out of the ashes of everything and what will happen in the future.

Pokémon Discussion / Re: Looking for legit Melmetal.
« on: February 14, 2020, 12:26:09 am »

I know it's not what you're requesting - But I have one if you want to touch trade and just trade it back and fourth simply for the Pokédex Entry.
But if you're looking for one to add to a living dex then i completely understand if you're not interested.

Let me know regardless! =)

edit: Actually now that I think about it. Melmetal shouldn't actually be part of the galar dex until the DLC. So even if we did trade one back and fourth I just realized that it wouldn't do much. Hmm. Unless it has it pre-registered later when the updated Galar Dex gets releases during the DLC later this summer.
General Discussion / Re: I'm leaving GCLF
« on: February 10, 2020, 12:37:05 am »
Take care Evie & Good luck for the future!

Thank you for everything you've done for the community.
I also think having a dashboard with colapsable folders sounds like a very nice idea, it would be good so a person has a good concept which category a page is part of and what other pages are on the same level.
Can you elaborate on what you mean by a "dashboard"?

Tree Folder Structure
I totally agree with the css question. There are some things that can sometimes be difficult to differenciate (such as links like you mentioned)

I also think having a dashboard with colapsable folders sounds like a very nice idea, it would be good so a person has a good concept which category a page is part of and what other pages are on the same level.
Mania does a good job at making the player feel like they're playing a classic sonic game. i feel that shovel knight, megaman 9, megaman 10 and sonic mania or bloodstained: curse of the moon are all games that on the hood have modern game design and hidden mechanics that didn't really exist back in the days, but they FEEL like those old games

they play a lot like what a lot of people "remember" those old games playing; when in reality if they went back and played the older ones there would be small flaws and  primitive game design within them.

they often do a good job at emulating the best parts of older games, but still keeping in modern and fair game design. such as "coyote time"; that hidden mechanic used in many modern side-scroller platformers where running off a ledge you still get a split second to jump (in the air essentially) before you fall. a hidden mechanic that helps the game feel modern and fresh without taking away the general feel of those beloved classics

i personaly like these games. it makes you feel good and they do a good job at giving you the same feeling of playing those old games; even though under the hood, what you're playing is pretty much a new game with a retro aestetic and borrowing some old design ideas that really worked.
like imagine if these newer games used passwords to save the game, they just wouldn't because that in itself feels so clunky and old by design and doesn't feel as nice as using more modern saving methods generally

But yeah, I picked Sonic 3 for the vote, but if mania was there i would pick mania.
(also, Sonic Cd is absent i noticed :o )
Generation I Glitch Discussion / Re: Hex F3 pokedex entry weirdness
« on: July 15, 2019, 11:52:19 pm »
Here's the link to that F0 thread back in 2014:
Generation I Glitch Discussion / Re: Hex F3 pokedex entry weirdness
« on: July 14, 2019, 01:51:44 pm »
Curiously, this is not documented on the GlitchDex article's entry

Perhaps the dex entry is from RAM or this behaviour is exclusive to Blue, not Red. Will attempt to replicate.[/color]

I have no clue how the person who added the dex entry to the GlitchDexES got their information, though I do find it strange that the page has the dex entry but doesn't even have the starting moves or type. I tested this several times and it seems to be consistent, but if it is from RAM, maybe it's possible to get this effect from more easily obtained glitch pokemon.

I added all the pages for the non-english GlitchDex including that one, the reason why there is no information other than the names and sprites is because it's a work in process. I wanted to at least add all the pages so we could get the wheel going with adding proper pages for all international Glitch Pokédex pages, they're being served as templets to add information along the way.
Introductions / Re: New Lab Member
« on: July 13, 2019, 01:11:16 am »

Welcome to the site. =)
well. I too get it done by manually using gameshark codes to encounter each glitch Pokémon, cause i don't know how to do it in any other way.

If that is the case, then ALL the pages for the international glitchdex's also have roots in being generated thay way. infact, all the name strings for all the pages are directly from me encountering them all and slowly write down each name of them all. and then slowly adding each to a new page entry.

So if there is a "proper" way to do things, then the reason why i haven't done it personally is because i don't know how to do it. and i can only do as much as i can do. :0
Site Announcements / Re: Recent Discoveries Roundup, Part 1
« on: November 30, 2018, 01:21:22 am »
I'm a bit torn about this. One one hand, I don't see why not more documentation; on the other, that's a ROM hack, after all, which is two problems: illegal (possibly?) content, and opening the door to all ROM hacks, of which there's a lot, and what gives one hack priority over the other?

Exactly. I agree with you.
And no, I don't think one ROM Hack should be granted priority over any others. So it's a tricky question if it would even be appropriate to publish.
Site Announcements / Re: Recent Discoveries Roundup, Part 1
« on: November 30, 2018, 12:16:46 am »
Did colorado, epsi and I ever get our Translated Green researh brought over from Discord yet or not?

I didn't atleast. I mean i still have everything I documented stored locally. But I was never sure if it would fit along with Official Pokémon games on the site or not.
seeing as the translation is far from official.

I mean i'm still for it if we want to publish it somewhere. I'm fine with whatever =)
Forum Discussion / Re: Help with regaining my Original Account
« on: November 16, 2018, 02:39:20 am »
no worries.

i'm just happy it was possible to fix. thanks alot ^^
I mean the sprites from the official versions will be added (not English Red/Green); so for instance the front sprite crashers on Red/Blue/Yellow, official Japanese Red/Green v1.0 and v1.1.

Ah I see. cool, that's what i hoped for. ;D
Wait? I'm lost. Why are we using the translation now? :O
It acts way differently than the actual Red/Green.
And many glitch pokémon behaves differently.

I went through all the glitch pokémons and documented them all in the translation version last year just for fun, and they differ a lot from the Official Releases.
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