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You can try to single-corrupt a Smeargle with a Corruption type of 4, trained with :
- Glitch Move 0x019D/0x019E as its 1st move (no other move)
- 64 Speed EVs
- 2 Pokeblocks with Oran Berry, 1 NPC, and a Maximal RPM higher than 94 RPM. (Blue Pokéblock, Lv 12, 20 Feel)
- 4 Pokéblocks with Oran Berry, 2 NPCs, and a Maximal RPM higher than 80 RPM. (Indigo Pokéblock, Lv 10, 20 Feel)
- 1 Pokéblock with Persim Berry, 1 NPC, and a Maximal RPM higher than 94 RPM. (Pink/Yellow/Green Pokéblock, Lv 12, 20 Feel)
This way you obtain 64 Beauty and 140 Feel.

Thus, corrupt the PID of this Smeargle (you must see the Glitch Pokémon inside the Egg), and hatch the Egg.

Corruption Type 4 is : GA AE EG MM.
Growth is read on Attacks, so Smeargle becomes Glitch Pokémon 0x019D/0x019E.
With a single corruption, his Held Item and Exp would be affected, but the hatching removes that.
Attacks are read on EVs & Contest data.
With 64 Speed EVs and 64 Beauty, this Smeargle will end up with moves after a single corruption.
He will have some PPs that you can remove by depositing the Pokémon in the PC.
The EVs & Contest substructure will be reset with the hatching.
The Miscellanous substructure will be reset with the hatching.

The only thing that would be potentially non-zero is the last word of the Growth substructure that is apparently unused.

If you can transfer your Gen 3 saves on your PC, could I have a copy of it to look at your transferred Bonsly and see if he has some particular thing ?

Because in the past, someone wanted to transfer a Celebi to XD/Colosseum (I don't remember which), and even with a double-corruption that gave a Celebi with valid moves/origin/EVs/ribbons/unused data, the Pokémon was still invisible at the trading screen.
Okay, thanks for the info and the Devon Corp fix you're working on.

I have to say something though: i did my DMA checks on Route 101 and my other fights that corrupted stuff happened on Route 121. It didn't rain at any point in the battle, and no similar effect happened. However, my Bad Egg had all status effects at once.
Also something that might have played a role is that i KO'd my pokemon with ACE glitch move when i was on Route 121 (so that i could do a DMA check again).
Also, at least on french games, the ACE glitch move have the same description as Reflect when used (supposedly raises the team's defense stat). I dunno if the effect is there, but if it is, maybe the corruption can be due to that ?

Anyway, i'm going to try the new DMA check pokemon and see if other slots are corrupted (i have quite a lot of pokemon in my PC, though i didn't have any in Box 12 Slot 24-25-26).

EDIT: I just noticed something strange while re-doing the league so i could release the roamers again. I didn't have to fight Drake. He acted as if i had already defeated him and the door behind him was open. Yet another corruption i guess.

This and the fact that you had the Devon Corp guy blocking the path suggests that some corruption of your flags have happened (but due to what, I don't know).

If you can see again the Box 6 corruption that you mentioned previously and have some details about what you did when it happened, that would be neat.
Hey, i discovered an interesting sub-glitch while RNGing gen 2 starters

When you have an empty slot as your first slot but pokemon behind it and you get your gen 2 starter and chose to nickname it, it'll make you nickname your last pokemon instead ! This can be used to easily nickname in-game traded pokemon (though if it's a glitch pokemon, the game can crash).

It doesn't work for caught pokemon though, and i haven't confirmed it to work for hatched pokemon or gen 3 starters yet

EDIT: Okay, after thinking about it, i think i know what causes this. When a NPC gives you a pokemon and you chose to nickname it, the game assumes it's the last pokemon in your party, and as such if you have an empty slot as your first slot and the pokemon goes there, you'll nickname your last pokemon instead.
This would theorically work with gen 2 and 3 starters, Castform and Beldum (Wynaut wouldn't because it's an egg so you don't get to nickname it right away), but, more importantly, Lileep and Anorith, which you can get as many times as you want by getting their fossils again via pomeg glitch, or cloning them ! I didn't test it yet, but theorically it should work and allow us to nickname anything (possibly even eggs and bad eggs).

EDIT 2: Okay, i noticed 3 things.
1) Sadly fossils in gen 3 are key items and don't disappear when used, rather a flag is set to tell the game that a fossil have already been used. So no unlimited renaming capability without ACE after all :/
2) Probably as a side effect of some corruption, the first floor of my Devon Corporation building is glitched. Basically they tell me that someone stole something from them (even though i'm loooong past that part of the game since i beat it years ago), and one of them is blocking the stairs to get to the 2nd floor ! I had to use IPG to make him depop and access the fossil-resurrecting scientist.
3) I was able to rename a bad egg. The game told me to give a nickname to "--" with an egg icon. But once i did there was no visible changes to the bad egg, even upon viewing its profile, the nickname didn't appear.

