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Pokémon Discussion / Re: Crystal: Unused party sanitisation function
« on: October 04, 2017, 08:50:15 am »
This code sanitises Pokémon nicknames, replaces any OT name with bad characters with "CHRIS" (only one terminator this time), makes sure all nicknames and the OT name are terminated, and sanitises invalid moves in the same way as detailed in the OP (except here, move $00 is never considered invalid).

If it corresponds to "CHRIS" in English Crystal, then the localizers assumed the OT was male as the default name for both male and female players in Japanese Crystal is 「クリス」, which in English Crystal is rendered as "CHRIS" for boys and "KRIS" for girls. The game assigns these to the player when they provide a blank string on the name input screen of the new game tutorial.

Here's a list of default strings used:
OT name, mail author: "クりス" Chris followed by two terminators
Pokémon nickname: "?????" unterminated(!!!)
Mail text: "こんにちは" "Konnichiwa" Hello followed by one terminator

Wait, does the game really spell out 「クりス」? That's an awkward combination of hiragana and katakana. And oops for not terminating that 「?????」 :P
Point is, since it's an official Nintendo emulator, everybody seems to think the everything happening under the VC has an "official behavior" seal.
I very strongly disagree with this.

Exactly, any bugs specific to the Virtual Console are mostly a side effect of how Nintendo decided to program the emulator. Unless the behaviors are related to the patches they made such as the move animations affecting the battle HUD differently from the Game Boy releases, they're nothing more than unintentional outcomes.
Pokémon Discussion / Re: Crystal: Unused party sanitisation function
« on: October 03, 2017, 06:52:03 pm »
Interesting find. Mayhaps it was debug code for the PCC's Trade Corner since the attendant does inform the player that either they only have 1 Pokémon in the party or that they are trying to send an Egg or abnormal Pokémon.
Can anyone confirm that Sonic Boom in the Western releases still uses Gust's animation?

My favorite is this one. (Source)
IMO an interesting coincidence that the name of the first Mew Screenshot ever shown has the OT Name ゲーフリ.
The same name you can find as default name in Pocket Monsters Blue.

I think they gave Mew that OT to clarify that it was a special gift from Game Freak (ゲーフリ is short for ゲームフリーク), especially since it was the first distribution of Mew and the first ever in Pokémon. The initial event was held on April 15, 1996, less than two months after Red and Green were released. Were there any pre-announcement rumors about Mew's existence among Japanese fans at that point in time?
The Dumpster Out Back / [DELETED]
« on: September 28, 2017, 07:52:36 am »
You're welcome! :) The thread you started about those Japanese events and how Mew had an unusual sprite reminds me of the November 1996 issue of CoroCoro in which multiple Pokémon such as Mewtwo were depicted with sprites that don't match those seen in the actual release of Blue (source, direct image link), suggesting these were early sprites.

That June 1997 issue has artwork of Mew I haven't seen before. And it looks like Pokémon Yellow was announced in Japan on April 1998 (May 1998 issue of CoroCoro), exactly one month before Red and Blue were announced at E3 1998.
Thank you both, Wack0 and ISSOtm. I have also checked the Pokémon Trainer's Guide of my UK Gold and Nintendo of Europe back then did not mention the Mail restriction on the manual, only the new Pokémon and moves.

Wow! Great discovery! I didn't knew that. The combination Mystery Gift, deliveryguy and Pokémon Center 2F made me almost think like this is a GS Ball Event. Appearently the Officer Sprite was used for the deliveryguy here.

Hey, ajxpk! I'd like to take the opportunity to say that we're all very grateful to you and others for your tremendous research on the Mystery Events and Mystery Gift systems of the Generation III Pokémon games, you guys worked hard to preserve the most you could out of those old events :)

As to the Mystery Gift system in the Generation II games, yes, the delivery man uses the same sprite as Officers and it was never used for event items afaik. The GS Ball, Mirage Mail, Bluesky Mail, and possibly others were distributed using the Mobile System GB of Japanese Crystal, which is independent of Mystery Gift.

