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Ah i see. =)

Yeah, the background is indeed different and i can't decide if i like the blur one or the more defined thunder bold design more haha.

But yeah, i think my confusion was when i read "i thought it was a bootleg first" just because it didn't follow the ntsc North Ameeican standards of the cartridge layout. And i though to myself, -"it shouldn't have the same layout or design since it's a PAL released one".
So I think I simply missunderstod that part. =)
That's how all European PAL Pokémon Yellows look like, it's just a different box art/lable design from the American one. So there's nothing special about this.

Regarding the rating and the seal of quality:
This is just how all gameboy cartridges looks like here in europe, we never had ESRB rating system in europe and this was released before ratings was used for games in europe.

The seal of quality is also always feautured on the box and cartridge lable of european Gameboy games, and it's different from the American seal (being a circle rather than a oval)

So yeah, this isn't obscure, it's just how pokémon and gameboy games in general looks like for us in PAL regions.
I'm wondering now, though, are there really enough that are different to warrant this across all GlitchDex pages? SGB sprites that differ could be included in Trivia sections.

I personally think both should be displayed on all pages like this, because it gives imo a good representation of the sprites (since super gameboy hide many of the glitch screens and you get a clear picture of some of the göitch pokémon sprites.
I'm personally for it.

I've done this already on one article from a real SNES and GameCube as below:

Regarding the sprite work, I think we should go for pixelperfect sprites instead honestly. I think it looks kind of odd to have the sprite with signal noise and the "fuzzyness" that appears through capture from real hardware.
Just something that i thought about. =)
It's pretty much dead, which is why we're moving the stuff.

Makes a lot of sense.
Please let me know if you need anything from me, guys =)
I have everything i did on that server saved locally on my side also.
There we go,

All Stub pages for International Gen1 Glitch Pokémon is created.
That was alot of work, but I'm glad I got through it all. =)

I will probably go through them all and look for possible errors or small revisions and at the same time go add Pokédex descriptions on many of the pages. ;D

But to summarize:

Japanese Blue
Japanese Yellow
French Red/Blue
French Yellow
German Red/Blue
German Yellow
Spanish Red/Blue
Spanish Yellow
Italian Red/Blue
Italian Yellow

all of these now have working pages and are free/ready to be filled with stats, level-up, evolutions and other information.
Introductions / Re: Hi. Or something, I guess...
« on: July 02, 2018, 12:05:48 am »
Hi, welcome :D
Wiki Discussion / Re: GlitchDex features request
« on: June 01, 2018, 12:58:37 pm »
Totally! This would be part of Project Palette Town, though, wouldn't it?

You're probably totes' right man, but i got lost trying to find an appropriate Topic to post this in. I guess I failed haha
Wiki Discussion / Re: GlitchDex features request
« on: June 01, 2018, 09:20:05 am »
Hey, I was thinking if we should maybe replace all English Red/Blue Glitch Pokémon pages with super gameboy coloured pokédex entries instead of monochrome.

Thoughts on this?
I've noticed that second floors of centres are unique and the first centre past the demo GATE actually has trade/battle/time capsule rooms.  I wonder if there's any way to save or get any Pokemon data from this.

Would be fun if the game would run flawlessly on a flash card gameboy cartridge, could try and see if trading with a gen1 game or something would work.
I found skateboard sprites in the game :D

Edit: never mind, didn't realize they were easily viewable in the debug menu's "Character Viewer" until now lol

Additionally Mew's sprite was used in a Mew distribution cartridge.

Wow. That's also really cool. Wonder what it would look like inside of those distribution versions, it's clearly some version of Blue :O

Edit 3: OK I found the wild Pokémon addresses; CDD7 and CDD9

Nice! Really wanted these. great that you could find em.
I knew i remembered seeing this sprite for Pikachu used in the Gold Beta before; it was featured as a sticker in Gameboy Camera. look it's the same one:

It's amazing a ROM this sensitive got leaked, with all the unused Pokémon, items, moves, minigames, debug menus and so on.

I like how the gameplay of this demo is very much more similar to Red/Green, even including glitch Pokémon like the originals and no ?????.

Yeah the game feel much more similar to red/green/blue japanese games and you can really feel that it's more primitive compared to the final polished gameboy color releases. Talk about inbetween transitional version, It's like Generation 1½

Regarding those. Your party Pokémon data begins at D6AA but I don't know how you'd modify the wild Pokémon other from the debug menu yet, do you know?

ah, no. So far i've only found these glitch Pokés through the debug fight option. =) So i don't know yet.
I'm currently having some fun and fighting some Glitch Pokémon in the beta so far. here's me fighting a #FC (252) while using a #FD (253)
Dude. Just checked out all the front and backsprites! Holy s**t this is amazing :O
(Also: Early Leafeon?!? All the way back in gen2)
Yes! It finally happened. =) i'm really happy about this, i simply love beta stuff (might even like it better than glitches), so this is great news indeed.

Now we only need playable roms of any beta version of Ocarina of time (formely Zelda64) and the nintendo64 prototype for Mother3 and i would literally be satisfied for life :3
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