EDIT 3: Nevermind point 1. My Claw Fossil's hidden quantity was apparently corrupted by a Pomeg Glitch use which is why it didn't disappear, and i noticed i'm able to use it multiple times, while my Root Fossil does disappear. So infinite nicknames is actually a thing ! I'm still bothered by point 2 though (having to make the guy depop each time is a pain). Is there a way to fix this via ACE ?

EDIT 4: It doesn't work for gen 3 starters.

Yeah, from what I recalled, fossils are usable multiple times on RSE whereas on FrLg the whole fossil-revival thing works with flags (so you need to set them up if you want to revive another fossil).

For Gen 3 starters, Pr.Birch allows you to rename your first party Pokémon. Although, with some testing, it comes out that the game freezes if you try to do that with a Bad Egg of a Glitch Pokémon (probably due to the species name being read before asking you to nickname the Pokémon).
So it is indeed not something to do with Gen 3 starters.

Bad Eggs have nicknames, but they are not read (BAD EGG being printed over it, like ????????? being printed for Item names).

Else, that's a really nice find for Pokémon nicknaming, as it makes things easier than performing an ACE each time !

EDIT 2: I just noticed my Box 6 Slot 1 pokemon got corrupted as well. Luckily it was a clone of another pokemon.

EDIT 4: I noticed something weird. Pokemon at Box 13 Slots 1 and 2 tend to become bad eggs even AFTER the glitch move have been used. Like, for no reason. Weird. Also, it seems like Slot 3 can be affected as well. I have no idea why this is happening.

Regarding the PC Pokémon corruption that happens here and there, I found out why one of them happens.

When the game applies the validity check to the currently fighting party Pokémon, it looks at the Pokémon at party slot 0xXXXX instead of the Pokémon at party slot 0xXX. (it uses a word for party slots instead of a byte).
After this check, the word used is set to 0x00XX. (I don't know why it does that, but it's useful).

In the case of a French Emerald, the party slot is set to 0xF0 with the News Reporter Overwriting.
However, when adress 0x0202406E is read as a word, it gives 0x01F0, who falls into Box 12 Slot 24-25-26. (depending on DMA pattern)

Thus, the very first wild battle you do after talking to the Slateport News Reporter (at least on a French Emerald) will corrupt the data of a Poké in Box 12 Slot 24-25-26, while the data of the Pokémon left in Box 2 will remain untouched.

But after this first wild battle, this word becomes 0x00F0, so the data at Box 12 Slot 24-25-26 won't be corrupted again this way until the next reset/next talk with the News Reporter.

However, this only explains the corruption that can happen at Box 12 Slot 24-25-26.
This thing can also not happen on certain versions because on other versions, the word read will be 0xXXYY with XX higher than 01, and this will point to data past PC Pokémon Data.

I tried my best to obtain other corruptions by setting the Battle Animations, looking at the party, looking at the summary of a party Pokémon, flying to other places, making wild battles in different areas.
But I was only able to obtain a Box 13 Slot 1-2-3 corruption once, and I haven't been able to reproduce it in order to deduce what caused it.

Edit : Okay, so I found out another cause of corruption.

For some weird reasons, if it rains and it the animations are turned on, the validity check will also be applied to Pokémon at 2 additional party slots (read at 0x02024072 and 0x02024074), probably considering these as opponent's Pokémon. (so the data will be read at "party slot" + 6 or something like that)
Since these party slots are also read as words for the validity check, and since their value is also 0x1F0 (this is due to the Glitch Pokémon species name overwriting), the data of Pokémon at Box 13 Slots 1-2-3 ends up being corrupted. (which is approximately 7 PC slots after Box 12 Slots 24-25-26)
(As 6 party Pokémon represent 600 bytes, and as 7 PC Pokémon represent 560 bytes, this is why I suppose that this is tied to the opponent party slots or something like that).

Here, these words aren't cleared during a battle, so unlike the Box 12 Slots 24-25-26 corruption, it happens at every battle (ir there is rain and if animations are one).

If you want to see it, the corruption happens after the "It it raining." message.
This may also be true with sandstorm and harsh sun/rain, and maybe other conditions.
This is apparently not tied to the battle type (it happened with a fished Pokémon and with a trainer battle too).

Since the values at these adresses depend on the glitch Pokémon species name, and since it varies from glitch Pokémon to glitch Pokémon, this may explain the corruptions you got at other PC Slots if you were on an US Emerald.

I'll look back for glitch Pokémon with more specific glitch names in order to prevent this behaviour.

Also, regarding the Devon Corp guard, he may also have been corrupted by this issue.
I will look for its flag value in order to make an ACE code that removes it.

Edit 2 : I found better Pokémon for the ACE execution in Emerald non-Jpn.
I edited the procedure on the previous page with their identifiants, and the new PC Slots.