In non-Japanese Crystal, the GS Ball event can be triggered by simply assigning a value of 0B to address BE3C while inside the Goldenrod Pokémon Center and then stepping on the ground floor's mat tiles (not all emulators seem to handle this well for some reason so, if it doesn't work, try editing the save file directly). The disassembly refers to a GOLDENRODPOKECENTER1F_LINK_RECEPTIONIST but she is actually the Trade Corner attendant of the PokéCom Center, which has blue hair unlike the Cable Club and PokéCom Club attendants on the second floor, which have green hair. She comes from and returns to the second floor in the localized event (video).

That same Pokémon Center does have something to do with Mystery Gift: you need to use the system to receive Eon Mail and then exchange it for a Revive from the female NPC that was added to the localizations and which replaces the male NPC from Gold and Silver that comments on something related to the amount of Pokémon that have been discovered iirc.
SnorlaxMonster recently pointed out that the Virtual Console manual mentions that Pokémon holding Mail are not allowed in the Time Capsule, which is confirmed by the English Crystal disassembly. As this has been somewhat overlooked, can the Time Capsule exploit be used to bypass this additional requirement?

Also, a trigger in SPECIAL suggests that the Mystery Gift delivery man's appearance relies on a flag set by receiving Poké Balls from Kurt. How exactly and is the player informed about this in-game?
Japanese Crystal only iirc, will test this later! :)

I still get a delay but something did change in the tutorial: you now manually close it instead of waiting for the game to do it (input from the A button is ignored), which fixes the delay, but the initial part remains intact so it still has the issue. I assume they did the same thing for Gold and Silver.
As SatoMew pointed out to me once, there’s a minor issue in Japanese Crystal (but not Gold and Silver, I thought?) with an unusually long delay during the Dude’s catching tutorial. This patch is applied in all Japanese versions; $2ea9f is the address in Gold and Silver while $4e433 is the Crystal equivalent. I never found out what caused the delay, so I don’t know if this fixes it.

Japanese Crystal only iirc, will test this later! :)

SatoMew, would you mind releasing a mirror of the patches on a website like Mega please, as I can't access Wack0's link for some reason. Thanks!

I was getting malware warnings as well. Here's another mirror:
Thanks, Wack0!

Seems like the patches target Japanese Gold and Silver 1.1 and English Crystal 1.1.

The first patch in CGBBXTJ0.534.patch (Japanese Crystal) concerns the Mobile Adapter GB:

Code: [Select]
Mode = 1
Address = 0x16C000
Fixcode = 0xC9

The relevant function in the English version disassembly.

The original value of address 16C000 is F0. This disables the Mobile System GB boot screen but does not seem to affect the availability of the Mobile System GB features in save files on which it has already been unlocked.

The string "MURIYARI" also appears as a comment immediately before some link-related modifications. I initially thought it was a staff member's name (full list) but the word 「無理やり」refers to doing something against someone's will so I wonder what exactly is the meaning here.

Jynx's color was also changed in Japanese versions since only Western Gold, Silver, and Crystal had censored the design back in 2000 and 2001. Korean Gold and Silver originally use the Japanese sprites and I'm not seeing Jynx mentioned on the Korean patches (the Japanese patches clearly state it directly).
Hopefully the patch files will be made available soon :)
All English-version games of the first three generations should be the same everywhere. The DS games started to distinguish them more (for example, the American English releases of Diamond and Pearl include a notice about the ESRB and online play during the Opening Movie).
I already installed RGBDS and BGB and BGB is pretty good... only complaint is it cant run at, like, 10 times the speed of a normal GB to fast forward the slow game pokemon is... or can it?

You can assign a key for the fast forward function. Open BGB's settings and tick "configure extra buttons" under the Joypad tab, then click the "configue keyboard" button. You'll find fast forward after clicking "Skip/clear" or "Skip/keep" (depends on what you want to do) twice.
This question is rather vague but yes. For example, the bug that lets you collect multiple Nuggets from the disguised Team Rocket Grunt at the end of Nugget Bridge in Japanese and English versions of FireRed and LeafGreen was patched in European localizations to restore the original Red and Green behavior.
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