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I don't saw this variant of the Mew's Trick in the Major Glitch > Trainer Escape Glitch.
In the Rocket Hideout ("Guarida Rocket" in spanish, I don't know as they say in the English versions) there is one Rocket with long distance. I use Dig and I go to Pokémon center. And now going to save the game with the PC trading Box. Start the game and I go to the rocket hideout. The tiles not work and button A and Start work for the save game at the Pokemon center. Something that could benefit is to take the objects without the tiles disabled (although it is faster performance with tiles).


Something like climbing the stairs forever in Yellow. This variant also work in Yellow.
Generation I Glitch Discussion / Re: Minimize (Reducción) Glitch
« on: June 22, 2014, 02:23:19 pm »
Cool. No, seeing glitch Pokémon like Missingno. isn't anything to do with it. I just tried this from a new save that didn't see or have any glitch Pokémon and it worked.

By the way, it works with Substitute but no valid wild Pokémon know Substitute. That said, you should be able to have Ditto Transform into a Pokémon that knows it. Sabrina's Mr. Mime doesn't know Substitute.
Sorry, I confused with other effect of Missingno.
I really also happened if he worked with Substitute, thanks for the information. Regards!  :D
Generation I Glitch Discussion / Re: Reduction's glitch?
« on: June 22, 2014, 10:01:08 am »
I tested in my Game Boy Advance SP the Trick and works!

Another great find, Addri! It works in English Red/Blue too.

It was apparently fixed in Yellow, but I've only tested this with the codes 016BECCF, 016BEDCF, 016BEECF, 016BEFCF (all of the opponent's moves are Minimize).

You need to have the opponent use Minimize, open and close the Fight menu, and then view the status of any Pokémon. The opponent will then use the sprite of the Pokémon you viewed, but scrambled and it will use the same palette as the original opponent, and your Pokémon starts to use the Minimize sprite.

I only tested on Pokémon Rojo/Azul (the spanish versions of Red/Blue). I think That in the game must have appeared Missigno. (By broken sprites). Have you tried the game without having ever appear Missigno.?
Generation I Glitch Discussion / Minimize (Reducción) glitch
« on: June 22, 2014, 04:08:49 am »
Hi everyone, I come to speak of a small bug that happened to me yesterday. I've uploaded a video to YT.

My pokemon chance the Reduction's sprite for the sprite of my pokemon enemy (Chansey was used the Reduction move) and Chansey had the sprite broken of my pokemon of my team. This ever happened to you?

This glitch It occurred to me in the emulators of VBA and BGB. Today I will try to console. Regards.

Edit by Torchickens: I changed the title to the correct English name and put the Spanish version name in brackets.
I think what he meant about the caves was what is seen in Mt.  Moon:

However, this does not seem to be the case for the champion's room; if you try to use walk thru walls in the real one it will cause the game to crash (as it normally does when walking out of bounds).
I'm play Pokemon in my Blue Game Boy and I heard that and isn't the same in this case. These sites are accessible without tricks or gamesharks.
Maybe I'm stating the obvious, but isn't the secret room the room where your Rival is? I think it appears empty without battling Lance or entering the room with normal means. In Pokémon games (especially Gen I) many maps were handled like that, by putting other rooms that seem to belong to another map in the same map, but separated from the rest (the same happens with many map layouts of the caves, for example).
Indeed, it is similar to the Champion's room. That's what I thought, but it isn't. I have done out of curiosity of what you said before fighting Lance, I've won and I have gone to the secret room and ... everything was same. About what you said about the caves as such I didn't understand.
I mean that the secret room exists in both the English and Spanish versions, as well as Red/Green and it can be accessed with the same method (010138CD), but the room doesn't lead anywhere.

(Not sure if there was a translation problem somewhere. Sorry if I wasn't clear enough.)
Ah, sorry. Had confused me.
It doesn't say on the Red/Blue interactive map here:,16
This room doesn't lead anywhere. If that you meant what you have taught me

Are there warps in the secret room?

Pretty sure there aren't.

Yeah. I just checked Red/Blue and Red/Green (in case they were removed), and you can't go anywhere by trying to enter the 'exits' with CD38 set to 0.
I've only tested in the spanish versions of Red/Blue and Yellow. It's curious because can be only accessed with the GameShark's code :CD38.
This is not a glitch, rather is a curiosity in the Red/Blue/Yellow versions, of one room secret or Gary's room in the Lance's room. I had the map of the Lance's room with the secret room (done for my in Photoshop ^^)

This looks like an automated translation and I cannot understand anything. What's the language you speak? Maybe someone can provide with a translation.
Sorry! My English is not good and I've helped a pc translator. My language is Spanish, as time has improved the main post, and I make a video of the glitch, thanks.
Now I just saw the image of North / West, I went something like talking to Oak ZZAZZ with glitch activated:

Instead of giving me a nickname for Pikachu and instead put Yes / No put me North / West. Someone knows why that happens?

The ZZAZZ glitch changes many values to hex:99, with the amount of addresses affected depending on the Trainers' potential win money (it caps at 9999 but this is actually a cause of the glitch, see this). At address $D12C is the box-set ID; the ZZAZZ glitch may change this to a glitch box-set with the value $99, but I haven't seen this as North/West.

Did you try viewing a Super Glitch move? North/West is value 01, and it is possible for Super Glitch to write that value to $D12C.
All I did was do the trick of the glitch ZZAZZ team, ZZAZZ altered my game so that, when they had spent the entire game, Pikachu back to me, and I got it from North / West, which in truth is Yes / No .

Also appeared when I was going to keep at a time, it happened to me ZZAZZ glitch.

Now I just saw the image of North / West, I went something like talking to Oak ZZAZZ with glitch activated:

Instead of giving me a nickname for Pikachu and instead put Yes / No put me North / West. Someone knows why that happens?

What happened when you chose "North" or "West"? 

Those message boxes are interesting; especially with the screen wrapping. 

It is important to note that in cases where the "Yes/no" message box would appear, the game doesn't try to set the value for what will appear.  It assumes that it will be set to "Yes/no", and if it isn't, it will display whatever value is there. 
It's like you should choose Yes / No, only instead it appears North / West.
Maybe it is a curiosity and nothing more.
Now I just saw the image of North / West, I went something like talking to Oak ZZAZZ with glitch activated:

Instead of giving me a nickname for Pikachu and instead put Yes / No put me North / West. Someone knows why that happens?
Generation I Glitch Discussion / Re: "ZZAZZ glitch"?
« on: May 14, 2014, 06:39:10 am »
This glitch only happens I think the Spanish version ... if you have not seen already on the topic , since I'm new XD .

Pokémon with the Glitch COOLTRAINER ZZAZZ

We know that is what a COLLTRAINER Pokémon ( a Pokémon without attacks). Well, the glitch ZZAZZ you can get a Pokémon with COOLTRAINER follows :

1 - Do the Glitch ZZAZZ .
2 - Escape the glitch trainer.
3 - Go to a pokemon center and removes all the Pokémon you have on your computer in this order : 2nd , 5th , 3rd , 6th . Then take the first pokémon you have in the PC case . And leaves only the first Pokmn you had to do the glitch and pokemon box .
4 - Now go to the "Leave Pkmn " data from the first Pokémon and salt option , now reappears. If you a screen so that has left you well displayed.

5 - Now you'll be a Pokémon that had the last 2 letters of the last Pokémon in the team had to fight Glitch Trainer. That's the Pokémon COOLTRAINER .
My last Pokémon was a Rhydon .

I hope you have done well , if you froze the game because you did it wrong or something else , do not delete the game ( or at least from emulator ) .

Vídeo on Youtube:
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