From Tabbender reports, I feel like there are other mechanics that can cause validity checks and induce corruption at other PC Slots, but this takes at least care of two of these cases.
Hey, just wanted to point something out.

I just tried the code to make Lugia and Ho-Oh repop, but all it does is trigger the event with the sailor again. Lugia and Ho-Oh don't repop. The one with Deoxys works fine though, so it's probably a simple mistake.

You're quite devoted to test some ACE codes.  :P
But thanks for the information.
After some investigation, it turns out that the code was correct, but it was only working if you killed Ho-Oh/Lugia, and not if you caught them (the game has two specific bits for certain legendaries to track if they were caught or killed).
Luckily, the code to reobtain Castform also works for Ho-Oh and Lugia if they were caught.

I think that for a few other legendaries (Mew, Deoxys, Lati@s probably) I will have the same issue (the code will work either for KO or for caught, not for both of them). I will have to sort that out later.
Yes, putting the bad egg in the first party slot makes it so it's the one disappearing (the other slots seem unaffected). Also something i noticed is that sometimes a corrupted version of my "CODEDSD h " was sent to battle (like, with the sprite and everything).

I changed the setup to include placing the Invisble Bad Egg in the first party slot.

For the CODEDSD h Pokémon, that's normal since the data of the party slot are read onto its data : there is a certain DMA pattern where everything is aligned like normal.

However, this DMA pattern must happen quickly, or else the data of the Pokémon will be corrupted and he will turn into a Bad Egg (and his nickname won't appear).
Why is each step in the pomeg glitch required? i.e. why do you need at least 3 pokémon, why do you have to switch the negative hp 'mon with another one, and why do you have to view the summary page of something before scrolling up?

The initialization of the Pomeg Glitch Data Corruption (or Glitzer Popping) involves sending to the battle the last Pokémon in your party, then depositing a Pokémon, then KOing all your party Pokémon.
Depending on the procedures, you will either send the negative HP Pokémon (or 1 HP Pokémon) and switch to the last party Pokémon, or you will move the negative Hp/1 Hp Pokémon to the last party slot before making a wild battle.

Since you need to decrease the amount of party Pokémon, at least 2 party Pokémon are required.
Also, when you will be on the "open the summary of a party Pokémon step", you will not be able to look at the summary of your last party Pokémon.
Since you need to view the summary of a Pokémon, and since the summary of an empty slot can freeze the game, you need to have at least 2 Pokémon in your party at that time, which means 3 party Pokémon at the beginning. (If you start with only 2 party Pokémon, you will only be able to look at the summary of the bad egg, which will freeze your game most of the time.)

Also, since it is very convenient and sometimes mandatory to have a Pokémon with Fly, the common setup starts with 3 party Pokémon : 1 to be deposited in the PC - 1 with Fly -1 that can fall KO with Pomeg Berries.

You can also perform Glitzer Popping by starting with 4,5 or 6 party Pokémon.
However, having 6 Party Pokémon at the beginning causes some interference during the corruption which can make it way shorter than usual (you can't hold up for very long before the game freezes). In this case too, some party Pokémon can randomly become corrupted.

Viewing the summary page refreshes the party Pokémon counter.
Since an empty slot has been put in the first party slot due to the Pomeg Glitch fight (the game sent the Pokémon in party slot 3 to the battle, which is an empty slot, so it sent an empty slot to the battle), this makes the party Pokémon counter think that the party is empty (it looks for the first empty slot in the party).
This, in turn, makes the party Pokémon Selection Pointer overflow, allowing it to select all 256 possible party slots.

Without this refreshing of the party Pokémon counter, you would not be able to access party slot 256 by hitting Up. (In RS, the party Pokémon counter is not refreshed during a battle, so due to that you cannot perform Glitzer Popping even though you can end up with a fully KO party by transferring Pomeg Glitch from Emerald).

Good news... it actually worked this time !!!

That's amazing ! Thanks a lot for the setup.

Also, i noticed some things.
- I had only 4 pokemon in my team but the first one still got corrupted into the second one (though i realized later that upon opening the PC, it disappears completely). Maybe it's another one of 0x2A3B's corruptions ? Anyway, that's not much of a problem since you can just put your invisible bad egg in the first slot like i did.

This is really neat ! I'm happy that you didn't came across other issues and that with this setup you could easily get the expected result.

So you swapped the Invisible Bad Egg to the first party slot, if I understood well ?

- My Box 13 Slots 1 and 2 got corrupted. Not a big deal in my case since my entire Box 13 is filled with clones of the in-game traded Plusle each holding a Rare Candy (i'm using it to quickly stack Rare Candies when i need them via the Battle Tower cloning glitch), but this should definitely be mentioned to avoid someone putting their shiny Rayquaza there and saving without realizing it. Anyway, one got corrupted into an egg and the other one into a bad egg. I'll try to hatch the egg later and see what comes out. Also, it's possible that other PC slots can be corrupted as well and it simply didn't happen to me.

This is something that I think someone else reported to me, but I wasn't able to exactly reproduce it, so I don't really know which part of the procedure causes a Pokémon at Box 13 to be corrupted. (and if other PC slots can be targeted)
It is

Edit : Yes, you're right, I did a few more steps and the Pokémon at Box 13 Slot 2 became a Bad Egg.
From what I see, this happens during the final battle, when the Bad Egg takes a hit or is switched out.
It is apparently caused by a checksum check done at a completely incorrect place. (nothing happens if you leave the PC slot empty)

I will try that with a save who has a nearly filled PC in order to see if this also happens at other PC Slots.

Anyway, thanks again for the setup. I'll try to execute other codes later now that i have a working ACE setup (though the lack of a GBA opcode table is a pain).

EDIT: The egg hatched into a Plusle. It seems similar to the in-game traded Plusle but doesn't have its nickname, have my OT and ID and have glitch moves as the 2nd and 4th move slots. This seems very similar to Glitzer Popping, so my guess is that the same thing happened.
Thanks a lot ! It seems way easier this way.

I started to test it a bit, but i noticed that the first slot pokemon in the team tends to transform into a clone of the second slot one when a bad egg is sent out, so i took care of cloning it.

If I'm not wrong, this is caused by having a 6 Pokémon party (maybe a 5 Pokémon one) and by viewing the party during the battle.
The game tries to push the currently fighting Pokémon in the first party slot, which kind of makes the first party Pokémon go into oblivion and be replaced by a copy of the second party Pokémon.

I also don't quite get which nickname i'm supposed to use since you seem to have made some typos in your post; is it "CODESDS" or "CODEDSD" and is the last non-space character a "h" or a "N" ?

Anyway, thanks again. i'll try to test this further tomorrow when i get back from work

Nice catch, the CODESDS was a typo. I also initially put a N  (for 200 Max HP) but I changed that for an h (220 Max HP).

With the procedure, only the 5th, 9th and 10th letter "D" and "h " count in the process.
The 7th and 8th ("D ", would give 190 Remaining HP) can also be used but only if you reset after each wild battle. (because the target remaining HP can be corrupted from previous wild battles). However, by using Lv, Max HP, and Remaining HP, your chances to have a Pokémon with some data that forms the exact same values would drop to 0.
I do get the exact same thing but with a bright opened pokeball sometimes (i noticed this even when i tried before) but using the move with this pattern crashes the game.

Also, good news. Apparently performing IPG to get an empty slot as the first slot and having only KO pokemon in your team will make you send the empty slot upon reloading the game (since the active slot is set to 1 and no pokemon is able to fight). I'm going to use that from now on. There's still the possibility that i'm just extremely unlucky, after all, i got it to work 4 times, i don't get why it wouldn't work this time. The only difference is that i accidentally corrupted the Meowths once when doing the Safari Zone stuff, but i replaced them with fresh ones, and removed the bad eggs, so unless some of the corrupted data stayed there somehow, this shouldn't be related.

Using the Instant Pomeg Glitch also allows you to make a battle while sending an empty slot, but you have one slot taken by a Bad Egg too.  (it may play a role for certain codes when you need to add more Pokémon in the party)

But, my idea paid off and I have a better way to do things.

-- DMA pattern check and ACE execution on Emerald (non Jpn) --

- Catch a wild Pochyena at Route 101 and nickname it : "C","O","D","E","D","S","D","empty space","h","empty space".
(the full nickname needs to be "CODEDSD h " with the last empty space and not "CODEDSD h")

This Pokémon will be consumed in the process, so you can clone it if you don't want to have to re-enter this nickname again.
Move it in safety outside of Boxes 1/2.

- Remove any Pokémon from Box 13 Slots 1 and 2.
During the last battle, a corruption will happen there. (you can leave a Bad Egg at these spots if you want)

- But at least 90 Fluffy Tails, and a dozen of Revives.
Clone some Max Revives if you can.

- Obtain the Glitch Pokémon :
Emer Fr : Poké 0xFAFC (250 Atk, 252 HP)(Party Slot 228)
Emer US : Poké 0x96F9 (150 Atk, 249 HP)(Party Slot 240)
Emer Spa : Poké 0x94D1 (148 Atk, 209 HP)(Party Slot 240)
Emer Ita : Poké 0xE354 (227 Atk, 84 HP)(Party Slot 228)
Emer Ger : Poké 0xE368 (227 Atk, 104 HP)(Party Slot 236)

You can obtain it with the in-game traded Seedot or the in-game traded Horsea, but I also recommend using a Smeargle with a Corruption Type of 7 as Smeargles can be nicknamed, which is useful to not lose track of which Glitch Pokémon is which.

- Clone this Pokémon with Battle Tower cloning glitch.
It is possible to lose this Pokémon in the process, so keep a clone to be able to perform other ACE.

- Set up your save for an ACE (Bootstrap Pokémon, PC Items/Pyramid Items, ACE Glitch Move,..)

- Once you are ready for the ACE, move the "CODEDSD h " Pokémon to :
Emer Fr : Box 1 Slot 20
Emer US : Box 2 Slot 5
Emer Spa : Box 2 Slot 5
Emer Ita : Box 1 Slot 20
Emer Ger : Box 1 Slot 30

- Move other Pokémon from the PC slots near the "CODEDSD h " Pokémon. (leave a 2 PC slots space before and after this Pokémon)
These PC Slots can turn into Bad Eggs in the process.
For safety, you can empty Boxes 1 and 2.

- The future wild battles you will do will corrupt some PC slots due to other unintended behaviours.
Thus, move any Pokémon from PC slots :
Emer Fr : No extra PC slots
Emer US : No extra PC Slots
Emer Spa : No extra PC Slots
Emer Ita : No extra PC Slots
Emer Ger : No extra PC Slots

- Make a party with :   Alive Pokémon - KO Glitch Pokémon - KO Pokémon with the ACE Glitch Move - KO Pokémon with Fly.
Where "Glitch Pokémon" is the Glitch Pokémon |  Fr : 0xFAFC | US : 0x96F9 | Spa : 0x94D1 | Ita : 0xE354 | Ger : 0xE368 | that was previously obtained.
If your Pokémon are high-levelled, you can fight wild Banettes with Curse while wasting turns with X Items in order to easily KO them.
You can also use a Smeargle in order to have Fly and the ACE Glitch Move on the same Pokémon.
You can bring 2 extra KO Pokémon if you want. (like a strong Pokémon to catch a shiny if you find one, or a Pokémon that you would need for an ACE like "rename a Pokémon" or "change the TID of a Pokémon")

- Open the PC.
- Generate an Invisible Bad Egg with a Cloning Glitch Pokémon. (If you don't have one already)
Try to grab the Cloning Glitch Pokémon, and this will generate an Invisible Bad Egg.
Deposif the Invisible Bad Egg.
- Close the PC and reopen it.
- Perform a Decaswitch in order to have a fully KO party.
Grab a Pokémon in the PC and deposit it. (a Pokémon that is not a Bad Egg and not a Glitch Pokémon)
Grab the Invisible Bad Egg.
Swap it with the Alive Pokémon in the party.
- Close the PC.
Your party is now : Invisible Bad Egg - KO Glitch Pokémon - KO Pokémon with the ACE Glitch Move - KO Pokémon with Fly.
- Fly to Slateport, and enter the PokéFan Club.
- Go in front of the journalist.
- Open the options, and make sure Battle Animations are ON.
- Save.
If the ACE messes up, or if you mess up something, you will restart from there.

- Talk to the journalist.
The journalist reads the species name of the Glitch Pokémon in the first party slot.
This species name is really long (~10.000 characters), and overwrites a part of RAM data.
The value that manages the party slot of the Pokémon that is currently fighting is overwritten. It is set to a very high value (240 or 236)

- Go to an area where you can make wild battles.
That can be Route 110, but Route 118 or any other route.
That can be any type of wild battle (grass,surf,fish,stationary Pokémon,rock smash).
Avoid fighting wild Pokémon that can end the battle by using teleport/roar/whirlwind/selfdestruct.

- Make a wild battle.
You will send out a Bad Egg.
/!\ Do not look at the moves of this Bad Egg, there is an important chance that this would freeze the game or make you lose the battle. /!\

- Look at the Level and Max HP values of the Bad Egg.
 If the Bad Egg is not at Lv 190 or if he doesn't have ../220 HP, use a Fluffy Tail and do another wild battle.
 /!\Do not try to flee as the Bad Egg can be unable to flee due to a very low speed. /!\

 If the Bad Egg is at Lv 190 and has .../220 HP, your DMA pattern is okay for ACE. (1/32 chance)
Use a Revive/Max Revive on the Pokémon with Glitch Move 0x1608.
Switch to the Pokémon with Glitch Move 0x1608.
Use Glitch Move 0x1608 to perform ACE.

Here, by giving a specific nickname to a Pokémon and by depositing him at a specific PC slot, a part of his name will be used as Level and Max HP for a certain party slot if and only if the DMA pattern is 18.

As for the method to unlock Faraway and Birth Islands, a Glitch Pokémon species name is used to set the party slot of the currently fighting Pokémon to a specific value high enough (above 0xD5) so that the Lv and Max HP of the party slot are read on PC Pokémon data.

This method depends on the DMA pattern that is needed, and it only happened that for DMA pattern 18 the nickname of a Pokémon could be used. (It's also the case for DMA pattern 17 and a few others, but not for all of them).
However, in the other cases, in-game traded Pokémon with specific EVs can be used to produce the same effect.

Technically, this method is based on the check of 3 bytes (1 for the level, 2 for the Max HP), so there is a chance (but a really low chance) that a wild Pokémon ends up with 3 bytes in its data that have the same values and the same positioning (that's around 10/65.536 to get the 2 bytes for the Max Hp in a good spot, and then you need the correct byte for the level).

With this method, you can make all the wild encounters you want without ruining the setup as the 3 bytes concerned here are not bytes that get corrupted by Glitzer Popping.

Okay, so i put the glitch pokemon in the right slot, and now i'm trying to use the glitch move again but... i REALLY can't get past the DMA translation check this time. It usually took something like 1 - 3 hours for it to work (i got it to work 4 times), here i've spent literally my entire day trying to get the right pattern, but i ALWAYS get the "bright and opened a bit" pokeball after the 3rd push. I checked many times to see if i did anything wrong, released all corrupted empty slot on my Box 1 (which didn't seem to bother me for my other DMA checks), nothing changed, and i made sure i did everything as i was supposed to. I don't get what's happening, am i just THAT unlucky ?

It would be nice if there was a quicker way to check the DMA translation. Wouldn't IPG + Sweet Scent work ? Or even using a Fluffy Tail instead of reseting ?

Okay, so according to what you say, I'll get back into the research about that "bright and opened a bit" pokeball.
Considering that you have a constant 1/32 chance to get the right DMA translation, there must be something that interferes with this and makes this Pokeball part not work well.
You can still try to perform the ACE with the right red highlights but without the "bright and opened a bit" pokeball thing. That should theorically work, but I need further testing to confirm it and either remove that "bright and opened a bit" pokeball condition, or change the list of red highlights by changing the PC slots of the 5 Meowth clones. (probably by taking the Meowth at Box 2 Slot 23 to Box 2 Slot 8).

Anyway, huge thanks for your informations, that helps a lot.

And no, this setup is the only one I could find that allows you to have a way to determine if you have a specific DMA pattern and to use a Glitch Move (an ACE glitch move) with this DMA pattern.

Since the DMA pattern changes when a battle starts, and since it relies on too many parameters to be RNG'd, using the red highlights during Glitzer Popping in a wild battle is the only solution.

Furthermore, these red highlights for these first Up pushes depend completely on the data in Box 2.
As the check for these red highlights is a Glitzer Popping, this induces corruption in Box 2 Pokémon data.
Thus, after 1 check for a DMA pattern, the data in Box 2 becomes unusable for a second check due to the corruption.
Thus, you can't use a Fluffy Tail and chain the DMA pattern checks.

Oh, you gave me a good idea. If I can make it work that would make things easier.
Thanks, i obtained the item and gave it to the bootstrap pokemon, sadly i just tried again and nothing have changed, the game still crashes the same way when i use the move.

And i don't find the instructions unclear at all, that's why i don't get what i did wrong for it to not work.

Also i noticed something (unrelated to ACE since i obviously didn't get the chance to save after using the move), i have the Mystey Gift guy in Pokemon centers. When i talk to him he thanks me for using the Mystery Gift system. My theory is that i triggered the Southern Island event again while corrupting the Safari Zone guy, but i did go back to Southern Island (and Faraway and Birth Islands just in case), none of the legendaries have repoped and the waitress didn't notice anything special. By the way, i do have all 4 event items (including the MysticTicket), i got them via Pomeg glitch. I also seem to be unable to make him depop. I doubt it's related to my ACE problems, but i just wanted to point that out since i just noticed it.

EDIT: wait, WAIT ! It might actually be related ? Mystery Gift apparently appears as an option outside of the save file even in gen 3, which means it have to be edited directly inside the save file ! So maybe the ACE code actually worked THEN the game froze for some reason ? Which brings up the question of why am i unable to actually access the Navel Rock, as well as why did the game freeze.
... or it might just be a coincidence, but i find it weird that i was unable to find Latias / Latios again.

Ah, too bad...
Unfortunately, I didn't bring my consoles with me to test that on hardware. I'll try to grab Emerald in my 3DS and test it there.

Edit : While setting up a save, I figured out that by pure stupidity I indicated the wrong PC Slot for Emerald non Jpn.
The correct PC slot is Box 12 Slot 15 and not Box 12 Slot 16.

I will check the PC slots for the Bootstrap Pokémon on other games, to be sure that there is no other mistake like this.

Edit 2 : All the other PC slots are good, it was just this one that was incorrect.

The reappearance of the delivery man is very surely because of a corruption of the adress for the Lati@s script.
However, talking to him will not make the legendaries reappear, as its script is not involved with the legendaries appearance in any way. (He unlocks the island, but there is no need to trigger the legendaries, something that you can see when you use an AR code to teleport to these islands.)

So, this time, and the other times as well, your ACE failed because your Bootstrap Pokémon was 1 PC slot next to the right PC slot.
Though in the pastebin it listed an item for execution by PC pokemon and one for PC items, but none for Pyramid Bag items, so i assumed the bootstrap pokemon didn't have to hold an item. Did i miss something ?

I think the issue in your case comes from here.
I may have forgotten to change the file and include the Held Item required for ACE with Pyramid Bad Items. (as it isn't the same than for PC Items and for PC Pokémon).
Edit : Yes, totally. Your Bootstrap Pokémon needs to hold Item 0x0258. (He was pointing to 0x020000C8 instead of 0x020258C8 without any Held Item)

I try to double check the things I write and re-write, but a mistake like this is always an eventuality.

But else, I verified the procedure for the Bootstrap Pokémon, so I know that the EVs and stuff will give the right values at the end (except for that held Item part that I forgot).
The Glitch Move you have is the right one, but I don't remember if I left a small description of how it looks.
The Pyramid Bag Items codes were also all verified, so they work (for the PC Items and PC Pokémon codes, there may be 1 r 2 with a mistake due to a change of DMA translation some time ago).

Anyway, thanks for testing the stuff and finding a big mistake.

This also made me realize that I made a typo error in the Pyramid Bag adress in Emerald Jpn, which gave me a valid EVs total when in fact the required EVs total was invalid...
So for now the Bootstrap Pokémon for Pyramid Bag Items ACE in Emerald Jpn can't be made. (I need to see if I search for another ACE Glitch Move that would ask for a different DMA pattern, which could make things work, or if I can find an alternative setup for this case only)

ACE is definitely easier in gen 1, lol.
I agree with that :p
I tried to make things as console-friendly as possible, but the procedure is still a bit tedious and hazardous due to the fact that a large part of the setup can't be precisely verified until the ACE attempt.

By the way, I improved the procedure to obtain Glitch Items to make it a bit faster (Instead of cloning Smeargles and Ev-training them starting from 00 Speed and 00 Def, now you have 1 Smeargle at 250 Speed and 250 Def that you clone and you decrease its EVs with Qualot and Tamato Berries to quickly reach the right dozen, and end the EVs with a few battles).

Edit :
Aside from the fact that the ACE didn't work in the end, was there a part of a procedure that seemed lacking in explanations or too cryptic ?

Props to Metarkrai for his work on ACE!  I'm definitely going to try this since I lost my enhanced trainer card when performing Glitzer Popping to unlock Faraway Island and Birth Island.

I noticed that he says the list of codes to execute is incomplete.  Is it likely that in the near future we'll have codes to:

*make Mewtwo respawn in FR/LG
*make a Pokémon shiny
*change a Pokémon's IVs
*change your ID/SID
*aid in the otherwise extremely difficult FR/LG RNG manipulation

I didn't have as much time as planned to work on the codes, but I am almost done with the ACE codes for Emerald for now.
There are 4 codes I haven't done yet (marked with a *), and a few ones that I was unable to make (marked with a **).
Once these 4 codes will be finished, I will translate everything for Emerald Jpn (which will be easy to do as I only need to change the relevant adresses), and start working on codes for FrLg.

The ones I was unable to make were :
- Teach any Move to a Pokémon (there is a special for move tutors but it checks the move compatibility, and I didn't find any information concerning a special/command that will directly teach a move to a Pokémon)
- Change the Trainer's nickname (I didn't find any special/command that directly brings the menu to rename the player, nor the ROM adress for the whole thing. Some people doing hackroms should know it though. As of now I only have an AR code that brings this menu when opening the trainer card but I couldn't extract any working ROM adress from it.)

(Maybe for French Emerald only)
73005E00 2545
83005E00 1091
73005E00 1091
83005E02 0803
730022C4 1679
83005E00 61A5
730022C4 1679
83005E02 0808

- Blend with the Master blender (The special for the blender machine uses an extra argument to determine if it needs to make you blend with the Old Man or with the Master Blender. But I don't know which adress/variable is used for that, as I never had a save file with the Master Blender event to study it a bit.)

-Unlock the hidden floor in Sootopolis House (I don't remember which value must be changed to unlock the door, and which value can be then changed to modify what happens on the hidden floor)

There are some codes that I didn't list because they would need multiple ACE to be fully executed (you could technically find the TID, PID, checksum of a Pokémon and then modify its IVs, but that's 4 ACE who require 40+ Glitch Items and a lot of attempts).

Regarding your suggestions, making a Pokémon shiny is also possible but that would also take some time (determine the PID of the Pokémon, change your Secret ID, hatch the Pokémon to change its PID) and you would lose most of the interesting characteristics of the Pokémon due to the Egg hatching.

However, the code for an ID/SID change was not on the list for some reason, so thanks for reminding it.

Making legendaries and gift Pokémon respawn is something that will be doable. (I made codes for all of them in Emerald minus the Voltorb/Electrodes)

Regarding the RNG manipulation in FrLg, I don't think that you can manually do something with ACE to make it easier.
Even if you used an ACE to restart the RNG with a fixed seed, you would need a way to easily redo this ACE in order to restard the RNG with this seed every time you miss your target frame.

By the way anyone got a RAM map for Emerald ? Kind of like this one

Also a GBA opcode table like this

I took interest in gen 1 ACE recently and i'm trying to "migrate" to Emerald, but it doesn't seem to be documented as much as ACE on Red and Blue is.

If that can help you, I have a list of RAM adresses (with no DMA taken into account) for Emerald that I use personally to navigate into the RAM parts that interest me.
But it is very messy, not that much detailed, and a part of it is in French, so it may not be that useful to you :
This is very strange indeed. (and this isn't something that happened to me when I was using wrong AR codes when I was young)

The fact that the trainer had 1 less Pokémon might come from the Bad Egg, as Eggs/Bad Eggs aren't displayed as "PokéBalls" at the beginning of a battle (or when a Pokémon is sent out after a KO).

Since the in-battle moves are stored elsewhere in memory and since they are written there as soon as the opponent's Pokémon are loaded in memory, they are not tied to the corruption that the Machoke suffered (which transformed it into a Bad Egg).

The cartridge slot of the console isn't shown, so the use of an AR code is a possible explanation.

This Machoke also knew Cross Chop, something that he learns at Lv 46 in FrLg.
And the battle is on the sand. (not on plain rock which gives a grayish background.
There are only 2 trainers with a Lv46+ Machoke as 1st Pokémon and who are in the sand :
Black Belt Shea, Black Belt Hugh
They are both at Kindle Road (the 2 karatekas that run back and forth in the path).

I'll try using Vs Seeker multiple times there to see if something strange happens.
I'm currently trying to learn glitch moves 0xFFFF and 0x3FFF to a Smeargle so that i can corrupt them into a full 31 set of IV's

But for some reasons 0xFFFF, despite being a normal, damage-dealing move, is impossible to Sketch. Sketch will simply fail if you try to use it to get this move. As for 0x3FFF, the game softlocks as soon as the enemy Ditto tries to use it, for some reason. It doesn't freeze, as i'm still able to reset, but it softlocks.

Does anyone know a way around either of these issues ? With a lucky RNG and Type 8 corruption (the best one if used well imo) i'm able to obtain basically any pokemon with any moveset, and shiny to top it off. I really wish i could corrupt the IV's as well.

There are several reasons that can prevent a glitch move from being Sketched :
- The move's name used in battle softlocks the game (see Wack0's post for what I'm meaning)
- The move's name used in battle overwrites battle data, which freezes/crashes the game after a few text screens/after 1 turn/when trying to flee, or forces Smeargle to miss its Sketch.
- The move's effect prevents it from being Sketched.
- Some pointer used during the skecthing subroutine gets a value that makes the game crash (the graphics shift and then the game crash, usually).
- The move's name that is read once again when the move is Sketched messes up the battle and makes it impossible to end/crashes the game.
- Something (for some glitch moves) makes the game crash if the sketcher's nickname has a certain amount of letters. (This is a bit odd and I don't know what causes it)(In general, using a shorter nickname does the trick).
- The other glitch moves that your Pokémon know mess up the battle or freeze the game and makes your Smeargle unable to use Sketch. (This can technically be circumvented by using a glitch move that turns the battle into a Battle Palace fight, in order to prevent Smeargle's moves from being displayed, but that makes things a bit more tedious)

On a French Emerald, the best Glitch moves I could get for a "Misc read on Attacks" were 0x3FBF and 0xFEFF.
0x3FBF had to be Sketched first as 0xFEFF interferes too much with the fight.
Luckily, both of these moves have a glitch type that allows them to be seen and swapped on the contest stats summary.

Making a Pokémon learn any move could be doable with ACE by calling the function that makes a Pokémon at a set party slot learn a chosen move.
Else, you would need to know your Pokémon's checksum and overwrite a part of its data with an ACE in order to manually change its moves.
(Sorta bumping an 'old' topic but I don't see the need to post a new thread)

Is there a list like this for glitch moves in Gen IV? It would be really useful considering how smoothly glitch moves can be transferred from Gen III.

I tried to find the data used for Glitch Moves characteristics by looking at the rom data that is after valid moves data (as this is how it works for Glitch Moves in Gen III), but it seems that in Gen IV things are not done this way as changing the rom values right after the moves data tables didn't change anything for glitch moves that are right after Shadow Force.

Unfortunately, it seems that I didn't keep the Gen IV moves data structure on my files, but someone else may have it.
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